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									Rio Rancho (Near Albuquerque), NM Intel Ergo Co-Op job

Educational Requirements: Working on MS IE with specialization in Ergonomics /
Human Factors preferred. BS IE or related technical field with related co-op
experience and/or some ergonomics course work may be considered.

NM ergo internship expectations:

      Develop the ability to identify key ergonomic risk factors in various settings by utilizing
       assessment skills.
      Complete basic ergonomic assessments and develop recommendations utilizing available
       resources such as key contacts and corporate ergonomic guidelines.
      Demonstrate the ability to provide clear concise documentation for evaluations completed and
       projects worked including risk factors identified, supporting data, drawings and photos depicting
       the issues and proposed solutions to issues. This can be completed by utilizing examples and
       guidelines for ergonomic documentation.

   Internship Requirements:

      The internship requirements include having a basic understanding of engineering design,
       anthropometrics, and human factors engineering. General skills require basic analytical problem
       solving, planning and organization skills and good interpersonal and team activity skills. Basic
       knowledge and competency with computer software including word and excel are required.
      Interested applicant must be a permanent U.S. citizen
      Internship begins Summer of 2011 and if possible last up to December 2011. (summer co-op
       will be considered based on experience).

   Areas of Technical Exposure:

      Though a basic understanding or exposure to engineering design and human factors engineering
       is required for this internship the intern will be given the opportunity to develop these skills and
       enhance their understanding of identification and solving ergonomic risk factors. This internship
       will also provide the opportunity to develop their project management skills.

   Expected Outcomes/Critical Success Indicators to measure success:

      Exhibit a strong ergonomic technical knowledge through his/her ability to identify and document
       ergonomic risk factors in a logical organized format.
      Develop proposed solutions to ergonomic issues by utilizing various key stakeholders and
      Demonstrated analytical problem solving through analysis and development of recommendations
       to reduce/eliminate ergonomic risk factors.
      Demonstrates successful planning and organization skills through timely and complete project
       management with support from dept. Ergonomists.
Send resumes to: Dishayne Garcia

NM Ergonomics

Phone:      38499

PTT:        1162


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