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									World History

 Angel Joiner
  Mt. Sinai
     Table of Contents
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• J2E2        • J2E7
• J2E3        • J2E8
• J2E4        • J2E9
• J2E5        • J2E10
            Acceptance of God
This assignment allowed me to realize things that I never thought of. Since the
beginning of the semester I never thought differently about this goal. I still
understand and know where I stand with this goal. I would like for several
people to understand and know where they stand when it comes down to
accepting God. One assignment in particular that helped with this goal is the J-
Miller. In this assignment we were asked to write a letter to William Miller and
in my letter I wrote some very inspirational words. The reason I say they are
inspirational is because anything that talks about my Lord and Savior is always
good. The assignment helped me to progress toward realizing the J2E goal by
allowing me to use it to understand the goal. I see myself progressing in this
goal for the future is always keeping in mind who comes first and the one that
wakes me up each and everyday. In this sinful world everybody needs to God to
pull them through. Life isn’t a joke and we know that without the acceptance of
God life is nothing. While passing out tracks about 2 weeks ago we were
encouraging many people to accept God and read about his law known as the
Ten Commandments. Some rejected and some were happy to get it. We were told
that they are glad to see us out spreading the gospel. I was very glad to hear that
knowing we could save one soul on that particular day. One bad thing that
happened was when this one lady decided that she would curse and tell us to go
on about our business. That wasn’t nice, but we kept going until we were finish. I
was really glad that day and I know that our God was filled with joy seeing his
servant’s spread is love and the power of is word.
                                                             2/7: J: Miller
      Commitment to the
This assignment helped me to realize more on how being committed to
the church really is. When this assignment was first given I was
wondering what would I write. I sat at my computer and I kept thinking
until something came to mind, but it was quite easy because it was given
out of the bible book and it was something that I already read. At times
my brain happens to die and just wouldn’t function for nothing. I got it
to working and I journalized on what was asked. It helps me with the
goal commitment to the church because I wrote about some possible
reasons why God did not spell out all of the doctrines to Ellen G. White. In
my own words a doctrine is a peace of literature that some one has
written or that someone has taught. Back in the bible days I believe
many doctrines were taught and written. This assignment can help me
to move forward in the future because I will always think about Ellen
and what she had to do because God did not spell out all of t he
doctrines. A good thing he did not spell out all the doctrines because
many would want to seek answers instead of seek God. One thing about
being committed to the church is that you have to seek God and answers
right alone with it. Many people don’t understand what commitment
really means. I know on the last portfolio I was not that committed to
the church, but now I am. I do what I can do when I can do it. In some
cases the people in the church push people away because of the things
that they do and say. Sometimes I feel like we really don’t need church
as long as we can still talk to our God whenever and wherever we want
to. We don’t have to seek God in the church because many people find
him at home, on the streets, or even at school. Why do you think
commitment to the church is important?
This assignment helped me with this goal because I was able to develop
something that I once did not have. It gave me the ability to use my
brain and create CLQ that I can journal about. Throughout the whole
year we created our own CLQ’s and I really enjoyed doing them because
it was fun and it put a test to my brain or should I say my thinking.
Each CLQ that I created was done less than 15 minutes. God knew what
he was doing blessed us with a brain. This assignment has helped me to
realize how important it is to develop goals. I see myself progressing
toward the future in this goal by telling people about when I was in the
10th grade in AE21 in my Sophomore Humanities class and how we
created CLQ’s and our fellow classmates journal on how they affected
them and how it can help them in the future. Not only does it help me
with my journals, but also it helps me with my relationship with God. A
relationship with God is so very important. Some people tell me that
since God created us he knows us, but they don’t look at it like you don’t
know him you just know what he is capable of. In order to make it in
the kingdom of Heaven you have to have that relationship because how
are you going to go to someone else home and you don’t even know him
or her. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want you there either if you did
not take out the time to get to them when you had several chances. God
is giving us a lot of time to get to know before he ascends from Heaven.
When Judgment shall come he is going to tell you that you and I did
not have an interpersonal relationship and you did not take out the
time to get to know me like you should, so why should I know you?

Responsible Citizenship
This assignment has helped me to realize that this goal should be used
throughout everyday life. The reason I say that is because we should help
people even if they need or not. Throughout the year the legacy projects
really played an important role in my life. I never even heard of a legacy
project or thought about leaving a legacy until I got in this class. I really
thank Mrs. Bacon for doing such a thing. I had a tremendous time working
with Jessika and I hope she had a good time working with me. We took
pictures while giving care packages out and they were glad to receive them.
This goal can help me progress toward the future because I will always think
about what type of legacy I can leave behind and how I can help the next
person succeed. Doing things like that really makes the Lord happy and he
blesses us for all the good things that we do. The bible says that “All things
work together for good” and that is something that is true because once you
bless someone with something you will be blessed. It kind of reminds me of
paying your tithe and offering because you are to pay 10% and you will be
blessed with more. You have to be responsible for your citizenship because if
not where would you be. This is a goal that we all should keep in mind.
Some of us just doesn’t have it in our heart to help the next person. Thank
God for Jesus because we were given life and we can help the next. I give
Jesus the highest praise because he was willing to take on all of our
iniquities so that we may live , but instead some of us still refuse to help the

                                              5/4:Legacy Project
               Healthy Balanced
This assignment helped me in this goal because I was able to develop more on
healthy balanced living. While doing the assignments I thought about everything
that takes place. In the media today several things take place and adults think
that it is just so terrible, sometime it can be educational. I really don’t know
because I don’t watch T.V. but when I do it is really nothing bad. The only time
they show something bad is late at night and most of the time the children be
sleep except for on the weekend. Living a healthy balanced life is hard only if you
make it hard. Sometime you feel like you just can’t give it up. When you first look
at this goal you may think that it is just talking about eating, but it can mean
mental, physical, or spiritual. Some people are poor in all of these areas and they
don’t realize it. Many people in the world walk around living dead and they
don’t know it. The media speaks as a physical type of healthy balanced living. The
people are doing physical things either good or bad. •This assignment can help m
with this goal in the future by helping me to understand that living healthy is
very important and I need to make sure that everything that I do is in a healthy
manner. •Several wonder why they are sick and have all types of disease and they
don’t think about how they eat and what they eat. I know that I am not in shape
and I don’t eat the way I suppose to eat, but I can say that I am working on it the
best I can. Exercise is very important and it something that we all should do. Our
church is having this fasting thing and I fail. We were to fast from Friday sunset
to Sabbath sunset. It will take place again but this time it will be 40 days. I really
like the whole fasting thing and I hope that it can help us all to live a healthy
balance life.
This assignment helped me in this goal by understanding that health is
very important and just for it we should look to God and praise him for
the goodness that he stores upon us. While doing this assignment I felt
as if health is very important and we need to value it better than we do
anything else besides life. We all have a choice to be healthy or not to be
healthy. It is a big decision that we have to make because being healthy
can solve a lot of things. There are some kinds of decision making that
we have to make everyday. This goal will be used a lot in my future
because I will have to make several decisions and I will have to take
care of my health. We all should develop intellectually so that we can
better understand what shall take place. Throughout the year I have
used this goal to keep up my intellectual living. This goal can help me
toward the future by helping me to keep in mind the best way to make
decisions I have developed in certain areas by applying this goal. Are
you intellectual in Christ? We may not notice this, but Christ also,
applies this goal because he has to make decisions for us and he helps us
solve problems when we are in the time of trouble. Developing a body of
knowledge is very important. To develop in some areas it takes time and
understanding of what you are really suppose to be doing. I really
didn’t know that I apply so many goals until I got in your class and
studied the goals. I really like this goal and it is one that I know that
everyone apply everyday. Do you catch yourself making decisions all the

                                                     4/18: J:FFT
 Communication Skills
This assignment helped me in this goal because I was able to develop
communication skills. I learned how to communicate with different
types of people and they really were glad to receive the things that we
prepared for them. While doing the legacy projects we had to develop
communication skills because you have to talk to the people and the
person that you are working with. Communication Skills are very
important and by now I think that I have developed greatly. I know
that some people don’t like to talk too much and I am one of those
people. Being afraid to open your mouth will not get you anywhere in
the world. This goal can help me progress in the future by talking to
people just to see how they are living and see how they feel about life or
what is going on. I feel that everyone should build communication
skills with God. If you don’t communicate with him, how can you get to
know him? As we communicate with him he communicates back with us.
God wants his children to communicate with him even though he sees
everything that goes on with each and every one of us. If someone ever
decide to work in the restaurant business, or teacher you’ll have to good
communication skills. I know several people that have good
communication skills, such as my mother. All pastors should have good
communication skills because they have to talk with the members in
case they are down and out or even if they are doing well. I have good
communication skills with my family and friends and that is good
because back when I was in elementary school I did not talk much and
everyone was shock when I got in middle school and started talking.

                                          2/3:Legacy Project
Personal Management
Personal management is one of ten that is also a very important goal.
Many Christians have personal management. People that are acting on
a Christian role and that are saved shall function responsibly everyday
in the world with Christian principles. There are like two members in
my church that reflect on stewardship and tell us the amount that the
church has made and so on and so forth. One of the biggest people that
you should look at is the pastor to see if he’s developing the right kind
of personal management. Many people outside the church does/does not
function the way that they should throughout everyday life. I am one of
many that do well in this goal. This can help me progress toward the
future because in life you have some kind personal management.
Maybe when it comes down to husbands and wives, you both will have
to have something called personal. Everyone shall have personal
management with Christ and I’m pretty sure that he would love us to.
Christ has personal management with us by communicating with us
when we need him and when we just need someone to talk when there is
no one else. Christ is your best friend and that is the best person to
share your situations with. I wouldn’t quite say that being personal is a
huge responsibility, but it takes some kind of developing. The bible is a
big area that I need to grow personal in. Also, the other readers and
doers need to have personal management. Christian principles are very
important and hold you kind of responsible for your actions that take
place everyday in the world. More than one assignment helped me with
this goal, but one in particular helped me and it is the thesis
statement. The thesis statement helped me to understand more of what
I am to reflect about.
                                             4/12:Thesis Statement
Aesthetic Appreciation
This is one of the many goals that really mean a lot to me. I remember
doing an assignment in biology titled “Flower Dissection”. We had to
put each part of the flower under a microscope and draw what we saw.
I find that assignment very interesting and wouldn’t mind doing it
again. I really appreciate what God has done for us. I love him for that
and we all could never repay him for what he done for his children.
From the 1st to the 6th day God made a sacrifice to create Heaven and
Earth for us sinners. The 7th day is the day that God ended his work
and rested. Also, the 7th day is known as the Sabbath and many of us
are Seventh Day Adventist and worship the Sabbath. I truly believe in
the religion and I really like it. Aesthetic Appreciation is used in many
museums. I appreciate what many have done in performing arts. One
place that I can remember is the Orlando Science Center and there you
can go and see all types of pictures that has been created by all ages. I
wish that I could be really creative so that I can place my art in
museums and receive some type of credit. I am not that good with my
hands, but I can do a little bit. God’s creation means a lot to me and
just to think about what he has done for us just warms my heart. Many
of us turn our backs on God and don’t show him that we appreciate
what he has done for us. God did such a beautiful job on Earth until I
just can’t wait until I get to Heaven to what it looks like. How can we
repay him for the greatness that he did?

    Career and Service
This assignment helped me with this goal because I was able to develop a
type of service.Once again we have conducted another assignment titled the
“Legacy Project”. I was able to give away more care packages to support the
homeless in their needs. A Christian will be there for the ones that are in
need. Career and Service is something that we all should encounter to help
and develop in Christ. God would like for us to serve him and do what we
need to do. Serving someone else is very important and it will get you many
of blessings. In school there is Community Service and you do that so that
you can get the correct amount of hours for college. Community Service
consist of doing things for the community such as, mowing the lawn,
picking up trash, cleaning the school, and more. Keeping the community
clean is important because, who would want to live in a dirty environment?
I know many people do, so that question would not be addressed to
everyone. I know that many inmates that are in jail or in prison keep the
community clean. I take out time sometime to keep my property clean at my
house, it just doesn’t seem right to keep your area looking a mess. If you
have any kids it is best to raise them up the right way and teach them to
understand the purpose of career and service. This goal can help me
progress toward the future by helping me to develop and to do better in my
career and service and to stay focus. God give us life to do what we need to
do for people and our environment. In this goal we are suppose to develop a
Christian work and appreciate the dignity of service

                                         4/25:Legacy Project
                  2/7: J: Miller
   Dear William Miller,

   How can you believe such a thing? Deism is a very bad belief and I can’t picture
   how someone cannot believe in God the way that they should. I have prayed for
   you and wished you luck on your life. I was overwhelmed to hear about your
   conversion. I know that it is not that hard for a person to change when they
   learn the truth about the living God. I am aware that once you accepted Jesus
   as your Savior and your friend and after you joined the church and began
   family worship, your deist friends thought that was just a little too much. I am
   very glad that you did that; it couldn’t have made me even happier. Even
   though some may think that God is not with us every move that we make, but in
   reality he is. Remember this verse: (Matthew 10:29) Remember that God never
   loses sight of you. Look at the sparrows and see how little they’re valued, and yet
   not one dies without God noticing it. Another, bible verse that I would like for
   you to take a look at is Romans 3:21-26. It’s just a little too much to type, but in
   your spare I would gladly appreciate if you would read it. Please abandon your
   deist beliefs and become theism. There’s nothing like believing in a God that
   cares for you and is actively involved in your life. Without God life is not real, he
   reveals things to us only if we don’t want to know or if we would like to know.
   Abandon those bad beliefs and put God first in your life. There is nothing like
   have a man that is so PERFECT in your life. Do what you have to do and get back
   with me a let me know the outcome. My address is 223 Hope Circle, Orlando
   Florida 32811.
Your friend Angel L. Joiner
Some possible reasons why I think God didn’t spell out all the
doctrines to Ellen White in a vision because others such as the
pioneers would depend on her. Instead, of seeking answers for
themselves Ellen would have been their number one source. Such
things like that are used in the schools today especially if they know
that person is smart. Since God did not spell out all the doctrines
they had to seek God themselves. I believe that God give visions in
order to assist us in understanding what he has in stored for us.
Also, I believe that he shows us visions to encourage us to look for
answers. Well, lesson 8 in the bible book is what I find most
meaningful. The reason being is because I learned several things
and how things went during the bible days. Some of the things was
just interesting especially the topic Seventh Day Baptist.
Thankfulness is something that only godly people possess.

Well, for the first time with the help of Jessika I was able to create a FFT.
This FFT is very important and it is something that can carry you
throughout life. I came up with this in less than 5 minutes I guess my
brain was just ticking away or was my Lord and Savior? God
demonstrates this quality in his life because he gives us the breath of
life to lift him and thank him for all the great things he has done for
us. God is so worthy to be praised and we should thank him and praise
him for all the wondrous things he stores upon us. We should go
throughout the world and tell the world how thankful we are to have a
Creator like him and how much he loves us.
         5/4:Legacy Project
“Leaving a Legacy”
  Throughout the whole year I find these legacy projects very helpful. Helping
  others is something that we all need to do. I feel that help from others is
  always needed. Some people seem to think that they do not need help and
  that they can do everything by themselves. I never thought of it as leaving a
  legacy, but something that was passed on or left behind. Jessika and I have
  helped the homeless by blessing them with care packages. We have taken
  pictures with them showing that they are grateful for what we done for
  them. Leaving a legacy is very important and it can add one more blessing
  from God. God bless us when we help the need of others. It is always good to
  help our community succeed in several things. The legacy project has

  allowed Jessika and I to see what a difference we can make in the world
  today. It started off as a small assignment, but grew into something big. I
  never realized that there are so many people in the world that are less
  fortunate than myself. The legacy project has made an affect on my life and
  hopefully forever. I will never look at a homeless person that same way. I
  now see them as human beings just like others and myself. The bible states
  that we should love thy neighbor as you would love thyself. That is what I

  plan to do in my everyday life. Thank you for making me a better person by
  assigning these legacy projects and I hope our legacy of hope will live on
                 4/18: J:FFT
Look to your health: and if you have it praise God and value it next to a
good conscience; for health is the second blessing that money cannot buy;
therefore value it, and be thankful for it. Izaak Walton (1593- 1683)
I choose this FFT as my favorite because it was the only one that really
grabbed my attention. This FFT affected me a way that I can look to my
health and praise God for the goodness that he has stored upon me. This
FFT can change the way I live by helping me to watch out on what I eat and
what I do to not be healthy. One way I can say that it affects my actions is
being more careful in what I do. The FFT can tie in with our unit theme
“Leaving a Legacy for the Future” by putting God and your health first in
life. By keeping these two things you will have a much more better way of
living. I think that the J2E goal Acceptance of God can help you to better
understand this FFT because once you accept God you can look to your
health and praise God and it is something you don’t have to buy all you
have to do is value it.
    4/12:Thesis Statement
•   Servant Leaders must cultivate their God-given skills of
    communication, of encouragement, and of fostering cooperation..
        4/25:Legacy Project
Month        Date     Hours

January      (1-31)   5

February     (1-28)   5

March        (1-31)   5

April        (1-31)   5

                      Total: 20
Journal: Tuesday: 04-05 J- CLQ:
  Courage is like having the key to one’s heart.

  I came up with this FFT based off my own knowledge. I find it
  very interesting and true. If you only have a little courage you
  feel like you have the key to a person heart. Courage is
  something that everyone should have and God put us here to
  show love, courage, and so much more. I figure that I can use
  my head at times or when I want too.
   The significant reaction that I learned from the media assignment is
   that people are always trying to get you to buy something. I really don’t
   react on the commercials or things that I see in a magazine. Some
   media is true and some of it is to just make someone rich. The society is
   all messed up with some of the media that goes on. This is a website that
   talk about the media in America.

           2/3:Legacy Project
Angel Joiner
Legacy Project
~ About us ~

Jessika Claude and Angel Joiner meet at Eccelston Elementary. In
    elementary school they talked rarely but when they were united in the
    10th grade they became inseparable.
Being in the same class they had the same assignments. Their teacher,
    Mrs.Bacon, assigned them to leave behind a legacy. After thinking
    hard about leaving behind a legacy behind they made a decision and
    that how “Care Packets” came along. When looking out in the world
    there are many homeless people. Personal hygiene is important even if
    you are homeless. In the “Care Packet” is included a bar of soap,
    toothpaste, a toothbrush, a granola bar, a bottle of water and a wash
~ Facts you didn’t know~
   Reliable statistics of the number of people sleeping rough are rare for
    previous centuries. Street counts only began in this century – one
    carried out in 1991 put the number at 1,275.
 We know that about one in ten people sleeping rough are women, and
    that one in six are under 25 and one in 14 over 60.
Surveys show that nearly three-quarters of homeless individuals sleeping
    on the streets suffer from chronic mental illness. It is also estimated
    that, on a given day, between 40 and 50 percent of homeless single
    adults residing in the municipal shelter system have a chronic mental

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