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									Hot tub Application - Summerwood BCS 1049

BEFORE completing the form & applying, please check the Bylaws & Rules.

Unit #:       _______

Name(s) of registered owner(s): _____________________________________

Note: Only the registered owner(s) of the property may apply, unless a power of
attorney or a notarized statement of permission is included with the application.

1. Attach sketch showing the location & dimensions of the tub with measurements
showing distance from building, fences & deck supports or other significant features of
your yard. The tub must be on Limited Common Property such as the patio (in most
cases) or in the Strata. Lot, & not on the Common Property of the Strata Corporation.
The property manager can assist you with this.

2. Please indicate below that you have talked to your insurer & verified that you can get
liability insurance on a hot tub:

3. Attach a brochure & specifications for the hot tub giving the dimensions, seating
capacity, dry weight, capacity, amperage & details of electrical power supply.

4. Verify that the hot-tub has a locking cover, or agree below that you will install a
locking system & keep the hot tub secured at all times when not in use.

5. Attach a letter from the builder stating that the hot tub will conform to their
requirements & is suitable in size & weight for the location proposed.

BCS1049                         Hot Tub Application 2006
6. Indicate below what chemical disinfecting system you will be using:

7. Drainage: Please note that per the Township of Langley guidelines, drainage of the
hot tub must be directed into the sanitary sewer system only. This can be achieved by
siphoning or pumping the water directly into a sink or the drain in the utility closets
located in each unit’s garage. Indicate below that you will make arrangements to
dispose of the drained water appropriately and understand that the hot tub must not be
drained directly onto limited/common property and or the storm sewer system.


The strata corporation will consider the information given above & ask for other details if
needed. Then the strata council will issue a letter of permission. This will allow you to go
to the Township of Langley office - Building & Permits, to apply for installation of a hot
tub. Note: Many areas & municipalities now require a building permit for every hot-tub
installation, for safety reasons.

When you have obtained a municipal building permit, give it to the property manager;
provide proof of insurance & strata council will review the application. If approved, you
will be required to sign an indemnity agreement. This is a legal document in which you
take responsibility for the hot tub & the use of the Limited Common Property.

These steps must be completed before the hot tub is installed.

The Strata Corporation will require a copy of the final inspection by the municipality for
the corporation's records.

_______________________                                        Date:___________20__
Signature of applicant

BCS1049                        Hot Tub Application 2006

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