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Ref: 2039
Jelly bead and assorted coloured
beaded bracelet. In Pink/lilac/blue   Ref: 2070                               Ref: 2028
and green.                            Marble effect Turq bead bracelets. In   Rhodium plated cluster bead stretch
                                      3 designs.                              bracelet with coloured acrylic daisy
                                                                              and silv charms. In pink and white...

Ref: 2040
Crackle and assorted coloured bead
bracelet. In Green/orange and blue.                                           Ref: 2030
                                      Ref: 2041                               Large AB coloured heart bead and
                                      pearlised bead and clear acrylic bead   silv bead stretch bracelet. In
                                      bracelet. In Pink/lilac/blue/green      Pink/blue and green.
                                      and yellow.

Ref: 2068
Rectangle marble effect bead                                                  Ref: 2024
bracelet. In                                                                  Turq bead and rhodium plated
Pink/purple/green/turq/coral and                                              vintage bead and charm stretch
grey.                                 Ref: 2034                               braclet. In 3 styles.
                                      Coloured acrylic bead and pearl bead
                                      stretch bracelet. In pink/lilac/clear
                                      and blue.

Ref: 2069
                                                                              Ref: 2029
Round marble effect bead bracelet.
                                                                              Rhodium plated cluster bead stretch
In Pink/purple/green/turq/coral and
                                                                              bracelet with large pastel frosted
                                                                              bead. In Pink/lilac/blue and green.
                                      Ref: 2033
                                      Vintage plated Ceramic and pearl
                                      bead stretch bracelet. In
                                      pink/purple/green and blue.
Ref: 2023                               Ref: 2052                            ef: 2914
Vintage plated Large Ceramic bead       Silv chain bracelet with coloured    Rhodium plated beads with heart
and stretch bracelet. In                glass heart and beads. In            charms.
peach/white/blue and purple.            Pink/lilac/blue and green.

                                        Ref: 2921                            Ref: 2913
Ref: 2025                               Large hollow rhodium plated beaded   Corded and silv bead charm bracelet.
Ceramic bead and coloured acrylic       bracelet with heart charm.           In purple/amber/teal and grey.
bead stretch bracelet with large
vintage heart charm.

                                        Ref: 2969                            Ref: 2911
Ref: 2026                               Coloured beaded and silv charm       Rhodium plated ring and coloured
Rhodium plated cluster bead stretch     corded bracelet. In Turq/brown and   stones stretch bracelet. In
bracelet with coloured acrylic daisy.   purple.                              pink/purple/blue and turq.
In blue/pink/white and purple.

Ref: 2027                               Ref: 2915
Rhodium plated cluster bead and         Assorted shaped coloured and silv    Ref: 2945
ring stretch bracelet with coloured     bead bracelets. In red/turq and      Facetted bead and coloured beads
acrylic daisy and large heart. In       purple.                              with crystal rings. In pink/blue/teal
pink/...                                                                     and purple.
Ref: 2944                               Ref: 2568                              Ref: 2703
Facetted bead and pearl beads with      Bright Glass Bead Bracelet. In Lilac   Silv charm and bead bracelet with
crystal rings. In clear and Black.      Pink Red Green Orange and Blue.        lobster catch fastening. In 6

Ref: 2910
Coloured parl bead and translucent
bead stretch bracelet. In Pink/purple
and turq.                               Ref: 2864
                                        Assorted coloured glass bead           Ref: 2008
                                        bracelet.                              Card of 5 Pearlised and seed bead
                                                                               stretch bracelets. In
                                                                               Blue/pink/purple and green.

Ref: 2908
Assorted coloured bead stretch
bracelet with heart bead charms. In
Pink/lilac and teal.

                                        Ref: 2865
                                        Multi bead and silv charm bracelet.
                                        In 3 styles.                           Ref: 2067
                                                                               Pearl bead and natural chip coiled
                                                                               bracelet. In
                                                                               and red.

Ref: 2544
Coloured Bead and Silv Charm
Bracelet. In Pink/Lilac/Blue and
                                        Ref: 2704
                                        Silv charm and bead bracelet with
                                        casket clasp. In 3 colourways.         Ref: 2967
                                                                               Pearl bead and rhodium bead
                                                                               bracelet with trailing heart bead.
Ref: 2014                                                                     Ref: 2050
2 Row pearl bead stretch bracelet     Ref: 2015                               2 row pearl bead stretch bracelet
with trailing charms. 2 Assorted      3 row stretch bracelet. 2 row of        with silv butterfly casting.
styles.                               pearls with 1 row of rhodium plated
                                      beads with heart/pearl charms.

                                      Ref: 2019
                                      pearl bead bracelet with coloured       Ref: 2615
Ref: 2046                             facetted acrylic beads. In 4 colours.   Crystal and Pearl Bead Bracelet. This
White pearl bead stretch bracelet                                             item Comes packed in a cream Gift
with coloured murano glass bead. In                                           Box.
Pink/blue/green and purple.

                                      ef: 2013
                                      4 Row pearl bead stretch bead cuff
                                      with cluster beads. Acrylic bead        Ref: 2909
Ref: 2016                             colour in purple/pink/turq and clear.   Black/white bead and silv charm
Pearl bead stretch bracelet with                                              bracelet. In black and white.
rhodium plated rings and charms.

                                      Ref: 2989                               Ref: 2823
                                      Pearl and silv bead bracelet with       2 Row pearl bead stretch bracelet
Ref: 2047                             Heart charms.                           with Crystal centre detail. In 4
3 Row strtech pearl bead bracelet                                             designs.
with Crystal crossbars.
Ref: 2868
Pearl bead and silv crystal coiled
bangle.                                Ref: 2851                               Ref: 2035
                                       Woven criss cross coloured seed         Card of 3 bright coloured plastic matt
                                       bead cuff bangle. In                    beaded stretch bracelet. In 4
                                       pink/green/purple and blue.             colourways.

Ref: 2876
Card of 8 seed bead and cubed bead
bracelets. In
Pink/blue/purple/green/yellow and      Ref: 2835                               Ref: 2078
orange.                                Bright coloured wooden beaded           Vintage silv charm bracelet.
                                       bracelet with large wooden butterfly.
                                       In 6 colours

Ref: 2853                                                                      Ref: 2084
                                       Ref: 2833                               Spice coloured marble beaded
Multi beaded coil cuff bracelet. In
                                       Stretch bright coloured wooden          bracelet. in 4 colours.
coral/turq and amber.
                                       twisted beaded bracelet. In
                                       and purple.

Ref: 2852                                                                      Ref: 2020
Woven criss cross coloured bead cuff   Ref: 2774                               Coloured crystal and pearl bead
bangle. In pink/green/yellow and       Chunky coloured wooden bead             bracelet. In Pink/lilac/blue and
blue.                                  bracelet. In 6 colours.                 green.
Ref: 2066                               Ref: 2059                                Ref: 2021
Coloured beaded braclet with heart      Brightly coloured chunky wooden          Shell chip and marble bead stretch
pendant. In Pink/green and blue.        beaded stretch bracelet. In              bracelet. In Pink/grey and blue.
                                        and teal. match...

Ref: 2057                               Ref: 2022                                Ref: 2032
Large fabric flower on a pearl bead     Acrylic bead and shell chip stretch      Natural stone chips bracelet. In
cuff bracelet. In 6 Colours.            bracelet. In Blue/brown and              Turq/red and cream.
                                        green.matches 3463

Ref: 2056                                                                        Ref: 2054
Large flower and pearl bead bracelet    Ref: 2065                                Card of 20 glitter effect rhodium
with 2 row pearl beads. In              Coloured stick shell stretch bracelet.   plated bangles.
Pink/lilac/blue/peach/yellow and

                                        Ref: 2064                                Ref: 2004
                                        Crackle effect ceramic bead bracelet.    Pastel bead stretch bracelet. In
Ref: 2958                               In Pink/turq and Brown.Matches           Pink/lilac and turq.
Irregular shaped shell chip bracelet.   3464
In Pink/green/blue and purple.
Ref: 2017                               Ref: 2044                             Ref: 2037
Card of 4 stretch bracelets. 2 Pearl    Coloured shell chip and opalescent    Wooden flower stretch cuff bracelet
bead / 1 coloured acrylic and           stretch bracelet. 3 white/pink/ 2     with white flower detail. In
facetted silv bead. Acrylic colour      green/lilac/turq per pack.            Black/brown/purple and pink.

                                        Ref: 2043
                                        Coloured shell chip and heart bead    Ref: 2051
Ref: 2031                               strtech bracelet. In                  Multi natural bead stretch bracelet.
Random natural stone chip strtech       Pink/green/yellow/purple/white        Matches 3466
cuff bracelet. In Turq/red and cream.   and turq.

                                        Ref: 2042
                                        Turq bead stretch bracelet. In 3      Ref: 2053
Ref: 2049                               styles.                               Chunky Irregular natural bead
Brightly coloured wooden bead and                                             bracelet. In Pink/turq/purple and
disc stretch bracelet. In 3 styles.                                           cream.

                                        Ref: 2038                             Ref: 2055
                                        Translucent coloured bead and shell   Ribbon tied irregular bead bracelet.
Ref: 2045                               chip bracelet. In                     In cream/pink/lilac and turq.
Tonal coloured enamel metal hinged      Pink/purple/turq/blue/green and       Matches 3497
bangle. In Pink/lilac/blue and green.   red.
Ref: 2959                            Ref: 2932                                  Ref: 2000
Large oval AB shiny coloured bead    Antique Gilt filligree style cuff bangle   Silicon Watch band with digital
and gilt bead bracelet. In           with coloured facetted stones. In          readout display. In
Pink/purple/green and red.           Pink/turq and purple.                      black/pink/purple/white/yellow and

Ref: 2988
5 row assorted silv bead charm
                                     Ref: 2784
                                     Coloured marble oval pebble style          Ref: 2963
                                     bead bracelet. In 2 colours.               Silv Hinged bangle with coloured
                                                                                stone cluster.

Ref: 2985
Silv bead and charm bracelets in 3
                                     Ref: 2781
                                     Black heart shaped beaded bracelets.       Ref: 2928
                                                                                Rhodium plated hinged bangle with
                                                                                filligree coloured butterfly. In
                                                                                blk/pink/amber/purple/blue and

Ref: 2968
3 assorted style black beaded        Ref: 2511
bracelets.                           Silv Bracelet with Assorted Heart
                                                                                Ref: 2924
                                                                                Rhodium plated hinged bangle with
                                                                                coloured butterfly/flower design. in
                                                                                pink/purple and teal.
Ref: 2871                              Ref: 2939                              Ref: 2931
Silv hinged bangle with large flower   Rhodium plated bugle beaded cuff       Antique silv flower cuff with coloured
casting. In Pink/brown/purple and      bangle. In Grey/black and black AB     stones. In purple/amber/blue and
blue.                                                                         red.

                                       Ref: 2923
                                       Oval silv cuff bangle with large
Ref: 2764
                                       coloured stones. In
Coloured oval stone silv hinged                                               Ref: 2857
                                       pink/lilac/red/green/turq and
bangle. In                                                                    25mm wide Silv cut out design
red/pink/green/yellow/purple and                                              bangle. In 3 designs

                                       Ref: 2930
                                       Antique gilt wide coloured gemstone
Ref: 2768                              cuff bangle. In pink/purple/teal and
Antique rhodium coloured flower        green                                  Ref: 2855
hinged bangle. In                                                             Rhodium plated multi band cuff
red/purple/pink/yellow/green and                                              bangle in 3 designs.

                                       Ref: 2858
                                       35mm wide Silv cut out design
Ref: 2952                              bangle. Swirls / Bars
Rhodium plated woven wire style                                               Ref: 2883
cuff bangle. In 3 assorted styles.                                            5 Row stretch Pearl bead corsage
                                                                              cuff bracelet.
Ref: 2854                               Ref: 2761                            Ref: 2726
Silver plated multi wire cuff Bangle.   Black irregular shaped beaded        Glitter butterfly print irregular
                                        bracelet.                            curved resin bangle. in
                                                                             Red/pink/turq/yellow/green and

Ref: 2719
2.5cm wide Rhodium plated filigree      Ref: 2762
patterned metal bangle.                 Oval marble effect bead linked
                                        bracelet. In multi colours.          Ref: 2825
                                                                             25mm wide coloured floral glitter
                                                                             resin bangle. In green/red/yellow
                                                                             and blue.

Ref: 2792
Chunky silv looped chain bracelet.      Ref: 2763
                                        Oval marble effect bead linked
                                        bracelet. In grey/brown.             Ref: 2933
                                                                             Coloured glitter leopard print resin
                                                                             bangle. In 3 colours

Ref: 2721
2.5cm wide antique gilt metal bangle
in 2 styles assorted.                   Ref: 2780
                                        Oval marble effectirregular shaped   Ref: 2934
                                        bangle. In 4 colours                 2cm wide glitter resin bangle with
                                                                             animal print
Ref: 2935                              Ref: 2002                             Ref: 2661
Cream resin bangle with peacock        All Saints wooden stretch Bracelet.   Animal print wooden bead bracelets.
feather detail.                        In Dark brown/ brown and Light        In 2 styles.

Ref: 2754                                                                    Ref: 2664
4cm coloured wooden bangle. In 6       Ref: 2715                             Natural wooden disc beaded
colours                                3cm wide irregular curved black       bracelet. In black/dark brown/beige
                                       resin bangle.                         and brown.

Ref: 2860
Black and white design acrylic cuff.   Ref: 2698                             Ref: 2841
In Flowers and swirl deign.            Facetted curved plastic bangle. In    4cm wide cubed wooden beaded
                                       gilt/silv and black.                  stretch bracelet. In Black/brown and

Ref: 2948
4cm Wide wooden bangle with silv       Ref: 2689
stud detail. In black and brown.       4cm wide natural wooden bangle. In    Ref: 2843
                                       black/ dark brown/ brown and pale     2cm wide assorted bead bracelet. In
                                       wood.                                 cubes and discs.
Ref: 2947                            Ref: 2819                               Ref: 2879
4cm Wide brightly coloured plastic   Stretch MOP Curved long stick           7 Row bright coloured assorted bead
bangle. In black                     bracelet. In                            stretch bracelet. In
x2/purple/pink/blue and red.         pink/green/blue/coral/natural and       Pink/blue/yellow/green/white and
                                     yellow.                                 Orange.

                                     Ref: 2817
Ref: 2863                            Long Natural shell chip bracelet. 4
3cm wide pearlised coloured resin    White and 2 Green/Purple/pink and       Ref: 2900
bangle. In                           peach per pack.                         Brightly coloured Butterfly and
pink/purple/blue/white/yellow and                                            plastic beaded bracelet.

                                                                             Ref: 2936
                                     Ref: 2813                               Twisted bugle beaded cuff bangle. In
Ref: 2859                            Card of 2 Coloured shell chip           Pink/purple/gold/white/green and
Acrylic cuff with bright coloured    braclets. In pink/blue/lilac and        black.
floral design.                       green.

                                     Ref: 2957
Ref: 2847                            D shape shiny shell disc bracelet. In   Ref: 2937
Natural coloured chunky shaped       pink/lilac/blue and green.              Twisted seed bead cuff bangle. In
beaded bracelet. In 6 colours                                                grey/gold and black.
Ref: 2983                             Ref: 2305                               Ref: 2073
Black seed bead wrist corsage with    Pack of 20 Thin Bangles.                Gilt metal filligree cuff bangle with
black poppy flower.                                                           crystals. In Purple/turq/pink and

                                      Ref: 2018
Ref: 2982                             Card of 6 Pearl bead and coloured       Ref: 2075
Black bead wrist corsage with black   crystal stretch bracelets. In           Chunky silv charm bracelet.
feather flower.                       Pink/purple/turq and clear.

                                      Ref: 2071                               Ref: 2090
Ref: 2306                             Stretch wooden bead bracelet with       2 row chunky vintage silv chain with
Pack of 20 Gold Coloured Thin         Silv metal cross. In black and brown.   silv charm. Elephant/rond and heart.

Ref: 2307                             Ref: 2072                               Ref: 2678
Pack of 5 Bangles.                    Stretch beaded bracelet with Silv       Card of 12 silv wire bangles.
                                      metal cross. In black and Pearl
Ref: 2688                               ef: 2747                                Ref: 2788
Card of 3 Strech coloured stone         Card of 3 Gilt coloured stone stretch   Card of 12 black gummy bangles.
bracelets. In Pinks/lilacs/blues and    bracelets in assorted colours.

                                        Ref: 2748                               Ref: 2875
                                        Card of 10 Assorted black bead          Card of 12 fine coloured and silver
Ref: 2696                               stretch bracelets.                      metal bangles. In
Silv Horse charm bracelet.                                                      pink/purple/turq/Fuch/green and

                                                                                Ref: 2889
                                        Ref: 2772                               Pastel coloured flower corsage on a
Ref: 2723                               2pk pearl bead bracelets.               sequin wristband. In
3cm wide irregular shaped glitter dot   Grey/cream /cream/gold                  pink/peach/lilac/white/blue and
pattern resin bangle. In pink/purple                                            green.
and orange.

                                        Ref: 2787
Ref: 2737                               Card of 12 gummy bangles. In 6          Ref: 2890
Card of 6 assorted pearl bead strtch    colourways including silver/gold and    Large coloured Organza flower
bracelets.                              black.                                  corsage on a white seed bead
                                                                                wristband. In
                                                                                Yellow/orange/green/blue/pink and
                                                                            silv/rhodium/heamatite bead

Ref: 2891
Large coloured flower corsage on a     Ref: 2907
white seed bead wristband. In          Stretch translucent bead and silv
coral/turq and white.                  charm bracelet. In                   Ref: 2954
                                       pink/red/green/purple/blue and       Card of 3 Assorted width tonal
                                       yellow.                              coloured plastic bangles. In
                                                                            Pink/purple/black/red/gold and

Ref: 2892
Large feather and flower corsage on
a 4 row pearl bead wristband. In       Ref: 2920
pink/grey and cream.                   2 Piece interlocking T bar bangle.
                                                                            Ref: 2955
                                                                            Card of 5 narrow assorted style
                                                                            plastic bangles in Gold and silv.

Ref: 2894
Pastel coloured feather flower
corsage on a 3 row pearl bead          Ref: 2938
wristband. In                          Coiled bugle bead bracelet. In
Pink/lilac/blue/peach/green and ...    Pink/purple/teal/black/silv and
                                       gold.                                Ref: 2970
                                                                            Set of 5 assorted gilt metal bangles.

Ref: 2898                              Ref: 2940                            Ref: 2971
Silv multi chain T Bar Bracelet with   Multi row black seed bead and        Set of 5 assorted antique silv plated
crystals.                                                                   metal bangles.
Ref: 2972
3cm wide gilt metal bangle with
assorted surface detail. 3 assorted      Ref: 2977
styles.                                  Vintage silv metal bangles. 6
                                         assorted designs.

Ref: 2973
Set of 5 assorted silv/gilt
plated/black and white resin             Ref: 2978
bangles. Assorted widths.                Resin bangle with white/cream leaf
                                         detail. In black and brown. 3
                                         Assorted designs.

Ref: 2974
Set of 4 black resin and silv assorted
width bangles.                           Ref: 2979
                                         Set of 5 Antique Silv narrow wavy

Ref: 2976
Set of 3 assorted width coloured
stripe and gilt metal bangles. In        Ref: 2980
red/pink/black/purple/blue and           Antique silv cuff detailed bangle. 3
white.                                   assorted designs

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