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									      Interested in an exciting; short though comprehensive; and affordable international study
      Interested in going in depth on the subjects of documentary, propaganda, advertising, and
       other TV and film programs, and producing a short documentary with a film production
      Interested in studying and discovering the non-verbal aspects of media and culture in one of
       the most cosmopolitan cities in the world? Or learning why the world was shocked when
       then American President Ronald Reagan hugged Queen Elizabeth?
      Wondering if “Mind the Gap” is a form of subliminal advertising from a clothing store?

   If you answered YES, to any of these questions, come to the following meeting:

              The London Summer 2012 Program
                Thursday, September 29, 2011
                         6:15 p.m.
                        Cabrillo 202
Past student testimonies:

“It was so much fun shooting a documentary in one of the most diverse, energetic, and
creative cities in the world.”

“How often do you get to meet and talk with leaders in a country’s media, politics, and
religion…as a part of an on-campus course at PLNU? Rarely, if ever. This program is

“The long weekends let us travel and see so much in such a short time…this fit right into
my budget and travel interests.”

See additional info below, and see you at the meeting!

Dr. Alan C. Hueth                                        Dr. Skip Rutledge
Director, Dept of Com & Theatre                          Professor, Com & Theatre
London Summer 2012 Program                               London Summer 2012 Program
Double-decker busses   British Broadcasting Company (BBC)   Shoot a documentary!   McCann-Erickson Advertising

 Five (5) weeks of study and touring in London and throughout England

   Take two courses—six (6) units of credit (satisfies a GE and a major elective course,
    major required course, or university elective credit)

 Build lifetime relationships w/students from PLNU and around the world

 Focus on media & culture: documentary and propaganda (styles &
  production), advertising, rhetoric, non-verbal communication. Also political
  communication, British history, culture, and religion, and other areas of British
  culture and society

 Work with a production team & shoot a short documentary in London

 Meet with European ad executives about international advertising—the X-
  Box 360 campaign (most profitable in ad history), and MasterCard’s Priceless

 Field trips & Tours: Stonehenge, Bath (Roman baths), Salisbury Cathedral,
  Oxford, Canterbury and Dover Castle, Warwick Castle, Shakespeare’s house,
  museum, tour and play @ The Globe Theatre, tour of London, cruise on River
  Thames, plays @ Globe Theatre (Shakespeare) and Regents Park Theatre

 2 or 3 long (4 ½ day) weekends for independent travel to explore France,
  Scotland, Ireland, Germany, and/or other European countries

 Live in the middle of one of the greatest cities on earth—close to
  museums, theatres, parks, tourist attractions, shopping, etc.

               Questions? Contact Dr. Alan Hueth or Dr. Skip Rutledge for more information

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