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Cotton Gin by Eli Whitney FULL


									By; Antonio and Virginia
   Eli Whitney was born on December 8,1765 and he died on January
   And he was born in Westboro, Massachusetts and lived on a farm.
   And he had a brother named Josiah and another named
   Ben and also a sister named Elizabeth and his parents names were his dads name
    was Eli and his moms was Elizabeth.
   I found some of my information on and on
   And and on
    And their was book that was made about him and the name was the cotton gin
    and American Manufacturing and the author was Regan.A.Huff
   The invention was mad in April,1793.
   This invention help the African slaves to
    separate the cotton seed from the cotton
   Eli Whitney made allot more inventions like
    the muskets and Eli Whitney became rich.
   The Industrial Revolution the cotton gin spins
    the steamboat to transport the cotton. The
    mid century was growing 3 quarters of the
    cotton gin and the shipping was send to
    England or new England so it could be made
    into clothes.

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