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					                         Online Volcano Worksheet
You will need to minimize this worksheet and not close it while you are searching. If you do not know how to do
 this, ask the person next to you or Ms. Lundberg for help. Hold down the control (ctrl) key (on the bottom left
hand part of the keyboard) and left click the links to visit them in order to answer the questions using IQIA in
                                                 your notebook.

1. Draw a picture of a side-view of a volcano.


2. What causes volcanoes to erupt?


3. What is ejected from an exploding volcano (scroll down and hit the continue button)?


4. What is a pyroclastic flow and why is it dangerous (scroll down and hit the continue button twice)?


5. What are some of the duties that a volcanologist performs in their job?


6. In 1-2 sentences, summarize one of the legends/myths created by one of the countries listed.


7. Check out a satellite map of the Yellowstone Caldera. List 2 geothermal processes that occur at Yellowstone
and describe why they occur there.


8. Use the website below to answer the following three questions. Enter the site and click on the “Volcano
Types” button on the left. Read through the information for all three volcano types by clicking the buttons on
the bottom right-hand, and then answer these questions:


       a. A “Stratovolcano” is another name for what type of volcano?

       b. Describe how cinder cone volcanoes are built and list two examples of cinder cone volcanoes.

       c. Shield volcanoes are known for building what particular landform? Explain how they form.
9. Watch this short video of an underwater eruption of the West Mata Volcano. Describe one interesting thing
you noticed in the video. (View the map below for the location of this volcano).

                    Click here to watch the video. (Don’t forget to hold down the ctrl key.)

10. Build your own virtual volcanic eruption by clicking on “Virtual Volcano.” Answer the questions below.


       a. Move the viscosity lever up and down. What observations do you make to the movement of the magma
       (to the left?)

       b. Click both “Viscosity Info” and “Gas info” buttons. Read the information

       c. Now, build your own volcano. What kind of conditions do you need to build a cinder cone volcano
       (what viscosity and gas levels)?

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