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					Need a Beautiful Skin Color? Try the California Magic Tan Booth

Tan skin is the raging fad engulfing California and even the rest of the world. But health experts as well as
medical professionals are continuously warning people on the danger of extreme exposure to UV radiation,
which can be acquired through sunbathing, tanning beds and sun lamps. UV radiation contrary to common
notion does not only come in one type but two: the UVA and UVB. The UVB is the type that caused
sunburn while the UVA is more associated with deeper penetrating radiation.

So basically it’s ultraviolet radiation that makes tanning really dangerous. But all that is changed with the
coming of California Magic Tan Booth. It offers sunless or UV-free tanning technology never before

California Magic Tan Booth makes use of a special type of skin treatment that combines skin therapies with
the latest comfort technologies that promotes healthy skin providing customers with better tanning choices.
Its tanning equipment is designed with built-in blow dryer plus there are no lingering mists so customers feel
relaxed and comfortable for the whole duration of their tanning sessions.

Great Magic Tan Results
California Magic Tan Booth also makes use of an automated HVLP (short for high volume low pressure)
turbine technology that is very efficient in the process of air delivery. It allows the air to move at high speed
through the mist nozzles. The advantage of this is that customers are provided with a better tanning coverage
without the excess mist. Plus it also helps in developing a much lasting tan.

In terms of technology California Magic Tan Booth is incomparable to other tanning booths since it does not
rely on air compressors but rather makes use of turbine, which is stored in spray column. This type of design
save space and minimize noise adding up to its comfort.

Magic Tan Healthy Options
California Magic Tan Booth provides health benefits that are packed in a fully unique automated spa that are
provided through various skin applications such as:

1.Pre-Sunless Hydration Spray, which is an Aloe Vera, based skin conditioning complete with a Ph-
balanced formula that hydrates the skin cells and controls surface oils. This skin application is excellent in
improving the hold of the tanning solution on the skin.

2.The Skin Bronzing Solution combines just the right amount of DHA and Erythrulose that produces an
unmatched skin bronzing effect. The unique combination of the aforementioned substances helps to create a
natural looking tan that last longer than any other available tanning solution.

3.The Anti-Aging Moisturizer is a skin therapy that revitalizes the skin giving it a youthful new look.
4.The Ultraviolet Skin Defining Maximizer makes use of a revolutionary spray technology that combines
ingredients that possess anti-aging as well as skin firming capabilities. So customers are not only provided
with a beautiful tan but they also get the chance to have their sagging skin firmed up.

Magic Tan Quality Results
California Magic Tan Booth also makes use of a tanning technology that is environmentally friendly. It
employs a feature in the form of a built-in air purification column that produces fresh and clean atmosphere
by keeping impure or dirty air from escaping to the environment. The impure air that the tanning booth
emits passes through a filter wherein it is automatically cleaned leaving the interior of the booth spotless and
smelling fresh.

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