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Guided Reading Guided Reading


									                  Guided Reading Lesson Plan
                                                         Date ______________

                                                          Level _____________
Group __________________

SSS __________ Vocabulary, comparisons
Materials needed
Outer Edge, Friend or Foe-Pigs to the Rescue, TE p110, Student p49
Transparency with vocabulary sentences or definitions.
Pictures (google images) of wild animals, pets, and animals that could be either.
Vocabulary Words: screeching, plopped, national, come to mind (phrase),
regular, grunted.
Pre-Reading Strategies and Activities
   1. Have a word list on board or on word wall. Go over verbally each
      vocabulary definition. Then place a transparency on the overhead with
      sentence definitions with the word or phrase left out. Have students copy
      the sentences and put in the correct phrase. (This could be group work
      while you are working with another group.) Then gather back together and
      discuss/correct the right answers. Have students keep the papers and refer
      to them as needed during the unit.
   2. Have a group discussion about pets students in the group have. Talk about
      someone you know or have heard about who has an unusual pet. Divide
      students into pairs and do a picture or word sort of animals who are pets
      and animals that don’t. Include 2 or 3 animals that could go into either
      category. (mouse, snake, pig) Then do group discussion on choices
      (Accept any as long as they have a valid reason for their placement.)
   3. Look on p48 and read title, picture, and caption. What kind of pig is this?
      Does anyone know anything about potbellied pigs? (Share info from p110
      to build background or find pictures info on internet.)
During Reading Strategies/Prompts/Questions
   1. Read silently paragraphs 1-7. When finished students will answer these
      questions from board or overhead to share in group. (choose appropriate
      questions for your group)
   What did Iggy do that made her a special pet?
   Why do you think they named the pig Honeymoon?
   What might have happened differently if they had not had Honeymoon?
   Make up one question about what you read and answer it. Be ready to
   share with the group.
                 Guided Reading Lesson Plan
                                                      Date ______________

                                                      Level _____________
   What were some ways Iggy and Honeymoon were alike? Different?
   2. Read the rest of the story. How was Lulu like the other pet pigs? How
   was she different? Do you think Lulu really understood Jo Ann needed help?
   Support your answer with details from the story.
Post Reading Strategies/ Activities/ Assessments
   1. Have students do an advertisement promoting unusual pets or a drawing
      with caption illustrating the story.
   2. Do p51-53 A,B,D or alternative assessment.
   3. Use transparency from beginning vocabulary activity and have students
      write the matching vocabulary words.

This activity worked well. Yes ____ No _______ What would make it better?



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