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					                        Electronic Career Portfolio Project
Electronic Career Portfolio
An electronic career portfolio is a purposeful collection of work that tells the story of an
applicant including achievements, growth, vision, reflection, skills, experience, education,
training, and career goals. It is a tool that gives employers a complete picture of who you are—
your experience, your education, your accomplishments—and what you have the potential to
become—much more than just a letter of application and resume can provide.
Competencies for this event include: written communication skills, organizational skills,
creativity, career development, technology skills, multimedia, Internet, use of scanners, self-
assessment, and knowledge of employability skills and trends.
Career Cluster(s):
Business, Management, and Administration; Information Technology; Marketing, Sales and
Business Education Curriculum Standard(s):
Career Development, Communication, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Marketing
Project Guidelines
1. All information should reflect the student’s accomplishments and experiences. No fictitious
information should be used.
2. Portfolios should be clearly labeled with the name of the event, the participant’s name, the
school, the state, and the date. Website Name: Student###Electronic Portfolio (HIDE THIS
WEBSITE, YOU WILL GIVE ME VIEWING RIGHTS) (If you are using HTML tags, email to
4. The portfolio should be well organized, contains substantiated statements, and is written in an
acceptable business style.
7. Electronic portfolios should contain no more than 20 pages/screens.
8. The portfolio must include directions to access the portfolio, a table of contents, proper
navigation through the portfolio, a letter of application, a resume, career goals/objectives, and
required education for career choice(s).
9. Other topics and materials that may be included are: artwork, awards and honors, career
outlook (monetary, advancement, etc.) certificates, licenses, community and volunteer activities,
conferences or workshops, examples of projects or presentations, letters of recognition and/or
recommendation, list of accomplishments, pictures, video (30-60 seconds), leadership
development activities, recognitions, self-assessments, graded papers and/or reports, skills,
abilities, and marketable qualities, web sites/pages created, writing samples, and so on.
10. You may showcase education and work experience by showing examples and evidence of
work, skills, and accomplishments.

Special Notes:
    A Personal Profile is simply a way to tell potential employers about you. Some things
       you might want to include are: interests, hobbies, career aspirations and ect. It should be
       about 1 to 2 complete paragraphs. This is the page you should include a professional
    Create your Resume and Letter of Application using a template in Word so you will
       include appropriate information
     Use Career Cruising to research required education for career choice
                                Electronic Career Portfolio
                                      Grading Rubric
                                              Not        Does Not Meet      Meets         Exceeds      Points
              Evaluation Item             Demonstrated    Expectations   Expectations   Expectations   Earned


Required items included:
�� Table of contents (Links)
�� Personal Profile with Photo
�� Letter of application (see template)         0            10-15           20-25          25-30
�� Resume (see template)
�� Career goals/objectives (see sample)
�� Required education for career choice

Minimum of four additional items               0             5-10           15-20          20-25
Items included appropriate for career
                                               0             5-10           15-20          20-25
Effective use of HTML tags—
Horizontal Rules, Images, Scripts,
Breaks, Bullets, Fonts, Color and ect.         0             5-10           15-20          20-25
Wow Me!!!

Portfolio Usability

Navigation is easy and effective               0            10-15           20-25          25-30
Clear presentation with logical
arrangement of                                 0             1-5            5-10           10-15
Correct English skills demonstrated            0            10-15           20-25          25-30
Appropriate for job search                     0             5-10           10-15          15-20

Final Score                                                                             /200 max.

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