Decorate Your Charm Bracelet with a Christmas Tree From

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					December 09, 2010 - Lifestyle

Charm N Jewelry, Inc

Decorate Your Charm Bracelet with a Christmas
Tree From
Share your story of your life with your charm bracelet

San Antonio, TX. December 2010. As you get ready to decorate your tree this year,
you can decorate your charm bracelet and add a Christmas Tree charm to your charm
bracelet. There are many to choose from the "Worlds Largest Charm Collection.

There is a Christmas Tree charm # 2335 that has colored Christmas balls and is very
colorful. The Christmas Tree charm is available in 14K, 10K Gold, and Sterling Silver.

As you celebrate decorating, cherish these moments with a PhotoArt Charm. Transform
your picture moment into a charm. Just order online and then email your photo to
and allow for 7-10 days for the charm production.

If you would like more information on Christmas Tree Charms, or Charm Bracelets,
contact a customer care specialist at 1-800-654-3085.

Charms for Charm Bracelets, became popular more than 70 years ago. Our soldiers
returning home were bringing souvenirs from the places they had been. Jewelers soon
added styles of various metals, to their jewelry lines. Today, since 9-11-10, these items
are more popular than ever. People continue to tell their life's story with silver charm

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