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					                      ANGELAS DISH
                                Walk Into The Sky

Building a solid foundation off the back of their catchy pop/rock tunes and relentless
touring, Angelas Dish were born from a growing scene on the Central Coast, an area
renowned for its substance of talent. Supporting Jimmy Eat World, 30 Seconds To Mars,
Gyroscope and Anberlin to name just a few, Angelas Dish rocked festivals like Soundwave,
Come Together and Make Poverty History in the early years of their career.
Releasing Lie Die, their debut EP in 2005, the Angelas Dish discography consists of a
colourful set of indie punk rock releases - the 2006 release My Body Is An Ashtray EP, a
Japan only self-titled album release in 2007, debut 2008 album War On Time and, in 2009,
an anthology.
With five releases over the period of five years and a hectic touring schedule to coincide,
Angelas Dish decided to take a slightly different approach when it came to their sophomore
album. Investing the best part of 2009 in song writing and reconnecting with their true
sound, the four-piece locked themselves in the studio and began work on Walk Into The
“We needed the time off from touring to write this album…” lead singer Michael Harris
explains, “We took a fresh approach to our song writing and you can hear it in the music, it’s
honest to the point of being vulnerable.”
The new album reveals an exciting evolution with brothers Michael and Joshua Harris
sharing the lead vocal duties for the first time, alongside Peter Clarke on bass and new
member/drummer Chris Allison.
“To me it captured the moments where we found ourselves as a band, as musicians and as
song writers.” explains Josh.
Angelas Dish teamed up with exciting new producer Sonny Truelove for the recording of
the album and enlisted the talents of renowned US producer/mixer Michael “Elvis” Baskette
to complete the record. Known best for his work on some of the worlds leading albums,
Baskette has been responsible for the Incubus hit Make Yourself and Story Of The Year’s
The Black Swan and The Constant, amongst many others.
With a brilliant mix of haunting lyrics and honest reflection, Angelas Dish have created an
album that is both intricate and expansive, without complexity. Tracks like Redemption, a
haunting overture, contrast with walls of power in songs like You Want Me To Give Up and
More Alien. The album swells with melodic rock force in Crash and Rapture, then softens
with Sorry Lately and Where Did You Go, two tracks sure to become firm favourites. Walk
Into The Sky sees Angelas Dish emerge with an offering to match the time the band has
invested - an album sure to make an impression amongst new and old fans alike.
Walk Into The Sky out October 1st through BNM Records/Shock.

For more information please contact: Emma Wiking @ BNM Records • P 03 9510 9205 • F 03 8506 0259
         3/ 171 Greville St, Prahran Vic 3181 Australia

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