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The Benefits of Buying USA Made Cutting Tools


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									         The Benefits of Buying USA Made Cutting Tools
Over the past few decades in the, the "made in the USA" movement has lobbied American
consumers to purchase products manufactured in the US. This movement came on the heels of
large manufacturing companies and corporations outsourcing many manufacturing operations
overseas, where labor and materials are cheaper. As a result, most products in the US are
manufactured overseas, including many of the components which are used in the manufacturing
process itself. Manufacturers can often obtain tools - such as cutting tool tips - at a lower cost
from non-US based companies.

While the cost savings of buying cutting tools which were manufactured overseas may be
appealing to many US manufacturers, there are a number of drawbacks. The drawbacks of
buying cheap tools made in India, China, Pakistan or other countries often outweigh the cost

Supporting the US Economy

The premise behind the "made in USA" movement is simple and fairly obvious. By purchasing
products made in the USA, consumers - and US manufacturers - are supporting US companies,
which in turn supports US jobs and the national economy at large. Consumers are becoming
more and more concerned with the origins of the products they buy, and many even seek out
products which are "100% made in USA".

By purchasing cutting tools made in the US, manufacturers are, in a way, helping to ensure their
own survival. The more US manufacturers rely on one another to supply their components, the
stronger the US manufacturing industry becomes.

Cutting Tool Quality

Manufacturers rely on their cutting tools to provide precision accuracy, high endurance and
reliability, making quality an important factor for end product quality. Overseas vendors are not
always obligated to follow the same quality standards and employee training procedures as are
applied to US manufacturing, which often results in substandard quality. Cutting tools of sub-par
quality may wear faster, break and chip, resulting in longer down times and possibly even
damaged equipment.

Cutting Tool Customizability & Customer Service

If product quality were not reason enough to purchase USA made cutting tools, customer
service and customization capabilities tip the scale. Most overseas vendors and manufacturers
are on time zones opposite to those in the US, making it extremely difficult to communicate with
the engineers and customer service representatives. Language can also be a barrier to thorough
communication between the overseas cutting tool manufacturer and their US-based customer.
While a US manufacturer can provide hands-on engineering support for custom designs, most
overseas manufacturers offer little support for customized design and engineering.

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