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					                                                  THE TECH, BOSTON, MASS., NOVEMBER 29, 1910
                           _ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                                            _~~~~~~~~~                                    I

                                       Iproviding an entertainment for Fri-
      THE TECH                          day night in the Union. We have
                                             been unable to learn of any stunts
   Published daily, except Sunday, dur-
 ing the college year by students at
                                             that are being arranged for the near
                                             future and are wondering if the com-
                                             mittee died a natural death or was
                                            Imurdered? It may be the sentiment
                                                                                                  Men's Bath and Lounging Robes
 the Massachusetts Institute of Tech
 nology.                                     of the Institute as a awhole to give
                                             these Union nights up, but from                           In Wool, Cashmere, Vicuna and Cotton
  Entered as second-class matter,            scraps of conversation heard around
Sept. 29, 1910, at the post office at        the Union it would not seemn so.
                                             There are many good speakers that
Boston, Mass., under the Act of Con-
gress of March 3, 1879.                      could be easily obtained by the com-
                                             mittee if they werm-e really on their
                                             job. Of course last year's action on
                                                                                                                         5.00 to 45.00
R. H. Ranger 1911 .......... Gen. Mgr.
             News Board.                     the part of the student body has a
G. MI. Keith 1912-. .- Editor-in-Chief       great influence on the minds of the                  Plain and fancy colors, gray, tan, blues, green and reds
                                             comnmittee and may make them feel
S. E. Bates 1911 ... Managing Editor         that it. would not be woIth while.
E. W. Tarr, 1912 .... Societies' Editor      There are this year a great mrnmy
T. E. Senior 1913..Gen'l News Editor
R. S. Rankin, 1913.Athletic       Editor
A. L. Mayers, 1911 .... Institute Editor
                                             new men here who have never had a
                                             chance to enjoy one of these fine en-
                                             tertainmlents,    and it awould seem
                                                                                                  Men's Wool Smoking Jackets
                                              vworth Inmch effort on the part of this
             Business Board.                 committee to give them a chance.
 H. W. Hall, 1912..Business Manager          Let us hope, therefore, that we shall                          Made from Double Faced Cloth
 J. B. Nealey, 1912 .... Advertising Mgr.    soon see the old familiar sign on the
 A. T. Gibson, 1913 .. .. iculation Mgr.
                         C                   bulletin boards which will tell us that
                                             we are to have a Friday nighlt enter-                               Gray, tan, blue, red and green
          Associate Editors.                 tainment at the Union.
 E. W. Taft, 1913 ............ Societies                  (Signed)  DEMII TASSE.

        Office, 42 Trinity Place.            SECOND DINNER OF                                     Plaid and striped trimmed in different color com.
      Telephone, Back Bay 2184.                              CATHOLIC CLUB II                                          binations
                                                The second suppller meeting of the
   All communications should be ad-         Technology Catholic Club will take
 dressed to the proper departments.         place \Wednesday evening at 6 P. M.,

   Subscriptions $2.00 per year in ad
                                            at the Union ul)pper dining room. Mr.
                                            William P. Kenney, night editor of                                           5.00 to 12.00
 vance. Single copies 2 cents.              the Boston Globe, wiill address the
   Subscriptions  within the Boston         club.        Kenney has recently re-
 Postal District and outside of the         turoned from the convention at Brus-                      We have one of the largest lines in the city to select
 United States must be accompanied          sels, at which he represented the
 by postage at the rate of one cent a       Boston Public Library in a discussion                 from at prices that are very moderate for the quality given.
 copy.                                      of the Library Systems of the AWorld.
                                            It is expected that he will speak on
                                            some topic connected with his recelnti
     Printed by Croke Printing Co.          tril)p.
                                                Tickets fol- the sluppl)er are being
   TUESDAY, NOVEMIBER 29, 1910.             sold by men in the different courses,

    The first alpointments f-romn the
 class of 1914 to l)ositions on the news
                                            and anyone who wishes can obtain
                                            one oIn Wednesday eveningl before the
                                            dinner. A good crowd is expected
                                            if the number who attended the last
                                                                                                   C. F. HOVEY & CO.
 and business staffs of The Tech will       meeting is any criterion for future
 be announced tonight at Tile Tecli         prospects.                                            33 Summer Street                                                Boston, Mass.
 dlinner. These are the first alppoint-
.ments from the class and will, of
 course, include but a few of the men
 trying for the pial)er, and those men
                                                   (Continued from Page 1.)
                                                     All Third or Fourth year or
                                                                                              I                                                                                     I

                                            Graduate membellres of Courses VI,
 who do not lreceive al)l)ointments         VIII and XIV are eligible to active
 should by no means lbe discouraged.        membershil) in the society, while
 Promotion is deplendent uplon the          Sophomores of those courses alre
 quantity and( quality of worlk done        eligible    to associate      menlbershil.
 and, above all, upon reliability in cov-
 ering assignments. Thus, a man may
 just barely fail of an aplointment at
 this time and yet be in a position to
 receive such recognition in the near
                                            Mr. J. W'. Lieb, .Jr., wvill he the special
                                            guest and slpeaker of the evening.
                                            HIe is a l)ast president of the Ameri-
                                            can Institute of Electrical Engineers,
                                            vice-president of the New York Edi-
    A full list of appointclentas will be
                                            son Company. He is acknowvledged to
                                            be one of the most distinguished en-
 published in this column in tonior-                                                                                                FOR
                                            gineers of the country and has filled
 row's issue of The Tech.                   executive l)ositions in some of the                          CHEMICALS, CHEMICAL APPARATUS,
                                            greatest Electric Lighting Companies.
                                            His subject will be a broad one,                                     MINERALS, ETC.
                                            namely, "Engineering Ethics."                                            WE CARRY IHE LARGEST STOCK OF
           COMMUNICATIONS.                                                                                           LABORATORY SUPPLIES IN THE U. S.

              Boston, Nov. 28, 1910.                                                                 First Quality Supplies Only. Prompt Service
Editor of The Tech:
   Dear Sir:-I am a student who                                                                           Our European connections are such that we are enabled to offer
sl)ent sonie time at another school                                                       I
                                                                                          I                    you the best'services for duty free Importations on
                                                                                                                     scientific supplies'at the lowest prices.
before coming to the Institute. Lots
of other fellows here can claim the                    FOWNES                                                Analytical Balances and Weights
same thing. I knowv that The Tech
receives among its exchanges the pa-                   GLOVES                                                         ONE OF OUR LEADING SPECIALTIES
per edited by the students at my                                                                                            ESTB - 1851
school. It probably receives similar                   win Fashion's races                                              203-211-THIRD -AVE
periodicals from a lot of colleges.                      " hanns down"                                                _    N~EW-YORK   -C                    IT
Why doesn't The Tech put them in
the Union so some of us can get a
chance to read thlem? I know that
last year we were asked to send in                                                        I
                                                                                              -                 --   -                                I            _--      n   -
the name of the paper that we want-
ed to read, but I hesitated to do so                                                                                                                                                     I
 because I happened to be the only
man here from any palticulal college,

                                                                                                  COBB, BATES & YERXA CO.
and I thought that my request would
 be overlooked in favor of some more                                                                                                                                                     I
 popular paper. Lots of the fellows
 here would like to look over the pa-
 pers just to get an idea of what is                                                                      Have exceptional facilities for supply-

 going on in the college world. We
 get tired of reading the magazines
 that are scattered about the place,
                                                                                                          ing hotels, restaurants, fraternity and
 and at times it would be a genuine
 relief to -reada college paper from
                                                                                                          college houses and large consumers
 some other school. VWe would get a
chance, too, to compare The Tech
                                                                                                          of every sort.
 with various similar publications.           CLIFTON, 2 in. high BEDFORD, 2rin. high
   Put your exchanges in the Union,
 Mr. Editor.                                               The          o                     222 SUMMER STREET                                  WHOLESALE ONLY

 Editor of The Tech:
                       N. U. SPAPER.

   We would like to know what is the
                                              No'tch COLLARS
                                                                                                              55 SUMMER STREET
                                                                                                              87 CAUSEWAY STREETholesale
 matter with the Entertainment Com-           Sit snugly to the neck, the tops meet                           274 FRIEND STREET                                             and
 mittee of the Union Committee?               in front and there is ample space                               6 AND 8 FANEUIL HALL SQ.                                     Retail
 They seem to have forgotten one of           for the cravat.
 their most important duties, that of         '-c..2 for25c. Cluett,Peabody& Co.,Makenr   I

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