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									    CV o f Arc hit ect , As so ci ate d Pr of es so r Ba laz s MEH ES P hD

                                 CURRICULUM VITAE

Particulars: born in August 5, 1949, in Budapest, Hungary
Address: Budafoki út 17/c, Budapest, H-1111, Hungary
Place of employment: Department of Drawing and Design,
Faculty of Architecture, Budapest University of Economics and Technology
Position: Associated Professor


1963-67   Secondary school József EÖTVÖS, Budapest (German side)
1967      Excellent certificate in final examination
1967-72   Student in Architecture at the Technical University of Budapest (TUB)
1972      Diploma of Architecture at the TUB
1973      TBV-Language School and course "Network-Designing for Engineers"
1974      at AMU-Center in Stockholm, Sweden
1975-76   Interior Design in Ecole Municipale des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg, France
1984       Pedagogical course at the TUB
1993       Dr univ. degree, TUB
1998       PhD degree, TUB

My competence in languages: I speak, read and write in English, French and German. I have
acquired the Advanced Level State Language Certificates of these languages (French - 1971,
English - 1994, German - 1995).


    Student-teacher at TUB (Department of Residential Buildings' Design)
    Architect in Budapest (Office for Public Buildings “KÖZTI”)
    Architect in Finland (Office of SUVITIE-UUSITALO in Tampere)
    Assistant in Strasbourg, France (Ecole Municipale des Arts Décoratifs)
    Architect in Budapest (City Planning Office “BVTV”)
    Associate Professor at TUB (Department of Drawing and Design)


1970-72, 1976: “Basics of Dwelling Design” - TUB (Professor Dr A. REISCHL)
1975-76: "Le Graphisme de la Réflexion" - Strasbourg, France (Prof. F. CACHEUX)
since 1983: Department of Drawing and Design (BUTE), a variety of courses for students in
Architecture and Engineering (e.g. Drawing and Composition I-V, Complex Design, Final
Project Design, Training for Post-graduated, Preparatory classes, Summer Workshops, Basic
Design, Workshops of Figure-Drawing and Art Printing)

since 1984: Private Fee Program for Foreigners in English
since 1991: Filière Francophone (in French)
1992-98: Freihandzeichnen (in German)

2oo1, Fall: Architectural Freehand Drawing – UIUC, USA
    Department of Drawing, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

    CV o f Arc hit ect , As so ci ate d Pr of es so r Ba laz s MEH ES P hD

Other services:

    Jury-member of the State Examination Board for Color Dynamics and Design
    Scientific Committee member at the Faculty of Architecture


    "Illustrated Drawing of Cubic Forms - A Pedagogical Essay about the Beginnings of
     Drawing the Cubic Forms" Periodica Politechnica, Bp. 1985/1-2 p. 35-48
    "Relations between Urban Landscape and Landmarks in context of a Proposal for
     reshaping the Basement of Gellert-Hill’s Genius-Statue " a Doctoral Dissertation, TUB,
     Bp. 1993
    "Proceedings and Help to Determine Obliquity and/or Proportion respectively its Control
     in Perspective Depicting" Patent Bulletin, Bp. 1997 (Danuvia, No. P 9700483)
    "A New Methodological Approach for Teaching the Basic Structure of Architectural
     Freehand-Drawing" PhD-Dissertation, TUB, Bp. 1998


"Pictures About Finland" Engineers of the Future, Bp. March 25, 1972, p. 6
"Hungarian Views of a Finnish City" Tamperelainen (Tampere, Finland) Jan 30, 1975, p. 5
"How to Pay a Dept?" Pa Stan, Stockholm (Sweden) Jan. 23, 1976
"The First Study Place", "Fiddling Addendum" Dwelling Culture (Lakáskultúra) Bp. 1977/4
"Horizontal Space Selection" Dwelling Culture, Bp. 1975/5 p. 5
"Home Library", "Room for Two Boys" Dwelling Culture, Bp.1977/6 p.3-5, 14
"Cupboard-Walls" Dwelling Culture, Bp. 1978/1 p. 19
"A House in Tihany" Dwelling Culture, Bp. 1978/3 p. 9-17
"A Winter-Summer Cottage" Dwelling Culture Bp. 1993 p. 28-33

"Cutting Privet Hedge on Slope" Dwelling Culture, Bp. 1994/4 p. 30

"A New Methodological Approach for Teaching the Basic Structure of Architectural
Freehand-Drawing" New Hungarian Art of Architecture (Új Magyar Építőművészet) Bp.
1998/6 p. 59-61
“Structure of Street Drawings” 2oo2 (p 5)
“Lecturing in the U.S with a Fulbright Grant” 2oo2
“Contour-side Opposite of Tone – the Local Contrast” 2oo3
Manuscript: Exhibitions of Painter Arthur Lakatos (188o-1968) p 56

Published Architectural Graphics:

"Bulletin of Dwelling Design I." Bp. 1969 Cover, p. 18-20, 21-40, 41-44
"Bulletin of Dwelling Design II." Bp. 1970 p. 51, 56-58, 61-62, 65-66, 70-77
"Silver Book II." TUB. Bp. 1971 p. 26, 29, 82
"Budapest" Bp. 1972 p. 5 (Illustrations to the article of Dr A. REISCHL)
"Observer" Bp. 1973 Cover (Perspective of the Hungarian International Faire in Budapest)
"Budapester Rundschau" Bp. 1973 (Budapester Messe - A New Phase)
"The Hungarian Economy" Bp. 1973/1 (Perspective sights of the BNV)
    Department of Drawing, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

    CV o f Arc hit ect , As so ci ate d Pr of es so r Ba laz s MEH ES P hD

"Hungarian Nation" (Magyar Nemzet) Bp. Jan. 23, 1973 (Views of the Hotel HILTON)
"Catalogue Hilton" Bp. 1973 (13 pictures)
"Earth Machines" Bp. 1973/3 p. 9,12 (Elevations of the Íhotel Hilton)
"Monday News" Bp. April 2, 1973 ("Laying the foundations…")
"Budapest" Bp. 1973/XI. No. 10 p. 12,14 (Hilton-views)
"Hungarian Nation" Nov. 7, 1973 p. 7 ("Start in the castle")
"Residential Buildings' Design" by Dr A. REISCHL, Tankönyvkiadó, Bp. 1973, 98 full pages
"Architecture of our Age" by Dr Ferenc VÁMOSSY, Gondolat, Bp. 1974 p. 118
"Aamulehti" Tampere, July 14, 1974 p. 9 (Keskussairaala, Rivitalo)
"Aamulehti" Tampere, Sept. 9, 1974 (Perspective Pictures)
"Aamulehti" Tampere, Oct. 26, 1974 (The New Trotting Race-course)
"Kaks'plus" Tampere, 1974/4 p. 109 (Pictures of a Flat)
"Bulletin of Dwelling Design IV." Bp. 1976 Cover, p. 151-154, 161,167-170,173-176
"Népszabadság" Bp. July 2, 1977 p. 5 (Painting the Rákóczi.street)
"Népszabadság" Bp. Oct. 18, 1977 p. 8 (Bookshelves in Shops)
"Farbe und Raum" Verlag für Bauwesen, Berlin, 1977/9 p. 9-13
"Hungarian Travel Magazine" Bp. Autumn 1978/3 Cover, p. 4-8
"Hungarian Architecture" Bp. 1987/4-5 p. 85 (About Architectural Drawing)
"Vasarely" by Dr Győző SIKOTA, Officina Nova, Bp. 1987 - Flyleaf-pages
"Romanica" by Dr Mihály ZÁDOR, Tankönyvkiadó (Editor for Lecture Books) Bp. 1990,
417 pieces of drawings
“The History of Architecture – The Modern Movement and the Postmodern” by Dr. F.
VAMOSSY, National Editor for Lecture Books (Nemzeti Tankonyvkiado Rt), Bp. 2oo2,
Chicago-drawings on p. 384 – 387, 397 and on the backside flyleaf.


1971: SAFA-Symposium in Helsinki, Finland (Seminar on Urban Design)
1983: and 1987: Denmark (State Scholarship Council grants)
1986: Technical University of Gent, Belgium
1994: Language Workshop in Montpellier, France (Invited by the State of France)
1992: Visits to homologue Institutions in France (Paris, Marseille) - a Tempus grant
1997: Ecole d'Architecture de Strasbourg (EAS), France - an AUPELF-UREF grant
2oo1-o2: The School of Architecture of UIUC, Illinois, U.S.A. – a Fulbright grant

LECTURES (outside of the TUB)

    1984: Frankfurt, Germany ("Coloring of Dwelling and Public Buildings in Hungary")
    1984: Graz, Austria ("Teaching of Freehand-Drawing at the TUB")
    1990: Pécs, Hungary ("Architecture and Freehand-Drawing")
    1997: Strasbourg, France ("Linear Perspective - a New Approach")
    1998: Pécs, Hungary ("New Teaching Methodology in Freehand-Drawing")
    2oo1: Fort Lauderdale, Florida (“A New Approach…”)


Applied graphics to all kind of events (e.g. invitations, posters, cards, etc)

    Department of Drawing, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

    CV o f Arc hit ect , As so ci ate d Pr of es so r Ba laz s MEH ES P hD

Course syllabi and workshop manuals (Filière Francophone, Department for Drawing,
Ornaments, Plants, Technical Tasks, Perspective, Furniture, Space, Architecture and
"Systematizing the Collection of Exercises for Freehand-Drawing, TUB, 1996 (manuscript)


    Member of Private Planners
    Member of the Association of the Hungarian Architects
    Secretary of the Color Committee at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences


1970 - first prize - Art Competition (TUB)
1970 - first prize - Poster-competition (TUB)
1971 - first prize - "Students for Budapest" - a competition in Urban Planning
1971 - purchase - "Summer Cottages at the Lake of Velence" (with Prof. F. VÁMOSSY)
1972 - UIA-Diploma for my final project, representing the TUB. in Varna, Bulgaria ("Leisure
Center in Buda")
1976 - purchase - State Competition ("Modern Family Houses in Veszprém County”)
1977 - first prize - Internal Competition at the City Planning Office ("Workers' Supply Center
for KÉV", with Mrs. A. BRAXATORIS)
1978 - first prize - Creative Youth Competition ("A New Method for Coloring of Main
1990 - second prize - State Idea Competition ("The Citadel and its Environment") Bp.
1990 - purchase - State Competition ("Spas and Medical Hotels Rudas and Rácz") Bp.
2oo3 – third prize – Summer Painting Competition in Zebegeny, Hungary


    1966 and 1984: Budapest (Grammar School EÖTVÖS)
    1970: Technical University of Budapest
    1974: Tampere, Finland
    1985: Budapest (Trade Union Club)
    1988: Obertrum am See, Salzburg (Austria)


Apartments, family houses, cottages, collective houses, pavilions, offices, shops, interiors,
reconstructions and other tasks.

Budapest, 23 April, 2004

                                                                (Architect Balazs MEHES PhD)
    Department of Drawing, Budapest University of Technology and Economics


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