ECG Notes 20th Oct 2008

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					  Network Name:                   Eastmoor, College Grove (ECG) Network
                                       Inc. Pinders-Heath & Kirkgate
  Venue:                 Lightwaves Leisure Centre – Eastmoor
  Date of Meeting:       20th October 2008 -1pm -2.30

In         Wajid Khan – VOX                                Kay Stringfellow- Groundwork
Attendees: Keith Aaron – VOX                               Rosemary Carr- PCT BME worker
           Therese Manship – NHS Wakefield District        Tom Longfield – VOX
           Steve Stones – Reconnect                        Mohammed Ayub – Next Gen
           Jill Morris- Carers Wakefield                   Faith Maverengwi – African Women’s
           Helen Thackray – Volunteers Co-ordinator – Support Project
           Groundwork                                      G.M Hudson – Salvation Army
           Georgina Swift – NHS Wakefield District         James Smith – NPT
            Asha Kinsella - NPT
Apologies: Raj Palasooriar, Mandy White, John Anderson, Peter Webster, Nancy Webster, Chris
           Croxall, Susan Tidball, Maureen Rishworth, Ros Lund, Sgt Jason Jowett, Charlie
           Housley, Rachel Hazell, Abdel Hamid Jones, Rev. Paul Dowling, Chris Bann, Emily
           Fazal, Andrew Bernard, Jay Noelane, Joanne Harrison, Stuart Heptinstall, Keith Palor,
           Bishop Jeffrey Warriner, Cllr Ron Halliday, John Hall, Marc Harrison

   1.0 Introductions: All those present introduced themselves, apologies were taken.
             Please Note there were no notes for the September meeting: Issues were
             highlighted/ repeated in the October meeting

   Attendees for the Sept 08 meeting: Keith Aaron, Keith Palor, Kay Stringfellow, Rachel
   Hazell, Wajid Khan, Helen Thackray

   2.0 Matters Arising/ feedback from last meeting or action points
      2.1 An open meeting to discuss issues around drugs or anti-social behaviour has
            not been organised. The network agreed that although the police and other
            services were taking effective action on these issues it would be good to have
            central meeting to discuss and further highlight hotspots/ issues.

      2.2    Network still awaiting details of ‘not in my neighbourhood campaign’.

      2.3    It was noted that WDH liaise directly with the police and other statutory bodies
             to highlight tenants who pose a problem. Any resident or tenant wanting
             further information about this issue please contact Chris Croxall –WDH tenant
             Involvement officer.

      2.4    The June 08 notes included a summary of issues which affect community
             development and engagement. Statutory workers are encouraged to add any
             comments or feedback suggestions to VOX. (All notes are now on the VOX

VOX – the Community Empowerment Network
Regent Street, Featherstone, WF7 5EW
   3.0 Information Sharing:
      3.1    Groundwork: Blueprint Consultation is on going within the Eastmoor area.
             The team have received a good response rate with the questionnaires that
             went out to the residents. Consultation deadline is March 09. for further
             information please contact Kay@ Groundwork.

      3.2    Next Generation: updated the network on the on going sports and
             recreational activities they have undertaken in the last month. The group
             highlighted the need for the different youth development workers to come
             together to look at co-ordinating activities across the area so that the whole
             area of the network is covered.

      3.3    NACRO: Query was raised about the on going work that NACRO were doing
             in the area. Network to send an invitation to the new NACRO worker for the

      3.4    African Women’s Project: a relatively new group being supported by
             Rosemary Carr. The group are currently looking at setting up an informal
             networking event in December 08. Suggestions around suitable venues were
             provided. Rosemary or Faith to feedback progress of event.

      3.5    Carers Wakefield District: Is an organisation set up to support and provide
             assistance to carers in the area. For further information and details please
             contact jill Morris:

      3.6    Groundwork Volunteers: Helen Thackray is in post to support young people
             who wish to volunteer and undertake work which involves working in the
             environment. For further information please contact Helen at Groundwork.

      3.7    Re-Connect: Re-Connect are currently looking for volunteer drivers to take
             part in the Wakey Bus project as well as volunteers for their befriending
             scheme. Reconnect are also looking to work in partnership with other
             organisations who support activities for older people. For further information
             please contact Re-connect.

      3.8    Wakefield Salvation Army: have limited space for any groups who wish
             to hold meetings in the town centre area. Please contact Gwen on
    for further information.

      3.9    Police: Neighbourhood police team representatives can be contacted via
             their e-mail on groups are
             welcome to forward any issues or concerns they have around policing.

      3.10   Grants/Support for older peoples groups: information is attached about
             two specific grants and support available.

      3.11   Next Meeting: 17th November 2008@ St Swithun’s 1pm -2.30pm
VOX – the Community Empowerment Network
Regent Street, Featherstone, WF7 5EW

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