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					                                                                                                   Communication Laboratories INC
                                                                                                          305 East Dr, Ste. L
                                                                                                       West Melbourne, FL 32904
                                                                                                        321-409-9898 ext 309
                                                                                                          Fax 321-409-9899
Site Contact and Location Data
Site Name                                                       Site Contact Person

EM net Site ID                                                  Contact's Phone Number
                                                                IT Contact Name and
24/7 Phone Number                                               Number

Mailing Address                                                 E-mail address

(if different than physical)                                    Physical Address

                                                                City, State, ZIP
Dish Installation Data
Do you have a direct view of the South-SW Sky from your building? 220 deg.
Standard installation is a non penetrating roof mount. Do you have a pitched or flat roof?
If you have a pitched roof, where should the dish be installed? (Wall, Tower, Pole)
How many stories is the building? How do you access the roof? How high on Tower?
Is building permission required to install this equipment? * From whom?
Are there any special mounting requirements?
Are there any anticipated installation problems?
Where is the EMnet computer to be located? What operating system does it have?
External Receivers: Where would you like the receiver to be located? (Note this is not the dish)
How long is the cable run from dish to receiver?
Is plenum cable required? How many feet are in plenum?
Who will be the onsite contact during installation?
Is there a local Radio Shop that you would recommend for the installation?
Computer Installation Data
What type of internet connection do you have? Who is your ISP?
Is there a firewall? Who makes changes to the firewall?
Training is usually conducted during the installation. Will that work for you?
The training is completed over the phone- Who will be present for the training?
What Private STATIC IP address will be assigned to the satellite receiver on your LAN?
What IP address will be assigned to the computer on the same sub-net?
Gateway                                                      Subnet Mask
Connectivity Test Results (please call Comlabs 321-409-9898 to complete)
Are Ethernet ports close by with Cat 5 cables already plugged in?
Notes and Special Circumstances

                                    * Building Permission must be obtained before scheduled date of Installation

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