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What are they?

   Genre is a French word which
    means “type or kind”
   We use genres as a classification
    system to help us talk about the
    different kinds of literature and
    texts that we might read.
   There are many different genres
    available in our media center.
     Traditional Literature - Fiction
   Stories that are passed down orally through many generations
    that usually doesn’t have a single author
   Very simple plots that are in a vague time….”long ago”
   A struggle between good and evil
   A great way to learn about other cultures
   Many different kinds
        Cumulative tales -a building story that adds from beginning to end
        Pourquoi tales -explains something in nature and why it happens
        Beast tales -stories have animals that have human characteristics as
         the characters
        Trickster tales -a clever character who outsmarts others
        Fairytales -magical characters and objects
        Tall tales -characters with exaggerated accomplishments
        Fables -short stories have animals with human characteristics and they
         always teach a moral or lesson in life
        Myths -answers questions about things people can’t explain and credits
         it to a heroic character
        Legends -characters that are heroes and based on real people, but
Many different titles all in the 398’s
Fantasy - Fiction

   Stories have unrealistic and “out of
    this world” elements
   Writers make it seem possible to
    make you question if it is true
   The characters are real, but what
    happens to them and where they
    are isn’t
The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan
   The disappearance of the goddess
    Artemis while out hunting a rare,
    ancient monster, prompts a group
    of her followers to join Percy and
    his friends in an attempt to find and
    rescue her before the winter
    solstice, when her influence is
    needed to sway the Olympian
    Council regarding the war with the
Mystery - Fiction
   Very realistic, with characters who are
    trying to solve a puzzle or problem
   The writer drops hints throughout the
    book to help the reader stay involved
   Parts are added to the story to distract
    readers and lead them away from the real
    solution…they keep you guessing!
The Wright 3 by Blue Balliett

   Petra and Calder are drawn into
    another mystery when unexplained
    accidents and ghostly happenings
    occur in Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie
Science Fiction

   Very similar to Fantasy, unrealistic
    and unworldly, but the difference is
    that the story is based on science
   Uses new technology and is cutting
Maximum Ride Series by James

   The time has come for Max, Fang,
    Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel to
    face their ultimate enemy and,
    despite many obstacles, try to save
    the world from a sinister plan to re-
    engineer a select population into a
    scientifically superior master race.
Realistic Fiction

   Stories told from the writer’s
    imagination that seem true, real life
   Usually includes typical problems
    that many people deal with
   Takes place in modern times, a
    place the reader can recognize
Hoot by Carl Hiaasen

   Roy, who is new to his small Florida
    community, becomes involved in
    another boy's attempt to save a
    colony of burrowing owls from a
    proposed construction site.
Historical Fiction

   Stories from the writer’s
    imagination and true to life, BUT
    story is set in the past.
   Discusses important events in
   Some characters can be real while
    others are fictional
Blue by Joyce Hostetter

   Ann Fay Honeycutt becomes the
    man of the house at age thirteen
    after her father leaves to fight in
    World War II, forcing Ann to give up
    her childhood and tend to her
    family, but when a polio epidemic
    strikes, Ann faces the most
    devastating challenge of her life.
Informational – Non-fiction

   Text that provides ideas, facts,
    principles that relate to our
    physical, biological or social world
Poetry – Non-fiction

   Uses words and pictures to create
    an image
   Plays with the sounds of words and
    the rhythms of phrases
   Intended to be read aloud
   Short, sweet and to the point
Bronx Masquerade by Nikki Grimes

   While studying the Harlem
    Renaissance, students at a Bronx
    high school read aloud poems
    they've written, revealing their
    innermost thoughts and fears to
    their formerly clueless classmates.
Biography – Non-fiction

   An account of a real person’s life
    told by another person, the
    information is gathered by
    interviewing or researching
   Includes how the person affects
    other people
Daniel Boone and the Cumberland Gap
by Andrew Santella

   A biography of Daniel Boone,
    focusing on his efforts as a pioneer
    and trailblazer during America's
    westward expansion.
Autobiography – Non-fiction

   An account of a person’s life told by
    that person.
   First hand knowledge
   Tells major influences in their life,
    people and places….
26 Fairmount Avenue by Tomie

   Children's author-illustrator Tomie
    De Paola describes his experiences
    at home and in school when he was
    a boy.
Memoir – Non-fiction

   A person’s account of a personal or
    historical event in their life
   Centers on strong feelings and
Red Scarf Girl by Ji li Jiang
   The author tells about the happy life
    she led in China up until she was
    twelve-years-old when her family
    became a target of the Cultural
    Revolution, and discusses the
    choice she had to make between
    denouncing her father and breaking
    with her family, or refusing to speak
    against him and losing her future in
    the Communist Party.

   So where to I find them????
   Many of these genres can be found
    by using Destiny and typing in the
    name of the genre.
   Always read the book description to
    make sure it matches….
   Use the genre bookmarks to prove
    your genre to Mrs. Hofman and
    happy reading!

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