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									The ABS EffeX range
The world’s first premium-efficiency
submersible sewage pumps!
A completely new approach
At ABS we make it our business to
understand wastewater, whether it is
our ongoing investigation into causes             Global
of blockage, the reduction of water con-
sumption, changing personal hygiene
habits or public opinion on environmen-                        Legislation      Reduced CO2
tal issues.
    We also closely follow changes to
legislation at the global level that set
higher levels of wastewater treatment,
and legislation at the equipment level
that sets minimum efficiency levels for           Business
all energy-using equipment. Thus we
make sure we recognise the impacts
                                                               Reduced energy   Reduced cost of    Improved service   Municipal vs.          Replacement
on our equipment and your business.                            costs            operation          levels             private structure      & upgrade

A time for change
The pressures on the wastewater
business have increased regardless
of whether you are a publicly funded
municipality, privately owned water
company or a private operator of a
wastewater collection system.                                  Water            Personal hygiene   Environmental      Sustainability
                                                               consumption                         protection
    Now we clearly see an increased
focus on energy use with regard to cost          In response to numerous global, business and social drivers, ABS is the first to launch
and CO2 footprint, and requirements              a series of premium-efficiency submersible sewage pumps – the new ABS EffeX range.
for fewer blockages and the associated
reduced risk of overflows and pressure
to keep operator costs under control.
Moreover, we must not forget the con-            that not only satisfies today’s stringent            The right choice if you want to be first
stant battle to improve service levels           requirements, but also exceeds planned               The ABS EffeX range of submersible
for your customers and the quality of            legislation*. It focuses on delivering the           sewage pumps offers you a complete
treated water.                                   utmost in reliable operation, including              solution for your pumping needs. It
    ABS firmly believes that the time            advanced designs with greater safety                 does this by a combination of much
is now right for advancing the design            margins, and market-leading blockage                 improved reliability, greater energy
of submersible wastewater pumping                resistance offering the best rag handling            saving, the highest level of blockage
equipment. What was acceptable                   available on the market today with a                 resistance, future-proof designs and
even five years ago no longer comes              minimum free solids passage of 75 mm.                a clear commitment to achieving the
close to meeting the ever-changing                   Our ABS EffeX range also sets new                highest sustainability in both manufac-
market needs.                                    standards when it comes to optimum                   turing and operation.
                                                 energy efficiency. As it incorporates                    Simply put: We now give you greater
Setting new standards                            the first premium-efficiency IE3 motor               peace of mind in running your waste-
The new ABS EffeX range is not a                 designed and tested in accordance with               water business.
modification to an existing design but a         IEC60034-30 together with optimised
completely fresh concept in submers-             hydraulics, the new ABS EffeX range
ible wastewater pumping equipment.               gives the best total efficiency available
                                                                                                                                                       range complie
Our new range pushes available tech-             on the market today.                                                                         BS                    s fu
                                                                                                                                            eA                              wi
                                                                                                                                          Th                                  t

nology to the limit to achieve a design

* Contact your local ABS Sales Office for more details.

Six families of ABS EffeX range models will eventually cover virtually all submersible sewage pump applications in
the segments Domestic and Commercial Wastewater, Wastewater Collection Networks and Wastewater Treatment.

Now you can make the right choice if you want to be first,
or more importantly,
the first choice if you want to be right!

Premium efficiency
and a lot more
A premium-efficiency motor is just        Future-proof design
one of many benefits you get with         •	 Compliance with planned EU, US
the ABS EffeX range. After analysing         and other legislation for conventional
market needs and the design of our           motors
submersible sewage pumps, we have         •	 Impeller designs based on future
built in a number of new features that       wastewater content
makes our ABS EffeX range the best        •	 High reliability to ensure compliance
pumps available. The five major fea-         with overflow reduction targets
tures we now offer you are summarised
below along with their corresponding      Sustainable in manufacturing
benefits. A detailed description of the   and operation
features is presented when you fold out   •	 Reduced CO2 emissions in pump
the middle spread.                           manufacturing and operation
                                          •	 Prolonged pump lifecycle
Long-term reliability                     •	 Reduced maintenance costs by
•	 Reduced risk of pollution from            adjustment rather than repair
•	 Reduced risk of interruption           Optimal lifecycle operation
   to services to customers               The sum total of these five major
•	 Reduced breakdown costs                benefits is optimal lifecycle operation.
•	 Reduced tankering costs                That is, when you install an ABS EffeX
•	 Reduced maintenance costs              range premium-efficiency pump, you
                                          know that no other similar type of pump
Greater energy saving                     on the market can match its benefits.
•	 Reduced energy costs                   ABS EffeX range pumps are designed to
•	 Smaller CO2 footprint                  reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions,
•	 Qualification for capital              and to ensure a prolonged lifecycle
   allowance schemes                      compared with competitive pumps.
                                          Moreover, they comply with forthcoming
Excellent rag handling                    equipment motor legislation in relevant
•	 Lowest blockage on the market          countries and contribute to sustainable
•	 Reduced risk of pollution from         development.
•	 Reduced risk of interruption
   to services to customers
•	 Reduced breakdown costs
•	 Reduced tankering costs

Our ABS Effex range has several
built-in features that make them
the best submersible sewage
pumps available.

Details make the best pump
When it comes to pumping wastewater         This subjects equipment bearings and
you have to look at the complete picture.   motors to high loads, high wear and
Simply focusing on producing a pump         poor cooling.
with the best hydraulic efficiency will         Reliability of the ABS EffeX range
not result in trouble-free operation.       starts with built-in IE3 premium-
High hydraulic efficiency without excel-    efficiency motors. These give the major
lent blockage resistance, rag handling      advantage of lower operating tempera-
and free solids passage will only result    tures (NEMA Class A) along with reduc-
in more blockage, overflows and             ing the need for cooling, considerably
increased operator costs.                   improving the bearing environment and
    Similarly, products that focus merely   reducing load on the stator.
on using low-efficiency impellers that          It is also possible to operate smaller
are good for rag handling result in         motors (PE1 & PE2 pumps) without any
unacceptable much higher energy costs       cooling. Add to this an increased bearing
and a bigger CO2 footprint.                 design life, reduced shaft deflection and
    Conversely, our ABS EffeX range is      increased shaft fatigue safety factors,
a complete concept that ensures that        and you have a highly robust and reliable
all aspects of handling wastewater are      submersible motor design.
considered to provide you with several
major benefits. These are discussed in      Optimum operating conditions
detail below.                               When it comes to hydraulic reliability,
                                            the key is blockage and wear resist-
Long-term reliability                       ance coupled with easy adjustment to
Long-term reliability starts with under-    maintain optimum operating conditions.
standing the application. When we           The ABS EffeX range makes use of our
discuss wastewater handling it is clear     new Contrablock Plus impeller design
that it is not the same as pumping a        with adjustable bottom plate to ensure
clear liquid. Wastewater pumping is like    efficiency and reliability throughout the
handling abrasive liquids with a high       pump lifetime. Larger pumps also use
content of rag and other solids in an       optimised closed impeller designs to         Our long-term reliability gives you:
application where regular stopping and      give the best balance between reliabil-      •	 Reduced risk of pollution
starting are required.                      ity and energy consumption.                     from overflows
                                                                                         •	 Reduced risk of interruption
                                                                                            to services to customers
                                                                                         •	 Reduced breakdown costs
                                                                                         •	 Reduced tankering costs
                                                                                         •	 Reduced maintenance costs

Greater energy saving                          Highest efficiency available
                                               The ABS EffeX range has built-in IE3
The impact of good energy manage-
                                               premium-efficiency motors in accord-
ment is twofold. Firstly, from a purely
                                               ance with IEC60034-30 to optimise motor
operational point of view, good energy
                                               efficiency. And we are the first company
management results in lower energy
                                               in the world to offer submersible motors
costs, particularly important with ever-
                                               with such a high standard. The main
increasing energy prices. Secondly, and
                                               benefit of using this type of motor is
equally important, is the impact on CO2
                                               the highest efficiency available on the
production. Reduced energy used in
                                               market without any impact on the risk of
pumping equipment has a direct impact
                                               increased blockage often associated with
on the CO2 footprint of your organisation.
                                               hydraulic efficiency.
                                                   When we come to hydraulic effi-
                                               ciency, traditional thinking when design-
                                               ing impellers has dictated that you must
                                               always compromise between efficiency,
                                               rag handling and free solid passage.
                                               However, the ABS EffeX range boosts
                                               impeller design to the next level and
                                               achieves some of the highest hydraulic
                                               efficiencies in the market, providing the
When we consider the energy consump-           best resistance to blockage while still
tion of pumping equipment, calculations        maintaining a minimum 75 mm free
must always be based on the total effi-        solid passage.
ciency of the pump; that is, the sum of the        This is achieved by optimising impel-
efficiency of the hydraulics and the motor.    lers for efficiency using the latest CFD
To achieve the best result one must opti-      technology and then completing exten-
mise both efficiencies. It is no good saying   sive testing to measure the blockage
we have the best hydraulic efficiency and      resistance of the impeller.
then fit the hydraulics to a sub-standard
efficiency submersible motor.                  Our greater energy saving gives you:
                                               •	 Reduced energy costs
                                               •	 Smaller CO2 footprint
                                               •	 Qualification for capital
                                                  allowance schemes

Excellent rag handling                      How can we be so sure of our designs?
                                            Because ABS has invested in over 5,000
On average, over 60% of the breakdown
                                            man-hours in blockage testing, under-
calls from a typical wastewater pump-
                                            standing the content of wastewater,
ing station are a direct result of a pump
                                            benchmarking available designs and
problem. This is probably not surprising
                                            optimising the impellers used in the
as pumps are the only piece of rotating
                                            ABS EffeX range.
equipment installed in many wastewa-
ter pumping stations. But what is most
                                            Our excellent rag handling gives you:
alarming is that when we look at these
                                            •	 Lowest blockage on the market
breakdown figures in more detail, we see
                                            •	 Reduced risk of pollution from
that over 60% of the pump-related break-
downs are a direct result of blockage.
                                            •	 Reduced risk of interruption
                                               to services to customers
                                            •	 Reduced breakdown costs
                                            •	 Reduced tankering costs

                                            Future-proof design
                                            Earlier we talked about anticipating the
                                            future, trying to understand the trends
                                            and forthcoming requirements of the
                                            wastewater market. What do we see?
                                                Firstly we can observe the changing
                                            characteristics of wastewater, driven
                                            mainly by the reduction in water con-
                                            sumption and changes to personal
                                            hygiene habits. Have we seen the end of
This situation has not improved in recent   this change? No, the general feeling is
years, and even with all the improve-       that water consumption will continue to
ments made to impeller design, reduced      reduce with the consequent increase in
water consumption and changing per-         rag content.
sonal hygiene habits still continue to          We can also see legislation and other
increase blockage problems.                 incentives push all users of energy-using
                                            products (EuP) to install higher-efficiency
New impeller concept                        and explosion-proof units. There is
Our ABS EffeX range makes use of a          already legislation in place controlling
completely new impeller concept called      circulator pumps with others to follow,
Contrablock Plus. This solution takes the   including submersible pumps.
best of the tried and tested Contrablock
designs and adds new functionality to
enhance the levels of blockage resist-
ance above that of any other supplier on
the market. In addition, we ensure that
the free solids passage is never reduced
below 75 mm to give a further level of
protection against blockage.

                                                                                        Our guiding principle when looking at
                                                                                        the manufacturing phase is to minimise
                                                                                        the consumption of resources. This
                                                                                        means designing products that have a
                                                                                        long design life and which can be kept
                                                                                        running at their optimum performance
                                                                                        for a long period of time.
                                                                                            The key benefit achieved here is the
                                                                                        optimisation of CO2 used in the operat-
                                                                                        ing phase while significantly reducing
                                                                                        the overall CO2 footprint of the product
                                                                                        during its lifetime.
                                                                                            When it comes to the operating
                                                                                        phase, we keep the energy consumed
                                                                                        to a minimum with the equipment run-
                                                                                        ning most efficiently throughout its
                                                                                        design life.

Already way ahead                           Our future-proof design gives you:          Long product lifetime
The ABS EffeX range looks to the            •	 Compliance with planned EU, US           The ABS EffeX range scores highly on
future; it already more than complies          and other legislation for conventional   both counts. The models are designed
with any legislation under discussion          motors                                   with easily adjustable features that
with regard to motor efficiency, hydrau-    •	 Impeller designs based on future         prolong the life of components while
lic or total efficiency. With regard to        wastewater content                       maintaining optimal performance.
rag handling, the new optimised impel-      •	 High reliability to ensure compliance        Moreover, the long life of all com-
ler designs take into account reduced          with overflow reduction targets          ponents and the highest total efficiency
water consumption and increased rag                                                     available on the market ensure that the
content. The levels of reliability are                                                  environmental impact of our premium-
again in excess of the requirements of      Sustainable in manu-                        efficiency submersible sewage pumps
global legislation controlling the stand-   facturing and operation                     is minimised without compromising
ard of wastewater collection networks.                                                  operational reliability
                                            ABS believes in long-term relationships
All models have Ex-configuration as
                                            with our customers. To achieve this we
standard.                                                                               Our sustainability in manufacturing
                                            must ensure that our business and that
                                                                                        and operation gives you:
                                            of our customers are sustainable in the
                                                                                        •	 Reduced CO2 emissions in pump
                                            long term. We also believe in looking
                                                                                           manufacturing and operation
                                            far ahead when designing products to
                                                                                        •	 Prolonged pump lifecycle
                                            make sure that we minimise our impact
                                                                                        •	 Reduced maintenance costs by
                                            on the environment with regard to both
                                                                                           adjustment rather than repair
                                            the manufacturing and operational
                                            phases of a product lifetime.

A total solution supplier
It’s not surprising that ABS is the first   Your long-term partner                        Service, spares and asset
worldwide to introduce premium-             Our strength lies in the unique abil-         management
efficiency submersible sewage pumps.        ity to combine products, services and         Our comprehensive range of services
Our long history of innovation includes     application know-how into diverse solu-       tailored to your needs includes:
being first with high-efficiency pumps,     tions that satisfy a variety of application   •	 Planned maintenance, workshop
introducing our new Contrablock Plus        needs. When you choose us as your                repair, spares and spare parts kits,
impeller design that offers the high-       solution provider you get:                       replacement and upgrading
est available resistance to blockage        •	 A long-term partner from design            •	 Installation, operational support,
on the market today, and our AquaWeb           to operation                                  telemetry and diagnostics,
advanced alarm management system            •	 Application expertise and process             equipment optimisation, asset
for wastewater.                                know-how                                      management.
                                            •	 Reliable solutions that enhance
                                               process efficiency                         Flexible and responsive
                                            •	 Strong relations through support           ABS uses high-quality materials and
                                               and after-sales service                    manufacturing techniques with all its
                                            •	 The most complete range of                 product ranges. We have a very modern
                                               products on the market                     manufacturing machine park, including
                                            ABS solutions not only increase process       our own production equipment oper-
                                            efficiency, but also enhance overall          ated by highly skilled personnel.
                                            process performance. Combined with               In our efforts to offer high-perform-
                                            our control and monitoring equipment          ance products, we work in close coop-
                                            and services, they provide peace of           eration with our customers to receive
                                            mind in any wastewater application.           important feedback for continuous
                                                                                          product improvement.
                                            A wealth of expertise
                                            Advanced R&D, backed by an engineer-
                                            ing heritage going back over 100 years,
                                            forms the backbone of our competence
                                            and expertise in the design and instal-
                                            lation of centrifugal pumps. This, com-
                                            bined with our know-how in wastewater
                                            applications, enables us to offer inte-
                                            grated pump solutions that are designed
                                            and sized to perfectly match the condi-
                                            tions of your wastewater system. We also
                                            provide installation, operational optimi-
                                            sation and training of a customer’s own
                                            maintenance personnel.

Make the right choice and choose
ABS as your partner
in wastewater handling.

At the forefront of
wastewater technology
ABS has a long tradition in the wastewater industry with more
than 100 years of application experience and manufacturing of
customer-oriented solutions based on the latest technology.
   We develop and supply individual products and integrated
solutions for use in the wastewater segments: Domestic and
Commercial Wastewater, Wastewater Collection Networks and
Wastewater Treatment. ABS is the main brand of Wastewater
Technology, which is one of four divisions of the Cardo Group.
Cardo is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm and has its head-
quarters in Malmö, Sweden.

ABS Group
Phone +46 40 35 04 70 | Fax +46 40 30 50 45
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