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Robbie Byron C.V. Spring 2010


									                                                                                             Robert Griffin Byron
                                                                                 2349 Railroad St, Apt 1101, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
                                                                               Tel: 412.616.9585 • Email:

            PhD, Computer Music & Multimedia Art        Brown University                               2011 (expected)
               >Thesis: Alchemy of Sound and Image (Todd Winkler & Butch Rovan/Brown, Luke Dubois/Brooklyn Experimental
               Media Center, and Roger Dannenberg/CMU, directors).
            MA, Creative Arts                            Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts 2009
               >Thesis: Variations on the Theme of Metamorphosis (Maggie Phillips, director).
            MA, Computer Music & Multimedia Art          Brown University                                 2008
               >Thesis: Sculpting Sound & Image: Creating Digital Transmedia with Kinetic Movement (Todd Winkler, advisor).
            MM, Computer Music Composition                 Indiana University                                   2006
              >Fulbright Fellowship.
              >Thesis: Liquid Mirror, for orchestra and live electronics (Jeffrey Hass, advisor).
            BMus, Music Performance                      Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts 1998
              >Thesis: Symphony No 1, for orchestra (Brian Howard, advisor).

Honors & Awards
            Creative Arts Council Grants (4)                Brown University                                    2006-2009
            Dean’s Prize (electroacoustic section)          Indiana University                                  2005
            First prize (audio section)                     IDEAS festival                                      2005
            First prize (audio section)                     IDEAS festival                                      2004
            Second prize                                    Australian Harp Composition Competition             2004
            Postgraduate Fellowship                         Fulbright Foundation                                2003-2004
            Composer-in-Residence                           Peggy Glanville-Hicks Foundation                    2000
            Australian Screen Music Award (student)         Australian Guild of Screen Composers                1999
            Young Australian of the Year, Arts Division     National Australia Day Council                      1998
            Young Citizen of the Year, Western Australia    Australia Day Council of Western Australia          1998
            Young Composers Award                           Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)           1995

Professional Commissions
            Soundtrack for the installation Paper House       Joan Backes / McCormick Gallery, Chicago          2007
            Elysium (soundtrack for dance work)               Elizabeth Shea/ Blackbox Theatre, Bloomington, IN 2004
            Kaleidoscope (chamber work)                       Ensemble Archangello                              2002
            Mirror Mirror (full-length orchestral ballet score)Australian Ballet                                1999
            Soundtrack for the art film Structures            Glen Eaves / Futurist Films, Perth                1998
                > Won the 1999 Australian Screen Music Award from the Australian Guild of Screen Composers.
            Orlando (1-act length orchestral ballet score)    Western Australia Ballet                          1997
            The Faun (orchestral work)                        Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)         1995
                > Won the 1995 Young Composers Award from the ABC; performed over 100 times throughout Australia.

            Instructor, Studio as Compositional Tool        Brown University                                    2009
            Teaching Assistant, Digital Performance         Prof. Todd Winkler / Brown University               2008
          Teaching Assistant, Real-Time Audiovision        Prof. Todd Winkler / Brown University                 2007
          Teaching Assistant, Computer Music Seminar       Prof. Jeffrey Hass / Indiana University               2005
          Lecturer in Theory and Harmony                   Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts          2002-2003

Professional Performances and Presentations (selected)
          Sculpt (for wireless gestural glove system & interactive audiovisuals), Turbulence Upgrade!, Boston, 2008.
          Elements (audiovision 5.1 acousmatic), Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts, Brandeis University, 2008.
          Torque (interactive refracted light, imagery & sound on a glass sculpture and painted diaphanous fabric), 55 Conduit St.,
                 Central Falls, RI, 2008.
          Neon (audiovisual 5.1 acousmatic), Grant Hall, Brown University, 2007.
          Blood of a Poet (projection and sound on acrylic painting, 60 x 60 in), T. F. Green Hall, Providence, RI, 2007.
          Illuminations (projection piece), projected for two weeks onto wall outside of 88 Waybossett St., Providence, RI, 2007.
          Speak, Tongue, of the Glorious Body’s Mystery (audiovisual improvisation) / Staircase (interactive refracted light,
                 imagery & sound upon a glass sculpture), Pixilerations, Providence, RI, 2007.
          Hip or Hype? (5.1 acousmatic), Pixilerations, Providence, RI, 2006.
          Courant de Conscience (for piano & interactive electronics), Center for Electroacoustic and Computer Music
                 (recording), Bloomington, IN, 2006.
          Liquid Mirror (for orchestra & interactive audiovision), Indiana Chamber Orchestra (recording), Bloomington, IN, 2006.
          Elysium (for interactive audiovision & dancers), IDEAS Festival, Bloomington, IN, 2004.
          HyperCube (for 10.2-channel sound diffusion), Threshold, Ball State University, Muncie, IN, 2004.
          Wild Reeds (for piano), Fulbright Center (performed myself), New York City, 2004.
          Neophilia (laptop audio improvisation), Ideas Festival, Bloomington, IN, 2003.
          Le Produit Chimique / Syrinx in the Sun / Conspiracy Theories (all 5.1 acousmatics), Australian Computer Music
                 Conference, Perth, 2003.
          Sirens (5.1 acousmatic), SPECTRUM, Perth, 2003.
          Gothalogica (score for an opera), Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts, 2002.
          ‘Metamorphosis as a Musical Algorithm’ (paper), Australian Computer Music Conference, Melbourne, 2002.
          Mirror Mirror (full-length ballet), approx. 50 performances by the State Orchestras of Victoria, Queensland, New South
                 Wales and Tasmania, 2000-2001.
          Orlando (ballet), Wester Australian Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Noel Smith), 1998.
          Fire and Ice (for orchestra), Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra (conducted by David Porcelijn), 1998.
          Spectral Light (for chamber orchestra), West Australian Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Roger Smalley), 1997.
          The Faun (symphonic fragment for orchestra), approx. 110 performances by the Melbourne, Sydney, Tasmanian,
                 Adelaide and Wester Australian Symphony Orchestras, 1995-1998.
          Reverie for Clarinet, Singapore (performed myself), 1994.

Other relevant positions
      :: Technology positions ::
          Studio Proctor for the MEME studios, Music Department 2008.
          CONMAG Macintosh Computer Cluster Administrator, Brown University, 2006.
          MAX/MSP programmer, Speech and Hearing, Department Indiana University, 2005.
          Music Library Technical Assistant, Indiana University, 2004-2006.
          STC Consultant, University Information Technology Services, Indiana University, 2004-2006.

      :: Web design/project-based commissions ::
          Web designer for Future Directions in Biology Studies (funded by National Science Foundation), 2006.
          Web designer for the Bloomington Early Music Festival, 2006.
          The creation of project-based (musical orchestration series) CD-ROMs, Teaching and Learning Technologies Center,
          Indiana University, 2006.
      :: Musical positions ::

              Musical Director, A-Cappella-Go Vocal Ensemble, 2001-2003.
              Pianist, Dan Rata, Perth Western Australia 2000-2003.
              Copyist & Arranger, Music Arranger’s Guild of Australia, Sydney, 2000-2002.
              Composer-in-Residence, Peggy Glanville-Hicks House, Sydney, 2000.
              Clarinet Teacher, Mater Dei College, 1998.
              Conductor, Kelmscott Senior Highschool, 1995.
              Flute and Clarinet teacher, John Walliston College, 1998.

Courses taken
      :: Brown University ::
              Seminar in Computer Music/Multimedia (Prof. Butch Rovan)
              Digital Performance (Prof. Todd Winkler)
              Seminar in Real-Time Performance (Prof. Todd Winkler)
              Large-Scale Multimedia Projects II (Prof. Butch Rovan)
              Independent Study Project: Opengl programming in Jitter
              Composition Seminar in Interactive Formats (Prof. Butch Rovan)
              Designing Alternative Controllers (Prof. Butch Rovan)
              Large-Scale Multimedia Projects I (Prof. Todd Winkler)
              Reading and Research: Audiovision and Sensing
              Ancient Philosophy (Prof. Mary Louise Gill) - audited
              Reading and Research: Shader programming and design in Max/MSP/Jitter
              Advanced Interactivity Seminar in Max/MSP (Butch Rovan)
              Seminar in Audiovision (Prof. Butch Rovan)
              Sound Design (Prof. James Moses) – audited
              Intermediate 3D Computer Animation (Prof. Barbara Meier) - audited
              Sound/Image Composition (Prof. Dennis Miller) - audited

      :: Rhode Island School of Design ::
              Interdisiplinary Glass Casting/Moldmaking (Prof. Jocelyne Prince)
              Introduction to Creative Programming (Prof. Catherine D'Ignazio)
              The Virtual Photograph (Prof. Eva Sutton)
              Painting and Digital Media Installation (Prof. Mark Milloff)
              Computer Generated 3D Imagery: Maya (Prof. Dennis Hlynsky)
              3D Graphics in Maya for Illustrators (Prof. Jane Kernan)

      :: Indiana University ::
              K503 Electronic Studio Resources I (Prof. Jess Hass)
              K504 Electronic Studio Resources II (Prof. John Gibson)
              K509 Seminar in Computer Music (Prof. Jess Hass)
              Introduction to Interactive Media Design (Norbet Herber) – audited
              History of Early Music, (Prof. Mossimo)
              Duke Ellington (David Baker)
              Composition Second study (David Dzubay)
              Composition Second study (Sven-David Sandström)

      :: Carnegie Mellon University ::
              Gadgetry 1 (audited)

      :: Edith Cowan University ::
              MAP5105 Arts Issues (Semiotics and Artistic practices)
       MAP5111 Creative Arts Research
       MAP5101 Research Methods in the Arts
       MAP5102 Research Preparation 1
       MAP5103 Masters Thesis: Arts Research Project 1
       MAP5104 Masters Thesis: Research Context 1
       MAP6202 Research Preparation 2
       MAP6102 Research Seminar
       MAP6203 Masters Thesis: Arts Research Project 2
       MAP6204 Masters Thesis: Research Context 2

:: Pittsburgh Center for the Arts ::

       Circuit Building 2

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