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     Written & Illustrated by the Children of the Norwalk Housing Authority
                          After School Learning Centers
Japan Reconstruction Will Take 5 Years Osama Bin Laden Killed                      Record Tornadoes
By Syndie Lature, 7th Grade West Rocks &             By Fabian Castillo, 5th Grade Strike By Clarentz Jean,
Elizabeth Diaz, 5th Grade, Columbus,                 Cranbury, Washington Village             7th Grade Friends School,
Washington Village                                                                            Washington Village
                                                      Osama        bin
On March 11, 2011 there was an earthquake off the     Laden        was                        Throughout the months of
coast of Sendai, JAPAN that also caused a tsunami.    located in Ab-                          April and May, the mid west
The earthquake had a magnitude of 9.9. It killed      bottabad, Paki-                         and southern part of the US
                         45,000 people and de-        stan. A small                           have experienced the deadli-
                         stroyed over 125,000         group          of                       est tornadoes in years.
                         buildings. It will cost      American men
                         over $25 Trillion Yen or     went to look                            Hundreds of people have
                         $309 Billion dollars and     for him in Pa-                          died in states across the US.
                         5 an estimated 5 years to    kistan       and                        Arkansas, Kansas and Okla-
                         fix everything. Officials    eventually                              homa, Missouri have been
                         say this earthquake was      found living in the small town near the particularly hit hard as dead-
                         the fifth largest in the     capital of Islamabad.                   ly systems of tornadoes
                         world since 1900.                                                    roared across the US, top-
                                                      As soon as the Navy Seals killed him, pling trees, crushing cars and
                                                      President Obama went on national tele- destroying               towns.
Less U.S Jobs By Edyna Metellus, 6th Grade vision. The word spread all over Continued Page 2.
West Rocks, Roodner Court                             America and the world. Ever since
                                                      9/11 the United States has been search-
The U.S economy is growing very slowly but jobs ing for him. The US Navy buried Osa- Inside This
are not. The US out preformed other G7 countries ma bin Laden 25,000 feet into the
like Germany, Italy, GB, Japan, and France, but not ocean.                                    SUMMER
as fast as Canada and Germany which added more Ever since the group of men killed Osa- ISSUE
job according the Associated Press. Continued on ma bin Laden, President Obama and
Back Page 12.                                         US officials have been mad a the coun- National News            2
                                                      try of Pakistan because they are won-
Dictators Versus The Web                              dering why Pakistan didn‟t tell the US School                   3-4
By: Richard Celestin 6th Grade, Nathan Hale           earlier.
Meadows Garden                                                                                Lifestyle               5
In many countries in North Africa and the Middle      Bin Laden Death: 10 Years               Science                 6
East, dictators took control many years ago and After 911 By Yvette Rios , 6th Grade
made decisions that were better for them personally West Rocks, Meadows Garden                Music                   7-8
and made things hard on their people. All of the
                                                                                              Book & Cartoons 9
dictators have made hard impacts on the countries Last month, Navy Seals killed Osama
they took over. But, thanks to Facebook, Twitter, bin Laden, 10 years after he master- Travel                         10
and Yahoo, the local people could contact each oth- minded the attacks on the World Trade
er and organize so they could help take out their Center. On Sept 11-2001 on a clear Sports                           11-12
leader. The back page lists the dictators, countries, morning two big passenger planes
how long they ruled, and what happened to them.       crashed into the World Trade Center.
                                                                                              News Recap              12
Continued on Back Page 12.                            Continued on Page 2.
                                       Elite Navy Seals Kill bin Laden          9-11 Anniversary                     continued
                                       By Fabian Castillo, 5th Grade, Cranbury, from Page 1.
                                       Washington Village
                                       The Navy Seals are a very specially trained      It all stared when Osama Bin Laden and
                                       group of men. You might have heard of them       his         al
                                       recently in the news. But if you haven‟t, the    Qaeda ter-
                                       Navy Seals were the ones who killed Osama        rorists
                                       Bin laden.                                       planned to
                                                                           The Navy     take down
A tornado also hit Springfield,                                            Seals are    the two tall
Massachusetts, making a big mess                                           trained to   landmark
for people in Springfield to clean                                         survive in   buildings.
up and killing 4.                                                          the desert
                                                                           for      a   The terror-
This is not the first time tornadoes                                       week,        ists met at
have hit the United States. In                                             living       the Logan
2010, there were 1531 tornadoes                                            alone with   Airport in
that touched American soil, mess-                                          only water   Boston and
ing up facilities and other facto-                                         and food.    said their prayers before they died to get
ries across the United States. The     They also learn how to work in the rain and      revenge on the U.S.A for doing „cruel
number of deaths has also gone up      learn how to swim 30 miles away from land        things‟ to their people.
in the past year. Twisters have        and in 8,000 feet of water. The Navy Seals
killed more than 300 people            learn how to aim at a target with a 100-350      They not only attacked the World Trade
across the South.                      pound gun. They wear a uniform that is a mix-    Center, but also the Pentagon. They also
                                       ture of greenish and brownish from head to       tried to attacked the White House, but
What is a Tornado?                     toe. The Navy seals are a very important part    two passengers from the plane called
                                       of our country because without them we           their family‟s and said “Bye, I love
Technically A tornado is a vio-        wouldn‟t be as safe a country as we are now.     you,” and then the two passengers over-
lent, dangerous, rotating column       Navy Seal stand for sea, land, and air.          powered the terrorists and crashed the
of air that is in contact with both                                                     plane in an open field in Pennsylvania, so
the surface of the earth and the       Nuclear Power                                    that the plane could not hit the White
clouds. Tornadoes come in many         By Karl Gregory, 4th Grade, Pear Tree Point      House.
shapes and sizes, but are typically    School, Meadows Garden
in the form of a visible funnel,       Ever since the earthquake and tsunami in Ja-     The U.S.A took 10 years to find Osama
whose narrow end touches the           pan caused the Fukishima Power Plant to          Bin Laden and when they did, he was in
earth and is often encircled by a      meltdown, people have had second thoughts        Pakistan and the Navy Seals killed him.
cloud of debris and dust.              about nuclear power. These are some of the       Now in the present day the people of the
                                       ways nuclear power is good.                      U.S.A. are rebuilding the World Trade
Most tornadoes have wind speeds         It‟s really cheap.                             Center on the same site and it will be
less than 110 miles per hour            It causes little pollution.
(177 km/h), are approximately           it causes less global warning problems.
250 feet (80 m) across, and travel      It‟s readily available.
a few miles (several kilometers)        It can make lots of energy in one place.
before dissipating. The most ex-
treme can attain wind speeds of        But there are ways nuclear power is bad.
more than 300 mph (480 km/h),           It causes melt downs which can cause
stretch more than two miles                radiation.
(3 km) across, and stay on the          Radiation causes cancer.
ground for dozens of miles (more        It could be used to make a bomb and kill
than 100 km).                              thousands of people.
                                        It‟s not a renewable energy.
   The NHA News                                                                                                         2
Reflection on My Experiences and admire in the most reverential learn from your mistakes.
at Nathan Hale Middle        way. First, is Mr. Socci, who taught I‟m going to miss hearing Mrs.
School                       me life isn‟t going to stop and wait Richello telling me, “Felia, that‟s
                                       for me, and if I don‟t straighten up,  not B.A.R.K. like!” or “Give me
By Felia Moresca, 8th Grade            high school is going to chew me up     your gold card!” I‟m going to
Nathan Hale Middle School              like dog food. That was a huge         miss all the lunch detentions, all
Roodner Court                          awakening for me and as he would       the girls‟ locker room drama, all
                                       say, „Your process is flawed.‟         the substitutes, all the teachers,
Belief, this word echoes in my                                                and all the janitors. Especially
mind when I think about Nathan         Second, is Mr. Schaper, who told Spencer, who always made our
Hale Middle School. This is the        me life is an infinite amount of pos- school dances the best          and
first word of our B.A.R.K. philos-     sibilities, to always have my options cleaned up after our mess.
ophy. B.A.R.K. stands for Belief,      open, and to believe I can accom-
                                       plish anything I set my intellect to.  I am furthermore going to miss
Awareness, Respect and Kind-
                                                                              getting B.A.R.K. awards and just
                                       Although, he got me in trouble in the everyday things that I will
I‟ve developed so much here at         the 6th grade for passing notes at the carry on with me for the rest of
Nathan Hale. But some days I           end of the CMT‟s, he was still an my life. I believed in myself, that
feel as if I‟m not ready for high      astounding teacher. Both are ex- I could make it through middle
school. Of course, it‟s just the       ceedingly great teachers and hope- school. So far I‟ve made it
nervousness of being in a new          fully their next group of students through eight grades. Just eight
environment and experiencing           will benefit from them just as much more to go and I‟m through, but
                                       as I did.                              that doesn‟t mean I‟ll stop believ-
new things.
                                                                              ing in myself. I‟m going to take
I was taught that I have to strive     I never thought I would make it on what I‟ve learned and live life
beyond what I can achieve. So I        through middle school, but I did. I the fullest and the best way I pos-
have my teachers for that to thank.    made it through all the girl drama, sibly can.
B.A.R.K. was our way of life. It       all the bad picture days, all the „I In the closing stages, I can con-
was what we lived by for these         forgot my homework‟ days, all the clude that this is the start of a new
three amazing years. Some stu-         CMT‟s, and all the bad report cards. chapter in our lives and I think
dents thought and still do think it    There may possibly be more of the we‟re finally ready to turn the
was the hardest thing in the world     last one to come but sometimes you page and read on.
to follow, but it‟s truly not. We      have to experience it all before you
students weren‟t being asked to
run a marathon or climb Mt. Ever-
est. We were simply being asked
to believe in ourselves, be aware
of our surroundings, respect oth-
ers, and be kind. Now that doesn‟t
seem too complicated.

I want to express my gratitude to
all of my teachers that I have had
for these three years. But, there
are two teachers in particular, that
I utterly without a doubt respect

   The NHA News                                                                                               3
West Rocks Has Great                                                             Letter To The Editor
By Edyna Metellus,                                                               Rude Bus Driver Needs To
6th Grade, West Rocks,
Roodner Court                                                                    Learn Manners

Recently I sat down with four teach-                                             By Tanicha Dupervil, 6th Grade,
ers from West Rocks. Mr. Dawson                                                  West Rocks, Washington Village
teaches 6-8th grade English and Ms.
Martinez is a teacher‟s assistant? Art Classes Are Fun
Ms. Reeves, 6th Social Studies class. By Kamora Prince, 1st Grade Wolfpit,       I would like to file a complaint
                                      Meadows Garden                             about a school bus driver because I
                                                                                 had an experience on June 1st
                                      I like art because you get to paint some
Why did you want to become a                                                     2011.
                                      pictures and it can be in an art museum.
                                      You also get to be an artist and art       The bus driver was stopping at the
Mr. Dawson: In order to help young teacher. That‟s why I like art. It is fun     first stop and didn‟t even wait for
people to understand the importance and I love art and art is my favorite        two seconds for a student to get off
of education today. This way I feel thing to do and my favorite activity.        the bus. All the kids told him to
that I can make a difference.                                                    stop, but he didn‟t listen. So we
                                                                                 had to shout out loud. Since I was
How was your first day of teach- Poetry At School st
                                   By Kristina Bowser, 1 Grade,                  up front, he thought I was shouting
                                   Wolfpit, Roodner Court                        at him. So he said, “Shut Up” to
Ms. Martinez: It was exiting, were                                               me. So I spoke to him and I told
outside on September 11th and the                                                him that he is a grown up and he
Principal saw a bee and hit it. It                                               should know better than to say
was scary but the principal said                                                 “Shut up” to a kid.
there was a bee on you!
                                                                                 I think that before a school district
What is your favorite thing about                                                hires any bus driver they need to
teaching?                                                                        expect them to know how to handle
Mr. Dawson: My favorite thing
about teaching is the opportunity to
watch my students learn and grow.
It makes me feel very proud to see       Mad As A Lion                           Tanicha Dupervil
them achieve at the highest levels.
                                                                                 6th Grade, West Rocks
What’s your favorite food?               I’m as mad as a Lion
Ms. Martinez: My favorite food is        I’m as busy as a Bee
rice, beans and meat.                    I’m as gentle as a Rabbit
                                         I’m as fierce as a Wolf
Finally, how would I describe            I’m as shy as a Chipmunk
these teachers?                          I’m as wild as an Elephant
A nice description of Ms. Martinez       I’m as lazy as a Dog
is thoughtful, intelligent and beauti-   I’m as sacred as a Mouse
ful.                                     I’m as tough as a Rhino
                                         I’m as happy as a Lamb
A nice description of Mr. Dawson is
                                         I’m as slow as a Snail
intelligent, very funny, and confi-
dant.                                    I’m as strong as a Bird
                                         If you read this poem you will know
                                         about Me!!

The NHA News                                                                                                        4
                                         The Royal Wedding Draws
                                         2B TV Viewers
                                         By Julisa Evans, 5th Grade Fox
                                         Run, Colonial Village

                                         Prince Williams married to his
                                         beautiful wife Catherine Elizabeth
                                         Kate Middleton on April 29, 2011.

                                         This was the biggest event in
 Cheerleading Is Fun!!                   many people‟s lives since the
                                         death of Princess Diana, also
                                                                               Make Sure You Really Want
 By Shanaiya Thomas
                                         knows as the Princess of Wales.       That Tattoo ?
 3rd Grade, Columbus,
                                         Princess Diana‟s funeral was in       By Cody Lewis, 6th Grade
 Roodner Court
                                         the exact place that Price William    Side By Side, Meadows Garden
                                         got married in –Westminster Ab-       Tattoos are very bad for your skin be-
 When I first started cheerleading I     bey. That must have been hard.        cause when the needle hits you it hurts.
 was nervous because there were a                                              Also it is bad for your skin because it
 lot of things that I did not know                                             leaves rashes. When you have a tattoo
 how to do. I felt that I was not go-                                          the needle can pop your vein and you
 ing to be good, but once I learned                                            can get seriously hurt. Tattoos cannot
 how to do what they taught me to                                              be washed away. They can be removed
 do, I did not feel nervous anymore.                                           but it is very, very painful.

 The first day I learned how to do a
 cartwheel, round off, and a sum-
 mersault. A cartwheel is a flip that
 you do at football games and bas-
 ketball games. You usually do cart-
 wheels in cheers at games for your
 The second day I learned how to do
 cheers and one of them went like        I think that Catherine and Prince
 this “Extra, extra read all about it    William fell in love at first sight
 NORWALK BEST and there’s know           because they met in college in
 doubt about it.” And there is anoth-    Scotland. Catherine is also know
 er one that goes like this, “Hey Nor-   as Kate and has been admired by
 walk hey what, spell victory, no        fashion for a long time.
 way, spell victory okay I’m going to
 split my V dot my I, curl my CTORY                                                    24 1/2 Monroe Street
                                         The wedding was watched by
 turn around, touch the ground get       almost 2 Billion people around the
 back up and break it down.”
                                                                                       Norwalk, Connecticut
 We practice at least 3 times a week.                                                          076854
                                         Prince William and Princess Kate
                                         made history by kissing on the             Telephone: 203 838- 8471
                                         balcony of Buckingham Palace

The NHA News                                                                                                       5
Chevy Volt Delivers Cheap                                                      Emperor Penguins
Electric Mileage                                                               By Jason Iverson 4th Grade,
                                                                               Cranbury, Washington Village
Mohammed M’Bengue, 5th Grade,
Cranbury Washington Village                                                    You‟ll soon discover that emperor
                                                                               penguins have certain needs and a
The Chevy Volt is an electric car                                              different lifestyle than other endan-
that came out not to long ago. It                                              gered animals.
goes up to 25-50 miles on its
charged ion battery for about $1.50                                            Emperor Penguins need a lot of
a day in electricity. Right now the                                            fish. Emperor Penguins live in
car cost as low as $32,780. They                                               Antarctica. The Emperor Penguins
will sell them at Tri county Chevro-   Dolphins Are My Favorite                can live up to 20 years.
let dealerships in New Jersey, New     By Sanaiah Dickson, 3rd Grade
                                                                               Emperor Penguins only live on a
York and Connecticut.                  Columbus Magnet School
                                                                               pack of ice surrounded by oceans.
                                       Washington Village                      Emperor Penguins are endangered.
                                                                               Emperor Penguins are very huge.
                                       Dolphins live in all oceans of the      This is the largest species of pen-
                                       planet and even in some important       guins and it is the colorful plumage
                                       rivers. Dolphins eat small fishes       of this species which makes them
                                       such as tuna. They sometimes eat        so attractive and popular. It‟s head,
                                       squids, octopus lets and shrimp.        back and upper wing surfaces are
                                                                               black and its belly and under sur-
                                       Dolphins eat a variety of foods.        faces are white. There is an orange
                                       Large dolphins, such as Orcas may       patch close to the ear and yellow
                                       eat other marine mammals such as        coloring at the throat and lilac col-
The people that made it were engi-     sea lions or sea turtles. People feed   ored line along the edges of its slen-
neers from the Chevrolet division of   dolphins fish.                          der bill.
the General Motors Company .                                                   Emperor Penguins are very sociable
                                       The maximum age for bottlenose          creatures and live in colonies of
                                       dolphins is between 40-50 years.        anything from five hundred to
The Volt has many features it has
                                       Dolphins are also found worldwide,      twenty thousand pairs of penguins.
an iPod dock, four LCD TVs‟, and
                                       but mostly in shallower seas. Dol-      It is very rare to find an Emperor
is also voice activated. It can even
                                       phins are carnivores.                   Penguin living outside Antarctica.
tell when you are in the car on its
own. There are lots of features for                                            Although Emperor Penguins will
                                       Some dolphins play with people.
this Chevy.                                                                    only feed at sea. They will also
                                       You can see dolphins at SeaWorld,
                                       in the oceans or seas and at Disney     travel over 100 km inland find a
It is liked by a lot of people and     World.                                  suitable breeding site.
was even voted by Motor Trend as
the 2001 Car of the Year.              I like dolphins because they are cute
                                       and fun to play with. Dolphins are      Despite looking ungainly on land,
                                       my favorite animals.                    once in the water, the Emperor Pen-
                                                                               guin becomes an efficient predator.
                                                                               The streamlined shape of the pen-
                                                                               guin‟s body means that although
                                                                               this species only reaches speeds of
                                                                               6-8 km per hour, it can change di-
                                                                               rection and twist in a matter of se-

The NHA News                                                                                                     6
The Voice                            Jennifer Lopez: Favorite              Selena Gomez
                                     on American Idol                      By Eyesly Zaniga, 2nd Grade
By Areyona Patterson, 4th                                                  Columbus, Meadows Gardens
Grade, Brookside, Roodner            By Angeline Moresca, 4th Grade
Court                                Naramake,    Roodner Court
                                                                           Selena Gomes was born July 22, 1997
The Voice is a television show       I like America Idol because I like    and is American actress, singer and en-
about people who have a passion      to hear new singers every week.       trepreneur best known for playing Alex
for singing and want a chance to     There‟s always new people and         Russo on the Disney Channel. She was
become a star.                       songs. I also like America Idol       in a lot of movies like: The Wizards of
The judges on the show are           because I am a fan of Jennifer        Waverly Place, The Movie, Another Cin-
Christina Aguilera, singer Cee       Lopez.                                derella Story and The Princess Program.
Lo Green, Maroon 5 rocker Ad-        I like Jennifer because I think she   She was also in Ramona and Beevus.
am Levine and country singer         is a great singer. My favorite song   Selena was Beezus. Her career expanded
Blake Shelton.                       from Jennifer is called On the        into the music industry. Selena Gomez
                                     Floor. That‟s the only one.           is the lead singer and founder of the pop
                                     My favorite movie of Jennifer‟s is band Selena Gomez and the Scene,
                                                                           which has released two RIA A Gold Cer-
                                     the Wedding Planner.
                                                                           tified Studio Albums, Kiss and Tell and
                                     She was married to Marc Anthony A Year Without Rain, as of 2011.
                                     on January 5, 2004. Her wedding
                                     was settled at her home in Bever- The band has sold 1, 354,000 albums in
                                     ly Hills, California. Jennifer wore a the United States. Selena also contribut-
                                     Vera Wang gown. Jennifer had a ed to the soundtracks of the movies
                                     short honeymoon at San Ysidro Tinker Bell, Another Cinderella Story
                                                                           and the Wizards of Waverly Place. In
                                                                           2008 Selena was designated a UNICEF
                                     Jennifer was born on July 24, 1970 Goodwill Ambassador.
                                     in the Bronx, New York and was
                                     raised on Blackrock Avenue in
They coach and make decisions.
                                     New York. She had two sisters. Selena Gomez Wins Funniest
This show is different than others
                                     Jennifer‟s mother is named Gua- Actress By Ximary Castillo, 3rd Grade
because they judge with there
                                     dalupe and she was a Kindergarten Cranbury, Washington Village
backs turned.
                                     teacher. Her father‟s name is David
The Voice is on NBC channel 4.       Lopez and he was a computer spe- Selena Gomez is a famous singer and
People want to be on The Voice       cialist Both were born in Puerto actress who inspires girls because of a
because they have a passion for      Rico.                                 song that she sings that is about a girl
singing.                                                                   that thinks she is not perfect.
To get on The Voice you need to                                            She also acts on the Disney Channel on a
go           online          to                                            show known as the Wizards of Waverly                                                        Place. She plays a girl named Alex Rus-
                                                                           so. Selena was given the Funniest Ac-
I like The Voice because it‟s in-
                                                                           tress Award from the Disney Channel.
teresting how they put the show
together.                                                                  But she will have to give it up when she
                                                                           is 18. I don‟t think she should pass down
If I could rate The Voice I would
                                                                           her crown because she is very good at
give it 4 stars.                                                           her job and the next person to win might
                                                                           not be. That‟s all I‟ve got to say. Thank
                                                                           you for reading my newspaper article.

The NHA News                                                                                                      7
                                   Rihanna                                          Onika Tanya Maraj
Ciara Is Favorite Hip Hop          By Rebecca Saintlouis,
Singer By Daylin Luciano 4th Grade 5th Grade Fox Run                                By Kyra Harris, 5th Grade, Side By
Brookside, Roodner Court                    Colonial Village                        Side, Colonial Village
CIARA is a hip hop singer. She wrote                                                Nicki Minaj‟s real name is Onika
                               good         Rihanna was born in the country of      Tanya Maraj. She was born on De-
                               songs like   Barbados in a parish (village) called   cember 8, 1984. She is a girl rapper
                               Two Step,    St. Michael. On 20 February 1988        and song writer who grew up in New
                               Ride and     Rhianna was born. Her favorite song     York. She was born in Trinidad and
                               Nervy. I     she made is What’s My Name?             Tobago, and moved to Queens, New
                               like Ciara   She was discovered by her friend,       York as a little girl and she went to
                               because                           Jay-Z.             LaGuardia High School in 2003.
                               she cares                         When she
                               about                             was 16 she
                               kids. She                         was signed
                               also tells                        on to Def
                               the truth                         Jam. Rec-
                               and she is                        ords.    Her
                               so talent-                        best friend
ed. I also like her because I admire the                         is      Katy
way that she dances. That‟s why I                                Perry. She
have chosen to write about Ciara. She                            is a big fan
also likes Teddy Bears and so do I.                              of Depeche
                                                                                    She released her first mix tape Play-
PRINCE                                      Mode, The Prodigy and Chase and
                                                                                    time is Over in 2007. Other songs on
By Jurnee Gilcrist, 4th Grade Fox                                                   the track include: Sucka Free, and
Run, Colonial Village                       She has sold over 12 million albums     Beam Me Up Scotty in 2008 and
                                            worldwide in less than 4 years.         2009. She was discovered by fellow
Prince‟s real name is Prince Rodgers                                                American rapper Lil Wayne and
Nelson. He was born in, June 7, 1958. Justin Bieber                                 signed a deal to Young Money Enter-
Prince has been influenced by rap, By Kamora Prince, 1st Grade                      tainment in 2009. Her debut studio
funk, Rhythm and Blues, rock, soul, Wolfpit, Meadows Garden                         album was Pink Friday was released
blues, and new wave.                                                                in 2010 and became a commercial
He was born in Minneapolis Minneso-                                                 success.
                                            Justin Bieber is a singer who sings a
ta. His mother was a jazz singer. Prince    lot of songs. He is 17. Justin Bieber
performed with a jazz group called The      is rich. Justin Bieber plays the
Trio. Prince father named him Prince        drums. Justin Bieber became fa-
because he wanted him to do every-          mous when                               Taylor Swift
thing he wanted him to do.                  he      sang
                                            Dinomite.                               By Kamora Prince, 1st          Grade
                                            Justin                                  Wolfpit Meadows Garden
                                            Bieber     is
                                            cool     and                            Taylor Swift plays the guitar and she
                                            popular and                             is a good dancer. Taylor Swift is in a
                                            Justin                                  lot of pictures in the magazines. In
                                            Bieber goes                             2006, she released her debut single
                                            on TV.                                  Tim McGraw. She was voted Best
                                                                                    Artist and has sold over 20 million
                                                                                    albums and 34 million singles world-
                                                                                    wide. She was named Artist of the
                                                                                    Year in 2009 by Billboard Magazine.

  The NHA News
Christopher Sabat                        Book Review: Twilight
By D’Andre Hernandez, 5th Grade,         By Penda M’Bengue
Fox Run, Colonial Village                5th Grade, Cranbury, Washington Village

                                         Summer is out so there is no more having to
Christopher Sabat was born on April      go to school, having to wake up early every
22, 1973 in Washington, D.C. He is       morning, and no more having to eat school
an American voice actor, ADR di-         lunch. But that doesn‟t mean it‟s absolutely
rector and a line producer.              over, you still have to do one more assign-
Christopher has provided voices for      ment over the summer. Your assignment is to
a number of English language of          read.
Japanese anime films and TV series
as well as video games including         You may think
Dragon Balls Z..                         it‟s boring but
                                         there are many
I like drawing the characters from       great books that
Dragon Balls Z.                          people haven‟t

                                         My        favorite
Book Review: A Child                     books are the
Called It Author: David                  Twilight Series.
Pelzer                                   I     love    the
                                         books because
By Danielle Banks, 7th Grade
                                         they are roman-
Nathan Hale, Roodner Court
                                         tic, action packed novels that will leave read-
                                         ers dying to sink their teeth into.
David Pelzer was a victim of one of
the worst child abuse cases in the
                                         Twilight is a story about a girl, named Bella
history of California and tells the
                                         Swan, 17 from Phoenix, Arizona who moves
story of how he survived his moth-
                                         to Forks, Washington to live with her father.
er's brutality and triumphed over his
                                         There she meets an exquisitely handsome
                                         young boy, named Edward Cullen who she
                                         meets at school. She feels an overwhelming
The book A Child Called It by Dave
                                         attraction and comes to realize that he is not
Pelzer is an autobiographical story.
                                         human and that he is a Vampire.
In school, Dave would steal food
from other kid‟s lunchboxes since he
                                         Twilight was written by Stephanie Meyer 38,
rarely got fed at home by his alco-
                                         from Arizona. Stephanie got the idea for the
holic mother. Dave‟s mother hits
                                         Twilight series one day in a dream. She
Dave every day and doesn‟t use his
                                         dreamed of a vampire and a girl who fall in
name; first she calls him “the boy”
                                         love with each other. She couldn‟t forget
and then finally “it”.
                                         about the dream so the only thing to do was
I really liked this book because it is   to write about it. Stephanie has written 5
good that the author is telling his      books in the Twilight saga: Twilight, New
story because maybe that will en-        Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, and Twi-
courage kids who get abused to tell      light: The short life of Bree Tanner.
                                         In 2008, Summit Entertainment created Twi-
Genre: Non-fiction, autobiography
                                         light the movie it was released on November
Pages: 184
                                         21, 2008.

     The NHA News                                                                  9
Dominican Republic                     Hello Kitty                          Statue of Liberty
By Edith Rios, 4th Grade
                                By Andreya Stokes, 4th Grade,               By Lilly Felciano,
Silvermine, Meadows Garden
                                Side By Side School, Meadows                1st Grade ,
                                Garden                                      Cranbury, Meadows
The Dominican Republic is an                                                Garden
                                I like Hello Kitty because she‟s
island in the Caribbean Sea on
                                cute nice and is on a TV show,
the island of Hispaniola. The
                                but what channel is her tv show             The Statue of Liberty
east side of the island is the
                                on know body knows . Hello                  was a gift from
country of Haiti.
                                Kitty is a fictional Japanese car-          France to the people
Before you go to DR there are toon first made in Japan in 1974              of the United States.
many things to do. For exam- and brought to America on a                    They gave the statue
ple; you have to pay for your purse in 1976. Here are some                  to the US on October
airline tickets.   Typically it details about Kitty:                        28, 1886.
costs $400 to fly to Santo Do-
mingo.                           Full name: Kitty White                    The Statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Islands
                                                                            in the New York harbor in New York City.
Bring shorts and short sleeves
                                 Birthday: November 1
                                                                            The statue is the symbol of freedom.
and maybe long pans and a  Blood type: A
jacket to bring when it rains.  Height: 5 Apples                           The Statue of Liberty is made out of copper. The
For money, you need to change  Weight: 3 Apples                            seven spikes on the statue‟s crown represent the
the money from American dol-                                                seven seas and continents of the world. The torch
lar to Dominican Republic Pe-  Place of birth: In the sub-                 is the symbol of enlightenment. In her other hand
so. The exchange rate is ap- urbs of London, England                        is the tablet that represents the Declaration of Inde-
proximately 37.60 Pesos to  Favorite             food:   Mama's            pendence. The Statue of Liberty used to be a
1 American dollar.              homemade Apple Pie                          lighthouse for ships coming into New York harbor.
A typical and favorite dish in  Favorite word: "Friendship"                Book Review: Amelia Bedelia
DR is la Bandera and breakfast                                              By Anthony Feliciano, 3rd Grade
dish consists of eggs and              Description: A bright and kind-
                                                                            Cranbury Elementary
mangú́́́́́́́́. Lunch of the days is   hearted girl, good at baking
                                                                            Amelia Bedelia is a children book series written by
meat and red beans on white            cookies and loves Mama's apple
                                                                            Peggy Parish until her death in 1988. When she
rice                                   pie. Very close to her twin sister
                                                                            died, children asked when will there be a new
I like to go to DR because you                                              book? So, her nephew Herman Parish took over.
can go on field trips in the                                                They have a statue of Peggy Parish in her
countryside and see animals                                                 hometown of Manning, South Carolina.
like ostriches, cows and bulls.                                             Amelia Bedilia is about a girl who takes every-
Once when I was in DR I was                                                 thing the wrong way and misunderstands. So she
in trouble with a bull because                                              gets herself into funny situations. For example,
the mother bull left her calf and                                           when Mrs. Rogers says change the towels, she cuts
she saw me touching her calf.                                               out decorations in the towels. (I don‟t think that is
Then she got mad and ran to                                                 what Mrs. Rodgers meant!) Another example, is
me.                                                                         when she was playing baseball, and the kids said
                                                                            to steel the bases. So, Amelia stole the bases by
I saw her running and I was                                                 picking them up and giving the bases back to the
scared and I ran off. I was safe                                            kids.
but the mother bull could have
hurt me.      That‟s why you                                                I like the Amelia Bedelia‟s book series, because
should not go near a baby calf                                              she is a very funny character in her books.
or you will be in trouble.                                                  Here are my favorite books from the series: Play
                                                                            Ball, Amelia Bedelia , Good Driving, Amelia Be-
                                                                            delia, And Amelia Bedelia First Day of School.

   The NHA News
Michael Vick Makes Comeback Michael Jordan
By Jerrell Thomas, 5th Grade Fox Run, By Jaki Elliot, 4th Grade Wolfpit,
Colonial Village                      Meadows Garden

Michael Vick was born in June 6, 1980      Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn,
in Newport News, Virginia and he went      New York, on February 17, 1963.
to the Virginia Tech University. Then he
                                           His dad taught him to work hard and not
was in the round one draft pick in 2001
                                           to be tempted by street life and his
with the Atlanta Falcons. He was the
                                           mother taught him to sew, clean, and do
first African American quarterback to be
                                           laundry. He loved sports but did not
picked Number 1 in the NFL Draft.
                                           make his high school basketball team as
He played for six seasons before his dog   a sophomore but he practiced hard and
fighting incident. In 2009, he signed      made the team the next year. After high
with the Philadelphia Eagles and was       school he accepted a basketball scholar-
named the Associated Press and Sporting    ship to the University of North Carolina
                                                                                       Despite Loss, Carmelo
News Comeback Player of the Year           and majored in cultural geography. But      Looks To Next Season
                                           in 1984, he left North Carolina one year    By: Trevor Thomas,
                                           before graduation to enter the 1984         6th Grade, Roton,
John Randall Hennigan                      NBA Draft.                                  Roodner Court
By Brianna Green, 7th Grade Ponus
Middle School, Colonial Village                                                        Carmelo Anthony is an wonderful
                                                                                       player, If you don‟t believe me,
John Randall Hennigan is a wrestler with                                               he scores 26.0 points a game,
WWF, but his stage name is John Morri-                                                 grabs 10.30 rebound game, and
son. John was born on October 3, 1979.                                                 averages 4.8 assists per game!
He started to wrestle on September 27,
2003 in Los Angeles California.
                                                                                       Melo was born May 29th 1984. He
John Hennigan is 31 years old. He said                                                 is 6ft 8 and was a pro for 7 years.
“If he wasn‟t a wrestler he would want to                                              Melo played for the Denver Nug-
be Chuck Norris. He was the Tag Team                                                   gets and was their captain until a
Champion with the Miz and Joey Mu-                                                     few months ago.
crey. He beat Rey Mestiero for the Inter- The Chicago Bulls picked him in the
continental Championship and he was third round. Michael Jordan made a
                                          total of 32,292 points. Michael‟s team-      He now plays for the New York
also the ECW Champion.                                                                 Knicks, who were recently kicked
                                          mates included: Scottie Pippen, B. J.
.                                         Armstrong, Bill Cartwright, Horace           out of the playoffs of 2011 by the
                                          Grant, Stacey King, John Paxton, and         Boston Celtics.
                                          Will Perdue.
                                           He started out with a Nike contract offer   But that doesn‟t mean Melo is
                                           in 1984. He accepted and then eventual-     done. He had a great last season
                                           ly went on to make his own shoe compa-      and a few good months with the
                                                                                       Knicks and he is looking forward
                                           ny "Jordan Brand.”
                                                                                       to another one.
                                           Michael Jordan‟s son, Marcus Jordan
                                           has continued in his father‟ footsteps      Lets not forget that Melo was on
                                           playing basketball as a guard at Central    the U.S.A team during the Olym-
                                           Florida University.                         pics with more great players for
                                           I like Michael Jordan because he is the     example Kobe Bryant, Dwayne
                                           best player in the NBA and I wanted to      Wade and Paul Pierce.
                                           know more about him.
     The NHA News
                                                    DICTATORS Versus The Web continued from Page 1.
The Life of Kobe Bryant                             Below is a list of the countries who have recently gotten rid of their dicta-
By Jaki Elliot, 4th Grade
Wolfpit, Meadows Garden                             tors or are trying to, how many years they‟ve ruled and where they are now.

Kobe Bryant was born on August 23, 1978 in          Country    Dictator                  Years    Where They Are Now
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is 6‟7‟‟ and         Tunisia    Zine El Abidine Ben Ali   24       Fled; living in Saudi Arabia
weighs 220 pounds and he skipped college.           Egypt      Hosni Mubarak             30       Living in Egypt Awaiting Trial
Kobe Bryant‟s wife‟s name is Vanessa and his
                                                    Yemen      Ali Abdullah Saleh        33       Injured, living in Saudi Arabia
daughter‟s names are Natalia and Gianni Bry-
ant. His sisters‟ names are Sharia and Shay.        Libya      Muammar Gaddafi           42       Still fighting rebels in Libya.
His Dad‟s name is Joe „Jellybean and his            Syria      Bashar al-Assad *         11       Still killing citizens in Syria.
mom‟s name is Pamela Cox Bryant.                               * Succeeded father who
                                                               was in power for 29
Kobe Bryant‟s parents Joe and Pam Bryant
already two girls Sharia and Shay. Kobe was
the third and last child to be born. Life in the
Bryant family was not your normal day. Kobe        Fewer Jobs
grew up eating, sleeping and he was breathing
basketball.                                        Continued from Page 1                 SUMMER 2011
                                                   U.S workers are more productive
He started playing basketball in 1993 and he
was drafted in 1997. The first team he played
on was the Hornets. He now plays for the LA
                                                                             of robot-
Lakers.                                                                      ics and
                                                                             technol-    THE NHA NEWS is       writ-
Kobe is a shooting guard and his number is 24.                               ogy.        ten by the children of the
In 1997 Kobe got the number 24 because he
added his old number 8, and Derek Fisher‟s
                                                                             There       Norwalk Housing Authority
number 3 and Shannon Brown‟s number 12.                                      were 7.5
                                                                                         After School Learning Cen-
Kobe went to China and taught the Chinese                                    jobs lost   ters.
kids how to play basketball and he was on
Chinese television. With the money he earned,
                                                                             during      For information about how
he donated it to a hospital in China.                                        reces-
                                                   sion in 2007 and they have not        your child can participate in
The LA Lakers won the NBA Championships            come back in 2007. Jobs are being     the Newspaper Program, con-
three times in a row 2008-2009-2010.
                                                   added but there are 5.4 fewer per-    tact:
Kobe Bryant‟s famous quote include: “I‟ll do       cent according to the AP.
whatever it takes to win games, whether its                                              Barry Dancer at: 203 899-
sitting on a bench, waving a towel, handing a                                            1144 Extension: 123 or your
cup of water to a teammate or hitting the
game winning shot!” and “Life is too short to                                            local After School Center
sit around holding grudges.”                                                             Coordinator.

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