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                              Tuition Information

FULL DAY               5 DAYS               3 DAYS                 Individual Days*
Infant                 $155 weekly or       Not Available          $35 full day
                       $672 monthly                                $25 half day
Toddler                $145 weekly or       $100 weekly            $35 full day
                       $628 monthly                                $25 half day
Two Year old           $125 weekly          $95 weekly             $30 full day
                       $542 monthly                                $20 half day
Age 3 and over         $120 weekly          $85 weekly             $25 full day
                       $520 monthly                                $15 half day
*for individual days arrangements must be made in advance to assure there is an
available opening.

Registration fee is $75 and annual fee for school supplies is $50

Choice of: any available five hour block of time in the morning (7AM to Noon) or
Afternoon (Noon to 6 PM)

Half Day                                      5 days
Infant                                        $115 weekly
Toddler                                       $110 weekly
Two year old                                  $85 weekly
Age 3 and over                                $85 weekly

After School care

After School                   Full days (reg. School         Full week (reg. School
                               closed)                        closed – vacation)
$60 weekly                     Add $10                        $100

Late Penalty:
Late pick-up charge is $5.00 per child per each 15 minutes late beginning at 6:01 PM for
the full time day students and beginning at 1 minute past the fifth four for part-time
students. These charges will be automatically added to your next tuition notice.

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