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									            The Ravenloft list of prestige classes.

            For easy reference, here's a list of all prestige classes from Ravenloft third edition line.
            The following is a complete list of all spells that were described in the various products of the third edition Ravenloft line.
            Plus: FoS Reports (Souragne, Zherisia, Nocturnal Sea), VRS Doppelganger

            The list also contain the basic classes from the D&D core guides, to include the short references of
            these classes in the list.

  Short        Name of the Class            Source                     class                     alignment
reference                                                          choosing
                                                                  this prestige
                                                                    * = mainly
                                                                      but not

Alp         Alchemical philosopher     VRA                            Wiz *                          -
Ani         Anchorite Inquisitor       HoL                          Clr Ezra                    Lawful Good
Anl         Analyst                    LotB                              -                           -
Amd         Accomplished medium        LotB                       Brd, Clr, Pal                      -
Anm         Anchorite of the Mists     VRA                          Clr Ezra                   LG, LN, N, LE
Anw         Anchorite wanderer         HoL                          Clr Ezra                   LG, LN, N, LE
Ari         Aristocrat                 D&D Core DMG                      -                           -
Avn         Avenger                    VRA                          Ftr/Rog *                    non-lawful
Bbn         Barbarian                  D&D Core PHB                      -                           -
Bld         Blessed Defender           HoL                             Pal                      Lawful Good
Blp         Blessed paladin            HoL                             Pal                      Lawful Good
Bpa         Black powder avenger       HoL                              Ftr                          -
Brd         Bard                       D&D Core PHB                      -                           -
Bhr         Beast Hunter               RLPH                              -                           -
CaM         Captain of the Mists       FoS Zherisia                half-vistani                      -
Chl         Charlatan                  CoD                       Rog / vistani *                     -
Crh         Crimson Hound              LotB                             Ftr                       any evil
Clr         Cleric                     D&D Core PHB                      -                           -
Crt         Courtier                   LotB                              -                           -
Cpo         Court poisoner             Gaz 4                    mainly Ari / Expert            any non good
Cry         Crypt Raider               VRA                            Rog *                          -
Dec         Deceiver                   LotB                              -                any non lawf. and non good
Dhr         Demon hunter               RLPH                              -                            -
Dir   Dirgist                 VRA                        Brd *                          -
Drd   Druid                   D&D Core PHB                  -                           -
Drm   Dreamcaster             CoD                        Sor *                      Chaotic
Dtc   Detective               HoL                    any / Rog *                    Lawful
Dtt   Dilettante              HoL                        any                            -
Dve   Divine Exorcist         LotB                     Clr / Pal                   Any good
Ftr   Fighter                 D&D Core PHB                  -                           -
Ghr   Ghost hunter            RLPH                          -                           -
Gdn   Guardian Seeker         VRA                    spell caster                    Good
GrT   Grime Trekker           Gaz 3                   Rgr / Ftr *                       -
HkM   Hawkmaster              LotB                          -                       Any evil
HrD   Herald of Dawn, the     Gaz 1                Clr Morninglord                  NG, CG
Hwi   Hallowed witch          VRA            worshipers of Hala / Clr / Sor         Neutral
Hwr   Highway Rider           CoD                       Rog *                      Non lawful
Kne   Knight Errant           HoL                   Ftr LG / Pal *                Lawful Good
Ksh   Knight of the Shadow    VRA                    Ftr/Rgr/Pal                     Good
Lph   Learned Physician       LotB                          -                           -
Lpl   Lamplighter             Gaz 3                    Ftr / Rgr                    LG, NG
Mb    Moon Bane               CoD                        any                            -
Mcu   Master of Curses        CoD                        Clr *                     Any lawful
Mnc   Moonchild               Gaz 4                         -                           -
Mnk   Monk                    D&D Core PHB                  -                           -
Mpl   Manipulator             CoD                       Brd/Ari                     LN, LE
Mps   Metaphysician           HoL                        Sor *                          -
Msm   Mesmerist               CoD                    Brd/Sor/Clr                 Any non lawful
Mhr   Monster Hunter          RLPH                       any                            -
Nld   Night Lord              CoD                        Ftr *                      Any evil
Pal   Paladin                 D&D Core PHB                  -                     Lawful Good
PcH   People's Champion       LotB                          -                 non-chaotic and non-evil
Pis   Pistoleer               VRA                        Ftr *                          -
Prp   Propagandist            CoD                     Brd/Rog *               Any chaotic or neutral
Rcr   Recruiter               LotB                          -                           -
Rgr   Ranger                  D&D Core PHB                  -                           -
Rog   Rogue                   D&D Core PHB                  -                           -
RpK   Raptor Knight           LotB                          -                       Any evil
RMH   Royal Marikith Hunter   FoS Zherisia                  -                           -
Rmr   Rumormonger             LotB                          -                           -
Sab   Saboteurs               FoS Zherisia                  -                      Non lawful
Scg   Scourge                 CoD                     Mnk/Clr *                  Any non good
Sch   Scholar                 HoL                        any                            -
Sci   Scientist               LotB                          -                           -
SgM   Stage Magician          Gaz 3                   Sor / Wiz                         -
Sor       Sorcerer                D&D Core PHB         -            -
Sty       Stygian Attendant       VRA            Clr/Sor/Wiz        -
Syo       Solitary outcast        CoD                any            -
TpI       Tepestani Inquisitor    Gaz 5          human Clr      Non evil
TrI       True Innocent           HoL                any        Non evil
Trm       Tyrant Mage             LotB            Wiz / Sor      any evil
Vhr       Vampire Hunter          RLPH                 -            -
Vdn       Voodan                  DTDL                 -           any
Wbr       Worldbreaker            CoD              Clr Kali    Any chaotic
Wha       White Arcanist          HoL            Wiz / Sor *    Non evil
Wiz       Wizard                  D&D Core PHB         -            -
Wth       Witch Hunter            SotDR              any            -
Wth       Witch Hunter            RLPH                 -            -
Zdr       Zelldrow                Gaz 5              any       chaotic evil

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oducts of the third edition Ravenloft line.

             requirements / short description of the class

             Lab searcher, believes the Truth to be in alchemy
             Search for evil; sends report to his superiors
             d'Honaire family; healer of insanity, can cast spells
             Godefroy family; aid both the living and the dead to find peace
             Cleric with good fighting skills; use the mists
             Cleric with good fighting skills; adventurer
             (a NPC class) educated, wealthy, influential persons
             Any class, thirst for vengeance against a nemesis
             Core class
             Paladin, protector if the Virtuous
             Paladin, high standards, famous "Last Stand" ability
             Expert in canon powder; looking for revenge
             Core class
             Specialty Hunter Prestige Class - see Monster Hunter
             mists related abilities
             (mainly rogues and gypsies), master of deception and subterfuge
             Von Zarovich; Strahd's elite army units
             Core class
             Boritsi family; charming person, able to gather information at a noble's court
             poison use and mastery
             For riches or to destroy undead
             Dilisnya family; person able to pass as somebody else, some kind of spy
             Specialty Hunter Prestige Class - see Monster Hunter
Bardic, focus on death, knowledgable
Core class
Manipulators of dreams
Very lawful with the region's laws; investigator
Wealthy caracter; involved in politics
Godefroy family; help free spirits, and help people under the control of others
Core class
Specialty Hunter Prestige Class - see Monster Hunter
Order of the Guardian, look for the destruction of evil items or to put them in a safe
Subterranean monster hunter
Drakov family; master of bloodhawks
For Morninglord cleric member of the Dawnslayers (vampire slayers)
(or warlock if male) followers of Hala, in a coven
Rogue with a mission (bring terror to the rich, rebellion, …)
Cavalier not linked to an Order or the service of a noble; errand paladin type
Fight evil, very discreet, member of the Knights of the Shadow Order
Mordenheim family; physicians
elite order of investigator
Lycanthrope who tries to prevent others from what happened to him; lycanthrope hunter
Zealous cleric, with curse as spell domain
For lycanthrope trying to integrate their bestial and human nature
Core class
Bard or Ari turned to political; manipulator: often use other people
Scholar that tries to explain the mind, science, magic, etc.
Hypnotist, tries to cure madness; but sometimes control others…
a 3.5 conversion of the original Witch Hunter (Whr)
Champion d'un darklord (NPC)
Core class
Hiregaard family; former religious who turned their back to their church
Fighter with pistol or musket expertise
Propaganda experts, spin doctor (NPC)
Renier family; help recruit a group for a cause or army
Core class
Core class
Drakov family; cruel knights
subterranean survival and marikith hunter skills
Renier family; start rumors and gossips
abilities to destroy object
Torturer artist (mainly NPC)
Searcher who goes on the field; adventurers
Mordenheim family; with applied science: biology, chemistry, physics, psychology
Entertainer hiding their skills
Core class
Expert in ghost
ex half-vistani, calibans, etc.; have a studied foe
devoted to rooting out the feys in Tepest
Commoner with great inner power from pure goodness
Von Zarovich; deadly wizard in charge of security in Barovia
Specialty Hunter Prestige Class - see Monster Hunter
Religious casters of Souragne, have a patron loa.
(NPC) Sri Raji; Cleric of Goddess Destroyer Kali, often insane
Sorcerer of white magic
Core class
monster hunter, with studied foe (ex: vampire, ghost, hags, goblinoid, etc.)
Specialty Hunter Prestige Class - see Monster Hunter
Worshippers of the Spider Queen

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