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					                                       Fall 2009

                   CMSC 255 Introduction to Programming

Instructor: Dr. Hongsik Choi

Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 2:00pm - 3:15pm

Office : Engineering East 4242

Phone Number: 827-3986 E-mail: hchoi@vcu.edu

Textbook: Java Software Solutions by Lewis & Loftus

Class Room: E2214, Lab: E4221

Learning Outcomes for CMSC 255
This course addresses the following Learning Outcomes which apply to
the Computer Science Degree Program:

       Solution Implementation
       Graduates will have the ability to implement a computer-based
       system, process, component or program.

       Concepts for Life-long Learning
       Graduates will have a solid understanding of the concepts used in
       computer science. This understanding will provide them with the
       foundation necessary to be able to pursue further learning,
       whether as a graduate student or on their own.

       Technical Skills
       Graduates will demonstrate an ability to use current techniques,
       skills and tools for computing practice.

       Design Choice
       Graduates will demonstrate an ability to apply mathematical
       foundations, algorithmic principles, and computer science theory
       in the modeling and design of computer-based systems in a way
       that demonstrate comprehension of the tradeoffs involved in
       design choices.

Grades for this course will be determined from the following factors:
       Individual Programming Assignments   30%
       Lab Programming Assignments          15%
       Test 1                               15%
       Test 2                               15%
       Final Exam                           25%

The grading scale for this course is as follows:

        0% up to 50%       F
       50% up to 60%       D
       60% up to 70%       C
       70% up to 80%       B
       80% or more         A

       Note that you must pass both the programming assignments and
       the tests in order to pass the class. In other words, an average
       below 50% on EITHER the programming assignments OR the
       exams will cause you to receive an F for the course.

Class rules

   •   All programming assignments are due by 10 PM on the date
       specified. If I am not here slide the assignment under my door.
   •   Assignments will not be accepted late unless special permission
       has been given prior to the date due.
   •   Make-up tests will not be given unless special permission has
       been given prior to the date of the test.
   •   All individual programs are to be individual efforts. This does not
       preclude the discussion of techniques to be used or ideas for
       algorithms. Also, it is permissible to help each other find syntax
       errors or minor logic errors. However, the actual correction of
       such errors is up to the author of the program. You must adhere
       to the VCU Honors Policy.
   •   Lab assignments are to be done in pairs using the pairs
       programming methodology as taught in the lab.

       American with Disabilities Act
     Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the
     Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 require Virginia
     Commonwealth University to provide an 'academic
     adjustment' and/or a 'reasonable accommodation' to any
     individual who advises us of a physical or mental disability.
     If you have a physical or mental limitation that requires an
     academic adjustment or an accommodation, please arrange
     a meeting with the Office of Disability Support Services at
     your earliest convenience. Additionally, if your course work
     requires you to work in a lab environment, you should
     advise the instructor or department chairperson of any
     concerns you may have regarding safety issues related to
     your limitation(s).

Religious Observances

     It is the policy of VCU to accord students, on an individual
     basis, the opportunity to observe their traditional religious
     holidays. Students desiring to observe a religious holiday of
     special importance must provide advance written
     notification to each instructor by the end of the second week
     of classes. Instructors are encouraged to avoid scheduling
     on these dates one-time-only activities that cannot be
     replicated. Faculty members are expected to make
     reasonable accommodations to students who are absent
     because of religious observance through such strategies as
     providing alternative asignments or examinations or
     granting permission for audio or video recordings and the

The University Honor System

     All VCU students are presumed upon enrollment to have
     acquainted themselves with and have an understanding of
     the Honor System. Therefore, it is a student's responsibility
     to ask course instructors to clarify expectations for each
     assignment in order to be in compliance withthe Honor
     System. The VCU Honor System policy statement and
     purpose is located at
VCU Statement of Safety

     What to know and do to be prepared for emergencies at

          - Sign up to receive VCU text messaging alerts (http://
          y). Keep your information up-to-date.
          - Know the afe evacuation route from each of your
          classrooms. Emergency evacuation routes are posted
          in on-campus classrooms.
          - Listen for and follow instructions from VCU or other
          designated authorities.
          - Know where to go for additional emergency
          - Know the emergency phone number for the VCU
          Police (828-1234). Report suspicious activities and
Tentative Schedule

August 24    Introduction            October 14    Chapter 5-4-5.5
August 26    Chapter 1               October 19    Chapter 5.7-5.8
             Hand out Assignment 1
August 31    Chapter 1.4             October 21    Chapter 6.1-6.3
             Assignment 1 due                      Assignment 4 due
             Hand out Assignment 2                 Hand out Assignment 5
September 2 Chapter 2.1-2.4          October 26    Review for Test 2
September 7 University Closed        October 28    Test 2
September 9 ++;--, &,= etc           November 2    Chapter 6.4
September 14 Chapter 2.5-2.6         November 4    Chapter 6.8
             Assignment 2 due
             Hand out Assignment 3
September 16 Review for test 1       November 9    Chapter 7.1-7.3
September 21 Test 1                  November 11   Ethics
                                                   Chapter 9.4-9.5
                                                   Assignment 5 due
                                                   Hand out Assignment 6
September 23 Chapter 3.1-3.2         November 16   Chapter 9.5
September 28 Chapter 3.4-3.5         November 18   Chapter 7.6
September 30 Chapter 4.1-4.2         November 23   Chapter 8
             Assignment 3 due
             Hand out Assignment 4
October 5    Chapter 4.3-4.4         November 25   Review and Q & A
October 7    Chapter 5.1-5.2         November 30   Chapter 9
October 12   Chapter 5.2-5.3         December 2    Exam Review