Introduction to Fabric Dyeing by rebeccaGerritY


									Introduction to Fabric Dyeing
Supply List Amy Climer

Below is a list of supplies you’ll need for the Fabric Dyeing class. The list may seem
daunting, but most things are inexpensive and many you may already own. Feel free to
contact me with any questions about the class or the supplies.

There are some supplies that are easier to share as a class, so there will be a $8 supply
fee payable to Amy Climer and due the first day of the class. This will cover dyes and
most chemicals.

Required supplies:
       6-10 yards of prewashed, white 100% cotton fabric. This fabric will also be
       available for sale in class for $3/yard + tax. You may also bring a yard or two of
       black on white prints or silk if you would like.
           o Rip the white cotton fabric into the following sizes (don’t need to be
               exact, just get it close):
                    1 one-yard piece
                    4 fat quarters
                    The rest of the fabric you will decide in class what sizes to cut it.
           o Mark your initials on a corner of each piece with a permanent marker.
       Rubber gloves such as the kind used for washing dishes. You will be taking these
       on and off a lot, so do not get the tight fitting surgical gloves.
       Respirator mask with filters, such as the 3M 6100DD or 6300DD (not the flimsy
       white dust masks – this is for your own safety). You want P-100 filters for
       particles. Mask will cost about $25.
       At least 8 large zip lock bags to take home wet dyed fabric.
       2-3 large garbage bags to act as drop cloths and to roll painted fabric up to
       transport home
       Bucket, size 1-3 gallon (used for water in class and to carry wet fabric home)
       Fine point permanent marker (such as a Sharpie) to label your fabric.
       2-3 foam brushes in various sizes
       1-2 one cup measuring cups (small yogurt containers will work)
       rubber bands, clothes pins, string, thread and needle
       foam stamps or things that can be used for stamping (be inventive!)
       Masking tape

Optional supplies, bring if you have them:
      Color wheel
      2-3 one teaspoon measuring spoons and at least one half-teaspoon measuring
      2-3 containers to mix dye in such as old yogurt containers, quart size is nice
      A few squirt bottles size 8oz. to 20oz. (ex. disposable water bottles)

Please wear old clothes and shoes because dyeing is messy.

For at home:
        small amount of Synthropol, used for washing dyed fabrics. Available in class for
        $2/vial or at art supply stores or the University Book Store.

Please label everything with your name or initials. Supplies may not be used for food-
related purposes after being used for dyeing.

Where to buy supplies:
Most supplies can be bought at local art or craft shops, quilt shops, thrift stores, and
grocery stores.
       University Book Store, 711 State Street, Madison, (608) 257-3784 (have a section
       of dyeing products)
       Conney Safety Products (for mask), 3202 Latham Dr, Madison, (608) 271-3300.
       You might also find the mask at a place like Fleet Farm or Farm & Fleet.

Online suppliers include: – for dyeing supplies, silk and cotton fabrics – for dyeing supplies – for silk and cotton fabrics – for screen printing and dyeing supplies

If you have any questions about supplies feel free to contact Amy Climer at
608-358-0840 or


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