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					 Introduction to Engineering
      An exploratory course into the world of engineering

                                                 Introduction to Engineering provides students
                                                 an excellent overview of the field of engineering.
                                                 This 20-hour course engages students by means of
                                                 hands-on activities and compelling online curriculum
                                                 that includes:

                                                 „ a comprehensive overview of the history of engineer-
                                                    ing, the engineering process and career choices.

                                                 „ multi-level activities including designing a product to
                                                    specifications, career seeking and ethics.

                                                 „ a capstone project that challenges students to explore
                                                    engineering through research and presentation of a
                                                    chosen product.

                                                 For students on a career track in engineering, automation and
                                                 advanced manufacturing, Introduction to Engineering serves
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                                                 as an excellent launching pad for more in-depth courses.
intelitek’s e-learning platform, Introduction
to Engineering delivers comprehensive,           Exploratory students with little exposure to the field may
standards-based instruction via hands-on         decide to pursue an engineering career after learning of
activities and compelling online curriculum.     the many exciting opportunities available!

Introduction to Engineering is ideal for any             p   o    w   e   r    e   d      b   y
engineering program, providing a thorough and
engaging element of STEM (Science, Technology,
Engineering and Mathematics) education.

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Introduction to Engineering
Materials Included                                                                                                              Introduction to Engineering includes everything you
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„ Introduction to Engineering Content
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Course Outline
                                                                                                                                „ Students are always one click away from glossaries and
 1.1 (Core): Introduction to Engineering                                 1.7.4: Research
   1.1.1: Engineering and Our World                                      1.7.5: Identification of Constraints                       help files available on each page.
   1.1.2: What is Engineering?                                           1.7.6: Identification of Criteria
                                                                                                                                „ Teachers have instant access to handouts, tips and
   1.1.3: The Building Blocks of Engineering                             1.7.7: Brainstorming Alternative Solutions
   1.1.4: History                                                        1.7.8: Analysis                                            detailed activity instructions.
   1.1.5: The Scientific Revolution                                      1.7.9: Design
   1.1.6: The Industrial Revolution                                      1.7.10: Test and Optimize
   1.1.7: The 20th Century                                               1.7.11: Presentation
 1.2 (Activity): Engineering Contributions                               1.7.12: New Product Development
   1.2.1: Introduction                                                   1.7.13: Software Development
   1.2.2: Researching an Engineer                                        1.7.14: Iterations in the Engineering Design Process
   1.2.3: Conclusion                                                     1.7.15: Engineering Design Tools
   1.3 (Core): Engineering in Society                                  1.8 (Activity): Paper Tower
   1.3.1: The Role of Engineering in Society                             1.8.1: The Engineering Process
   1.3.2: Innovation and Society                                         1.8.2: Design Constraints
   1.3.3: Ethics in Engineering                                          1.8.3: Documenting Your Work
 1.4 (Activity): Engineering Ethics                                      1.8.4: Conclusion
   1.4.1: The Engineer's Role                                          1.9 (Core): Engineering Education Planning
   1.4.2: Case Study                                                     1.9.1: Is Engineering for Me?
   1.4.3: Conclusion                                                     1.9.2: Basic Engineering Skills
 1.5 (Core): Careers in Engineering                                      1.9.3: Math
   1.5.1: Engineering Fields                                             1.9.4: Science                                         Introduction to Engineering makes the ideal starting point
   1.5.2: Engineering Career Paths                                       1.9.5: Problem- Solving Skills                         to any engineering program!
   1.5.3: Jobs in Engineering                                            1.9.6: Engineering Writing
   1.5.4: Selecting a Career in Engineering                              1.9.7: Soft Skills
 1.6 (Activity): Career Inquiry                                          1.9.8: Formal Education and Training
   1.6.1: Career Research                                                1.9.9: Practical Training
   1.6.2: Documenting the Research                                       1.9.10: Planning Your Future in Engineering
   1.6.3: Interview an Engineer                                          1.9.11: Exams and Licensure
   1.6.4: Conclusion                                                   1.10 (Project): Exploring Engineering
 1.7 (Core): Engineering Approaches to Product Design                    1.10.1: Introduction
   1.7.1: The Engineering Process                                        1.10.2: Project Definition
   1.7.2: Problem Identification                                         1.10.3: Public Speaking
   1.7.3: Problem Definition                                             1.10.4: Conclusion                                     Customize your program by combining standards-based
                                                                                                                                LearnMate™ content for:
                                                                                                                                „   mechanical engineering
                                                                                                                                „   robotics engineering
                                                                                                                                „   civil engineering
                                                                                                                                „   environmental engineering
                                                                                                                                and more!

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