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									Part A-1
Inner Voice
by Gaspard Buma.
In this piece a performer speaks and sings. On his chest and face electrodes record his
emotions altering a live video stream. I found it a fascinating concept but could not track
down a recording of the actual performance. However I believe that this certainly counts
as Performance art in that the experience and improvisational aspect of the performer is
more important then the solid form of a recording.

Part A-2
Baseball and Playing Indian.
By Charlene Teters
From May 18th through June 1st 2002 Charlene's exhibition changed daily, based on her
experiences and exchanges with the public. This piece is at face value an installation but
it shares some of the concepts of Performance art in its changing nature and is especially
interesting in how it ‘reacted’ to the public like a living thing via the artist.

Part A-3
Les mademoiselles d'avignon
By Pablo Picasso
He was influenced by masks from African tribes which were recently put on display in a
local museum he viewed the abstractions of the face to have a timeless quality and
wished to emulate them (or so I have read in previous classes).

Part A-4
By Tracy Levesque
This piece is not a representation of the traditional concept of the ‘gaze’ but it plays off of
it and to some extant reacts in blatent opposition to the original concept. Instead of a nude
woman lounging with submissive eyes cast to the male viewer a strong, powerful perhaps
even threatening portrait of a woman almost sneering at the viewer daring them to pass

Part A-5
Violence and poetic glorification of it.
Machinery and the mechanization of the world.
Speed and the rush of the automobile.
Balla, Giacomo
Boccioni, Umberto

Part A-6
Surealism is about presenting the essence of the unconscious in the media, works should
instill a sense of dreams and the unconscious mind in those who experience them. The
process of making surrealistic work can involve just as much unconscious action as
planning, preferably more.
Part B-1

Part B-2

Part B-3

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