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Thematic Study Areas
   Work package 4 - 10
  WP 1 - Scientific Coordination and
• Project Coordination - Greece:
  Financial management, coordination and communication
  between partners and with the EU; steering committee
  meetings; gathering reports; drafting annual progress reports.

• Thematic Work Package Coordination - Partner Countries:
  Coordination of work package and communication between
  partners; drafting thematic report on work package; organize
  thematic workshop.

• D 1 - Steering Committee Report
• D 2 - Thematic Workshop Reports
       WP 2 - Context Analysis and
         Methodology Review
• Objectives: National context - literature review and methodology
  critique; Thematic study - literature and methodology review.

• DoW: main trends and topics in migration research and
  migration processes in relation to thematic studies;
  methodological critique and recommendations.

• Methodologies: review and critical analysis.

• D 3 - Context Analysis and Methodology Review Report

• Coordination: Greece
             WP 3 - Policy Analysis
• Objectives: mainstream and alternative EU and national policy
  frameworks on migration and intercultural interactions; gendered

• DoW: identifying EU and national policy frameworks; legislation
  and policy documents; trends, contradictions and

• Methodologies: review and analysis.

• D 4 - Policy Analysis Report

• Coordination: Greece
  WP 4 - National Identity and Media

• Objectives: national ‘self’ - ‘other’; tolerance - xenophobia;
  promotion of cultural diversity and migrant mobility.

• DoW: theoretical discussion; analysis of key ‘texts’ (films,
  literature or media); roles and stereotypes; hybridity.

• Methodologies: content analysis; discourse analysis.

• D 5 - Thematic Report

• Coordination: Romania
      WP 5 - Intercultural Education
• Objectives: formal and informal practices; cultural integration
  and multiculturalism; hospitality, dialogue and best practices;
  policy recommendations.

• DoW: theoretical discussion; school fieldwork; gendered and
  racialized dynamics and hybrid identities.

• Methodologies: participant observation (3-4 months), interviews,
  action research

• D 6 - Thematic Report

• Coordination: Cyprus
                   WP 6 - Religion
• Objectives: global - local - national religious communities and
  practices; inter-religious dialogue; women’s dialogue across
  religious and secular organizations and social spaces.

• DoW: theoretical discussion; identifying practices, sites of
  worship and alternative spaces/practices of religious belonging;
  public and private religious practices in relation to migration
  trajectories and gendered identities/relations; policy aspects.

• Methodologies: biographical interviews; focus group
  discussions; participant observation.

• D 7 - Thematic Report

• Coordination: Italy
  WP 7 - Urban Intercultural Spaces
          and Movements
• Objectives: urban interactions and social movements; practices
  of assimilation, integration, hybridity, marginalization;

• DoW: theoretical discussion; identifying local communities and
  neighborhoods and (formal and informal) practices; everyday
  life; spatial segregation and spatial mixing and boundaries;
  security and criminalization; policy considerations.

• Methodologies: neighborhood mapping; participant observation;

• D 8 - Thematic Report

• Coordination: Spain
       WP 8 - Intercultural Violence
• Objectives: gendered and racialized violence in the construction
  of migrant subjectivities; women’s victimization and
  marginalization; inter-ethnic violence; policy considerations.

• DoW: theoretical discussion; mapping institutions and practices
  for prevention/protection; shelters, NGOs.

• Methodologies: in depth interviews; participant observation;
  personal development groups.

• D 9 - Thematic Report

• Coordination: Macedonia
    WP 9 - Mixed and Transnational
• Objectives: family and intergenerational relations; changing
  gender relations; changing social status.

• DoW: theoretical discussion; family selection (ethnically mixed
  and/or transnational); racialized and gendered tensions and
  conflicts; positive interactions and hybrid practices; everydaylife
  practices/experiences; policy considerations.

• Methodologies: couples’ interviews, unstructured individual
  interviews; focus groups with women and men.

• D 10 - Thematic Report

• Coordination: Bulgaria
   WP 10 - Final Report: Implications for
   Theory and Policy Recommendations
• Objectives: theoretical implications; policy recommendations;
  attention to knowledges produced in less mainstream academic
  and geographical locations; interrelate and juxtapose thematic
  study findings to arrive at a more complex understanding.

• DoW: compare original review to research findings and develop
  new theoretical and policy perspectives; present initial results to
  stakeholders at a policy recommendation and analysis
  workshop in each partner country.

• D 11 - Final Synthesis Report and
       Executive Summary Reports (transl.)

• Coordination: Greece
         WP 11 - Dissemination

Publications in academic journals.
Public meetings with stakeholders.

D 12 - Web-site
D 13 - International Conference
D 14 - Video-Documentary
D 15 - Public Policy Meetings

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