Is-there-no- God by willieliberty

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                    Devon Grey
        "Good evening friends, family, associates, and visitors. For those who do
not know me, my name is Devon Grey. I teach religion classes at both of the
schools. I will be your host each week for the next several weeks as we begin the
last part of this symposium. For those of you here for the first time, on the last
six Saturday nights, Dr. Buchwald, one of my colleagues, and a personal friend
who teaches Evolution and Anthropology, hosted the first half of this
symposium, presenting what he believes to be evidence which supports
evolution. The lecture and discussions were stimulating and well attended.
         The time has now come for me to bring to your attention information
which I believe supports a literal six day creation by a fiat God who is not dead,
but who is, and was, and ever will be. I hope by the time this series is over, to
prove to you that Evolution is nothing more than a fanciful false theory, and that
God is not dead but is eternal, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, and yet
still a God who cares and who has an incomprehensible and universal love for all
of His creation.
       We are going to present what we believe is a considerable amount of
evidence to support the idea that there is a God, and that He is who He says
He is—the Creator of this world, and that He created it in seven literal days.
        Having heard and seen from the one side, it is now time to hear what we
the Creationists have to say, and look at the evidence. By the time we finish
presenting our case, you will have all the necessary information to draw from to
make an intelligent choice, whatever that choice is. Of course we hope you will
see that our side has presented the strongest argument and produced the best
proof. But finally, the choice will be yours.
        What we have heard from the Evolutionists was thought provoking and
has raised questions in the mind of many. We feel that what we will present will
be equally stimulating, in fact we will present some new and amazing things that
have heretofore never been known outside the specialists circle. Some of these
things will seem almost impossible, but the ancient records are there for all to
        There is one basic problem we all have to contend with. Years of mind
conditioning by the opposition, and I do mean opposition, makes it hard to shift
mental gears and see things in a new and different light. Deliberate and concerted
efforts have been made for many years to cover up massive amounts of evidence
that has been discovered that supports the Creationists views and shoots holes in
the evolutionary theory.
         The reason for this state of affairs is that to let this data and information
and artifacts be made public would be to totally dismantle the evolutionists
carefully crafted theories. And at this point in time, even though the best
recognized authorities in Evolution know the truth, it is too late to admit the
truth, for they long since have reached a critical mass where they can no longer
reverse their stance. Although a few honest individuals surface from time to time
who are willing and brave enough to stand for the truth, there will be mass
        To bolster our cause, we are going to call on recognized authorities from
their respective disciplines who will bear witness and show the mass of evidence
that has accumulated so far which supports a divine creation. We will also use as
witnesses the Bible itself (which contains its own secret numerical coding),
divine prophetic revelations, nature, science, mathematics, and incredible
answers to prayer.
        Next week on June 7, our first speaker will be a man who came directly
out of the church of Satan. What he learned as a member is the strongest, most
damming evidence possible against evolution, evidence which exposes the very
bedrock foundation stones of this theory.
       This testimony will reveal to you the real author of Evolution (not
Darwin). It will take you back almost 200 years, long before Darwin was even
born, and show you why and how it was conceived. Evolution was literally
conceived in the pit of hell, years before it ever surfaced.
       The next week, June 14, you will hear from Jonathan Gray about the
strong witness of archaeology and anthropology which shows that man is not
evolving to higher levels of existence, but rather has been degenerating
generation by generation from the time when Adam and Eve fell to the wiles of
        We will compare the evidence with Evolution’s theory and see which is
the stronger argument. I will support this evidence by reading to you a divine
revelation (vision), thus laying the foundation stones for each succeeding week.
        Each weeks presentation will build on a solid foundation of truth, laying
on block after block. When finished the building will vindicate God and His
creation, and we hope to convince you of the fact that there is only one true
beginning of earth and mankind created by a fiat God.
      In subsequent seminars we will hear from fields of Archaeology,
Anthropology, Geology, the Cosmos or Universe without and within, Nature,
Mathematics, the Word of God itself, Israel’s historic past, and the witness of
answered prayer, each in turn a witness to the truth and authenticity of God’s
        With this introduction, I would like to share with you some of my
thoughts and ideas. Maybe they will reflect the way you think, maybe not.
Following my perspective on the issues, I will share what I believe to be a
heavenly vision of the creation of the world and of Adam and Eve that agrees
with the Bible account. To see the truth in this revelation will ensure against
being deceived by the enemy’s sophistries about how the world and man came
into existence.
        "It is proclaimed by millions that THERE IS NO GOD, or if He ever was,
GOD IS DEAD. There are two lines of thought about God. One line specifically
denies the existence of the Holy Trinity (God the Father, His Son Jesus, and the
Holy Spirit). The other says that if they exist at all, these are some unidentified
benign force, disinterested influence, ethereal essence, impersonal power, or
unexplainable presence operating somewhere in space.
        "As you will see, these are hand-crafted delusions of Satan, the enemy of
all mankind, to entrap and ensnare the world, in opposition to the plan of
redemption. These fit in perfectly with non-Christian lifestyles, goals, and
aspirations. And this denial of a supreme being allows a lifestyle that is guilt-
free. Without God, or Satan, there is no good or evil. Thus there is no moral law,
which is a reflection of God’s character, and without law there can be no sin, no
guilt, no judgment to face. If there is no sin, there is no need for a plan of
salvation to save us from the penalty of sin, which is death. Law is the standard
whereby people are judged, but if there is no law, then there is no judge (God),
no judgment, no intercessor (Christ), no punishment, no end of the world, no
Heaven to gain, no hell to shun.
         "This describes perfectly the existential experience - "people unique and
isolated in a hostile or indifferent universe. It regards human existence as
unexplainable, and stresses freedom of choice and responsibility for the
consequences of one’s acts." (Webster’s II New Riverside University
Dictionary). This teaches that human existence is one of just "being". Its
adherents believe that they are subject only to the laws of nature and its whims.
There is only this life to live, with no hope beyond the grave. Life centers around
the present, and encourages men to "eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we
die." (1 Cor. 15:32) This is a "survival-of-the-fittest" mentality - do what you
have to do to survive, for you alone are responsible for controlling your
environment and your own destiny. There is no place in this person’s thinking
for a titanic struggle between supernatural forces of good and evil over the souls
of men.
        "To believe in the Bible is to believe that there is a God, and that this
being of infinite power also spoke into existence the unnumbered galaxies,
inhabited planets, quasars, stars, star clusters, and countless island universes,
stretching out endlessly into infinite space. All created from infinity - past,
present and future.
        "To believe the Bible is to believe that there are supernatural forces, both
good and evil at work in the world, and that supernatural beings are in control of
these forces. The Bible teaches that God is behind all the good, and Satan is
behind all the evil. This has been described as the Great Controversy between
Christ (who is the Creator God incarnate), and Satan, the usurper who would be
like God.
        "The Bible describes how Satan, who was once Lucifer, the mightiest of
the heavenly angels, fell from his high and holy state through pride and jealousy,
wanting to be like God. He was able to convince one third of the angels to side
with him. There was a rebellion in heaven, and a war ensued in which Satan and
his angels were cast out, down to this earth which had been newly created by
Jesus the Creator. With this turn of events, it was necessary for God to institute
the plan of salvation, which before this time was only in the mind of God, to
bring the conflict before the universe.
        "Thus it is that from the time of his fall, Satan, because of jealousy, has
attempted to denigrate God, to put down His infinite powers and to cast
dispersion upon His power, character and His work. Using craftiness and his
superior wiles, this usurper has from the beginning been able to get man to rebel
against God, to disbelieve in divine fiat, to compartmentalize the
incomprehensible power of an infinite Creator! This Creator not only had the
power to instantly speak into existence all things but also created Lucifer, all the
angels, and man, whom the Bible says was created in His own image.
        "Satan’s plan from the beginning has been to focus attention upon
himself, to get others to look to him as the god to be worshipped, to make the
God of heaven and the universe a non-entity. He desired to be like the most high
God, to usurp His authority, to elevate himself to God’s level, even annihilate
Him. Thus it was that Satan devised this delusion that there is no God, to
dethrone God in the eyes of mankind. Associated with this belief are three others
that are closely related .
COSMIC FORCE, OR POWER in the universe that is in control. This entity,
or force, if it thinks at all, is not interested in the affairs of men and in fact seems
to often work against us. This force is perceived to govern and control the forces
of nature, acting impulsively upon whim, and is unpredictable, non-thinking, and
unsympathetic to the problems of human beings. This concept also embraces the
existential philosophy of eat, drink, and be merry. There is no room in this belief
for a loving Heavenly Father who lovingly cares and watches over all His
creation, one who knows every sparrow that falls, and even the number of hairs
on our
       head, as Scripture tells us. Thus in this belief there is no room for a
"personal Savior" in whom "we live and move and have our being." (Acts 17:28)
This God if He exists has been portrayed by Satan as a vindictive, vengeful
being, waiting to pounce upon His subjects, imbued with the very attributes and
character of Satan himself.
        (3) GOD IS NATURE ITSELF: This ancient belief, called Pantheism,
asserts that the CREATED IS THE CREATOR. This belief which is held by
those in the New Age Movement and the Far Eastern religions, states, "We are
gods; we are the creator. We have the power within our minds to create and
control the world we live in." They call it the "Christ Consciousness." To them
this means that we have the power within ourselves to save ourselves and evolve
from one state of consciousness to another. By calling the created the creator,
they deny the person and being of a supreme God. We will delay responding to
this delusion until later in this book, for a thread of New Age thinking permeates,
and is closely connected to several of the other delusions which attack other
        spiritual truths -- denial of God, of sin, of judgment, etc.
        "Each delusion shares a common thread - a mixing of truth and error.
Each builds on the error of the other, and supports and authenticates the other.
Their author is the father of lies. Because of this common thread, overlapping
subject matter is inevitable, but this works to our advantage, for Biblical
certainties against one delusion also stands as proof against the others.
        "Evolution versus a universe spoken into existence by divine fiat is a
denial of the existence or need of a heavenly Creator (Jesus), or a Heavenly
Father. Evolution has entrapped not only those who have no spiritual or Christian
roots, but also many who claim to be Christian or followers of the way. It is
surprising how many sincere Christians believe this unbiblical inspired
        "Both concepts number 3 and 4 are subtle entrapments that have lured
many Christian’s into believing a perversion of the nature of God and His role in
the cosmos. Through these delusions God is boxed in by unholy perceptions of
who He is, and how He works. In so doing, God is denied His rightful place in
the creative process, His role as Creator of the universe is challenged, limiting
Him to a lesser part. Even His very Word which created the universe is brought
into question. "Theistic Evolution" is the term used to describe one of those
unholy perceptions accepted as a plausible answer by some mainline
conservative and "avant-guarde" individuals, to explain evolution in the context
of the Bible account of creation. Theistic evolution allows for a creation of the
world by God, which took eons of time instead of six literal 24 hour days. But it
is impossible for a Christian to make this kind of compromise without attacking
the authenticity and validity of God’s Word. To do this casts doubt and
dispersion upon God and His Word, saying in effect God did not mean what He
said, or said what He meant, that He cannot be trusted to have told the truth, that
the Genesis account is flawed. If "theistic evolution" is true, then God is not who
He says He is, and His very existence is brought into question and faith in God’s
Word (the Holy Scripture) is destroyed.
        "No matter how Genesis, the first chapter in the Bible, is explained to fit
an evolutionary theory about how this planet evolved or came into existence,
Scripture is clear about what happened. But the enemy is out to destroy God's
reputation and denigrate Him in the eyes of mankind. He has clouded man's
mind, filling it with lies designed to deceive and destroy the soul.
        "About the same time the theory of evolution arrived upon the scene in
the mid 1800s, God made a countermove. Inspired scientists have, over the
years, been led to the kind of indisputable hard physical evidence needed to
discredit evolution. Not a few of these men have, as a result of their findings,
been converted from atheism and agnosticism to Christianity, and some have
even established an intimate, personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
        This evidence has been accumulating for many years. Each bit of
evidence has chipped away at the theory of evolution. It is certain that God is not
dead, and has made provision for truth to be found by all who are willing to
search for it. Truth can be found in many places: The universe or cosmos, the
atom, archaeology, geological records, nature, mathematics, and last but of equal
importance, the Bible. From week to week we will explore each of these areas
and more.
        "As you will hear and see, there is considerable evidence to support the
Christian’s view of the creation of life on planet earth, spoken into being, solely
by the Word of God in only six literal 24-hour days. For anyone who wants to
believe, there is more than ample evidence. We recognize that for those who
want to believe, no explanation is necessary, but for those who do not want to
believe, no explanation is possible.
         "In the year 1870 the visions and dreams of Ellen White were published
in a four volume set called "The Spirit of Prophecy." In the first book, chapter
2, entitled "The Creation," she describes her vision about the creation of the
world and Adam and Eve. This vision which agrees with Scripture will provide
you with a solid base of understanding as each participant presents his evidence
in the coming weeks.
        "The Father and the Son engaged in the mighty wondrous work they
had contemplated, of creating the world. The earth came forth from the
hand of the Creator exceedingly beautiful. There were mountains, and hills,
and plains; and interspersed among them were rivers and bodies of water.
The earth was not one extensive plain, but the monotony of the scenery was
broken by hills and mountains, not high and ragged as they now are, but
regular and beautiful in shape. The bare, high rocks were never seen upon
them, but lay beneath the surface, answering as bones to the earth. The
waters were regularly dispersed. The hills, mountains, and very beautiful
plains, were adorned with plants and flowers, and tall, majestic trees of
every description, which were many times larger, and much more beautiful,
than trees now are. The air was pure and healthful, and the earth seemed
like a noble palace. Angels beheld and rejoiced at the wonderful and
beautiful works of God.
       "After the earth was created, and the beasts upon it, the Father and
Son, carried out their purpose which was designed before the fall of Satan to
make man in their own image. They had wrought together in the creation of
the earth and every living thing upon it. And now God says to his Son, "Let
us make man in our image." As Adam came forth from the hand of the
Creator, he was of noble height, and of beautiful symmetry. He was more
than twice as tall as men now living upon the earth, and was well
proportioned. His features were perfect and beautiful. His complexion was
neither white, nor sallow, but ruddy, glowing with the rich tint of health.
Eve was not quite as tall as Adam. Her head reached a little above his
shoulders. She, too, was noble, perfect in symmetry, and very beautiful.
       "This sinless pair wore no artificial garments. They were clothed
with a covering of light and glory, such as the angels wear. While they lived
in obedience to God, this circle of light enshrouded them. Although
everything God had made was in the perfection of beauty, and there seemed
nothing wanting upon the earth which God had created to make Adam and
Eve happy, yet he manifested his great love to them by planting a garden
especially for them. A portion of their time was to be occupied in the happy
employment of dressing the garden, and a portion in receiving the visits of
angels, listening to their instruction, and in happy meditation. Their labor
was not wearisome, but pleasant and invigorating. This beautiful garden
was to be their home, their special residence.
       "In this garden the Lord placed trees of every variety for usefulness
and beauty. There were trees laden with luxuriant fruit, of rich fragrance,
beautiful to the eye, and pleasant to the taste, designed of God to be food for
the holy pair. There were the lovely vines which grew upright, laden with
their burden of fruit, unlike anything man has seen since the fall. The fruit
was very large, and of different colors; some nearly black, some purple, red,
pink, and light green. This beautiful and luxuriant growth of fruit upon the
branches of the vine was called grapes. They did not trail upon the ground,
although not supported by trellises, but the weight of the fruit bowed them
down. It was the happy labor of Adam and Eve to form beautiful bowers
from the branches of the vine, and train them, forming dwellings of nature’s
beautiful, living trees and foliage, laden with fragrant fruit.
       "The earth was clothed with beautiful verdure, while myriad’s of
fragrant flowers of every variety and hue sprang up in rich profusion
around them. Everything was tastefully and gloriously arranged. In the
midst of the garden stood the tree of life, the glory of which surpassed all
other trees. Its fruit looked like apples of gold and silver, and was to
perpetuate immortality. The leaves contained healing properties.
        Very happy were the holy pair in Eden. Unlimited control was given
them over every living thing. The lion and the lamb sported together
peacefully and harmlessly around them, or slumbered at their feet. Birds of
every variety of color and plumage flitted among the trees and flowers, and
about Adam and Eve, while their mellow-toned music echoed among the
trees in sweet accord to the praises of their Creator.
        Adam and Eve were charmed with the beauties of their Eden home.
They were delighted with the little songsters around them, wearing their
bright yet graceful plumage, and warbling forth their happy, cheerful
music. The holy pair united with them and raised their voices in harmonious
songs of love, praise and adoration, to the Father and his dear Son, for the
tokens of love which surrounded them. They recognized the order and
harmony of creation, which spoke of wisdom and knowledge that were
infinite. Some new beauty and additional glory of their Eden home they
were continually discovering, which filled their hearts with deeper love, and
brought from their lips expressions of gratitude and reverence to their
Creator. Spirit of Prophecy, Vol.1,pp. 24-27
        "This my friends is what I believe was a God given eye witness account
of creation week and shortly thereafter, which took place some 6,000 years ago.
The comparison between this account and the evolutionists view bears no
resemblance to each other. In the coming weeks we will build upon this God
given model shown in vision, and show how perfectly every detail fits with every
        "However, the audience should beware of the curse of sin, and the
downward spiral of all of God’s creation from the time Adam and Eve sinned.
By the time of the flood 2,000 years later, degeneration of all living things
including man , had accelerated to the point that God saw that man was evil
continually and He had to destroy mankind and start over. Even at that, man’s
mental ability was so far superior to ours that it bears no comparison to us today.
As this series continues, you will get a fleeting glimpse of the scope of man’s
knowledge and mental abilities. You will see that there were no evolving ape
men as evolution teaches.
       "Next week our first guest speaker will be Roger Morneau. He will share
with you his personal experience as an initiate being trained for a high office in
the Church of Satan. What he has to say is most important and has a direct
bearing upon this Seminar.
       With this, we thank you all for coming and bid you a good night. We
hope your interest has been peeked, and that you will tell, and bring a friend with
you next week. We wish you God’s speed. GOODNIGHT!
           Lecture One

           June 7, 1997

           ROGER MORNEAU

            "I am very happy to see so many of you have returned and
   brought guests with you. Those of you who are my students, be sure to
   take careful notes, as you will be quizzed next Tuesday in class. By now
   it is no secret to those in the audience on which side of this controversy I
   personally stand. As we continue, you will see why I believe the way I

           Tonight, I want to introduce to you a man I became acquainted
   with through a book he wrote, "Incredible Answers to Prayer." Roger
   Morneau had a unique experience when he was a young man in that at
   that time he was chosen to be trained for a high position in the church of
   Satan. During this training session he was told many things about the
   enemy’s mode of operation and future plans, some of which bear heavily
   on this symposium. This is why I have arranged for Roger to speak first.

          He was taught about the origin of the theory of evolution, and the
   reasons for its existence. This knowledge is crucial in considering the
   controversy between evolution and creation, and shows what has been
   going on behind the scenes. This is the rest of the story which has, up to
   now, been deliberately hidden by the enemy of all mankind.

          Roger, we are very pleased to have you come and share with us
   some of your experiences. Thank you for consenting to come, the time is
   yours. People! It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you Roger

          "Thank you Devon for inviting me to come and share my
   experience with you. It is indeed a pleasure to be here.

           It was 47 years ago, in 1945 as a youth of 20, that I found myself
   in a very strange situation. I am French Canadian by birth and came from
   a large family. I was raised as a Christian and believed in God, but as
happens to many youths, I drifted away from these beliefs and even
wondered about their being a God.

         After serving time in the service, I was trying to figure out what to
do with my life and what sort of work I would do. One day while in the
city, I met a friend from the service, and we struck up a conversation. He
told me about some meetings he was going to and invited me to come
along. He asked me if I would like to see and talk to my dead mother. He
told me that the priest of these meetings could conjure her spirit so I
could talk to her. I did not think too much of that idea, but decided to go
along with him just to see what was going on.

        I continued to attend and became more involved with the group,
intrigued by what I saw and heard. After a time I was told that the master
(Lucifer) wanted to groom me for a high office in his organization, to be
a priest in the Satanic church.

        I was told that if I accepted, I would become wealthy and
successful and want for nothing this world had to offer. I was not sure
about doing this, for as a youth my father told me that in situations like
this there would be a price to pay, and to make sure I was willing to pay
the price before I entered an agreement.

        I didn’t answer in the affirmative but continued to go to the
meetings. It was not until a series of providential circumstances took
place that I cut my ties with the group. I know the Lord Jesus Christ
rescued me from the very pit of hell itself.

        As I was being instructed and trained by the high priest, I was told
many things about Satan’s organization and his plans for the future of the
world. I was sworn to secrecy on threat of instant death if I ever revealed
what was told to me. This was privy information meant only for the ears
of those being trained to work in his satanic majesty’s service.

         What I am going to share with you now has been heard by almost
no one. It is only by the providence of God in protecting me, and not
letting the enemy do away with me that I am able to share this
information with you. The Lord wants people to be aware of Satan’s
operation to destroy mankind so they will not be deceived by him.

         When I first heard what I am going to share with you I was
astounded. Mind you, it was 47 years ago that I was told this information.
I am still astounded as I see it being fulfilled before my very eyes today.
The Lord has protected me from the wrath of the enemy and by God’s
grace I stand before you tonight to share this vital information about the
enemy’s plans formulated way back in the 1700’s. His plan, as you will
see, is right on schedule, and sadly, has so far been most successful. This
is what I was told:

       The Great General Council
        In the 1700’s, Satan called a great world council for all his angels
and demons to lay out a master plan for the conversion of the world to his
side. The purpose was to ready his forces just before the last great
controversy between himself and Christ. He told them that his special
target was to be America. (The only nation that professes to trust in God).

        This council was to prepare and train his angels and demons on
how they were to work. How they were to prepare the world’s people for
the great industrial age and a greater age to follow. An Age of great
scientific discoveries that would change the way everybody would live,
and which would usher in the last final great controversy between good
and evil.

        Satan said he would devise ways whereby people will disqualify
themselves from being members of Christ’s kingdom. This was to be
accomplished by: a. Bringing about a great industrial age. b. Introduce
Christian idolatry, and c. Deceive people into believing about a coming
Glorious New Age.

       The plan would involve the following:

                       1. To deceive people about the existence of Satan
               and his angels, so they would not believe that they exist.

                      2. To have total control over the minds of people
               through hypnotism.

                      3. To destroy the Bible without burning it,
               through the theory of evolution.

                       4. Christian Idolatry


        To set his plan in motion, Satan started by taking over control of
people’s mind through hypnosis. At the time of the council in the 1700’s
hypnosis was only used in occult services. Satan said he was going to
bring it out into the open and make it a science, make it appear to be a
benefit to mankind, scientifically acceptable. He explained how he would
gain people’s trust by healing diseases, introducing it into medical
practice for healing diseases, alleviating mental problems, using it for
anesthetizing patients for surgery and solving crime problems. As his
plans developed he introduced psychological principles such hypnotic
regression to supposedly take a person back to a former life as some other
person, or to past experiences in this life. This of course supported the
notions of life after death and reincarnation, both of which are
unscriptural beliefs.

       He told the council that through this avenue of mysticism, he
would de-christianize the western world. This bears heavily, as you will
soon see, on the beginnings of the theory of evolution.
        In order to begin this movement, Satan chose a Physician named
Franz Mesmer to bring hypnosis to the forefront and to be accepted as
legitimate by using it in his medical practice. It was at first called,
‘Animal Magnetism,’ then known as ‘Mesmerism.’ By the time Mesmer
died in 1815 many European doctors were using it to anesthetize their
patients for surgery.

       Charles Darwin — Satan’s Emissary?

       One of those patients was Charles Darwin through whom Satan
chose to introduce the theory of evolution. Through hypnosis the enemy
gained control of Darwin’s mind. He well knew Darwin had a fertile
mind and that he would probably take his mental suggestions and develop
them into an effective weapon against God’s word.

       This is what Satan meant when he told the council he would
destroy the Bible without burning it. He outlined to them just how he
would use evolution and would destroy man’s belief in 1) the creation
week, 2) the fall of man, and 3) the plan of redemption.

        He said anyone teaching this theory was to be blessed by him
before the whole galaxy and greatly esteemed. They would be given 5
angels to be assigned to them throughout their life. They would be
considered ministers of this great religious system, and would be given
great power to a) induce spiritual blindness, b) to convince, and c) to

        As can be seen, the enemy has been most successful. Since the
inception of the evolutionary model by Charles Darwin in the mid-
1800’s, the unholy mind of the evolutionist has continually been turned
toward discrediting the Biblical account of a literal creation week of
seven days duration. Now we know what went on behind the scene, and
why the Genesis account of creation has been under constant attack by
the enemy to undermine man’s belief and his worship of an omnipotent,
omniscient, and omnipresent Creator. Behind the scene, pulling
intellectual strings has been Satan and his cohorts, leading his faithful
followers to delude and deceive the whole world.

        Darwin’s theory, when first proposed, was eagerly grasped by
agnostics and infidels alike, as a way to explain the origin of the cosmos
and the earth, eliminating the need for the Creator. The only thing that
has evolved is their theory, which pits a fiat creation by an almighty God
against a slowly evolving cosmos taking millions and billions of years.

        Life is described as beginning from some primordial soup which
somehow began with the formation of a single cell, evolving through a
process of natural selection to its present state of development. Thus the
universe and man is ever evolving toward some higher state of existence.
However, believers in this theory of an evolving world have never been
able to produce any ‘links’ between the various identities, since all still
produce ‘after their kind’ (Gen. 1:21), except in cases of artificial
intervention by man or Satan.
        This is a very convenient way to deny what 6,000 years of sin has
done to planet earth and its inhabitants. The Bible says that such a time of
trouble such as this world has never seen is approaching. Soon God will
come, in fact He is ready even now to pour out His wrath upon this
wicked world. This planet is not evolving toward some better utopian
society, but rather toward SELF-DESTRUCTION—the exact opposite of
what Satan would have men believe. He has very successfully used this
delusion to turn man’s attention away from the tragic consequences of
6,000 years of sin, and what it has wrought upon planet earth.

        Now that you are, by the providence of God, informed about the
enemy’s secret plans, you need not be deceived by these devices. To be
forewarned is to be forearmed. May God bless you all as you seek for
truth and light in this darkest hour of earth’s history. I look forward to my
next visit with you. Thank you for your time.

        Thank you Roger Morneau for your testimony. Next week we will
have as our guest, speaker Jonathan Gray (no relation as our names are
spelled different). He is a well known and thought of Archaeologist and
Christian believer who comes to us from his homeland in Australia. I
know you will be just as fascinated by his story as I have been. I read his
book "Dead Men’s Tales," and tell you it is one of the most interesting
and informative books I have ever read. This was the impetus for asking
him to come and share some highlights of his discoveries.

       Jonathan has written several other books and many articles. He
has been featured on television and has traveled the world over, searching
and digging ruins, lecturing and displaying what he has found.

        "You will not want to miss this most interesting man and his
message. We hope to see you all next week. Thank you for coming
tonight and God’s speed to you all and GOODNIGHT!"


        Roger has 4 books available. "Incredible Answers to Prayer,"
"More Incredible Answers to Prayer," "When You Need Incredible
Answers to Prayer," and a new book called "Fallen Angels." There is
also a video interview with Roger conducted by Dan and Karen
Houghton. It is entitled "A Trip Into the Supernatural," This tape
and the books can be purchased from Hart Research Center,
Fallbrook, CA 92088, Phone 1(800) 487-4278



       June 14, 1997

       We welcome you back tonight for the second in this series
comparing evolution and creation. We are most pleased to see our
attendance has grown considerably. Tonight you will not be disappointed
for you will hear things you have never heard before, things which are so
amazing that you, like me, will have a hard time believing they are true.
But, nevertheless, the hard evidence is most convincing.

        Tonight we have the distinct privilege of having Jonathan Gray,
noted and respected archaeologist and anthropologist, who comes to us
from Australia. He will share with us his findings and studies. As you
will see, they strongly support the biblical account of the origin of man. It
is a witness that God is, and that the Biblical account of a fiat Creator,
creating this world and man in His image is the only logical account of
our origin.

        As in other disciplines, it is sometimes difficult, if not impossible,
to separate archaeology and anthropology, thus it is that Jonathan’s work
as an archaeologist overlaps and intermeshes the two disciplines. This is a
distinct advantage when it comes to questions about the flood of Noah
and the history of the dispersion of man and the re-population of the

       Jonathan Gray has traveled the world to gather data on ancient
mysteries. A serious student of prehistory, he has investigated numerous
archaeological sites, and has penetrated some largely unexplored areas,
including parts of the Amazon headwaters.

       Between lecturing in Europe, North America and Australia, the
author has hosted newspaper columns and contributed to various
magazines. If I am correct, he will be sharing with you parts of his book,
"Dead Men’s Secrets."

        In this most interesting of books, Jonathan explores the depths of
archeological findings to bring to light vast amounts of evidence about
the true origin of man. He shows how this evidence has been
purposefully hidden and held back from public exposure because the
evidence is so damaging that evolutionists dare not let these findings be
brought out, for they would shatter and destroy their carefully crafted
satanic theories, throwing them into complete disarray, showing
evolution for the lie that it is.

        This book, partly written in story form, presents evidence so
compelling and fascinating that the honest seeker for truth will find what
they are looking for. This book contains a most fascinating compilation
of over one thousand artifacts, written, verbal, and photographic, that
support the fact that man has not evolved from lower forms of life, but
that he has steadily degenerated, scientifically, mentally, physically, and

         Now without any further delay, welcome Jonathan to America
and to Fairmont! We appreciate your willingness to visit our little town
and share with us what you have found. It is with the greatest of pleasure
that I introduce to you Jonathan Gray.

       Thank you Devon for the invitation to come. I want you to
know that the pleasure is not all yours, for I greatly enjoy bringing
the truths I feel the Lord has brought to my attention. I often wonder
why I was chosen for this task which I have made my life work. I am
most anxious that this information get out to all who will listen. To
have a captive audience like interested in things dear to my heart,
makes all my years of effort and hardship worth it all.


        On November 17, 3398 B.C., two billion people, with their
astonishing technology, vanished from the face of the earth. This lost
super race beat us to the moon, computers, and nuclear war. A
cosmic disaster occurred which wiped out a super civilization and
generated 6,000 foot tidal waves—the disaster known to early
civilizations worldwide as the great flood (the deluge mentioned in
the book of Genesis in the Bible, for which Noah constructed the Ark
to save a remnant of mankind).

         The descendants of this super race branched out from Ararat
(Armenia) to create civilizations less advanced technologically, but
still with some knowledge of their original civilization. The theory of
evolution, which believes in the gradual progression of man, cannot
stand up to the evidence governed by the laws of thermo-dynamics.
The evidence of fully developed cities and an advanced technology of
a superior man, whose society deteriorated over time is irrefutable.

         In Part Two of the book, I supply evidence collected from
around the world which proves a lost super civilization and their
descendants once lived on this earth. Geography, astronomy,
mathematics, metallurgy, glasswork, megalithic construction,
building techniques, mechanical devices, clothing, art, health,
electricity, flight, lost secrets, and weaponry are all catalogued in a
list of over 1,000 items that overwhelmingly proves the existence of
an earlier technology superior to today’s.
       Did you know that there is evidence of human colonies having
existed on the moon and Mars? That early "cave men" wore clothes
like ours? That man knew the secret of flight before the twentieth
century? That early civilizations performed open-heart surgery and
fluoroscopy? That there were once shining cities illuminated by a
means of electricity unknown to us today. The list is endless and
fascinating, pointing to a super civilization, evidences of which can no
longer be ignored.

       I have gathered over the years Archaeological and
anthropological evidence that something very big happened on this
planet in the past—something so big it wiped traces of just about
everything from the face of the earth. From around the world,
‘impossible’ ancient inventions have been surfacing of late, and some
of them from a technology as advanced as our own.

       Nearly all the writings of ancient people worldwide tell the
same story, that of decline from an original ‘Golden Age.’ That a
cataclysmic disaster wiped out the advanced world. Today’s diggings
worldwide show that these traditions tally with the facts. Enormous
stone masses or metal fragments are there; they cannot be argued

       I believe that this original advanced world, gave impetus to all
succeeding civilizations, and is well within the framework of scientific
thinking. What is more, I believe this to be such a credible reality
that no longer can we evade it.

        The technology of this civilization is rich beyond our dreams,
a civilization which was minced into atoms by a global flood.
Subsequent attempts were made to revive the lost glory, but there is
hard evidence that a fiery holocaust intervened, and causing most of
the survivors to became savages. Which is the origin of what today is
called the cave man.

        I believe that there is a historical parallel which shows how we
have, late in the twentieth century, awakened to find ourselves in the
‘super culture arena, having leapt to new, unimagined heights,’ and
now have suddenly come eyeball to eyeball with our past, awakening
to the realization that we’ve been here before. Last time as now, the
world scene was overshadowed with violence and corruption, which
ended in almost total annihilation. Might something like this happen
again? Could a holocaust be looming of such proportions that it will
parallel the first ‘wipeout?’

        I would like you to be aware that legends are usually based on
a core of fact. Folklore, is a fossil of history, preserving history in the
guise of colorful tales. Far from being a collection of fables, it is a
recital of actual past events, even though from generation to
generation some facts have become distorted or forgotten.

        If we are to credit the collective testimony of all ancient races,
man’s early history was truly an incredible one. It was a Golden Age
of advanced civilization, of original giants who had superior
intelligence and technology. This appears to have been a universal
truth, known to everyone in ancient times.


       There are recently discovered artifacts that cannot be
dismissed, namely, objects of metal sitting in museums,
unquestionably made in the ancient world, that would have required
very advanced technology to produce. A technology not to be
repeated until our day.

        The weight of evidence grows daily—evidence that all the
major secrets of modern technology were known, and forgotten, long
ago. Evidence that early man did create a society that surpassed ours
in all aspects of development.

       The entire world is really a ‘dead man’s tomb,’ a treasure
hunter’s paradise. As we pry open the coffin, suspense builds. Slowly
we’re lifting the lid on a lost technology which almost smacks of
science fiction. We come face to face with such absurdities as brain
transplants, colonies on Mars, and invisible men. And we wonder,
What next?

       THE DELUGE:

        The global flood catastrophe is one of the key facts of all
history. Not only is there a mass of geological evidence—it has left an
indelible impression on the memory of the entire human race. An
analysis of some 600 individual flood traditions reveals a widespread
concurrence on essential points: the prior corruption of mankind, a
flood warning unheeded by the masses, a survival vessel, the
preservation of up to eight people with representative animal life, the
sending forth of a bird to determine the suitability of reemerging
land, significance in the rainbow, descent from a mountain, and the
re-population of the whole earth from a single group of survivors.

        Especially remarkable is the persistence of that biblical name
Noah. And this is particularly so when you consider the ultimate
language differences between peoples, and the extreme local
distortions which developed in flood legends. Yet the name survived
virtually unchanged in such isolated places as Hawaii (where he was
called Nu-u), the Sudan (Nuh), China (Nu-Wah), the Amazon region
(Noa), Phrygia (Noe) and among the Hottentots (Noh and Hiagnoh).

        The table of nations in Genesis 10 records the gradual
dispersion of Noah’s descendants and lists names, thus offering clues
to their history and place. It contends that all nations of the earth
have sprung from the family of Noah. So, in a nutshell, there is good
reason to believe that, after the deluge, mankind sprang from a single
group of people.


        Are you aware that "ALL CULTURES BEGAN
SUDDENLY—and were fully developed? A long preliminary period
is not supported by archaeology. Before cities on earth, there was
nothing. There was no transition whatsoever between the ancient
civilizations and any primitive forebearers. They were at their peak
from the beginning.

        Suddenly out of the aftermath of the flood five complete
civilizations appeared worldwide on five different continents, all with
nearly identical knowledge, for example Egypt.

       About 3000 BC, Egypt sprang into existence suddenly, fully
developed—that is, without transition from a primitive state, with a
fantastic ready-made high society.

        Great cities, enormous temples, pyramids of overwhelming
size. Colossal statues with tremendous expressive power. Luxurious
tunnels and tombs. Splendid streets flanked by magnificent
sculpture, perfect drainage systems. A decimal system at the very
start. A ready-made writing, already perfected. A well established
naming system (in which each Pharaoh had as many as five names).
Society already divided into specialist classes. An army, civil service
and hierarchy minutely organized. A court exhibiting all the
indications of well-defined precedence and form. Egypt came from a
clearly established civilization.

       It wasn’t only Egypt. The appearance around 3000 B.C. of the
Sumerian civilization was likewise sudden, unexpected and out of
nowhere. Then there is the evidence unearthed in Harappa and
Mohenjo-Daro in India. They were the key centers of the Indus
Valley civilization. These also appear to have suddenly sprung up
with no clear-cut traces of having evolved from primitive beginnings.

      The Maya of Central America are in it, too. The Mayan
calendar goes back to approximately the same time (c. 3000 BC).
From the outset their script was already perfect.

        The fifth culture which developed was the megalith builders
of northwest Europe who appeared at precisely the same time. "The
achievements they demonstrated were identical, that is, the
simultaneous discovery of Pythagorean triangles, a precise calendar,
a true compass-bearing for north, knowledge of the movement of
celestial bodies (possibly including knowledge that the world was
round) and a minutely accurate system of measurement.
       I have discovered eight clues that emerged from these
discoveries that indicate a possible link between these 5 instant
worldwide civilizations.

       1. Symbols and Hieroglyphics—Each were identical
worldwide, bearing marks of a common heritage. Everywhere the
swastika, snake and sun combinations, as well as numerous
specialized intricate glyphs were repeated with no chance of

       2. Systems of Writing—were in use, again all over the world,
even on isolated islands.

       3. Languages—The older these were, the more they resembled
each other. Practically all languages have connections through both
vocabulary and construction. In almost every language are many
words containing similar root words or combinations beyond what
mere chance would allow. For instance, the names of the
constellations, are substantially the same whether in Mexico, Africa
or Polynesia.

       4. Calendars—Those of Egypt and faraway Peru both had
eighteen months of twenty days, with a five-day holiday at year’s

       5. Buildings—There are great similarities in buildings, not
only in construction but in astronomical alignment. Sphinxes in
Egypt and Yucatan; pyramids on every continent and on remote
islands; monoliths and stone circles also worldwide and often
quarried elsewhere in the world. There also is seen similarity as to
original purpose. The tower of Babel was built, according to
Josephus, (the first century Jewish historian) to provide shelter
should another Deluge destroy the earth. Regarding the Toltec
pyramids, an ancient Mexican chronicler said: "After men had
multiplied, they erected a very high ‘zacuali,’ which is today a tower
of great height, in order to take refuge in it should the second world
be destroyed." Jonathan asks the question, "Without a common
source, why should the purpose be identical in Babylon and

      6. Customs—Burial, mummification, circumcision, and
binding babies heads to produce an elongated skull was practiced by
the Maya, Incas, Celts, Egyptians, and Basques.

       7. Forms of Religious observance—bore striking similarities
to one another.

       8. Worldwide Traditions of Early History—Traditions of a
Garden of Delight, a Golden Age, a global Flood, one original
language, a tower where sudden language confusion resulted in a
dispersal—clearly these bore the marks of a common source.
       The origins of cultures that were so different and so widely
dispersed cannot wholly be explained by borrowing and imitation.


        Even after 5,000 years, the prints are still visible enough to
read. They are: ‘Language,’ ‘Anthropology,’ and ‘Archaeological’
finds, which includes agriculture, botanical and genetic studies. In
every instance plants, shrubs and fruit-bearing trees basic to survival
and advancement came out of the Middle East first. These findings
leave no doubt in mind that our beginnings were in the Middle East

       Archaeological finds from the Americas in the west to
Thailand in the east, show that by 3000 BC there were settled
communities. Overlaying that, is a proven pattern of high cultures
from Spain to Pakistan. And Armenia, the dispersion point, lay
almost precisely in the middle.

        The only conclusion that can be draw from the evidence is
that, 1) Each of the first civilizations appeared suddenly, already
fully developed. 2) That a connection existed between them. 3) Their
footprints led back to the Middle East mountains where Noah and
his family left the Ark.

        Those nations got their heritage basically from the world that
was wiped out in the Deluge. They continued where the generations
of the biblical Noah left off! Those Flood survivors must have carried
sufficient knowledge of the antediluvian era to give a rapid start to
the new cultures that sprang up ‘out of nowhere’ soon after. Four
hundred years was all that was needed. The oldest civilizations
appear just long enough after the deluge for a population density to
support a culture.

       The sudden appearance of civilization is itself a memorial to
history’s one great catastrophe. More importantly, the flood is a
historical event of tremendous testimonial importance to modern

       As in the days of Noah, the world has reached an
unprecedented stage of material and technical progress. Then, as
now, skepticism, corruption and violence abound.

       Ancient prophecies treat Noah and the flood as a prototype of
the coming sudden and fearful end of the present world.

        For example: ‘As the days of Noe were, so shall also the
coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the
flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in
marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and knew not
until the flood came, and took them all away….so shall also the
coming of the Son of man be.’ (Matt. 24:37-39)
        Other prophecies project that as the first world perished by
water, so the present world shall be destroyed by fire (2 Peter 3:3-7).
And as the second world emerged from the deluge stripped of its
original glory, so shall emerge from the final fire, a new world
cleansed of evil, misery and death, and restored to perfection which
shall transcend even its original glory.


        It goes without saying that the small group of bewildered
survivors from the deluge could hardly reproduce all of the aspects
of the pre-flood technology. Nevertheless they would have
bequeathed to their migrating descendants the information of which
they had personal or recorded knowledge.

       We know that the very earliest grains show genetic evidence
of sophisticated manipulation, that is, they were already uniform and
highly specialized immediately after the flood.

       In an attempt to reconstruct the antediluvian technology, the
semblance or an integrated global civilization emerged in various
parts of the world. Its achievements were astonishing; in some
spheres, penetrating knowledge which our science has scarcely begun
to nudge.

       Ancient Maps:

       In chapter 3 of my book, I present hard evidence that shows
the ancients knowledge of planet earth as seen through their
cartographers eyes was far more sophisticated than we have
previously supposed. Their maps are surprisingly accurate and
reveal knowledge of parts of the earth that were not known until very
recently. They also show profound changes have taken place in
man’s lifetime since the flood, especially at the poles as you shall see.

       Maps drawn from the 11th to the 17th century were obviously
copied from maps probably drawn thousands of years before. Some
maps show Greenland and Antarctica free of ice.

       There are fourteen of these maps, all from the Medieval and
Renaissance period. If we can have the lights out, we will show these
to you on the screen. Thank you.

         This first map you see is called the ‘Zeno map’ and was drawn
in 1380. It is considered the most accurate. It outlined the coasts of
Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Scotland, as well as the exact
latitude and longitude of a certain number of islands. The irony of
this is that the chronometer, necessary to determine longitude, was
not invented until 1765.

       The topography of Greenland on this map is shown free of
glaciers, as it was prior to the Ice Age. More amazing is that
unknown rivers and mountains shown on this Zeno map have since
been located in probes of the French Polar Expedition of 1947-1949.

      This next map is a Chinese map engraved on stone from 1137.
What is interesting about this map is that it formed a spherical grid,
which was not used by cartographers until the "Camerio map"
drawn in 1502.

       There is something very interesting about this map now on the
screen. It is called the ‘Zauche map’ made in 1737. Notice how
Antarctica is completely free of ice. Not only that, it is not shown as
one continent, but two islands separated by a strait from the Ross to
the Weddell Seas (a fact which was not established until the
Geophysical Year, 1968). Also shown are islands of the Mid-Atlantic
Ridge, now known to lie on the bottom of the ocean.

        This next map you see on the screen was drawn in 1531 by
Orontius Fineus, and show the dimensions of the Antarctic land mass
that corresponds very closely to those on the best modern maps. This
map indicates that the center of Antarctica was beginning to fill with
ice when the first source maps were drawn. It shows rivers and
fjords in Antarctica where today mile-thick glaciers flow.


       Obviously these maps I have just shown you had to have been
copied from earlier sources. They display a scientific achievement far
surpassing the abilities of the navigators and map-makers of the
Renaissance, Middle Ages, the Arab world, or any ancient geographers.
Renaissance map-makers admitted they were copying from sources
whose origins were unknown.

       There is more. This next map the ‘Hadji Ahmed map’ copied
in 1559 "shows Antarctica and the Pacific coast of the United States
of America with extreme accuracy. It also depicts the land bridge
that once existed between Siberia and Alaska."

      Please show the next slide. Thank you. This map, the Andrea
Benincasa map (1508), "indicates that Northern Europe was being
covered by the Ice Age glaciation’s furthest advance."

       Next!" This is the ‘Jehudi Ibn ben Zara map’ of 1487 showing
remnants of glaciers in Britain. Notice the detailed profiles of islands
in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas which are still there, only
probably under water.

       This is the ‘Hamy King' chart of 1502. It shows the northern
Siberian rivers emptying into the Arctic Ocean, which is now all
under ice. Notice also that it shows glacial actions in the Baltic
countries. What are today huge islands in Southeast Asia are shown
on this map joined to land (which they once were). If you will look
closely at where I am pointing, you will see that it even shows an
ancient Suez Canal!

        Another map ‘Ptolemy’s' map of the North (please change the
slide) depicts a glacial sheet advancing across south-central
Greenland; and at the same time, notice that it shows glaciers
retreating from northern Germany and southern Sweden."

       All these maps showing glaciers and ice could have only come
from the findings of surveying parties that tracked the areas before,
during and after the Ice age, at which time, according to the
evolutionary theory, humans were grunting savages.

       This map is called the ‘Gloreanus' map (1510). As you can see,
it shows not only the exact line of the Atlantic coast of America from
Canada to Tierra del Fuego, but also the whole length of the Pacific

       The ‘King Jaime World Chart’ (1502) shows the Sahara
Desert as a fertile land with large lakes, rivers and cities (which at a
remote period, it was), while this map, the ‘Dulcert' map of 1339
shows Ireland over to the Don River of Eastern Europe with a
precision beyond understanding.

       Now this last map I am going to show you is to me very
special. This is the ‘Piri Reis' chart of 1513.

       After its discovery, Captain Arlington H. Mallery, an
American authority on cartography, asked the U.S. Hydrographic
Office to examine it. The U.S Navy, through Commander Larsen,
subsequently issued this statement.

        "The Hydrographic Office of the Navy has verified an ancient
chart—it’s called the Piri Reis map, that goes back more than 5,000
years. It’s so accurate, only one thing could explain it—a worldwide
survey. The Hydrographic Office couldn’t believe it either, at first.
But they not only proved the map genuine, it’s been used to correct
errors in some present-day maps."

       It tells the story of ancient coastlines, as well as the surprising
exploits of our ancestors five thousand years ago. Piri Reis stated that
his copy was a composite from twenty ancient maps. 6 points are
made about this amazing map.

       1. South America and Africa in correct relative longitude and
latitude. Not only were the Caribbean, Spanish, African and South
American coasts in correct positions relative to each other, but even
isolated land areas, like Cape Verde Island, the Azores, the Canary
Islands, as well as topographies of the interiors—mountain ranges,
peaks, rivers, plateaus. All were accurately positioned by longitude
and latitude.
        2. The coastline of Queen Maud Land in Antarctica. The
islands and bays of the depicted coastline are the same as they appear
below the Antarctic ice sheet (as recently revealed by seismic echo
soundings). Pictured in great detail are regions scarcely explored
today, including a mountain range that remained undiscovered until
1952. Interestingly, the map shows two bays where the modern
seismic map showed lands. However, when the experts were asked to
check their measurements, they found that the ancient map was
correct, after all. One thing was crystal clear. Either somebody had
mapped Antarctica before the ice cap covered the continent, or else
the ice-covered continent was mapped with very sophisticated

      3. The Isle of Pines, Andros Island, San Salvador, Jamaica,
the mouth of the Amazon and the island of Morajo are all correctly
shaped and perfectly located in latitude and longitude.

       4. A major error appeared to be Greenland, shown as three
islands. But during the International Geophysical Year it was proved
that this correctly represented the state of affairs about 3000 B.C.

       5. Every mountain range in northern Canada and Alaska was
recorded on this ancient map—including some ranges which the I.S.
Army Map Services did not have on their maps. But the U.S. Army
has since found them!

       6. The ancient source-maps were drawn using a circular grid
based on spherical trigonometry, with the focal point situated in
Egypt. The copiest Piri Reis (unfamiliar with circular projection)
shifted and spliced the original grid to compensate for the curvature.
Any modern spheroid projection on a flat surface would cause the
same distortion.

        The conclusions are obvious—This map came from an
advanced ancient technology and its grid system is similar to air
navigation maps. Here is evidence of science in an early epoch which
is considered to have had none. Here is physical fragments of the
amazing knowledge of a super culture long vanished. The facts about
these early explorers is:

            • They possessed a knowledge of cartography
       comparable to our own.

              •   They knew the correct shape and size of the earth.

            • They used spherical trigonometry in their
       mathematical measurements.

              • They used ultramodern methods of projection
       (exact coordinates).
       They must have had at their disposal advanced geodetic
       instruments (and trained specialists to use them) to measure
       longitude and latitude (totally lost and not developed in the
       modern world until the end of the eighteenth century).

              • They must have been organized and directed on a
       global scale.

       My Friends, this meant that almost 5,000 years ago somebody
undertook a survey of the whole planet. The technology at their
disposal was very sophisticated. It is a fact that the ancients could not
have known about the earth unless they had traversed and measured
the earth’s surface. More than this, some of these maps indicate that
they were drawn from the vantage point of space.

       The earliest Egyptians were knowledgeable about land
measurements and used sophisticated surveying techniques. They
understood enough to influence many other nations in locating
important cities and temples on meridians, all based on simple
fractions of the earth’s dimensions.

       In the Fourth Book of Shan Hai King entitled "The Classic of
Eastern Mountains," written in 2250 BC contains four sections
describing mountains located "beyond the Eastern Sea"—on the
other side of the Pacific Ocean. Each section begins by describing the
geographical features of a particular mountain: its height, shape,
mineral deposits, surrounding rivers and types of flora. Then it
points the direction and distance to the next mountain, and so on.

       It’s like a road map. By following the clues, we’ve found that
these sections describe in detail the topography of western and
central North America. Each mountain can be identified and also
each river.

       "...This document is a geographical survey....It even gives the
experiences of the surveyors—from picking up black opals and
nuggets in Nevada, to watching seals frolic on the rock in San
Francisco Bay. They recorded their fascination at a strange animal
that avoided danger by pretending to be dead (obviously the native
opossum). You can read about their wonder at the Grand Canyon, ‘a
stream flowing in a bottomless ravine,’ and a sunrise there. (that’s in
the Ninth and Fourteenth Books.)

        By the third century B. C., when many Chinese records were
reevaluated and condensed, it was found that the geographical
learning it contained did not correspond to any lands known at that
time. So it was reclassified as a myth. Now we know better." Thus it
is that we have a detailed Chinese survey of North America 4,500
years ago.

       In 1799 explorer Humboldt, while wandering in Buiana and
the upper Orinoco, came across rock pictures and hieroglyphic signs
high up on the mountains.

       The natives told him that their ancestors, in the time of the
great waters came to the tops of these mountains in canoes, and that
the rocks were still so soft that a man could trace marks on them
with his bare fingers....This tallies precisely with conditions that
prevailed after the global deluge. Great inland seas remained on all
continents, often trapped at high levels, and not draining back into
the ocean for centuries.

       The deluge, as it reshaped continents, thrust sedimentary
rubble mountain-high. This would have remained soft and
impressionable for a considerable time.

       From the highlands of Colombia to the gorge of the Zingu, on
the eastern side of Brazil’s Matto Grosso, they all have one feature in
common: they are carved on high rocks, in gloomy canyons,
impossible to climb. Some are up to seventy feet tall. It’s the same in
the Mexican mountain ranges; in Siberia too. The signs are found on
impossible cliffs.

         As related to maps and measurements, did you know that the
Bible mentions in three places about measuring and dividing. The
first is in Genesis 10:25 which talks about Peleg, and states that in his
day the earth was divided. A more accurate translation would be that
the earth was measured or surveyed.

       Then there was Misraim, who, according to the chronology, is
a grandson of Noah, and who was credited with founding Egypt. His
name means ‘to delineate,’ ‘to draw up a plan,’ ‘to make a
representation’ (especially in association with measuring distances).
And sure enough, at least two old maps linked with the ancient past
(the Piri Reis and Reinal) were based on a circular projection with
the focal point in Egypt.

       Perhaps it is no accident that the Great Pyramid records in its
dimensions, the measurement of the earth on the scale of 1:43,200.
Both the earth’s circumference (including the equatorial bulge) and
polar radius (with the flattening at the poles) were known with an
accuracy comparable to that recorded by satellite surveys from

       The Bible also mentions Almodad ‘measurer,’ the inventor of
geometry, who measured the earth to its extremities. According to
chronology, Almodad is the progenitor of the Southern Arabians.
Many of these maps I’ve shown you reveal peculiarities of geography
that were first noticed by the Arabs. Consider that Almodad died
about 2350 BC.
       Can you not see how everything dovetails perfectly together?
The maps, the traditional reports, the building survey methods, the
rock signs and the chronology, all so different, yet they tell the same


        It did not take many years after Noah and his family came out
of the ark to repopulate the earth. The population growth was such
that, as soon as the earth was dry enough they were sending out
exploratory expeditions to see what damage the flood had done to the
earth and how it was changed. Soon almost every corner of the world
was visited by groups of men who came with a particular task to

       What I am going to share with you now is perhaps the most
astounding evidence gathered so far, because it shows that the
technology of the ancients far exceeded what we know today.

       According to the ancient accounts, before the flood, the earth
was covered with orderly energy and spring grid patterns which
supplied them with unlimited free electric and magnetic power to
construct and build, and provide light. They knew the secret of
unlocking that power, something we do not know how to do today.
The purpose for their exploration then was to rediscover these lines
of energy and magnetic forces to once again harness that power.

       This massive worldwide operation involving teams of
cartographers and surveyors covered the globe and relocated those
power grids and their lines of intersection. To facilitate this, they
employed units of measurement based on simple fractions of the
earth’s dimensions. They measured distances, as we, in degrees,
minutes and seconds of latitude and longitude, just as we do today.

       Soon a ‘prehistoric’ network of dead-straight alignments
appeared. It seems to have sprung up everywhere at once. Planning
took place on an almost unimaginably large scale.

       Along these lines, (situated at terrestrial power points) arose
temples, pillars, rocking stones, circles, crosses, mounds, pyramids,
tunnels and platforms. Traces of these are dotted still throughout the
world. You see them on every continent and even on remote islands.

      Sites had an exact geometric relationship to each other within
a master worldwide pattern. For example, all ancient temples in
Greece arose in relation to each other. Those in Greece were
geometrically interlocked with those in Egypt.

     Planet-wide, the system constituted ONE GIANT
         Today we live within the ruins of this single vast ancient
structure, whose sheer size has so far rendered it invisible. In the
words of John Mitchell, ‘a great scientific instrument lies sprawled
over the entire surface of the globe.’ It is marked by these megaliths
of all types, all aligned in a single geometric pattern—the remains of
an ancient power network.

        In order for it to operate, many sites were aligned to favor
certain astronomical phenomena. The planners were conversant with
the introduction of solar or atmospheric energy into the terrestrial
energy streams. They developed a technology to detect earth
currents, and then to manipulate them to a predictable result.

        Thus, all over the world, thousands upon thousands of pillars
called ‘Menhirs’ arose in symmetrical formations with their purpose
to realign earth magnetism from its natural meandering paths to
straight artificial lines.

       At each pillar, the electric current of the atmosphere was
attracted to combine with the terrestrial current to produce a fusion
of power. (A secret we have not yet utilized.) Interestingly, the
standing stones were all rich in quartz, a crystal similar to that used
with the cat’s whiskers in early radio receivers.

       It has been suggested that megaliths were connected below
ground by metal strips, although there is no conclusive proof for this
position. Because the standing stones worked as cathodes, the
corrosive current over the millennia would have most certainly
dissolved the metal, leaving the grooves into which they were set.
Such grooves are found below ground level in, for example, the
Breton menhirs of France. That these grooves had some such
functional purpose is a distinct possibility.

        And something else. Researchers have detected an energy
rising in spiral form from standing stones, gathering magnetic
strength toward the top of the stone. Interestingly, photographs of
the stones are sometimes marred by a mist of light surrounding their
lower extremities.

        The crucial factor was that from natural energy springs in the
earth, the currents were ultimately directed to mounds—which
focalized the energy fields.

       There is overwhelming evidence for the reality of these forces,
only rediscovered in modern times by Wilhelm Reich. He described
how this energy could be trapped or accumulated by constructing a
chamber lined with inorganic material and covered on the outside
with alternate layers of organic and inorganic matter.

        Is it not startling then, to find that almost every ancient site
has at least one such buried chamber—purposely lined with the same
alternating layers! Often foreign stones and clay were used, selected
for various magnetic properties. These submerged chambers were
energy accumulators. Finally, from these mounds, the currents were
dissipated to the surrounding countryside.

       Not only did standing stones, mounds and pyramids focus
energy fields. Across the whole world, the structures formed a
gigantic power network. This provided the population with a source
of energy and inspiration to which their whole civilization was tuned.



       Thus the stone monuments were strewn across the world,
located on crossings of the ‘ley lines.’ The pyramids were not tombs
for their kings, but rather power collecting stations.


        The question is asked, why did the ancients want or need this
power and what did it do for them? My colleagues and I have
identified 4 basic reasons. 1) TO INCREASE SOIL FERTILITY

       If the first post-flood people had the ability to generate and
use power, what then caused the disruption of that power grid? I
believe the answer has to do with the tower of Babel. This tower was
perhaps the central point to which all the grids around the earth sent
their power. When God destroyed the tower of Babel the whole
power structure collapsed.

       Also at that time there seems to have been nuclear holocausts
around the world as evidenced by many ruins which were burned
with intense heat and whose skeletons and artifacts are still very
radioactive. This subject we will not be able to cover at this time. But
when these things happened, those who survived were forced to live a
very primitive existence, which was accompanied by cultural
degeneration. This then is the period of the so called ape man.
Because their societies were very small causing inbreeding, and
perhaps because of radiation, mutating of genes took place and thus
what few remains of these humans have been found they do not
represent the immediate post flood people or their advanced society.

       I stand here today to assure you that man has not evolved
from inferior to superior. Every shred of archaeological and
anthropological evidence says that it is just the opposite.

        Many of today’s so-called primitives are not relics of a Stone
Age. Rather, they are the wreckage of more highly developed
societies, forced by various circumstances such as natural disasters to
lead a much simpler, less developed way of life.

       As far as time is concerned, how far back with absolute
certainty can we go, based upon all the findings? The answer is,
ABOUT 3000 BC. The oldest cultures on earth all go back to about
the same time--3000 BC.

       Everything found to date in Archaeology and Anthropology
without one exception supports the Biblical account. I have presented
to you tonight just a few highlights of the evidence that is out there. I
believe the Lord is allowing this material to be known to counter the
work of our archenemy.

        In my book "DEAD MEN’S SECRETS," there is much more
revealed which time did not permit me to share with my audience.
Thank you for your patience and time. I greatly appreciate your
asking me to come. I will close by reading the Epilogue of the book,
as it sums up my feelings very well.

        Epilogue: "The wisdom and technical splendor of the
antediluvian civilization was so astounding that it has never been
equaled. "Even after the Deluge, the reconstituted world system was
conceived by races with an intelligence far superior to our own; there
is evidence, literally by the ton that says so.

       In many ways their civilization was comparable to ours. They
had air travel and underwater devices. They were very ‘modern.’

        I don’t think you can construct that super civilization and find
exactly another United States. They traveled on a different
orientation. Whether in lighting or transport, they reached the same
results by a different method.

      Because of the fragmentary and incomplete nature of our
knowledge concerning them, any attempt at exposition is necessarily

      However, the evidence points to scientific knowledge that was
worldwide at the same time.

        And it appears that work stopped on a global scale, more or
less overnight.

      Genius perverted by a materialistic philosophy culminated in
corruption and violence. You know the sequel.

       Striking parallels exist between that period and our own.
        More to the point, there are some ancient biblical prophecies
that foretell the appearance in the sky of blood, fire and mushroom
pillars of smoke, to occur in that final age when men acquire the
ability to destroy the earth. It is stated plainly that the world’s cities
will be devastated, that ‘the elements shall melt with fervent heat.’

       According to this, we are heading toward the day when
everything stops—toward the moment when Earth’s pendulum will
shudder and stop in mid swing!

         There is something unique about Bible prophecy. Indeed, this
Book makes audacious claims for itself, actually challenging the
world to prove whether it is a divine message to us, by testing its
prophecies. Were you aware that one-third of the Bible comprises
prophecy? And something else. It informs us that an unseen
Overlord has been quietly shaping human history; that He will reveal
His intentions before causing certain events to occur. Come to think
of it, the prophecies to date have been uncannily accurate. Events
leading to the twentieth century have been outlined step by step in
correct sequence. Then there is the current scenario—our explosion
of knowledge, the awakening to strength of weak Asian nations, a
militarily aggressive Russia, the 1967 return of Israel to Jerusalem, a
coming economic-political union of ten nations, or groups of nations,
in Europe. The list goes on. All these are to occur against a
background of increasing earthquakes, famines, war and
unprecedented social breakdown.

       Then come predictions more startling than fiction! Soon
uncontrollable panic grips the nations; they see no way out. A
charismatic leader (already clearly identified) arises with ‘the
solution.’ For the first time since ancient Babylon, all nations are
drawn into one world government. (An electronic network already in
place makes this easy). The world leader cancels the existing
currencies and establishes a worldwide number system. Every person
on earth is required to receive an imprint. Dissidents are not
tolerated. For a short season, the planet is ‘at peace.’ The world
dictator is popular.

        The utter wickedness of this man is not exposed to the world
until too late. Suddenly all hell breaks loose. World trade collapses,
religious extremism mounts, and we are plunged into a ‘time of
trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same
time.’ The Bible predicts that so great will be the devastation that
unless the conflict is halted, no life will be left on earth. It will be
stopped—just in time, but only because of the supernatural
intervention of the Creator.

       Undoubtedly, human history is racing toward some appalling

       The good news is that the Bible has clearly foreseen the
events. It does offer evidence that the Creator is still in control—and
will do what man cannot do—act decisively to save the human race
from total destruction.

       So, who is to blame? Human perversity is the main reason for
the mess the world is in. But, you ask, Is it likely that an all-powerful,
caring Creator would allow any of His creatures to go wrong? The
answer is, of course!--if He decided to give man free will. Tell me,
would it be a better world if He had not given us free will, but instead
controlled our every move, where we were just robots? Think about

       As it is, we have freedom of choice. We can demonstrate
hatred or love, as we wish. Let’s face it, if we did not have free will,
then love, generosity and other qualities would be unsatisfying, even
meaningless, and life would not be worthwhile.

        As stated earlier, man was created noble. He has perverted his
own character by misusing the free will that God gave him. No, you
are not in a process of evolution which will enable you to create your
own paradise here on earth. Such a philosophy is dangerous; it will
lull millions into being unprepared for the climactic events ahead.

       As the prophecies lead us unerringly along the trail toward
Armageddon, the flood of Noah sounds a warning. The information
we have dug up concerning our past suddenly becomes relevant, like
a time bomb ready to explode.

       But after D-Day—what then? For those who choose it and
qualify, there is a new world...a world in which eternal youth, loving
concern and security are the norm; where transformed individuals
are able to live in harmony.

       If all this is true, then I suppose plenty of people are going to
miss out. And some of them would just love to be there! Think of it—
a whole new world to mess up!"

        Thank you Jonathan for your thought provoking and inspiring
presentation. We have certainly been blest. Before we dismiss, I want to
say a few words about the scheduled programs to follow during the next
few weeks to let you know what to expect.

         To briefly review, you will remember that in the first meeting we
introduced Roger Morneau who shared what he heard about the enemy's
plans while being groomed to work in the Church of Satan. You learned
how in the 1700s the enemy had planned to introduce evolution to the
world to counter the Bible. I purposefully planned Roger's presentation
first to show the true origin of the theory of evolution. This laid the
foundation for the rest of the meeting, putting all the evidence in

        Tonight we have heard from Jonathan who has added another
piece to the puzzle. In the following weeks we will build upon this
   foundation presenting more and more information in our quest to know
   the truth about God and His creation.

           Next week I will present information from a true prophet of God
   (E.G.White), a godly lady for whom I have the highest regard. She lived
   in the 1800s and wrote what was shown to her for over 60 years. She died
   in 1915. We will look at her account of what she saw in vision about the
   creation of earth and Adam and Eve, supported by Scripture and
   anthropology. Don't miss this truly supernatural account. Bring a friend
   with you. Until then, I bid you all a good night. On behalf of the Chamber
   of Commerce, who sponsors these meetings, I thank you all for coming
   and supporting your community.

          Those interested in purchasing DEAD MEN’S SECRETS, or
   other books by Jonathan Gray, and his videos and other materials, can do
   so by writing or calling SHM Productions, POB 623, Thorsby, AL
   35171, Phone: (205) 646-3290.


          June 21, 1997


        Devon wiped his forehead and adjusted his glasses. It had been a hot
summer day and as the time for the meeting to begin drew near, he looked over
his notes once again getting his thoughts together about what he was going to
say. He hoped the heat wave would not keep anyone away. At 7:00 P.M. sharp
he walked onto the stage.
            The meeting hall was full again, and there was an air of
   expectancy as people looked forward to what they would hear tonight. A
   lot of interest had been generated in the community and among the
   students by the first two presentations. Devon hoped the people would
   not be let down by his presentation tonight. He knew it would not be as
   attention getting or interesting as Jonathan’s and Roger’s presentation,
   but was necessary information that would help tie the whole series of
   lectures together.

           Good evening once again to everyone. We welcome you all to this
   series and appreciate your interest in this vital issue and controversy. We
   also appreciate your support and taking the time to support this
community effort. We know that some of you have many demands on
your time and have other things you could be doing.

        Tonight, I am going to present information that will help bridge
what you have heard with what you will be hearing in the coming weeks.
This information, I feel is important in tying together the total picture of
the differences between the two sides, evolutionary theory and creation.

       My comments tonight will not be as long as the previous
meetings. This will provide time at the end to answer at least one, maybe
two questions that have been forwarded to me.


EVOLUTION IS THE CONCEPT OF TIME -- how long it took for
the universe and planet earth to come into existence. About the creation
of the earth, the Bible is extremely clear.


         "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And
the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face
of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
And God said, Let there be light and there was light. And God saw the
light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.
And God called the light DAY. And the darkness he called NIGHT.
DAY." (Genesis 1:1-5) "The Bible says that the earth was created in 6
days, and describes each of these days as MARKED BY AN EVENING
AND MORNING, which time periods still exist. This limits the time it
took God to create the earth to six literal 12 hour day and 12 hour night
periods. On the seventh day the Bible says that God rested (finished
creation) and created the Sabbath day for a day of rest for man.

       A man who works continually seven days a week, eventually
breaks down physically from overwork, just like machinery which is used
continually. The creation of the Sabbath day of rest, a day of renewal, of
communion with heaven, was most important to the well being of

BROKEN. Furthermore, there is no other plausible explanation for the
weekly cycle other than the creation week. IT IS THE ONLY TIME
EVENING AND MORNING daily cycle and the seven-day week is
perhaps the greatest argument against evolutionary time.

       Evolutionists, from the beginning, tried to keep evidence that
would damage their cause from surfacing, evidence showing their theory
was not based upon fact, but on conjecture and supposition.

         As early as the mid-1800s, one or two giant skeletons of humans
were reportedly unearthed that proved to them that humans before the
flood were more than twice as large as today’s humans (upwards of 16
feet tall). Recently in Turkey, the skeletal remains of a woman were
removed and displayed as the bones of Noah’s wife. The skull is so large
that the head of a human being can be placed inside the jaw bones. Other
geological evidence has been, and is continually being uncovered that
further disproves evolution, evidence purposefully kept out of sight.

        This unscientific practice has not changed over the years. The
evolutionary scientist still attempts to keep information, which is
damaging to their cause, from receiving public attention. Their zeal to
push upon the unsuspecting public false theories and ideas about the
origin of the universe and the world is amazing. Cloaked in a scientific
expertise and definitions, these ideas are made to sound reasonable and

        To their credit, a few well known evolutionary scientists admit
that there is more evidence supporting the creation account of this earth’s
origin than that which supports evolution. They are aware their theories
do not hold up under the weight of evidence, and are vulnerable to
examination. They well know that large unexplainable gaps exist in their
theories for which they do not have answers. But most evolutionary
scientists are only interested in evidence supporting their cause, and have
shown a reluctance about accepting any contradictory geological
evidence which could show their ideas and theories to be false. Most of
them will not buck the mindset of their select groups.

        One reason for this mind set is because they have reached the
point-of-no-return in pushing their agenda. To turn back to the truth
would be an admission that they were wrong, and would damage their
cause irreparably. They are painfully aware that the repercussions of such
an admission would be enormous to a world which is now totally
committed to believing evolution is a proven fact.

        It is beyond the scope of this series of lectures to delve into the
many fine points of this controversy. The best we can hope to do is to
highlight the issues. From there, you can obtain more information, if you
wish, through many good books available. Good books have been written
and evidence amassed which readily support the Biblical account of
creation and the flood, and refute the prevailing ideas of evolution
espoused by the media and press today. We have a book list for anyone
who is interested in more in-depth material. Just ask me at the end of the

       I would now like to draw your attention to three basic principles
we can use to determine whether the theory of evolution is valid. The first
is a principle the evolutionist believes supports his theory. The other two
have to do with physical laws that refute the first evolutionary principle.


          This first principle we will look at is the UNIFORMITARIAN
PRINCIPLE. It is the bedrock or base upon which evolution stands or
falls. It is the glue that holds all the pieces in the evolutionary mosaic
together. This principle assumes a constant decay rate of radioactive
material, and is an integral part of the evolutionary premise that all
physical laws have remained unchanged throughout the history of the

         In the first half of this symposium you heard about the use of
carbon-14 dating. Carbon-14 dating methods supports the uniformitarian
principle. It is assumed that it took millions of years for life to develop
from a single cell that evolved out of a primordial soup. The flaw in this
dating method is that carbon-14’s rate of decay has always been the
same. There is no room in the mind of evolutionary scientists to accept
that the decay rate is not static but has changed. There are two reasons for
this: 1) The flood and its after-effects upon the earth, 2) Atmospheric
conditions that existed on the earth before the flood.


        Two principles that argue against evolution are part of the laws of
thermodynamics. I will be quote from information found in Jonathan
Gray’s book, "Dead Men’s Secrets." By the way, he sends his greetings
to you. He has been traveling around the USA and reports that he is
receiving a good reception everywhere, as he shares his findings.

       One of the most compelling arguments against evolution is
found right in physics itself. This has to do with the first two laws of
thermodynamics. These are the two most basic and certain of all laws
of modern physical science.

       The first is the law of energy conservation. You see, although
energy can be converted from one form to another, the total amount
remains unchanged—that is, energy is being neither created nor
destroyed at present.

       The second is the law of decay. It affirms that although the
total amount remains unchanged, there is always a tendency for it to
become less available for useful work. Harvard physicist, P.W.
Bridgman stressed the importance and universality of these laws:
‘The two laws of thermodynamics are...accepted by physicists as
perhaps the most secure generalizations from experience that we have,’
he had said, ‘The physicist does not hesitate to apply the two laws to
any concrete physical situation in the confidence that nature will not let
him down.’
       "(Significantly, these laws apply not only in physics and
chemistry but also in biology and geology. They have always proved
valid wherever tested.)

       The second law of thermodynamics affirms that there is a
universal tendency toward deterioration; a transition from a more
orderly state, to a less orderly state, to de-energization. Left to
themselves, things tend to fall apart and reach a state of chaos.
Consequently, where chromosome and gene mutations occur, they
are almost always detrimental, rather than beneficial.

       I rather like the way Isaac Asimov puts it: ‘As far as we know, all
changes are in the direction of increasing entropy, of increasing
disorder, of increasing randomness, of running down.’

        Evolution’s theory that things are ever evolving to a higher
state flies in the face of this law. Beginning at the top—culturally,
intellectually and physically, the race has degenerated, which is in
conflict with Evolution.

        Evolution implies that there has to be increasing organization
and complexity in the universe and is in effect a doctrine of
continuous creation. The first law of thermodynamics affirms,
however, that creation is no longer occurring, while the second law
states that the original creation is decreasing in organization and
requires a universal principle of upward change, whereas the second
law is a universal principle of downward change. EVOLUTION AND
law of thermodynamics, it has been confirmed by numerous and
varied scientific tests, while evolution is—and always has been—a
theoretical model not even capable of scientific testing.

        By no means is evolution universally accepted by scientists.
Yet it is often mistaken for science. You’ll be surprised, for example,
how many people have accepted the myth that ‘science has shown
there is not God.’ Evolution is in fact the kingpin of modern atheism
and world communism.

       But Evolution is in big trouble. No matter how
enthusiastically it tries to sell its speculations, something in nature
keeps standing up and saying No! The two great universal principles
of thermodynamics—energy conservation and deterioration—bear
witness to the scientific necessity of an original creation.

        Bible statements as to the destiny of man are supported by
these two principles. For example: the Genesis assertion that God
‘finished’ creating and ‘rested’ (i.e. ceased) from all His work of
creation, is a simple statement that the processes of creation no
longer operate, a fact which is thoroughly verified by the two
universal laws of thermodynamics.
       And when the Bible claims that since man’s severance of
communication with the infinite, this earth has become ‘subjected’ to
the bondage of decay for the present age,’ it is telling us that creative
processes have been replaced by deteriorating processes implicit in
the second law of thermodynamics.

       In short, the biblical record, once dismissed in favor of
evolution, is now seen to rest upon scientific foundations.

       At least since the time of Sir Isaac Newton, we have known
that the universe is running down. British research scientist Dr. Alan
Hayward, in his book, "God Is," put it this way:

        "So the universe is rather like a ship in mid-ocean, with its
fuel tanks half full and its stores half consumed. In the case of the
ship we know that somebody must have fueled and provisioned it at
the start of the voyage. But who originally filled up the ‘fuel tanks’ of
the universe with hydrogen fuel, and provided all the necessary
conditions for that fuel to be turned into heat at an appropriate rate?
There are still a great many scientists who answer that question the
same way as Newton did: THE CREATOR!


          That is all I will present to you tonight, which will leave some
time to answer questions. We will probably only be able to answer one of
the questions asked. However, because this was the most asked question,
I thought it appropriate to answer this one first. The question was asked
after Jonathan’s presentation: ‘If pre-flood man was as large as Jonathan
Gray said (14-18 feet tall and weighing about 1200 pounds), why are
there are no skeletal remains found?’ Another person asked it this way:
‘If it is as you say, that man was more than twice as tall as today’s man,
where is the evidence to support this statement. I have seen nothing by
way of evidence? Can you back up this claim?’

        Answer: "The question behind this question is whether man has
physically degenerated or is evolving into a superior race. Evolution
claims that we are improving. I will answer your question by again
referring to Jonathan’s book, "Dead Men’s Tales," pages 45 and 46.


       It has been stated by evolution that man is ever improving and
evolving into a higher state of being, but that is not demonstrated
according to science. In fact the opposite appears to be true.

      "The skull capacity (with its inferred brain size) of Cro-
Magnon man was at least equal to, and sometimes superior to our
own. Neanderthal (‘Stone Age’) man had an appreciably larger
cranium (1,600 cubic centimeters) than that of modern man.
        The cranial capacity of ancient man in Morocco (called
‘Mouillans’ by anthropologists) measured an average of 2,000 cubic
centimeters, compared to modern man’s cranial size of about 1,400
cubic centimeters. This suggests that the downward spiral of
intellectual capacity began soon after the Deluge.

       Mankind today is no more intelligent than he was a thousand
years ago, but we have accumulated more technology. We have the
accumulated knowledge of the past, upon which we can draw and
make improvements.

       Most people would be shocked if they knew that a general
regression is likewise evident in a good many species, both in the
vegetable and animal kingdoms.

        Agassiz was one of the first to observe that in many instances
the fish of extinct species were better developed and appeared ‘more
advanced’ than later species, the modern included. Agassiz spoke as
an authority in his field. Many better developed mammals likewise
became extinct. Similar observations have been made regarding
practically all of today’s life forms.

       While the fossil record presents better developed specimens
than those new living, another feature—larger size—has been
observed in association. This is a blow to the evolutionary concept.
‘Cope’s Law’ presumed that the evolutionary series would show
increase in improvement and size as time went on.

      Darwin found himself at a loss to explain how ‘now we find
mere pigmies compared with the antecedent allied races.’ Today’s
animals were once larger, like sheep, which were as big as horses.

        In Nairobi, museum director Richard Leakey showed off an
ancient skeleton of a twelve-year old boy. Commenting on widely
held scientific beliefs that man’s ancestors were smaller than modern
man, Leakey said: ‘This specimen confirms early hints that Homo
erectus individuals were fully as tall as modern people. We can now
ask if many modern populations are smaller than their early
ancestors and if so why?’

        Dr. Louis Burkhatter said the ‘existence of gigantic human
beings (in the past) must be considered as a scientifically assured
fact.’ On every continent are uncovered not only artifacts, but
footprints, skulls and skeletons of humans who far exceeded us in

       These are well documented. In fact, a fresh look at the fossils
led Weidenreich, of Manhattan’s American Museum of Natural
History, to the belief that ‘gigantism and massiveness may have been
a general or at least a widespread character of early mankind.’ This
supports the Genesis line that ‘there were giants in those days.’
       Some argue that large size would be inefficient due to
gravitational factors, but this is not true. The basic characteristics of
gravity still elude analysis by modern physics. A number of scientists
now believe that electromagnetic energy supersedes the orthodox
laws of gravity.

        Larger size may have been to man’s best advantage. There is
scientific reason to believe that gigantic size and long life go together.
The body cells become lighter, the blood moves more freely, there is
less fatigue and the body wears out more slowly.

       The concept of an era when mankind lived longer does persist
in the memory of most races. And scientific research in several
countries suggests that life spans of several centuries are possible
under certain conditions, a combination of factors such as apparently
obtained before the Deluge. MAN WAS ONCE A HIGHER,
MONKEY FAMILY. We are only a shade of the original man.

       We live today in a zoologically impoverished world. The fossil
remains show that in the past, plants and animals alike were, 1) more
widely distributed; 2) of greater variety; and, 3) greater in both size
and quality. Humans likewise were superior, even to living longer.
Physical degeneration, and not evolutionary improvement is the
story of life on this planet. You might say, like a clock once wound
up, but now running down.

        Jonathan’s remarks agree with what others have found. Carl
Baugh, director of the Creation Evidences Museum in Glenrose, Texas,
(see book and video list at the end of this chapter) has found
archeological evidence that consistently explodes evolutionary theories.
Such as large human footprints imbedded in those of a dinosaur track,
obviously made at the same time. They have done much scientific work
which has uncovered evidence to support a worldwide flood theory. They
have been able to show how the atmospheric condition of the world
before the flood was such that, as judged by today’s standards, everything
was of giant proportions as can be seen in the same fossil remains.

        Jonathan’s discoveries all point to the degeneration of man and
not his evolution from lower forms of life. The pre-flood people and the
immediate post-flood people were far more intelligent than we have ever
imagined. They knew all about metallurgy, and appear to have had
advanced knowledge of electricity.

        Ancient drawings and writings of the Mesopotamian region
indicates that they were knowledgeable about, and had contact with
ETs and space travel. Many pictures of saucers, people in space suits
have been found. Egyptians are known to have practiced
electroplating, for beads the size of grains of sand were engraved,
and plated with gold. Pictures show what appears to be light bulbs
with filaments and multiple wires coming out the back.
       The Sumerian people who lived right after the flood and
before the Egyptians, were possibly the most advanced civilization of
ancient times. Author Zecharia Sitchin wrote an article in the
October-November issue of the ‘Nexus’ Magazine. In this article he
outlined the skills of the Sumerians.

        The Sumerian civilization takes us back almost six thousand
years. I describe many aspects of this amazing civilization in my book
The 12th Planet. Without a precedent, out of nowhere, there sprang
out a civilization that had great cities, high-rise temples, palaces,
Courts of Justice, commerce, shipping, irrigation, metallurgy,
mathematics, medicine; its people included kings and priests, judges
and doctors, dancers and musicians. And above all, a written
language, scribes, schools, literature, epic tales, poems. Every aspect
of a high civilization that we can think of had its ‘first’ its beginning,
in Sumer.

        But most amazing of all was the Sumerian knowledge in the
field of astronomy. The astonishing fact is that all the principles of a
spherical astronomy, which is the basis of modern astronomy, were
inherited by us from the Sumerian’s. The concept of a celestial
sphere, an axis, the plane of orbit, the circle of 360 degrees, the
grouping of stars into constellations, the division of the skies into
twelve houses of the zodiac—even the pictorial depiction of the
zodiacs and their names—everything you can think of, we find in the
Sumerian astronomical tablets.

        We learned at school that the first one to suggest that the Sun
and not the earth was in the center of our planetary system was
Copernicus in 1543. Not so! There have been found Sumerian
pictorial depictions that not only show the Sun (not Earth) in the
center—and show also all the planets we know of today (plus, as will
be explained, one more). In many astronomical texts there planets
were listed, named and described, and called ‘members of the Family
of the Sun,’ they made up, together with Sun and Moon, a family of

        The familiarity of the Sumerians, thousands of years ago, with
all these members of the solar system is astounding. Until rather
recently, we ourselves did not know that there were more planets
beyond Saturn. Uranus was discovered in 1781. It may tell us
something about our ignorance when we realize that, when Botta and
Layard were discovering in Mesopotamia the tablets with all this
astronomical information, we did not even know of the existence of
Neptune; for Neptune was discovered only in 1846. And Pluto, the so-
called outermost planet, was found not visually but mathematically
only in 1930--less than sixty years ago. And yet, as one planetary list
after another establishes, the Sumerians knew it all.

      Indeed, when the NASA spacecraft Voyager-2 reached
Uranus in 1986 and sent back the first close-up photos of the distant
planet, I literally jumped out of my seat and shouted: ‘But that is
exactly how the Sumerians described it 6,000 years ago!’ And then,
as Voyager-2 was due to encounter the even more distant Neptune in
1989, I wrote articles predicting that a bluish-green watery planet,
with patches on its surface, will be found. I knew it in advance
because that was how the Sumerians described Neptune...."

      Sitchin goes to great lengths to show how the ancients had
knowledge of space travel and that ETs were identified by the
Sumerians as "Anunnaki."

        In my search for the tower of Babel, I tried to get some idea
from what the Bible says and from evidence around that area, how
the earth was repopulated after the flood by Noah and his family.
Jonathan’s research was much help. Findings indicate a very
advanced civilization that sprang up suddenly and existed at the
same time as the earliest Sumer civilization, which lived directly after
the flood and was a result of the dispersion of the people from Babel.
Quoting from his latest monograph about Babel, he says:

        "This advanced civilization lived in the Indus valley in
Pakistan. The early Indus civilization was completely unknown until
early in this century when the railroad was being built and workmen
found the brick ruins. When excavated, cities were found that were
technologically advanced to the extent that they rivaled some of
today. Will Durant in volume one of "The Story of Civilization,"
said: ‘These discoveries establish the existence... during the fourth
and third millennium BC of a highly developed city life; and the
presence, in many of the houses, of wells and bathrooms as well as an
elaborate drainage system, betoken a social condition of the citizens
at least equal to that found in Sumer, and superior to that prevailing
in contemporary Babylon and Egypt...Even at Ur the houses are by
no means equal in point of construction to those at Mohenjo-Daro.’
(p 394-5)

        The ruins of Mohenjo-Daro are incredibly well preserved.
They were not only build of brick, they were built of baked or kiln-
dried brick. Unlike sun-dried brick they remain intact throughout
rain, mud or whatever. But this may have been the reason that their
civilization disappeared. "For a thousand years the furnaces burned,
and the trees grew fewer. A forest breathes, giving off water-vapor,
which collects in the atmosphere and returns in the form of rain.
Remove the trees and the cycle is interrupted. In their lust for baking
bricks, the Harappans (the name used by archeologists for these
people) may well have turned their own valley into a desert.... Once
there was a mighty civilization in that valley. Today there is a
desert.’" (Empires in the Desert, page 99, Robert Silverberg, Chilton
Books, Philadelphia, NY, 1963)

      I have used the information to trace the probable migration of
Noah’s family from the ark site around Ararat in Turkey to Babel
and then to the rest of the world. The following are some of my ideas.
I will be quoting from Jonathan and other sources as indicated.


        When People set out from Babel, they were equipped with
great knowledge. From Noah and his sons they had learned about
cities and technology. When they founded their own civilizations,
they used that knowledge to plan their cities: ‘... Mohenjo-Daro.... is
the earliest preplanned city ever found anywhere in the world. It
consists like most Indus towns, of a large residential area at its lowest
level overlooked from the west by a high citadel, a fortified and much
smaller area. Below the citadel, the city was carefully designed for
about 40,000 people in a grid pattern apparently of 12 main earth-
paved streets, each about 9-13 meters (30-45 feet) wide. This street
grid enclosed blocks of fairly even size, each block consisting of
hundreds of houses very close together and opening off narrow lanes.
The lanes vary in width from about 1.2 to 3 meters (4-10 feet), and
are built with frequent right-hand angle bends-probably as a break
against the winds. Most of the houses excavated were quite spacious,
with several rooms around a central courtyard, a well and stairs to
an upper story.’ (Lost Worlds, by Alistair Service, Collins/London, 1981

        Many of the accounts of these cities mention the fact that there are
no doors or windows on the main streets, which is attributed to some sort
of ‘wind control’ or other such explanation. But I suggest that this design
is, once again, for protection from the wild animals that were reproducing
far more rapidly than the human population.


        But what is most amazing is the advanced design and
construction of these cities: ‘Some of the houses are so well preserved
that they could be occupied today, and use made of the bathroom as
well as the irrigation and drainage services.... For a primitive town,
in fact, the city of the Indus lacked neither grandeur nor comfort.
The principal avenues were sometimes over 35 feet wide, and some of
them crossed the town from one end to the other....their drainage
system has been miraculously preserved and according to
archeologists, is the most ingenious and complete system known to
antiquity. The brick conduits, arranged under the streets, received
the efflux from pipes placed in each house, and were linked to stone
sewers. At intervals these sewers were supplied with cesspools which
were easy to clean, while it was only necessary to move a few bricks
to clean out the small drains in the streets if they became blocked
up....They constructed a whole system of water mains which collected
the water from the rain falling outside the city and distributed it via
ingenious brick conduits which conducted it to wells in each
house...These water mains fed the bathrooms. Each house possessed
its own—and they were much the same as those still in use in India
today....' (The World of Archaeology [Vol. 1], page 97-98, by Marcel
Brion, Mac Millian Co., 1959

       "The noteworthy and recurrent features," writes Mortimer
Wheeler, "are the insistence on water-supply, bathing and
drainage....In some houses a built seat-latrine of Western type is
included on the ground or first floor, with a sloping and sometimes
stepped channel through the wall to a pottery-receptacle or brick
drain outside. These brick drains are remarkably well made and
cleverly designed. Nowhere else in the ancient world-except in the
palace of King Minos of Crete, at Knossos, is there the same modern
approach to waste disposal."’ (Empires in the Desert, page 108, Robert
Silverberg, Chilton Books, Philadelphia, NY, 1963).

       I suspect that this advanced knowledge of waste-disposal, etc.
came from one who had expert knowledge of the subject after living
with seven other people over a year in a ship filled with animals of
every kind.

        In the well fortified citadel of Mohenjo-Daro is found an
incredibly large grain storage bin. "This is a very large building, 150
feet long, 75 feet wide, with walls 20 feet high. This granary had 27
blocks with a recessed unloading bay for the carts bringing the grain.
The granary at Harappa, another Indus Valley city of the same date,
was built in 2 rows of six split by a street. Triangular ventilation
shafts lined the back of the granaries. Outside, there were 17 round
platforms for workers to process, or pound, the grain into flour."

        The people of this Indus civilization not only knew city
planning and construction, they raised wheat, melons, barley, dates
and cotton. They fished the river with nets. They raised cattle, sheep,
pigs and poultry. Their craftsmen made statuettes and figurines of
such quality that one would think they came from Greece over 1,000
years later. They fashioned elaborate jewelry of gold, silver, copper,
shell and stone. They had auger drills, as well as ‘household utensils
and toilet outfits; pottery painted and plain, hand-turned and turned
on the wheel; terra cottas, dice and chess-men; coins older than any
previously known...faience work of excellent quality; stone carvings
superior to that of the Sumerians; copper weapons and implements,
and a copper model of a two-wheeled cart, which is one of the oldest
examples of a wheeled vehicle; gold and silver bangles, ear-
ornaments, necklaces, and other jewelry "so well finished and so
lightly polished," says Marshall, ‘that they might have come out of a
Bond Street Jeweler’s of today rather than from a prehistoric house
of 5,000 years ago.’ (Our Oriental Heritage, Vol. 1, page 395, of The
Story of Civilization, by Will Durant, Simon & Schuster, 1954).

       They had lipstick, eye makeup which is still used today (kohl)
and perfume!: ‘Near this, the first lipstick known to antiquity was
found in the shape of a rectangular piece of red ochre, which elegant
women at this remote time already used to enhance the natural color
of lips and cheeks. This stick, one end of which is worn— to whose
lips was it last applied five thousand years ago?—lay on a small low
table beside vases of kohl, flasks of perfume, hairpins and bronze
razors.’ (The World of Archaeology, [Vol 1], page 113, by Marcel
Brion, Mac Millian Co., 1959)

        They even had cats and dogs within their cities which
indicates that they were domesticated. The proof of this comes from a
brick found in the city of Chanhu-Daro which bears the footprint of
a cat slightly overlapped by that of a dog. When the brick was laid
out to dry prior to going into the kiln, the cat must have whisked
across the bricks at a high rate of speed, followed by the speeding
dog, which is evidenced by the deep impress of their foot-pads.

       All this gives a whole new meaning to ‘there is nothing new
under the sun...’"

        This also applies to optical lenses and eyeglasses which have
been found in Egypt, Nineveh, Nimroud (Nimrod), and Babylon.
Pliny, (23 AD), Pythagoras (6 BC), Plutarch, and Archimedes all
mention eye-glasses and magnifying lenses. What the ancients knew
and wrote about astronomy indicates they had to have had some sort
of telescopes.

        Equally amazing is the feats of the ancient builders. In the
edge of the mountains of Lebanon, over 2,300 feet above sea-level is
Baalbek. Nothing is known of this site prior to the time the Romans
came in and built magnificent buildings over the existing remains.
But it is the existing remains which are the most astounding ever
found. The largest hewn stone on earth is found there. It measures 68
feet by 14 feet. Today, with our sophisticated engineering methods, it
is doubtful that we could even lift stones such as those of this size.

     But these early builders not only chiseled out these
‘humongous’ blocks, they moved them!

        At Baalbek, which Jonathan may have mentioned to you, are
ruins which the Romans much later built upon. Three great stones in
this foundation measure 63’x13’x10’ and were placed above the sub-
structure which measures 23 feet from the ground. Whoever built
this structure had engineering ability beyond our wildest dreams.
This is an example of the pre-flood knowledge passed from Noah and
his sons to their descendants after the flood. And as time passed, man
LOST much of this knowledge and ability.


       Though constructed several hundred years later, the huge
towers of rock erected by the ancient Egyptians is still a feat that has
long puzzled the engineers of today. There is one still in the ground
which measures 137 feet tall and would weigh about 1,170 TONS,
which was not finished because of flaws in the granite near its center.
Many theories have been set forth as to how these "primitive" people
were able to accomplish such astounding feats of engineering, such as
the construction and erection of these obelisks and the pyramids, but
the fact is that they did.


       If the knowledge of these puzzling discoveries which cannot be
explained aren’t simply put aside and forgotten, they are often
considered freakish finds and are found only in sensational books
which appeal to the tabloid newspaper set. "Serious" scientists and
scholars remain silent on them, unable to explain their existence.

       Such an example may have been mentioned by Jonathan last
week. "It is a find made in 1900. In that year, a sponge diver found
the wreck of a Greek ship from the 3rd century before Christ, laden
with statues and other objects. One strange object was a bronze
instrument encrusted with calcareous deposits. When it dried and the
outer wood encasing split, it broke into 4 flat fragments which
revealed parts of geared wheels. While it cannot be determined
exactly what this device was used for, x-rays revealed more than 30
gears of various sizes which meshed in parallel planes.

        There is one mention in the ancient records of a device which
may be similar. Cicero and Ovid both wrote of an ingenious
planetarium devised by Archimedes which simulated the movement
of the sun, the moon, and 5 planets. We’ll probably never know what
this device was or who made it. But once again, we see that
knowledge we think belongs to our time is only some of that which
was long ago forgotten." (Mysteries of the Past, p. 157, by L. Casson, R.
Claiborne, B. Fagan, W. Karp, Am. Heritage Pub, 1977


       There have been numerous discoveries of objects which have
been described as appearing to be dry-cell batteries. One example is
that found by German archaeologist Wilhelm Konig. While
exploring an ancient site in present-day Iraq, he discovered a terra
cotta vase containing an iron rod set inside a copper cylinder. This
idea that this resembled a battery was strengthened by the discovery
of rods presumably corroded by acid (possibly vinegar or wine). Yet,
we think the battery was invented in about 1800 A.D." (Into the
Unknown, The Readers Digest Association, Inc.) 1981

       There have been many discoveries made of objects of
advanced technology which could not be explained and were
therefore forgotten. But it only takes one to "upset the apple-cart."
Today, the "brilliant" scientists and scholars may tell the world that
they have found "black holes" and other discoveries which cannot be
proven, but they should keep silent until they can explain the simple
evidences which show that early man possessed vast knowledge and
abilities that we have only recently "rediscovered." The evidence of
man’s history is plain to those who will see.

       The discovery of these advanced civilizations shouts so loudly
against the idea of man evolving from lower forms of life, as to leave
the evolutionist with no logical recourse. Man did not evolve but
rather had degenerated with each succeeding generation.

question about the so-called humanoids and the primitive tribes seen
in the world today. Where did they come from? This is the most
positive proof one can find of the degeneracy of the human race
which are the descendants of Noah and his family. This is evolution
all right, BUT IN REVERSE.

        In closing I would highly recommend to you, if you have not
already purchased it, Jonathan Gray’s book, "Dead Men’s Tales." I
found it a gripping book which captures the imagination, bringing to
light the most amazing and compelling hard evidence, supporting the
creation of the earth by divine fiat, and populated with beings of
super intelligence and knowledge.

       I have shared with you what I believe the Lord led me to find.
I recognize that it is getting late, but for those who want to stay after
we dismiss, we will play the video evidence of my research projects. I
thank you all for coming and listening patiently. I bid you all God’s
speed. Goodnight!"

        Next week we will have as our guest speaker Dr. Robert Gentry
who will be introduced by a personal friend and author George
Vandeman, retired speaker of the "It is Written" telecast. Dr. Gentry will
present his startling discovery of how the rocks proclaim that the earth
came into existence instantaneously. He calls his findings ‘Earth’s tiny
mystery.’ His finding have yet to be refuted by the world’s leading
scientists. You will not want to miss what he has to say."


       July 12, 1997

       Bob Gentry Presents:


       Tonight we have the distinct pleasure of introducing to you
two people who are very special to me. Dr. George Vandeman, noted
TV lecturer and minister will introduce Dr. Bob Gentry well known
physicist for NASA and the space agency. The reason for this is that
Elder Vandeman is the person that led Bob in learning about God
and His love.

       It is with a great deal of pleasure that I introduce a personal
friend to you, pastor George Vandeman.

        Thank you Devon, I have looked forward to coming here ever
since you invited me and Dr. Bob. What I will share with you by way
of introducing Bob is taken from my little booklet, "Seeing is
Believing," Chapter Four entitled "Footprints in Stone." This has to
do with direct geological evidence supporting an instant creation. If
you want more details, Bob has written a detailed account in a book
entitled "Creation’s Tiny Mystery."


       The year 1968 was a bitter pill to swallow. January stormed in
with the North Korean capture of the USS Pueblo and the shocking
Tet Offensive in Vietnam. Springtime cursed us with the
assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. Summer
brought no relief as the Vietnam peace talks dragged on and anti-
war protests intensified!

        No doubt about it, 1968 was a year we would just as soon
forget. That is, except for Christmas Eve. A beacon of hope came to
us that night, the thrill of accomplishment. For the first time in
history men were orbiting the moon. And they were Americans! We
could hardly believe our eyes as television relayed the dramatic lunar
vista beneath Apollo 8. Astronauts Frank Borman, James Lovell and
William Anders sent their Christmas greetings from a quarter
million miles away. Then they read to us the first chapter of an old
Book. Comforting words, somehow familiar and yet nearly forgotten:
‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’

       The New York Times, commenting on that Scripture reading
from lunar orbit, observed, ‘Somehow it was exactly right.’ Yes,
what could have been more appropriate for our astronauts than to
recognize that the blue sphere they looked back upon exists not by
accident, but because God put it here?

       Some months after the mission of Apollo 8, I learned of a
rather unusual incident that had taken place that Christmas Eve.
Naturally, many reporters were present at the Space Center in
Houston, some of them from foreign nations. Among them were two
from a country without a Christian background. These men had
been deeply impressed as the astronauts read from Genesis. The
stark splendor of those grand words touched their minds and hearts.

      Not realizing they had been listening to Scripture, they asked
someone from NASA if a script from which the astronauts read
might be available. The American official replied with a meaningful
smile, ‘Why, yes, when you get back to your hotel room, just open the
drawer of your nightstand. You will find a book bound in black. The
script from which the astronauts read is on the very first page.’

       "In the beginning God created." Strange as it may seem, many
Christians in America are not as moved by these immortal words as
those atheist journalists were. Even many church-going scientists and
educators, searching for the origins of life, find themselves unable to
accept any answer that points to a Creator. They would gladly spend
millions of dollars probing outer space to find our roots. They would
welcome some ancient legend or embrace some dusty artifact, but not
the Bible account of Creation!

      They seem to enjoy bobbing like corks on the sea of
uncertainty. If they knew something for sure, they couldn’t speculate
anymore. All this to escape a Creator! All this to escape moral

         I’m convinced that doubting God’s Word is not just a problem of
logic. It’s more a problem of attitude. Human nature wants to ‘do its own
thing,’ although we might not want to admit it. So we hide our doubts
amid intellectual verbiage.

      It was Aldous Huxley who said, "The philosopher who finds no
meaning in the world is not concerned exclusively with a problem in pure
metaphysics, he is also concerned to prove that there is no valid reason
why he personally should not do as he wants to do" (Ends and Means, p.

       You see, if there is a Creator, then we stand accountable
before Him who gave us life. But if we are only sophisticated animals
arriving here by chance, then we have no responsibility. We can do
as we please. Or at least whatever we can get away with.

       No doubt about it, a God powerful enough to create is
unpopular in scientific circles. But lately we hear words of unrest
among scientists. Not a few have come to realize that life is too
complex to have sprung unannounced from a puddle of chemicals
sparked by random lightning bolts. Here and there we find
movement toward the Genesis account, what one writer calls "a
sheepish resort" to the idea of a Creator. Some scientists now boldly
declare their faith in the Bible account of creation. One of them,
Robert Gentry, has caused quite a stir among his peers by his
discovery of what one evolutionist calls "a tiny mystery."

      It is now time for Bob to come up and tell his story. Come on
up here Dr. Bob and share your experience with these good people.

       Thank you Elder Vandeman. It is with much pleasure that I
share with you good people what the Lord has done in my life and
the way He has led me. I grew up in a Christian home believing the
Biblical account of life’s origins. But while taking a freshman biology
course at the University of Florida, I began doubting the Scriptures.
By the time I finished my studies there, I had become a theistic
evolutionist—one who disbelieves the Genesis creation account but
still believes God exists.

        One day an agnostic friend recommended that I watch a
television program called "It Is Written." I had no idea religion was
involved until I tuned in to the telecast the next Sunday evening. But
as a result I became a regular viewer. When Elder Vandeman visited
Orlando in the spring of 1959 to conduct some lectures, my wife and
I invited him to our home.

       We discussed creation and evolution. He expressed to me his
conviction that those who discard the account of Genesis also
discredit the rest of the Bible. For instance, the Ten Commandments
teach beyond question that God created the world in six literal days.
We looked at the fourth commandment together:

       "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall
labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the
Lord your God. In it you shall do no work...for in six days the Lord
made the heavens and the earth....Therefore the Lord blessed the
Sabbath day and hallowed it." (Exodus 20:8-II)

       This Sabbath commandment directly challenged my
confidence in evolution. I had been trying to maintain faith in the
Bible by equating the six days of creation with six long geological
eras, but now realized that if such were the case the fourth
commandment would be saying something like this:

       "Six billion years you shall labor and do all your work, but
the seventh billion year is the Sabbath of the Lord your God. In it
you shall do no work...for in six billion years the Lord made heaven
and earth... and rested the seventh billion year, Therefore the Lord
blessed the seventh billion year and hallowed it."

       That gets a little ridiculous, wouldn’t you say? I thought so
too. So now I had a puzzle to solve. The Sabbath commandment
proved that Genesis 1 required six, twenty-four-hour days in the
creation week. But science seemed to indicate otherwise—
radiometric dating appeared to prove the earth to be billions of years
old. This conflict between Scripture and science caused quite a
dilemma for me. At first I thought I must either reject the Bible as
reliable or surrender my belief in science. Instead, I decided to
search out the scientific evidence to see for myself if it could be
reconciled with the creation account of the Lord’s Word.

       I began to realize that the case for evolution rested on shaky
ground. Everything depended upon a questionable assumption
known as the "UNIFORMITARIAN PRINCIPLE." This theory
supposes that the universe evolved through the ages by means of
physical laws that have never changed. If evidence could be found
disproving this supposed uniformity, the evolutionary theory would
fall apart. Geologists would have no basis for assuming that
radioactive decay has been constant throughout history, no basis for
believing the earth has existed for billions of years.

       With these thoughts churning in my mind, I moved my family
to the Atlanta area. There I taught physics while pursuing graduate
studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology. My quest for truth led
me to investigate radioactive halos. (These are imprints of
radioactivity in rocks which reveal the radiation present long ago
when the earth came into existence.) But the department chairman
wasn’t enthusiastic about this new area of study. For a year he tried
to discourage me.

        Finally he said to me, "Look, the time has come for me to tell
you frankly. If you want to do this research, fine, but you can’t do it
at Georgia Tech. I don’t think you’re going to find anything. But
what if you did? If you published evidence that disrupted the
evolutionary time scale, what would happen to Georgia Tech? You
would be an embarrassment to everyone." With that I knew I could
not continue at Georgia Tech. Under those circumstances I had to
forfeit my doctoral dreams.

        It was the summer of 1964 and I found himself nearly
destitute, without a regular income. We had exhausted our savings as
well as funds borrowed from relatives in launching new research into
those promising radioactive halos. We were determined to continue
this quest for truth, regardless of the consequences.

        For the next few months things remained rather bleak for us.
Nothing much happened in my research. But then I began noticing
under the microscope that certain rocks had unusual ring patterns.
These mysterious ‘radiohalos’ showed evidence of radioactivity with
a fleeting existence, lasting just a very brief time and then

        Let me explain it so you can understand it. Suppose I have a
glass of water and I put an Alka Seltzer tablet in it. The bubbles flow
out and then disappear within just a few seconds. Either I freeze that
water instantly and catch the bubbles in transit, or else they’re gone

       That’s exactly what I was looking at under the microscope.
Radioactivity in rapid transition, like those bubbles, had been
quickly trapped in earth’s foundation rocks. If those rocks had taken
hundreds of thousands of years to cool and solidify, as evolutionists
believe, these radiohalos could never have been formed. Something
with such a fleeting existence must have been trapped in a matter of
minutes. But how, I wondered. *****************

      Finally one spring afternoon in 1965 I received my answer. I
was home alone with my three children. The house was silent, it was
our "quiet hour," and my boisterous little ones were asleep. I moved
my borrowed microscope from the back room to the front of the
house to reexamine those fascinating halos.

       Suddenly, as I stared into the microscope, two verses from
Scripture flashed into my mind: "By the word of the Lord were the
heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth....
For he spake, and it was done; he commanded, and it stood fast"
(Psalm 33:6, 9).

        As I sat there stunned, a solution suggested itself. These
radiohalos in earth’s foundation rocks revealed radiation that had
been active long ago but since had ceased. So what most geologists
thought would have taken ages could have happened quite quickly.
Could this be scientific evidence of an instantaneous creation event?
Could these radiohalos, in a sense, be God’s fingerprints?’ As the
thoughts sunk into my consciousness, I realized this was something
really big! If this was true, the implications of this discovery were

        I decided that I would test my findings by subjecting them to
inspection by my peers in the world’s most reputable scientific
journals. But I knew that before anything could be published, it
would have to survive cautious and critical analysis. And once in
print, the article would be further scrutinized by evolutionists
everywhere. Any errors in my methodology would be quickly
exposed. In time I managed to publish more than twenty reports in
noted scientific journals. The only criticism raised was; "This can’t
be true because evolution is true." But my conclusions remained
intact, no one was able to find any fault with them.

        Note: Eventually Bob Gentry came to be recognized as the
world’s foremost authority in his particular subspecialty. The U.S.
Atomic Energy Commission invited him to do research as a guest
scientist at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

        It was October 27, 1981. I was at work in my office at Oak
Ridge when the phone rang. The Attorney General’s office from the
state of Arkansas was calling. They needed me to testify at the
forthcoming Arkansas creation trial as one of the science witnesses
for the state. The teaching of creation in public schools had been
opposed by the American Civil Liberties Union as being unscientific.
I was asked to meet the challenge by presenting my scientific
evidence for creation.

        My research was again subjected to more intense scrutiny by
some of the world’s most distinguished evolutionists. Then it came
time for the ACLU’s geologist to be cross-examined. Asked
specifically about the fleeting existence of radioactive halos, he
conceded that evolution had no satisfactory explanation for them.
The courtroom listened in awe as he could only say, "Gentry has
found a tiny mystery which scientists someday will solve."
       My friends, the testimony of earth’s granite rock halos is
creation’s tiny mystery. I know that scientists will never solve it
because the Creator of the universe has placed in those halos His
eternal fingerprints. Evidence that cannot be contradicted. Many
honest minds these days are becoming convinced about creation
because of what the Lord led me to discover. Whether or not people
accept the compelling data, one fact remains self-evident: It does
matter what we believe about our beginnings. For what we believe
about how we got here determines what we believe about God. If He
has misled us in the Bible about creation, how can He be a God
worth worshipping? And what we believe about our beginnings
determines what we believe about the future. For if we discard the
book of Genesis as myth and legend, why should we take the
prophecies of Revelation seriously?

       I Thank you for your attention and time. May God bless you

         Thank you Bob for that inspiring testimony. I thank all of you for
coming tonight. I know you feel like I do that it was well worth your time
and effort. Gradually the pieces of the puzzle about creation are being
fitted into place. When we are finished, the picture will be
incontrovertible proof about God and His creation that evolutionist and
the "no God" proponents will have no answer for. Proof that will show
that all their claims are groundless falsehood. We are now just about half
way through our lecture series and already we have presented enough
evidence to convince anyone who wants to believe.

        Next week we are going to have another special guest with us,
noted cosmologist Dan Smoot. His 17 year search for answers about the
cosmos and the big bang theory, adds yet another piece of the puzzle into
the picture puzzle supporting a finite Creator who created the universe
instantaneously. You will not want to miss this most interesting evening.
Until next week, thank you all for coming. I bid you all good night and
God’s speed.


                        LECTURE SIX
                          July 19, 1997
Welcome to all of you tonight on this very warm evening. We have asked
for the custodians to turn on the air conditioners and it should soon be
comfortable in here.
As mentioned at the close of last weeks lecture, Dr. Dan Smoot, noted
cosmologist is here with us tonight to share with us what he has found and
presented to the International Academy of Science’s convention in 1996.
We feel honored and privileged that he accepted our request to come. Dr.
Smoot, we welcome you to our community, and eagerly await to hear your
contribution to our symposium. We turn the time over to you.
Thank you Dr. Grey for inviting me to come and share with you what
is the love of my life, God’s wonderful cosmos. I will begin by giving
you a brief background into this subject and how I was led into this
Since the late 1920s and early 1930s, the powerful idea surfaced about
the origin of the Universe that, if true, would change man’s concept of
space forever. Also, that if correct, it would support the theory that
the cosmos had an origin and was not a static universe but one that
had a cataclysmic beginning and was ever expanding both in time and
space. As a result, cosmologists (scientists who study the cosmos,
space, or the Universe) were divided by two groups of thought.
The Static View: From the time when man first began to study and
observe the Universe and its visible celestial bodies, at a time when the
heavens could only be viewed with the naked eye, the Universe
appeared to be STATIC. The stars and planets always appeared in
the same spot in the heavens at the same time in earth’s year. From
earliest times planetariums made of stone were erected to view the
stars as they passed across stones placed in the ground. The pyramids
were built facing only one direction, oriented toward a fixed star.
The Expanding View: It was not until the time of Galileo, when he
invented and used the first telescope, that man’s understanding began
to gradually change about the Universe. Man could not see that there
was movement in space, dynamic happenings, comprising stupendous
events. With the invention of giant optical and radio telescopes, space
exploring satellites, and sophisticated measuring devices, man’s
concepts and ideas about space expanded, multiplying his knowledge
and understanding of the Universe and the laws governing its
The giant new Hubble telescope located in space is revealing startling
new images of a dynamic, ever expanding space. New objects in the
universe never before seen are uncovered to the amazement of all.
Every new discovery supports the observations that our infinitely vast
Universe is an ever-expanding universe. The current line of reasoning
about the Universe is 1) IT IS FINITE, that is, HAD AN ORIGIN, a
beginning, or was CREATED. This event is labeled the "Big Bang,"
AND SPACE. It appears that new galaxies star clusters are constantly
forming, and the means whereby this is taking place can now be
THE SEARCH FOR ORIGINS: Eighteen years ago I entered the field
of cosmology with a burning desire to prove the "big bang" theory to
be truth. After years of heartbreak, disappointment, trial and error, I
was finally successful in reaching my goal and wrote a book
describing my experience and findings. The solid scientific proof,
which supports the premise that the universe is dynamic and ever
expanding, is there for all to see.
But more important to me is that this was the creation of a super
mind with incomprehensible power defined as God, who created
matter, time and space from nothing. Beyond this, the findings
indicate clearly THE METHOD which God used to create the cosmos,
HOW He formed stars and heavenly bodies, and WHEN in time He
began the process. Furthermore, this creative process has an order
and timing that excludes the idea that the universe just happened by
random chance, as atheistic minds like to believe. After I became
heavily involved in this project, which became my life’s work, I
realized that God’s hand had been leading and guiding me; that I had
a contribution to make which would glorify Him and prove to be
irrefutable evidence against those who do not believe in a finite being
or if they believe, doubt His methodology.
I believe that my search for truth is a prime example of how God
leads when we seek knowledge and understanding about Him and His
Universe. I deem it a privilege to have had the opportunity to do this.
Any person (scientist) who is honest and seeking for answers about
God, will be lead to the truth regarding God’s existence and the
vindication of His Word. (The following information was taken from
Dan’s book, "Wrinkles in Time.").
Cosmology is defined as ‘the science of the Universe.’...No study has
excited more interest and conjecture than that of the universe, the
cosmos, or outer space. Beginning twenty-five hundred years ago the
ancient Greeks organized their observations of the world into
cosmological models. The Egyptian astronomer Ptolemy altered it in
his time to account for celestial observations and it remained the
standard cosmological model for another fifteen hundred years. (p
Over the past four centuries a series of astronomical observations and
experiments have radically altered our view of the Universe. Just as
Aristotle’s geocentric Universe was replaced by the heliocentric
Universe of Copernicus, Copernicus’s Universe was soon replaced by
Newton’s, and Newton’s eventually by Einstein’s. We currently live in
Einstein’s Universe, but this worldview may also someday become
inadequate. One of the themes of my book, and of the history of
science, is that no theory is sacrosanct. As we expand our powers of
observation through technology and experimental ingenuity, we must
modify our theories to fit what we see.
When I took up cosmology in 1970, a change was taking place in the
science. In the past, astronomy and particle physics had
independently pursued fundamental questions about nature. But by
1970, a union of these two disciplines had begun to occur. This union
of the study of the incomprehensibly large (astronomy) and the
unbelievably small When I took up cosmology in 1970, a change was
taking place in the science. In the past (particle physics) promises to
move human curiosity closer to answering the ultimate questions.
Indeed, it is already delivering on that promise, as experiment and
theory allow us to look back toward the slimmest imaginable margin
of time, some 10 to the 42 seconds (that is, one millionth of an
trillionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second) after what we
believe to be the origin of the universe.
The scope of cosmology begins at that moment and encompasses the
subsequent evolution of our cosmos, which grew from being the tiniest
fraction of the size of a proton (one of the elementary particles from
which all known matter is made) to an essentially endless expanse.
This theory of an expanding cosmos is popularly known as the "BIG
BANG." To cosmologists, the big bang is a powerful theory that has
dominated the science for the past three decades. As words imply, the
theory envisages the universe’s beginning with a mighty eruption.
Unlike a conventional explosion, however, the big bang did not move
CONTINUES TO DO SO). The big bang was the cataclysmic creation
of matter and space. To understand the conditions that allowed the
big bang to occur, we must abandon our commonsense notion of
matter and energy and time and space as separate. The universe at
the moment of creation existed under very different conditions and
probably operated according to different laws than it does today.
Reality in cosmology sometimes evades our comprehension.
Big bang cosmology holds that the universe is expanding and evolving.
When one looks back in time, the Universe is more dense and hotter
and its contents younger. At the very beginning, there are only seeds.
Though the pedigree of big bang cosmology reaches back to an idea
developed between 1927 and 1933 by Georges-Henri Lemaitre, a
Belgian priest, it wasn’t until 1964 that the theory emerged as the
dominant explanation of how the universe came to be the way it is. (p
Science has moved from the Greeks’ four basic elements to the
modern view of a world made of atoms. At low temperatures these
atoms combine to form very complex and complicated structures. As
temperature increases, the higher random heat energy breaks the
linked atoms apart into simpler and more symmetric pieces. For
example a solid snowflake melts into water, a liquid, which vaporizes
into steam—a gas composed of individual molecules of H2 O. At
higher temperatures the molecules split apart into individual atoms of
oxygen and hydrogen. At a still higher temperature the electrons are
stripped from the atoms. Scientists had found that atoms were
actually simpler than they looked—they were made of electrons in a
cloud around a tiny dense nucleus and that nucleus was composed
only of protons and neutrons. The number of protons determined the
number of electrons in the atomic cloud and thus the chemical
properties of the atom. The electrons on the outside of the atomic
cloud were the handles by which atoms could join together to make
substances. The electrons were clearly simple—very lightweight,
point-like particles, all identical, and carrying a single unit of electric
charge. "This made a wonderfully simple picture: All of matter is
made by combining in different ways just three simple particles, the
electron, proton, and neutron. These composites, in turn, combine to
make even more complex structures. Unfortunately nuclear physicists
found out that the proton and neutron are not simple, like the
In high-energy collisions, new particles were being discovered by the
handful. The force holding the neutrons and protons in the nucleus
(the strong nuclear force) turned out to be not nearly as neat and
simple as the electrical force holding electrons to atoms, or the gravity
holding us on the earth. At high energies, physics seemed to have
turned messy. The strong force was very complicated. This was a
reversal of the pattern that made physics so beautiful and
Ideally, physics should reduce the number of things that are separate
and that have to be remembered and explained. Instead, the
interactions were now more complicated and there was a plethora of
particles with no known use.
This also gave me pause about the big bang model. If elemental nuclei
were so hard to understand, how could anyone hope to understand
Georges-Henri Lemaitre’s primordial atom with its nucleus as big as
the Solar System? At nuclear densities the universe would be very
complicated. How could we find out how the universe began? (p 14-
This perceived problem gave impetus to my desire to find an answer.
Fortunately or providentially, I met Professor David Frisch, who
recruited me to work with his group for his senior thesis project. They
had set up a detector at the big accelerator at Brookhaven National
Laboratory on Long Island and had gathered reams of data showing
the debris resulting from collisions of the accelerator’s high-energy
protons including deuterium nuclei in the detector. In this debris were
traces of many unstable particles traveling nearly at the speed of light.
The results of this data showed that "all the extra particles the
scientists had found were simply unstable combinations of quarks that
quickly split into more stable combinations." (p 16)
It showed that "at higher energies, things get less complicated and
more symmetric. This made the big bang look more tractable. Things
became simpler and easier the closer one got to the beginning of the
Universe. It was now easy for me to imagine everything in the
Universe compressed into a region smaller than a proton. When one
reaches Lemaitre’s primordial nucleus, just keep pushing. The
protons and neutrons dissolve into a soup of quarks. If the quarks are
really point-like, or at least very, very tiny, then it is no problem to
push them into a region the size of a proton. With a great many
quarks packed together, they resist less than when there are only
three in the volume of a proton. This compression does, however,
require an unimaginably high temperature. (p 16,17)
Without getting too technical, I realized that this concept provided the
breakthrough I needed. At that point I realized that the origin of the
cosmos was probably the creation of God, rather than a state of just
being, and that time and space were interwoven, meaning that there
had to have been a beginning point.
In 1993, an annual meeting was held in Boston by the American
Association for the Advancement of Science. In a session called "The
Theological Significance of Big Bang Cosmology," scientists and
theologians sought connections between the fundamental science of
the big bang, as described by current theory, and the Christian story
of creation. (p 17)
It was agreed upon that a parallel exists between the big bang as an
event and the Christian notion of creation from nothing. As science,
the big bang is a powerful theory for explaining the origin and the
evolution of the universe. (P 17,18)
In 1938, a researcher, Carl Friedrich von Weizsaker, after concluding
that the interior of the Sun and other stars wasn’t hot enough to fuse
light elements into an abundance of heavier elements, suggested that a
super-hot primordial "fireball" might have been involved in the
creation of the Universe. He conceived of a fireball as big as the Milky
Way—perhaps even as large as the whole cosmos.
A fireball of this size would, he conjectured, fly apart, ejecting matter
into space that we now see as the galaxies. He theorized that that
matter would include heavy elements "baked" in the intense heat (4
million degrees), elements that eventually condensed into celestial
objects such as the earth, sun, and moon. The thought was that this
intense heat of a created star would fuse lighter elements such as
hydrogen into an abundance of heavier elements. But it was argued
that no such heat was available in space. Eddington, wrote in his
book, "Stars and Atoms," "I am aware that many critics consider the
conditions in the stars not sufficiently extreme to bring about the
transmutation—the stars are not hot enough. The critics lay
themselves open to an obvious retort, we tell them to go and find a
hotter place." (pp 60-64)
In that year, two American radio astronomers discovered what
appeared to be the dim afterglow of the ancient cataclysmic event.
That afterglow, an all-pervasive hum of radiation with a temperature
equivalent of barely more than 3 degrees Kelvin (three degrees above
absolute zero), is known as cosmic background radiation, and it
provides us with a faded snapshot of the universe as it was some three
hundred thousand years after the big bang. It is within the
background radiation that my colleagues and I hoped to discover our
wrinkles in time, the Holy Grail of cosmology.
One of the greatest challenges to the big bang theory has been to
explain how matter is distributed through the ever-expanding space of
the cosmos. It is possible to imagine that all matter would have been
scattered evenly through space, making the Universe a homogeneous
cloud of gas, with an average density of about one hydrogen atom
every ten cubic meters....Had the Universe today, some 15 billion
years after it formed, been a virtually unending cloud of gas, the night
sky would be unrelentingly black, and we would not be here to
observe it. However, we know from our very existence that something
(GOD) in the evolution of the Universe caused matter to condense,
into stars and planets—and, ultimately, LIFE (However, not just life
on earth, with a probability approaching 100 percent, but on millions
of other planets too, including some in our own Milky Way). "Again,
it is possible to imagine that stars, like our own Sun with its orbiting
planets, could have been distributed evenly throughout the Universe,
a uniform cloud of countless billions of points of light in the night sky.
But, again, we know from our own experience that that is not the case.
Our sun is but one of a hundred million similar stars in a huge, disk-
shaped, rotating spiral galaxy, the Milky Way, seen as a wispy band
across the night sky. To all intents and purposes, all stars are
members of such galaxies. Matter is therefore dumped together not
only as stars gut also as collections of stars, or galaxies.
Again, it is possible to imagine that all galaxies, once they had formed
from the condensation of matter into a community of stars, could have
been distributed evenly throughout the Universe, a uniform cloud of
blurred spirals in the night sky. A major discovery of recent
cosmology is that this, too, is not the case. Galaxies are often collected
together, not only as clusters of thousands of galaxies, but as even
larger entities known as super-clusters, and structures larger yet,
some many millions of light-years in extent. In other words, matter in
the universe is highly structured. A useful image of the universe is a
foam composed of soap bubbles, in which the walls of the bubbles
represent concentrations of galaxies and their interiors represent vast
empty volumes of space.
But the structure and formation of visible matter is only part of the
conundrum for the modern cosmologist. Go out tonight and, if you
are blessed with a clear sky and little extraneous light, look deep into
the heavens. If you use binoculars or a telescope you will see a night
sky ablaze, such as Galileo saw it four centuries ago, holding millions
of stars and galaxies, the stuff of creation. This is what we usually
think of when we talk about the Universe. However, it is what you are
not seeing that is of increasing importance to theorists.
If modern cosmology is correct, the shining stars in the dark night sky
CREATION (emphasis added). Most matter CREATED during the
big bang may be completely alien to us: invisible to our eyes and quite
beyond our physical experience. (pages 8-12)
This is a "giant cosmological puzzle which relates to the central
search of cosmology for the past three decades. The discovery in 1964
of cosmic background radiation appeared to confirm the reality of the
big bang. But it left unanswered a key issue: How did the big bang
lead to the formation of stars, galaxies, galactic clusters, and so on, by
the condensation of the stuff of creation? If the big bang happened,
clues to the formation of the structures we see in today’s universe
should be evident in the earliest remnants of the fury of creation.
   The clues should be evident in the cosmic background
Background radiation from all regions of the universe looked
uniform, a picture showing a smooth fabric of space and energy. But
According to the big bang theory, matter (familiar and unfamiliar)
could have condensed and subsequently formed galactic structures in
such areas through gravity. These wrinkles—we can also call them
cosmic seeds from which the galaxies grew—must have been present,
otherwise modern cosmology, and specifically the big bang theory,
would be in serious trouble. Ibid, pp 12-14.
Because of this puzzle, I was driven to look for these "wrinkles" or
variations in the fabric of space which would prove the big bang
theory, which describes an instantaneous creation of the universe.
This endeavor took me 17 years, after which time my colleagues and I
eventually, by the use of a satellite, found these wrinkles, thus proving
that the "big bang" hypothesis was correct.
For creationists the implications are enormous, for once having
proved by the laws of nuclear physics (God’s natural laws regulating
matter and space), that the universe had a beginning, the cosmologist
was then forced to answer THE QUESTION OF WHO OR WHAT
STARTED THIS BIG BANG. Newton recognized and admitted that a
divine power must be necessary to ensure that stars "would continue
in that posture [spaced at equal distances] without motion for ever
(the law of gravity and the attraction of one body toward another).
This of course was a very unpopular idea with the scientists of his day.
As the data from space was compiled, we felt there was only one
possible explanation for the beginning or origin of the universe.
CREATED THIS UNIVERSE. Our scientific research and
exploration, undeniably confirms this hypothesis. There is no other
possible answer that can adequately explain the order and structure
of the cosmos. A universe created by random chance could never have
happened without an overriding intelligent controlling power, which
of course could only be God the Creator.
If one accepts that the Universe had its beginnings 15 billion years
ago, was created by the Word of God, and is an ever expanding
universe from its initial creation, then of necessity heaven, or God’s
dwelling place had to be somewhere else, perhaps in another Universe.
It is utterly impossible for the human mind to grasp or understand
concepts of this magnitude and vastness. But then, it is not necessary
for us to do so, for the only point which God would have us mindful of
is that He is LOVE, that He is our Creator, and that there is no limit
to His creative power and abilities, which includes His power to save
us from the enemy Satan.
Most important of all is that, OUT OF LOVE, He sent His only Son,
the Creator, to earth to die for our sins so that we might someday, if
faithful, live for eternity in God’s eternal universe to live in the glory
of His presence. What incomprehensible unfathomable love is this,
coming from a being with such vast powers that He holds not only our
world in place but all the numberless stars, planets, galaxies, and
possibly unnumbered universes?
I thank you for allowing me to come and share my findings. If my
remarks were somewhat over your heads, I apologize. Of necessity I
had to present this bare minimum to show the principles of particle
physics and how this proves the "Big Bang" theory.
Thank you Dr. Smoot for your most enlightening contribution, and thank
you audience for coming tonight. Next weeks symposium topic will be
"The Witness of Nature." This involves nature around us in the natural

                     LECTURE SEVEN
                          July 26, 1997

Good evening to all of you, we are happy that you have come again for
this seventh in our series on Creation. As announced last week,
tonight we are privileged have for the second time Pastor George
Vandeman, originator of the "It is Written," telecast as our guest. It
was just two weeks ago, at my request that he came to introduce Dr.
Bob Gentry. Although not a scientist in the strictest sense, he is
nevertheless a scientist of religion. He has studied and read widely
and is very knowledgeable, having written extensively about many
things. I have asked Brother Vandeman to share with us some more
information out of his book, "Seeing Is Believing." Pastor Vandeman,
we again welcome you back and wait eagerly to hear what you have to
share with us.
Thank you Devon for inviting me back. It is my pleasure to come and
share with you what God has revealed about Himself through nature.
First off tonight, I would like to turn your attention to the evidence of
God as found in light, color, motion, shape, and perspective.
There’s much more to vision than meets the eye. Every time we open
our eyes, we must translate an incredibly complicated mass of
information into images that make sense. We see with our brains. And
what we see can even help our minds to believe.
Isn’t it interesting that all these concrete, physical objects become real
to us only because of something as insubstantial as light, something as
spiritual, perhaps, as light. Plants take on a definite shape in the light.
Wood shows its texture and form, in the light. The walls define the
size of the room in the light.
When we turn on all the lights, everything seems real. Now we can
believe. Without light, we can’t see to believe. Did you ever stop to
wonder why? And did you ever wonder just how the human eye does
see? Is it a camera, snapping away and sending pictures to the brain?
Does it record scenes electrically? Let’s look at just how light and our
eyes work together.
When light strikes our eyes, it first hits the transparent cornea. The
iris, located behind the cornea, controls the amount of light entering
the eye by changing the size of the pupil, the hole in its center that
appears black.
Once the proper amount of light has been admitted into the eye, it
must be bent in order to focus. The cornea, because of its bulging
surface, bends light sharply toward the center of the eye. The light
then reaches the tiny lens, which is about the size and shape of a small
bean. The lens consists of over 2,000 infinitely fine layers of
transparent fiber.
This lens, unlike the lens in a camera, is pliable and can bulge slightly
or flatten out. This changes the way light is bent and thus helps the
eye to focus very sharply. Human vision is extraordinarily flexible.
We can focus on objects a few inches from our nose and then switch
instantly to a clear, sharp view of a distant star.
After being focused by the lens, light passes through the clear jelly-
like substance that fills most of the interior of our eyes. This vitreous
humor is matched to the lens in such a way that it keeps light
traveling in the same focused path.
Finally light hits the retina, a pink coating that covers the back of the
eye. The retina corresponds roughly to film in a camera. Packed into
the retina lie what are called rods and cones. These photoreceptors
contain light-sensitive pigments.
The rods and cones are a bit like having two kinds of film in a camera.
Plump cones are most active in bright light. They give us full colored,
sharp vision. The slender rods are for dim light. Like highly sensitive
black-and-white film, they create a monochromatic picture when little
light is available. That is why color seems to disappear at night and
we see basically different shades of gray.
About 130 million of these rods and cones are mixed together
throughout the retina, occupying an area the size of a postage stamp.
This enables us to switch with relative ease from vision in bright
sunlight to vision in very dim light.
Our photoreceptors, the rods and cones, also perform another vital
function. They transform the light they receive into signals, partly
electrical and partly chemical. These coded signals are what will reach
the brain.
To carry those signals, retinal nerve fibers are required. These fibers
create a complex interconnected network that fans out over the retina.
This data collection system brings all signals together at one point.
The nerve fibers are bunched together like a cable and pass out the
back of the eye as the optic nerve. Now things are just beginning to get
complicated. The optic nerves from each eye crisscross in the brain.
They somehow exchange information so that the images from two eyes
can be coordinated into one stereoscopic field of vision. Then a new
set of specialized nerve fibers picks up the signals and carries them to
the visual cortex in the back of the brain. In this small mass of gray
matter, the actual phenomenon of ‘seeing’ takes place.
The billions of cells in our visual cortex are arranged in a number of
layers. All these cells have highly specialized functions. Some send
projections to other areas of the brain where memory and association
occur. Most add, combine, exchange, and organize visual data in some
mysterious way yet to be fathomed. The result is perception, a picture
in the mind.
Clearly, seeing is no simple matter. The organs that produce sight are
a marvel. Scientists tell us that the delicate engineering of the eye’s
cornea and lens makes the most advanced camera seem like a child’s
toy by comparison. The tiny rods and cones in the retina transform
light into electricity and chemistry through processes the most
sophisticated laboratory cannot reproduce. And finally, brain cells in
our visual cortex synthesize countless bits of data into the miracle of
perception something no high-tech computer can come close to doing.
Engineering, chemistry, information processing all are involved every
time we open our eyes. All suggest that our eyes are marvelously
designed. In fact, the more we learn about vision, the harder it is to
ascribe all this ingenuity to chance.
The eye all but demands a Creator. We have to ask, Could the human
eye have simply evolved from something simple to its present
complexity? Let me tell you what Charles Darwin said about that.
Darwin, you recall, is the man who first proposed the theory of
evolution. But at one point he stated that the thought of how the eye
could possibly be produced by natural selection made him ill.
There’s a very good reason why the human eye is so distressing to the
evolutionist and why it presents such a stumbling block to developing
a consistent model of natural selection. The theory of evolution states
that organisms change through natural selection. That means, for
  example, that strong, healthy animals are naturally selected to survive
  over weaker ones because they are better adapted to their
  environment. And slowly animals become better and better adapted.
  Beneficial changes are preserved; harmful changes are weeded out.
  All this, however, must happen over millions of years as a result of
  millions of tiny genetic changes. These mutations, it is believed,
  gradually accumulate and result in more complex living things.
  Now here’s the problem. The human eye is absolutely useless unless
  complete. It simply can’t gradually evolve. There is no way that part
  of an eye could be beneficial to an animal. Natural selection would
  eliminate, not preserve, any partially developed eye organs.
  The lens, which focuses light, would be useless without the retina,
  which senses light. All the light received would serve no purpose
  without the nerve fibers that carry signals to the brain. And these
  signals would be useless without the visual cortex, which interprets
  Vision involves a complex interaction of nerves, muscles, fluids,
  glands, and brain cells. All must be perfectly integrated and balanced
  in order for us to see. Everything must be functioning or nothing
  functions. So you see it is very, very difficult to imagine how
  something like the eye could develop gradually.
  Thinking about it made Darwin ill. But it need not make us ill. The
  eye isn’t just a baffling mystery. It is a wonderful work of art if we
  understand it as the work of an Almighty Creator.
  If we will only open our eyes to the wonder of vision, seeing can help
  us see the Creator God.
  We can see how vision and the eye point to a Designer or Creator. The
  Bible also tells us that light itself can point to Him. God is light. He
  illuminates. He warms. He makes things real. The symbol is pretty
  clear. But, you know, scientific discoveries about light have shown
  more about why it is an especially fitting symbol.
  At first, light seems pretty simple. Look at any light source and you
  see just a flood of white. But if you pass a ray of light through a prism,
  you see something quite different. The glass of the prism refracts or
  bends light and spreads the ray into its different wavelengths, causing
  the whole spectrum of color to appear.
It was through experiments like this that scientists long ago discovered
that light actually contains all colors. The light we call white combines
every color in the rainbow. In fact, color itself exists only through light.
  Normally we think of an object’s color as something it possesses,
  something painted on it. The redness of an apple seems a part of it,
  period. The color orange seems inescapably a property of an orange.
  But, in fact, the light falling on such objects is what gives them their
color. When the colors in white light reach an apple, it reflects back to
our eyes only one part of the spectrum, red light. The surface of an
orange reflects back to our eyes only orange light."
Exploring the local park or forest, most of us see only a mass of green,
an assortment of nondescript leaves and branches spread before us.
Little do we dream, on our Sunday afternoon strolls, that we are
unwitting witnesses to architectural feats, chemical marvels,
innovative aviation, and complex data processing. It’s right here, if
only we look closely enough.
Most of us use plants simply to grace our living rooms, add color to
our porches, freshen up our offices. They’re nice to have around, of
course. Nice to have in the background. We don’t notice them that
much. We don’t notice, for example, how much is involved in what
appears to be a simple, common thing: a plant turning toward the
light. We just kind of expect them to do it. They turn toward the light
naturally; they’re attracted to it. Plants need sunlight to stay healthy,
to grow. But how do they do it? And how do they manage that
technological feat of turning light directly into energy?
Much of the information shared in this chapter is based on a study of
plants by science writer Felix Paturi. He called his work, "Nature,
Mother of Invention." In this chapter we’re going to see just how
incredibly inventive Mother Nature is by looking at plant prodigies.
Plants are masters of what is called ‘phototropism,’ the movements of
plants when stimulated by light. They pack all the necessary
mechanics—the means of measuring, interpreting, and moving—into
one compact unit. And it’s incredibly sensitive. A plant kept in a dark
room for a day will react to a single flash of light two-thousandths of a
second long. In a tree or bush, individual leaves bend and turn so that
as few as possible are overshadowed and all take in adequate
radiation. Plants have solved an energy problem that still plagues our
industrialized world, and they’ve done it on a large scale. They use
energy efficiently and without hazardous wastes. Think about it.
Plants have been producing refuse for thousands of years, far longer
than factories. But they dispose of wastes without pollution. Their
wastes are broken down in the soil to become food again. Production
and decomposition cancel each other out. Everything is recycled. Such
a well-balanced system can go on functioning indefinitely.
Sun power makes roses red, violets blue, and ferns green. Is it any
wonder the psalmist was moved to write in praise of Jehovah: ‘He
makes grass grow for the cattle, and plants for man to cultivate,
bringing forth food from the earth’ (Psalm 104:14, NIV)!
The psalmist saw a wise Creator in the wonder of growing things.
How much more should we see that now. Sunlight is a vital part of the
miracle. And so is water. Let’s look at how plants absorb it.
Say you live in an apartment on the sixth floor, about sixty feet from
the ground. And let’s say you and your family use forty gallons of
water a day. It takes an extensive pipe system and a lot of pressure to
pump those forty gallons, sixty feet up in the air. That’s one reason
you get those nice little bills every month.
But did you realize that a full grown birch tree does that much work
on a hot summer day? It gets forty gallons up to its branches and
leaves every day, without electricity or gas or power pump. In fact,
the tree itself needs to supply no energy to do this. Everything is
When water evaporates from the leaves, it creates a constant
compensating suction of water below. The suction continues through
twigs, branches, and trunk down to the roots.
This happens because the tree’s ‘water pipes’ are actually many,
many microscopic tubes. No man-made suction pump has ever
managed to pull water up more than thirty feet. Columns of water
suctioned higher than this in ordinary pipes inevitably collapse. But
the tallest of trees are able to suction up water to their uppermost
branches because of their ‘capillaries’ tiny tubes a few thousandths of
a millimeter in diameter.
How true these words ring from Psalm 104:16: ‘The trees of the Lord
are well watered, the cedars of Lebanon that he planted.’
The trees that He planted, indeed, how ingeniously they are watered.
But there’s much more to plant technology and engineering. Did you
know that plants are also extraordinary architects?
In the 1850s, architect Sir Joseph Paxton entered a competition to
design the building that would house London’s world exhibition. He
longed to outdo his rivals with an epoch-making design. Paxton
conjured up a building of gigantic dimensions, which would have
nothing heavy or clumsy about it; he imagined a structure that would
produce the effect of lightness, even weightlessness. But the problem
was, there was no way to construct such a building at the time. Large
structures required massive walls to support them. There seemed no
way to create the graceful, airy building Paxton had in mind.
But then he remembered a certain plant he’d worked with as a
gardener in his youth: the royal water lily. The floating leaves of this
lily are huge, up to six feet in diameter, and very thin. But in spite of
this, they’re quite stable. They achieve this stability by a complicated
strutting on the underside. Ribs radiate from the center of the leaf
outward, splitting up into many branches.
The royal water lily gave Paxton the key to making his architectural
dream come true. He used a few main struts connected by many small
ribs in his design. And he won the competition. The result? The
Crystal Palace of the world exhibition, a smashing success. It proved
to be a great turning point in architecture. The bold skyscrapers of
steel and glass we see all around us today actually date back to that
graceful, airy Crystal Palace, and, yes, back to the remarkable design
of the royal water lily.
Plants have also mastered the art and science of aviation. And they
did it long before Orville and Wilbur Wright propelled their frail
craft into the air. We see this most often in the way seeds navigate to
suitable soil. If a tree dropped its seeds straight down, the seedlings
would have to try to grow in the shade of the parent tree and would
soon choke each other out. Seeds need to be transported away from
the parent tree or plant, and this is accomplished in a variety of ways.
The common dandelion sends its seeds aloft by means of tiny
parachutes. First the plant actually measures relative humidity,
temperature, and velocity. "It will release its seeds only when
conditions are just right. A steady wind must be blowing, not just a
brief gust; the air must be warm and dry indicating that rising wind
currents will prevail. Only then do the flying seeds let go and venture
on their all-important journey. And these dandelion seeds, hanging
under their parachutes like so many paratroopers, are able to travel
remarkable distances.
Several other plants also transport seeds by means of parachutes. And
what’s very interesting is that these plants come from widely different
botanical families. They are not confined to one species or genus; they
are not one type of plant. Now this presents a real problem for the
theory of evolution. Its one thing to assume that one plant group
managed to evolve this ingenious parachute solution to the problem of
seed transportation. That, in it self, takes a lot of faith. But to believe
that a whole range of different plant types all developed this same
amazing solution to a common challenge, takes more faith than I
could ever muster.
I hope you are beginning to see that behind all the ingenuity of plants
solving technical problems lies one common denominator, one
common source: an ingenious Creator.
From parachutes we move to gliders. The most interesting example is
probably the winged seed of the tropical liana. It grows high up in the
branches of its parent tree amid beautiful, shining green leaves. The
liana seed develops two curved wings, transparent, gleaming, and very
elastic. When the seed releases from the tree, it glides away in the
Coldly objective scientists grow eloquent when observing this bit of
plant aeronautics. One professor described the liana glider in this
way: ‘Circling widely, and gracefully rocking to and fro, the seed
sinks slowly, almost unwillingly, to the earth. It needs only a breath of
wind to make it rival the butterflies in flight.’
Early aviation pioneers were also impressed with the perfect flight of
the liana seed. In building craft light enough to soar in the wind,
stability was the key. Early flying machines kept falling apart. But the
liana glider’s gossamer winds were remarkably stable. And so two
flying pioneers, Etrich and Wels, made use of the liana seed in
designing a tailless glider. The craft that resulted in 1904 proved to be
a milestone in aviation history, gliding for about 900 meters. Another
technological marvel pointing to nature as the mother of invention.
Well, we’ve seen parachutes and gliders in the plant world; how about
helicopters? The Norway maple seed is one example. It comes
equipped with tiny curving wings. When the seed falls from the tree,
air friction causes it to rotate quickly. It spins in a spiral path around
the nut at its base. The effect is exactly the same as that produced by
spinning helicopter blades. The rotation creates a complete circular
surface, which the wind can grip. And so, of course, the seed falls
much more slowly, and the tiniest bit of wind can push it more than
100 yards. Aeronautics! Who would have thought that trees would
lead the way? Who can fathom the creative Mind behind it all?
Think for a moment of a mainframe computer, one of the truly great
feats of modern technology. Its ability to store and retrieve data, and
to compute and sort and list is mind-boggling. Computers perform
functions in a split second that would take mathematicians weeks or
even months. These machines are real problem solvers.
And electronic computers are getting smaller and faster almost every
day. Micro-electronics continues to develop tinier and more efficient
chips and circuits. "But as impressive as computer number crunching
is, there’s something even more impressive that I can hold in the palm
of my hand--a tiny marvel that rivals all the information processing
that a room full of computers can do. What is it? A common, ordinary
Now some of you may be saying, ‘Wait a minute. I know seeds grow
into flowers and trees, but doing the work of a computer? Isn’t that
taking it a bit far?’
Well, let’s think about it. A single plant seed must contain all the plant
specifications; all the information about its appearance and behavior
has to be stored right in one seed. The size and shape and color of the
plant, its reactions in heat and cold, light and shade, in drought or
downpour, all must be determined beforehand in the seed. Now how
many megabytes would be taken up in a computer just to program the
color of a plant’s flower? Or, say, to mathematically encode just the
outward form of a tree? Think about programming in the exact
geometric shape of leaves, buds, blossoms, fruit, bark, stems. We’re
getting into millions and millions of digital notations. Think about
trying to program the chemical qualities of the cell sap, the disposition
of various types of tissue. And then try to figure out how to instruct
the plant about survival techniques in various environments. How
would you program in, the remarkable range of adaptations we’ve
talked about today?
Well, science writer Felix Paturi, for one, concluded that the storage
capacity of a large modern computer would scarcely suffice for all this
data. But it’s all here, all that information and more is stored in each
tiny seed.
Incredible computer. Do you want to look at the far horizon of high
technology? You don’t have to go to Silicon Valley. You don’t have to
go to MIT. Just dig up a seed burrowing into the ground. Here’s
information processing that is most mind-boggling.
Here is solid evidence for an infinitely wise Creator. I can’t believe a
seed is the product of natural selection or genetic mutation. Weak
animals can be weeded out by natural selection. Genetic mutation can
produce a few freaks now and then. But those blind processes don’t
invent computers this size. I’m sorry. That just isn’t done.
If we can’t see an incredibly ingenious God behind plant aviation and
architecture and chemistry and the seed computer, then something’s
wrong with our eyesight. Our Creator has solved a vast array of
technical problems. He’s created solutions that have inspired our
greatest inventions.
Computers and rockets and dictionaries and planes are the product of
genius and hard work. But the men who design them are the product
of accident and chance. So we are told.
But did you know that the common honeybee, without even trying,
can upset the conclusions of brilliant minds?
Just how much are you willing to attribute to the unlikely magic of the
ages? If evolution happened, how did it happen? Would it be
unreasonable to ask some specific questions in one small area?
Come with me as we watch the fascinating activities of the common
honeybee. I promise there will be some surprises and a rather
formidable dilemma for those who credit all creation to the supposed
power of time to do in the past what it cannot do now!
Have you ever noticed that bees are incredible architects? The hive is
a masterpiece of engineering, with rows and rows of six-sided rooms
with walls of wax. The marble palace that we call the comb is built by
young bees under seventeen days old. Yet each little room is the same
size, six-sided, with each of three pairs of walls facing the other. The
walls of the rooms are only 1/350 of an inch thick, yet so strong that
one pound of comb will support at least twenty-five pounds of honey.
How do these young bees know that the hexagon has the smallest
circumference, therefore requiring the smallest amount of building
material? How do they know that hexagon cells are the best and most
economical plan? Who told them? Yet they do it all without
blueprints or drawing boards or protractors. And every cell is perfect
just the size to fit a bee!
How do they do it? They hang themselves up like a festoon from the
roof of the hive. Or it may be in the hollow of a tree. One bee hooks
onto the roof, and another bee hooks onto his dangling legs, and so on.
These chains of bees grow longer and longer, and as they sway back
and forth, they hook onto bees on the right and left until they form a
living curtain.
They hang themselves up like this to produce wax. You see, there are
four wax pockets on each side of the bee’s abdomen. And after about
twenty-four hours of hanging, wax begins to appear from these
pockets. When a bee feels its wax is ready, it climbs up over the other
bees, takes the wax out of its pockets, chews it, and pats it onto the
comb. At first they just pile on wax. Then they form rough cups, climb
into them, and push. And apparently all this pushing sets up
vibrations which enable the bees to judge the elasticity and thickness
of the walls. The result is the perfect shape and the incredibly thin
walls. And that’s the way the comb is built. The bees perform their
tasks in perfect cooperation, as if their assignments were posted on a
bulletin board!
It must be a marvel of organization, you say. Yes. But who directs it?
"It is true that no honeybee lives to itself. They all live for the hive.
There may be forty to seventy five thousand bees in a hive, or more,
all working in perfect harmony, as a unit.
But who is the leader? Is it the queen? You might say she exerts
leadership at the time of swarming. But even then the worker bees
play the key role in locating a new nest site. The queen, of course, is an
egg-laying machine. In a single day she can lay two thousand eggs.
And evidently she does produce chemical signals that in some way
enable the colony to function smoothly. For we are told that it takes
less than a hundred worker bees to build a comb if the queen is
present, but thousands of them if there is no queen. But is she the
leader of the hive? Certainly not.
And the drones are not the leaders. These male bees are completely
indolent. They spend their lifetime waiting, just waiting for a chance
to chase after a queen on her mating flight. The worker bees are
unquestionably the real marvels of the hive. But they have no leader.
Yet somehow they get all the right things done!
Bees need two things, pollen and nectar. Both are found in flowers.
And as they fly off to the fields of flowers, they go marvelously
equipped. In the first place, a honeybee is a fantastically engineered
flying machine. Man made freight planes can carry a payload of about
25 percent of their weight. But bees can carry almost 100 percent of
their weight. The bee needs no propeller or jet. Its short, wide wings
both lift and drive it. It can move straight up or down, or it can hover
in midair. Its stubby wings fold in a split second when it dives into a
flower. Or it can use its wings as a fan to cool the beehive.
The bee has three places for storing cargo. One is a tank inside its
body in which it stores nectar. Then, on its hind legs, it has two
storage baskets for carrying pollen. --Imagine a freight plane with its
load dangling underneath!
Are these pollen baskets something that evolved because of a need?
Well, man first wrote about the bee in the year 3000 BC It had the
pollen baskets then. And it hasn’t changed since!
A bee can suck up a load of nectar in a minute. It takes three minutes
for it to build up two bulging loads of pollen in the baskets on its hind
"How does it do it? Well, the bee dives into a flower, its body picking
up pollen by brushing past the pollen boxes. It splashes about in the
flower, and the yellow powder clings to the hairs on its body.
But now it isn’t so simple. How does it get the pollen into the baskets?
And how does it keep the pollen from blowing away in flight? The
load must be moistened, pressed together, tamped down, and evenly
balanced on each leg. But believe it or not, the bee does it and all the
while hovering in midair or hanging by one claw!
And now the little honeybee, acting as a scout, has discovered a field
of flowers and is ready to return to the hive with a sample of the
nectar and the pollen. How will it find its way back? Keep in mind
that it may be several miles away, and that its search may have led it
in several directions before it made its discovery. Yet now it will fly
straight back to the hive!
Who told it how to do it? What sort of navigational equipment does it
possess? And once back in the hive, how will it communicate to its
thousands of fellow bees the location of the treasure it has found?
It is true that bees are able to distinguish odors with great skill. If a
bee returns to the hive with nectar from flowers nearby, the other
bees will leave the hive and fly directly to the source. And they also act
as if they have an internal clock. If they discover that food is available
at a particular time of day, they return for more at the same hour the
next day.
But what if the flowers are several miles distant? Surely there must be
some limitation to the tiny creatures’ sense of smell. What then? How
can the little bee get across to its fellow bees the location of the
treasure it has found? Well, you haven’t heard anything yet. Let me
tell you about the "waggle dance"!
Sometimes a bee returning with nectar and pollen goes through a
peculiar performance that many scientists believe is its way of
communicating the location of the source of nectar. It gives samples of
the nectar to the other bees and gets them all excited. Then, as they
watch, it does a fancy dance before them called the waggle dance
because of the way it waggles its abdomen. It goes through a figure
eight across the face of the comb. And the astonishing thing is that the
angle of the dance down the vertical comb represents the horizontal
direction of the food source with respect to the direction of the sun.
And not only that. The number of dances per minute indicates the
distance to the field. But surprisingly, the number is in reverse ratio to
the distance. That is, the farther away the field, the smaller the
number. In other words, if the bee goes through ten rounds in fifteen
seconds, the field of flowers is three hundred feet away. But if the bee
moves in slow motion, say two rounds in fifteen seconds, the flowers
are almost four miles away. And listen to this. A little calculation will
show that this relationship to distance is not one of simple arithmetic,
but is logarithmic! What do you think of that?
What kind of brain does the little honeybee have? Who taught it to do
all this? How did this tiny creature learn to relate sun angles and
distances to dance step routines? And how is it that millions of bees
understand the language?
Now I am aware that some scientists are not convinced that bees do
understand the language. They are not convinced that this strange
dance really does communicate to other bees the location of a field of
flowers. I am aware of the controversy over this matter.
But if by any chance you are inclined to doubt, then consider this. A
bee, by means of this dance, can communicate the location to human
beings. Men can understand it. Men can watch the dance and find the
field of flowers. Is that any less striking? Is it any less a miracle to
communicate that information to human beings, in logarithmic terms,
than to get it across to other bees? I think not!
   I say again, What kind of brain does the little honeybee have?
   Is it an accident?
One writer suggests that if you wished to duplicate the internal
circuitry of the honeybee, if you wished to match its navigational and
guidance system, this is what you would need to start with: ‘Internal
clock. Polarized-light sensor. Sun-angle azimuth computer.
Instrument for measuring true vertical. Dead reckoning equipment.
Wind speed and direction indicator. Trigonometric calculator and
tables. Air and ground speed indicators.’
It sounds a little extravagant. But is it really; after what we have
already seen of the honeybee’s accomplishments?
And I wonder if you realize just how necessary the honeybee is even to
life itself. Bees, of course, could not exist without plants and flowers,
with their pollen and their nectar. But it works both ways. Many
kinds of plants and flowers could not exist without the bees to
pollinate them. In fact, many of the most beautiful or most fruitful
plants would disappear. And what a loss that would be!
Now tell me. Let’s reason again. Did the honeybee, with all its
fantastic equipment for its job, just happen? Through long ages? A
little bit at a time?
What if the bee started out with no pollen baskets on its hind legs?
What if it had the pollen baskets, but not the knee joints to press the
pollen into the baskets, or the sense to know how to do it? What if it
had no hairs on its body to collect the pollen or the hairs but no way
to comb off the pollen? What if it hadn’t developed a nectar tank yet?
What if it had no wax making equipment or didn’t know it was
supposed to hang up in a festoon for twenty-four hours to make the
wax come out? What if the wax would not withstand the high
temperatures of the hive, as few waxes could? What if the bees didn’t
know how to make royal jelly to feed the queen and the queen died?
What if a bee couldn’t find its way back to the hive or back to a field
of flowers?
The questions fairly tumble out. They are endless. I think you can see
that any one piece of the bee’s physical equipment might be useless
without the others. To be of use, the bee’s equipment and know-how
would have to have developed simultaneously, not little by little! Or if
evolution happened− consider this. That very first bee, away back
there, sitting on a limb of a tree. What kind of bee was it? Was it a
queen? But a queen could not reproduce without a drone with which
to mate.
Was it a drone? Drones can’t reproduce themselves without a queen.
"A worker bee then? Hardly. For worker bees are creatures that
can’t possibly reproduce themselves.
It is difficult to escape the conclusion that the whole colony would
have to evolve at once, simultaneously with every individual bee’s
physical equipment and know-how fully developed, ready for
And, of course, with the honeybee as with the birds, it isn’t evolution
at all. It's creation!
Isn’t it easier to believe the simple, uncomplicated, straight-forward
statement that you find on the first page of your Bible? ‘In the
beginning God created the heaven and the earth.’
What we believe about our origin affects what we believe about
ourselves; it affects our sense of self-worth. For if we just evolved
from some lowly cell in the sea, we would not have the dignity of being
formed in the image of God. And if the human race did not fall from
that high position, if Adam didn’t sin, then why did we need a Saviour
for the human race? The mission of Jesus becomes pointless and the
cross only a meaningless drama!
We could go on and on. I think you can see that what we believe about
our beginnings could well determine our eternal destiny. Is it any
wonder that the devil, fighting against our souls, aims his sharpest
arrows at the first seven chapters of Genesis? Why is this generation,
obsessed with piecing together our beginnings, looking everywhere
but in God’s Word?
There can be only one answer. It wants to find Adam, but not in
Genesis! Yet all the while the simple statement of Scripture stands
firm, quietly inviting our faith: ‘In the beginning God created.’ Could
it be that the evidence collected by Bob Gentry and many others was
left by the Creator to help establish faith in the Genesis account?
After all, the Bible itself says: ‘Now faith is the substance of things
hoped for, the evidence of things not seen’ (Hebrews 11:1). Though the
Genesis account will never be proven beyond question, God has given
us all the evidence we need for strong confidence in His creation.
Doubt is in the air. But so are the birds, who fly above us better
equipped for navigation than the latest air force fighter jets, able to
traverse unmapped oceans with their built in instruments.
Controversy swirls around us. But so do the bats, who effortlessly
operate their ultrasonic radar, reminding us that neither technology
nor wisdom are exclusive with the human mind.
Skepticism encircles the earth. But so do the stars, speeding along in
their unerring orbits, keeping their appointment with a precision that
boggles the mind. Book after book insists authoritatively that this
earth evolved over millions of years. Evolutionists talk confidently
about the magic of the ages, of happy accidents that exploded us ever
upward with never a need for intelligent direction, never a need for
God. "But all the while birds and bats and the stars eloquently
challenge their entrenched beliefs. Long ago David proclaimed, ‘The
heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His
handiwork. Day unto day utters speech, and night unto night reveals
knowledge. There is no speech nor language where their voice is not
heard.’ (Ps. 19:1-3)
Nobody can escape the grand harmony as all nature joins in the
unmistakable chorus, ‘There is a Creator!’ But the One who made
this world also let His creatures nail Him to a rough, splintery cross
outside Jerusalem so that lost sinners might find eternal life in Him.
And even the evidence of the birds and the bats, of suns and racing
constellations, convincing as it is, pales before the mighty argument of
I hope I have given you much food for thought as you consider our
blessed Creator and His handiwork. God bless you as you search for
Thank you Pastor Vandeman. We appreciate your having taken the time
out of your busy schedule to share about God’s handiwork. Perhaps at
some other time we could have you back to share more with us.
Next week our topic will be "The Witness of Mathematics." I will be the
speaker. God is a God of law and order. What we will present will amaze
you as you see the mathematical precision revealed in God’s creation.
Thank you all for coming, and good night.

                     LECTURE EIGHT
                         August 2, 1997
Tonight we will continue with our proofs of God’s existence and His
divinity by considering what mathematics in nature and the Bible shows
us. The proof is so vast, that we can only sample a tiny fraction of the
evidence available. If anyone in the audience is interested further, there
are entire books which have been written on this subject. I would be happy
to supply you with a list. See me after the meeting.
The number 7 (symbolic of perfection) has been identified by God as His
number from the time of creation, while six (symbolic of imperfection and
man’s number, for man was created on the sixth day) has been Satan’s
number from the time he sinned. Tonight we will explore the number
seven as seen in nature and in the Bible, for it is God’s stamp or proof
authenticating His works in the universe. But other numbers are also seen.
Sometimes one number pattern is dominant, and at other times it is
another. I have taken the information from a small book entitled,
"Mathematics Prove Holy Scriptures," by Karl Sabiers, which, I believe, is
no longer be available.
The number system of God is stamped upon all His works. All
departments of nature are based on a system of mathematics—great
mathematical laws govern the activities of the entire universe.
For instance, in the sphere of light, there are exactly seven colors. The
seven colors merged together to form light. In the sphere of music
there are exactly seven whole tones in the scale, while every eighth
note begins a new octave and is merely a repetition of the first note.
The seven colors correspond to the seven notes in music, and sounds
that harmonize correspond with colors that harmonize, while discords
in color correspond with discords in music.
The human body is completely renewed or changed every seven years.
Every part of the body is constantly throwing off old effete matter,
and constantly receiving deposits of new and living matter. In seven
years the whole structure is altered down to the minutest particles and
becomes essentially a new body. In certain diseases, the seventh,
fourteenth, and twenty-first are the critical days. Man’s pulse beats
slower every seventh day whether he is sick or well. In diseases
resulting from physical exhaustion, the pulse (also) changes every
seventh day. With the human being the period of gestation is 280 days
(7X40). Indeed, seven is stamped upon physiology. Is it not significant
that God ordained every seventh day to be a day of rest, and that He
declared man’s years to be "Three score and ten" (7X10)?
With animals, the period of gestation of the mouse is 21 (7X3) days.
The hare and rat 28 (7X4) days. The cat 56 (7X8) days. The dog 63
(7X9) days. The lion 98 (7X14) days. The sheep 147 (7X21) days. With
birds the incubation of the common hen is 21 (7X3) days. The duck 28
(7X4) days.
The Creator’s law of design for the snow flakes is the number six. All
snowflakes are different, yet they are all alike with either six points or
six sides.
The number 11 as well as seven is stamped on music. The number of
vibrations in a second for each note is a multiple of eleven, and the
difference in the number vibrations between each note is also a
multiple of eleven. For example, the difference between Do and Re is
33, between Fa and Sol 44, always a multiple of eleven.
The Science of Botany reveals that the different sections of flowers are
arranged according to particular numbers and their multiples. For
example the basic number of the buttercup is five. There are 5 sepals
in the calyx, 5 petals in the corolla, 5 carpous in the pistil, 15, 20, 25,
or some other number which is exactly so many fives of stamens in the
androecium. Similarly, the basic number of the daffodil is 3, that of
the mignonette 4, the wild rose 5, etc. Thus God stamps His creation
with a mathematical pattern.
In Chemistry no two substances can unite without observing definite
mathematical proportions. The planets of the heavens are governed
according to mathematical laws. Indeed, nature does not operate by
chance, but by design. God’s number system is found throughout the
universe much more extensively than is commonly supposed. Volumes
could be devoted to showing design in nature. God is the Great
Numberer and Mathematician of all creation. Every department of
nature bears His mathematical signature.
"He made the stars...And God set them in the firmament of the heaven."
                            Gen. 1:16,17
           "He counteth the number of the stars." Ps. 147:4
         He "bringeth out their host by number." Isaiah 40:26
    God "hath measured the waters in the hollow of His hand, and
   meted out the heaven with a span, and comprehended the dust of
   the earth in a measure, and weighed the mountains in scales, and
                  the hills in a balance." Isaiah 40:17
If God placed the stars in their proper order, and numbered them,
and measured the waters and weighed the mountains, is it surprising
or incredible that He has placed the words and letter of His book in
exact order, and numbered them, and guided them into combinations
of numbers?
The same God who created the universe and was careful to weave
designs and intricate patterns into the smallest detail of creation, has
taken the same care with His Word. He has placed the same
peculiarity in both.
"The very hairs of your head are all numbered" (counted) Matt. 10:30.
The word "numbered" in Greek is "arithmeo" the very word from
which our English word "Arithmetic" is derived. If God counts the
very hairs of our heads, is it strange that He has counted the words
and letters of His Scripture? (Mathematics Prove Holy Scripture, Karl
Sabiers, pp 105-108)
The witness of mathematics goes far beyond what is seen in nature.
The Scripture itself contains such a fantastically complex organization
of the number seven and multiples of 7, that it is totally
incomprehensible to the mind of man. Its complexity is so
overwhelming as to be totally unexplainable, except as something that
could have come only from the mind of an infinite God.
Because the evolutionist lacks hard evidence for their theories, in
order to refute the creation account they have had to attack the
credibility of the Scripture. This is unfortunate for them, for God has
provided scientific, mathematical proof from the Scripture itself that
this is the Word of God, proof which it is impossible to legitimately
argue against.
God designed into the original Old Testament Scripture written in
Hebrew, and into the New Testament written in Greek, a
mathematical pattern which would have been utterly impossible for
any human to have conceived or designed. God has provided in the
Bible, incontrovertible proof that He is who He says He is, and that
the Bible is His Word to humankind. As a consequence, the creation
account as recorded in the book of Genesis cannot be refuted or
argued away.
This most amazing discovery about the Scriptures was found in 1882
by a young Russian immigrant by the name of Ivan Panin. What he
found is so complex and astounding that critics of the Bible, after
examining the evidence were left without any recourse but to
acknowledge that the Bible could only be the inspired Word of God,
and that the creation account in Genesis is true to the letter. In his
youth, Ivan was converted and experienced the saving power of Jesus
Christ, after being an avowed atheist. Sometime after his conversion,
he discovered (led by the providence of God) in the Scriptures a
mathematical pattern which changed the direction the rest of his life
would take. From the time of that discovery, for over 60 years, Ivan
used every working moment to painstakingly write out over 43,000
pages of data (no computers in those days), proving his discovery of
an intricate matrix revolving around the number 7 and prime factors
of 7.
This information I share with you tonight about Ivan Panin was
obtained from another small book by Karl Sabiers’ "Mathematics
Prove Holy Scriptures," and put into a tract—
"The Holy Bible—Wholly True," by Pratney, Last Days Ministry,
Box 40, Lindale, Texas.
Panin became one of the top ten mathematicians in the United States,
taught in universities, and read seven languages fluently (he knew up
to fourteen). Panin began to study the Scriptures as a Christian, but
knowing Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, he began to read them in the
original languages. Now both Hebrew and Greek are unique
languages. They are the only two languages in history that do not have
a number system. In other words, they do not use special symbols for
their numbers (like our Arabic numerals 1, 2, 3, etc.) but use instead
the letters of their alphabets to represent numbers (each letter is
actually used as a number).
Aware of the numerical values of the Greek and Hebrew alphabets,
Panin experimented one day by replacing the letters with their
corresponding numbers in Scripture. Here is Panin, a mathematical
genius, a Hebrew and Greek scholar, and he loves playing with
numbers. Suddenly, his trained mind saw a mathematical pattern! As
he studied more intensely, his excitement grew. A few short hours of
work had him utterly amazed. The verses he had studied bore
unmistakable evidence of an elaborate mathematical pattern, far
beyond random chance, or human ability to construct. This discovery
marked the turning point in His career, and from that time until his
death in 1942, he devoted his entire life to the study of Bible numeric.
He showed, first of all, that the Bible, in its original language, is a
skillfully designed product of a mathematical mastermind—far
beyond any human possibility of deliberate structuring. He later
supplied a representative of the NOBEL RESEARCH
FOUNDATION with over 43,000 sheets of his studies accompanied by
his statement that this was his evidence that the Bible was the Word of
God. Their reply was, "as far as our investigation has proceeded...we
find the evidence over-whelmingly in favor of such a statement." He
then issued A CHALLENGE throughout leading newspapers of the
world to offer a "natural explanation" or refute the facts; not a single
person has been able to do so.
"The words of the Lord are pure words; as silver tried in a furnace on
the earth, refined 7 TIMES." (Ps. 123:6) Panin found that patterns of
prime numbers, such as 11, 13, 17, and 23, but ESPECIALLY 7, were
found in great clusters. He would add up the sum of all numerical
values for different words, sentences, paragraphs, passages, and whole
books, and he found the same patterns in each of these forms! He
found that the number of words in a vocabulary divides by 7. The
number of proper names, both male and female divides by 7. The
number of words that begin with a vowel divides by 7, likewise the
number of words that begin with a consonant. The number of letters
in a vocabulary divides by 7, and those letters, those that are vowels
and those that are consonants also divide by 7. Words that occurred
more than once divide by 7, and also words that appeared only once!
The number of nouns is divisible by 7, also the words that are not.
Even the number of words beginning with each letter of the alphabet!
And on and on...Panin only stayed on a passage long enough to
confirm beyond reasonable doubt the statistical evidence for
supernatural design. But he stated that the longer you stayed on one,
it would continue to yield further and further evidences of patterns
until the mind reeled!
Some Examples: Here is an example from the Old Testament. Just the
very first sentence in the Bible. ‘In the beginning God created the
heavens and the earth.’ Genesis 1:1. That’s the way it comes out in
English; in Hebrew it’s exactly 7 words, 28 (4X7) letters. There are 3
nouns (God, heavens, and earth). Taking the letters of these,
substituting their number equivalents and adding them up, you get a
combined total of 777 (111X7)! There is one Hebrew verb—created.
Its total numerical value is 203 (29X7). The first three words contain
the subject with exactly 14 (2X7) letters, likewise the other four are
the object with exactly 14 letters. The Hebrew words for the two
objects (heaven and earth) each have 7 letters. The value for the first,
middle, and last letters in the sentence is 133 (19X7). The numeric
value for the first and last words in the sentence is 1393 (199X7); the
value of the first and last letters of the verse is 497 (71X7). The value
of the first and last letters of each of the words between is 896
(128X7). And so on, and so this verse alone there are 30
different features of 7. I have listed only 11 of them! The chance of
this happening accidentally is 1 in 33,000,000,000,000 (33 trillion).
And now an example from the New Testament: Matthew 1:1-11. The
vocabulary has 49 words (7X7). 28 words begin with a vowel (4X7),
the remaining 21 with a consonant (3X7). 7 end with a vowel, 42 with
a consonant (6X7). The 49 words have 266 letters (38X7). Out of the
266 letters, 140 are vowels (20X7). 126 are consonants (18X7). Also, of
these 49 words, 14 occur only once (2X7), 35 occurred more than once
(5X7), 42 (6X7) are nouns, 7 are not. These remaining common nouns
have exactly 49 letters (7X7). Male names occur in all 56 times (8X7).
The names of only 3 women appear in the passage, and the Greek
letters of their names add up to 14 exactly.
Panin said it would have taken Matthew several months, working 8
hours a day to construct the genealogy, even if it were possible. But
the names were chosen BEFORE Matthew was born!
One (Divine) Author; The whole Bible is like this. I have taken just
one small chunk of it and doing it in detail. Every paragraph, passage
and book in the Bible can be shown to be constructed in the same
marvelous way. What kind of fantastic collaboration between the
disciples could have produced this structure without computers? How
could mere fishermen and tax-collectors produce this kind of
incredible structuring and design? What is crazy, is that Mark is a
Roman, Luke a Greek, and Matthew a Jew, but they all wrote with
the same pattern. Each one wrote with their own unique flavor.
Mark’s flavor is different, but the pattern is the same right through!
So who wrote it? One Mind, one author—one God—many different
writers, but one Writer. Can you imagine what kind of Mind would
do this and not even care if you ever found out!
What I want you to see is how smart God is! These are not just words,
it’s an incredible mathematical pattern. It dances with its own poetry
in mathematics. A computer would go into rapture over this! It’s like
a building where every piece joins perfectly into each other. And what
is wild is, you can’t pull even one word out without damaging the
whole pattern. The Bible carries within itself, a self-checking, self-
verifying protection factor. If a person comes along and says, I don’t
like this one, the whole pattern falls apart. This cannot be found in
any other religious holy book in the world!
So, dear Friends here we have yet another most powerful witness,
more irrefutable proof that the Bible is the Word of God and every
word inspired. In the next few weeks left in this series of lectures, we
will, as it were, put the lid on the coffin of the theories of evolutionists
and "no God" proponents. God has already knocked any props out
from under them, and has more to come in the near future. He has
provided ample evidence for anyone who wants to believe. You will
remember that at the beginning of this series we made the statement
POSSIBLE." The ball is, as they say, in your court. You must make
up your mind what the truth is.
We are living in the last days of this earth’s history, which fact we will
address before this series ends, no man will ever be able to accuse God
of not providing the evidence necessary to believe in Him. All will be
accountable for the opportunities afforded them to know the truth.
Each will be judged by the opportunities which were either accepted
or rejected.
We have three more lectures before we rest our case. In two weeks we
will consider yet more astounding evidence from the Hebrew and
Greek Scriptures newly discovered through the use of computers. But,
rather than number patterns, we will look at what has been found
with word and letter patterns. The principles are very similar to
Panin’s. If he had had a computer, what took him 60 years to do could
have been done in weeks, probably days.

                          LECTURE 10
                         August 16, 1997
                 The Witness of Evolution
Dear friends, this evening I have a surprise for you. Originally we had
planned to have tonight as our last presentation. But since this series
began, a relatively young artist-writer friend of mine, Jim Pinkoski, just
published a unique booklet done in cartoon style about evolution vs.
creation entitled "A Creationist’s View of Dinosaurs and the Theory of
Evolution." It addresses itself to most of what we have presented and
more. It wraps up the whole subject into an easy understandable package.
After reading Jim’s book, I felt I could not let this series close without first
seeing if he could possibly come and present his material in person. I was
most pleased when he said that he could make it at this time, and kindly
consented to do so. He was able to quickly make plane reservations and as
a consequence is here tonight.
I asked him to present the material just like it is in His book. It is not only
informative, but also humorous and entertaining. I think you will find this
meeting tonight one of the highlights of this series.
The meeting originally planned for tonight will be presented next week, in
which we will look specifically at Bible prophecy. Prophecy has for
thousands of years been the most positive evidence of the divine origin of
Scripture, and will be a fitting conclusion to this series.
Friend Jim, we are most grateful that you were able to come, and welcome
you to our forum tonight. We are happy you were able to accept on such
short notice. I know this really pushed you to make the necessary changes
in your busy schedule and arrangements for your flight from Nashville.
The time is yours.
Thank you Devon for the invitation. Whenever it is possible, I never
turn down an offer to present what has been put upon my heart to
share with whoever will hear. If anyone in the audience is interested
in purchasing a copy of my book, I brought a supply of them and will
sell them at a 10% discount after the meeting. They will be in the
foyer. All proceeds will be donated to help Ron with his research and
museum project.
My book "A Creationist’s View of Dinosaurs and the Theory of
Evolution," is new this year, and is printed by Amazing Facts
Publications, which also offers a free Bible Correspondence Course
(address at end of this chapter). It was done largely in response to
Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park books and movies. I think it only
proper that I begin tonight’s lecture with a discussion of Mr.
Crichton’s view of the Evolution vs. Creation controversy.
On pages 205-210 and 309-312 of his 2nd Jurassic Park hard cover
book, Michael Crighton honestly points out that there are some
MAJOR PROBLEMS with evolution. He writes, "Nobody
understands how it works!"
He admits to the complexity of amino acids, chromosomes, the
hemoglobin molecule, the 2,000 enzymes in a single bacterium, the
fact that one single fertilized egg has 100,000 genes, and that our
bodies have 250 kinds of cells! But when asked if evolution is
"directed," Michael Crichton dogmatically writes: "No... That’s
Creationism and it’s wrong. Just plain wrong."
Michael Crichton and other secular scientists often consider
themselves to be great dreamers and "visionaries," yet they can’t see
God’s handiwork all around us! How is it that science fiction writers
can easily envision "super-smart aliens" landing on a planet of
"ignorant cavemen," and realize that the visitors would seem like
gods to the uneducated primitives? Why? Because "science" seems
like magic to uneducated people.
How is it that Michael Crichton and others like him refuse to
"expand" this scenario and place themselves in the position of being
the "primitives?"
All of God’s creation proclaims that brilliant design is all around us,
which proves the designer’s existence! It is truly mystifying how
people can be so "intelligent," yet so mindless. Maybe someday he will
change his mind.
Once again Michael has gotten everyone excited about "dinosaurs"
and "T-rexes" and those extremely mean and nasty "velociraptors!"
The brilliant and very expensive computerized special effects of the
dinosaurs have won the attention and admiration of literally millions
of people.
But unfortunately, right along with the Jurassic Park movies come a
built-in sales pitch for "evolution." Many of today’s scientists believe
that there is convincing evidence" which proves that evolution is
true—but the real facts prove otherwise.
Life is far too complicated to have happened "just by chance," nor
could it have "self-propelled" itself over millions of years into the
animals and living organisms that we see all around us. The truth is
that a Master Designer is the Creator of everything—God created this
world, our Universe, and all the life within it.
The Bible says that "We are fearfully and wonderfully made." (Psalm
139:14). I hope that my presentation tonight will reaffirm to you, the
audience what you have been hearing each week, that the Genesis
story of creation is 199% dependable and truthful.
Science is like a new play toy for mankind. Not that long ago we
worked out the challenge of building indoor toilets, switching over
from gas lighting to electricity, developed the "horseless" carriage,
and we even learned how to make refrigerators! Wow, are we smart!
"Science" is our new thrill, and we are so pleased with ourselves.
Many look back on the previous centuries of scientific ignorance, and
they want nothing to do with "faith" in God. Critics of religion point
to Galileo and how he was treated badly by the church of the dark
ages, well, what would you expect? All mankind was scientifically
ignorant! Truth takes time to be studied, researched, and proven. The
trick has been to balance our understanding of science and religion.
It has been said that man only uses 10% of his brain. The other day I
was looking at one of those odd Styrofoam heads that ladies use to set
their wigs on, and an idea came to me about this 10% of our brain.
You know it might be a little more obvious that we only use 10% of
our total brain capacity if people walked around with only 10% of
their heads! Ha!! Now let’s get serious here for a moment. Nobody on
this planet is using the full capacity of his or her brain. NONE of us
know it all!
Back in the 1850s Darwin observed and noted the varying beaks of
the finches, etc., on the Galapagos islands, and he came to the best
conclusion he could in the matter, as "imperfect" as it was.
It was the same with the primitive church of the Dark Ages. They did
their best to get things right, but with imperfect data they came to
imperfect and improper conclusions.
All of us have to deal with our mental inadequacies. Nobody has a
brain that can access 40% or 60% or 80% of their brain capacity. Not
Darwin, not the president, not Einstein, not the Pope, not Carl Sagan,
not your science professors, not your church pastor, not your mother,
and not your father, and not any of this year’s Nobel prize winners,
and not even you!
Accordingly, mankind is trying to do its best to understand the
universe around us, but hey! can we really trust our 10% brains to get
it right?
Imperfect Bible Study (by people using only 10% of their brains) +
Imperfect Science Speculation (by people using only 10% of their
brains) = ERROR.
Now, you may have noticed that I said that this "mindless" condition
includes all of us, so that includes me too. So you might ask, "Well
then, what makes you think that you finally have the right answers?"
That is a good question and I’ll answer it by first quoting this Bible
verse: "But the path of the just is as the shining light that shineth more
and more unto the perfect day." (Proverbs 4:18)
Accordingly, the longer we keep investigating the evolution-creation
controversy, the more light will come to shine upon it, and we will get
closer and closer to the truth. And that truth is that a Master Designer
created everything.
One of the simple, basic principles of science is this: The more we
learn, the more we admit that we don’t know. Yet today’s evolution
scientists arrogantly choose to ignore this truth. Instead they prefer to
think they "know it all."
Does it really matter who's right? YES it does! This is a matter of life
or death--eternal life or death. Why? Because one of these belief
systems embraces God and salvation in Jesus Christ, and the other
belief system leads to doubt, emptiness, and a Godless universe. Let's
start by discussing the animals and Noah's ark.
Inheritable Variation:
Question: How many pairs of animals went onto Noah’s ark? It has
been estimated (we are not counting extinct animals, only those that
are alive now) that not more than 290 are above the size of a sheep.
Those of the size from the sheep to a rat, 760. Those smaller than the
rats, around 1,360. The average animal size would be a cat. These
numbers total to be 2410 different kinds of animals that went onto
Noah’s ark.
Would 30 different types of dogs or cats need to get on the ark? No!
All we would need is 2 dogs and 2 cats, and each of those pairs of
animals would be carrying all the genetic encoding to reproduce all
the cats and dogs and tigers and wolves. God could easily do it this
way, for He’s God.
Here’s what Evolutionists ignore, and what Creationists have failed to
clearly communicate: THE POST-FLOOD WORLD WAS VASTLY
got off the ark, God "evolved" changes into the animals so they could
survive in this new world.
Darwin's Main Folly:
Darwin misunderstood the meaning of "kind" (Genesis 1:24, etc.) as
related to "species." During the 300 years before Darwin, the popular
belief was that the Bible taught the total fixity of species, which means
that all successive generations of all animals were all alike, as coins
cast from the same die. Theologians of that day actually thought the
Bible taught this, and they were wrong!
When Darwin took his voyage on the Beagle to the Galapagos Islands,
his keen eye saw the fact of inheritable variation, but then Darwin’s
imagination went completely overboard and he began to believe that
variation could proceed endlessly. Thus Darwin foisted the false
teaching of endless progression (total evolution) upon the world.
The Bible tells us that all living creatures were created in distinct
"kinds" or groups (not species), and God clearly permitted
inheritable variation to take place among "kinds" of animals. The cat
family spread out to include lions, tigers, pumas, jaguars, ocelots,
leopards, wildcats and house cats. The dog family became German
shepherds, collies, wolves, coyotes, dingo’s, and jackals, etc. But only 1
pair of each of these "kinds" of animals needed to be on the ark to
provide the genes for all these "dogs" and "cats."
Darwin’s error was thinking that one "kind" of animal can come
from another "kind." Cats never evolved from dogs, or fish, or from
any other "kind" of life. Darwin’s error was the result of an improper
understanding of what the Bible seemed to teach in his day.
Note: The beaks on Darwin’s finches did "evolve" with God’s
guidance. So evolution is partially true. But endless progression is not
true. So for the rest of my one presentation I will use the term
evolution to represent "endless progression." Micro-evolution is
perfectly OK! Macro-evolution is error!
Evolution falsely bases itself upon the totally erroneous belief that tiny
"simple" forms of life evolve into larger, more complex forms of life.
This can sound pretty logical, because science has proven that human
beings and all the animals begin life as fertilized single cells, and we
grow up into fully-developed complex organisms. But here’s the
The Problem:
Evolutionists say that "teeny-tiny" life forms somehow willed
themselves to "evolve." Which means that we must credit microbes
with being smarter than Albert Einstein. So here’s how it all worked.
For millions of years little single cell guys floated around thinking
"great plans" for themselves and their offspring. The Stegomeba
thought to be a Stegosaurs. "Boy, have I got big plans for myself! I’ll
magnify myself 8 trillion times. Yeah! Maybe in 10 or 15 million years
I’ll grow really, really big, and I’ll have an eye, whatever that is."
HOW TOTALLY ABSURD! But this is basically what evolutionists
It is a total impossibility for the "eye" to have "evolved" over millions
of years. (Devon tells me that you had George Vandeman as one of
your speakers. He addresses this problem in his book, and may have
mentioned it when he was here.) The eye is useless until ALL of its
parts are assembled. Even Darwin admitted that the extreme
complexity of the eye seemed to totally disprove his theory of
evolution. I quote: "To suppose that the eye, with all its inimitable
contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for
admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of
spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by
natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest
possible degree...The belief that an organ as perfect as the eye could
have formed by natural selection is more than enough to stagger
anyone." (Origin of Species, 1902 edition Part One, page 250, Charles
But then the rest of Darwin’s essay went on to attempt to point out
that "simpler" life forms have "simpler" eyes, so in his opinion eyes
still "evolved." But even those "simple" eyes are extremely complex.
None of them work until they are fully formed. There is no way those
individual eye-parts evolved. The human eye, for example, contains a
retina, lens, iris, cornea, optic nerve, eye muscles, blood vessels, 137
million light-sensitive receptor cells, 130 million "rods" for black and
white vision, and 7 million "cones" used for colored vision. The Bible
says about the eye: "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine
eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be
evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is
in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!" (Matthew 6:22,23)
The Trilobite Eye:
Let’s see—if "older" means "simpler," then how is it that trilobite
eyes (composed of inorganic calcite) have anywhere from 100 to
15,000 lens in each eye? Human eyes only have one lens. These
multiple lens would guarantee perfect underwater vision without
distortion, which shows that these eyes were designed by a very
knowledgeable physicist—God!
Remember the Stegomeba who wanted an eye? (As if an ameba even
knows what an "eye" is!) If evolution is true, then each major life
form would have to evolve its own eyes, as well as every other major
organ of its body. Common sense tells us that "evolving" all the
individual parts of the eye is impossible. But I want to address an
aspect that most overlook. IF THE "EYE" REALLY EVOLVED,
largely upon mutation. It only makes sense that if an "eye" suddenly
mutated into existence, then THAT ANIMAL WOULD ONLY
GROW ONE OF THEM. So where are all the 1-eyed T-rexes, 1-eyed
Allosaurs, 1-eyed Stegosaurs, 1-eyed Velociraptors, etc.? WHERE?
Can you even imagine them saying: "Wow! This eye-thing works
pretty good. I think I’ll grow another one on the other side of my
Bilaterally symmetrical:
Have any of you in the audience ever heard of "bilateral symmetry?"
Thousands of living creatures on this planet are Bilaterally
Symmetrical. This means that if you drew a line down the middle of
their bodies, each side would be the same as its opposite side.
Believe it or not, "bilaterally symmetrical" life forms prove how
impossible evolution is. Just like I just stated about the evolution of
the eye, the same thing applies to arms, hands, feet, ears, fins and
wings, etc.
Evolution says that each of these organs evolved by mutation, and if
this was true, the mutation would have only brought forth one of these
body parts at a time. So, where are the 1-finned turtles, 1-winged
birds, 1-flippered porpoises, and the 1-armed, 1-eared, 1-legged ape
Another Major Flaw:
Why would an evolving life form ever choose to split itself into 2
separate gender? It would be equivalent of committing evolutionary
If all living things truly evolved from single celled microorganisms
that reproduce by mitosis (splitting in two), only an idiot organism
with a "death wish" would choose to evolve itself into separate
"male" and "female" animals. They would then have to spend the rest
of their lives having to find each other at just the right time for their
reproductive cycle to continue their existence.
Can you imagine the Doofusotis pre-historic Ameba saying: "Hey, this
life is just too easy. Yeah, I could be eaten at any moment by a passing
paramecium, but I think I’ll make my existence a real challenge.
Being able to reproduce at any time by myself is too boring. I think
I’ll split myself into two separate sexes, and see what happens." The
existence of the male and female genders is only possible as the result
of a kind and loving God. The SEPARATE GENDERS NEVER
                      WHAT ARE THE ODDS?
Let’s make sure that we understand exactly what evolution is all
about. It says that God doesn’t exist, the Bible is a lie, and ALL forms
of life evolved from the basic microscopic chemicals of life over a time
period of millions of years.
The simplest type of protein molecule is comprised of at least 400
linked amino acids, and each amino acid is made up of a special
arrangement of 4 or 5 chemical elements. Each chemical element is
made up of a unique combination of neutrons, protons and electrons.
What are the odds of this happening? Something like 1 in 10 to the
250th power. The probability for forming DNA proteins is gigantic: 1
in 10 to the 167,625th power. MATHEMATICS PROVES THAT THE
The human brain contains over 10,000,000,000 (10 billion) cells, each
arranged to function instantly. And how many cells are located in the
digestive system? How many billions of cells are running throughout a
person’s nervous system, and how many cells form the bones and
muscles in our legs and arms and neck and face and torso and our feet
and our hands—and all this happened by chance?
The odds for assembling a system or only 200 integrated parts in only
1 in 10 to the 375th power. Mathematicians usually consider any event
with a probability of less than 1 chance in 10 to the 50th power as
having a zero probability, which means it is impossible. The human
body has 11 extremely complex systems that perfectly operate as one.
Over 600 skeletal muscles throughout our bodies, move our 206 bones
smoothly and harmoniously are 60 trillion cells in an adult human
body. The odds of this happening are 1 in 10 to the 2 billionth power
(a figure with 2 billion zeros after it).
Here is the bottom line to the Creation Vs Evolution controversy. IT
The late Carl Sagan once said "the simple cell is not really all that
simple, and that it would take 100 million pages of the encyclopedia
Britannica to explain all the intricate parts of the cell and how it
Now, let’s take a look at how S.E.T.I. (Sciences Search for Extra
Terrestrial Intelligence) works. They would consider hearing 3-5
notes in a row as being proof that they have finally found the evidence
for intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. Only 3-5 simple notes.
But they choose to ignore the 100 million pages as being evidence of a
master designer and creator. Some folks aren’t using their common
Sun Disproves Evolution:
Scientists have been able to measure the diameter of our sun, and it is
burning up and shrinking at the rate of about 5 feet per hour. If the
sun really was there billions of years ago, it would have been
GIGANTIC. The earth would have been fried to a crisp. Once again
true science proves that evolution is a lie.
The Evolution-By-Mutation theory was originated by Hugo deVries in
1901 and was based upon the work of Gregor Mendel on genetics in
1866. But it is a fact that nearly all mutations are harmful to the life
form. Mutations belong in the comic books and science fiction movies.
The second law of thermodynamics is known as the Law Of Energy
Decay. The law states the fact that "the universe is proceeding in a
downward degenerating state of decreasing organization."
DOWNWARD NOT UPWARD. Yet evolution would make us believe
that on millions of occasions, over billions of years, tiny organisms
successfully grunted themselves into higher, extremely complex life
forms. What total foolishness!
We live on a planet where people are arrested and fined for breaking
traffic laws, etc. But when our scientists and professors go and break
a functioning law of the universe, what do we do? We go and put them
in charge of our institutions of higher learning. "That’s the way to go
folks! YaHoo! There’s nothing like that wonderful feeling of thinking
you woke up in the twilight zone and the inmates are now in charge!
Absence of Transitional Forms:
Evolution says that this is the progression of mankind’s evolving: non-
living matter, to protozoa’s, to Metazoan invertebrates, to Vertebrate
fish, to Amphibians, to Reptiles, to Birds, to Fur-bearing Quadrupeds,
to Apes, to man.
If all this is true, then we should find lots of transitional forms that
would link these major groups, BUT THE LINKS ARE MISSING!
Evolutionists countered this fact by thinking up the concept of
"punctuated equilibrium," saying that evolution occurs via sudden
giant leaps rather than in small, gradual modifications.
What these people are saying is that one day, millions of years ago,
some reptile laid an egg and a bird hatched from it. It is the
evolutionists who have laid the egg!
The Geo-illogic Column:
The flood happened in approximately 2350 BC, and the whole world
was covered with water. The water canopy above the earth collapsed
and all the underground aquifers burst forth. The surface of the earth
ripped apart. Multi-directional water currents laid down different
layers of sediment, and these layers (which came from all different
directions) contained the bodies of the various pre-flood animals.
The 4000 plus years later, men came along and started digging up all
these fossils in these rock layers. They began teaching that there are
vast ages between these layers of sediment and rock, and they it all
sound so very logical. The sad truth is that these men despise God and
despise the Bible. And here’s what God says he does with these
people: "God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a
lie... because they received not the love of the truth." (1Thessslonians
So what if marine fossils are found in the geologic column 7,000 feet
above sea level? And so what if these supposed layers are out of order
here and there around the world? In Glacier National Park there is a
1 billion year old block of Precambrian limestone on top of a
Cretaceous shale formation which is supposedly only 100 million
years old. This misplaced block is 350 miles long, 35 miles wide, and 6
truth is that the Grand Canyon, etc., was formed by the Genesis flood.
"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, I will also reject thee."
(Hosea 4:6)
Comparative Anatomy:
Evolutionists see the similarities of various bone structures, and their
minds jump to the conclusion that this is proof that we all evolved
from one common ancestor. But all it means is that God merely re-
used the same pattern over and over again in His various creations
(Just like all cars share the same basic components). This basic
interior design pattern works and God made wide use of it. You can
tell who designed a building by the way it is constructed. It reflects its
designer. God, the Master Designer of the universe uses the same
basic components when He creates, showing that it is He who
designed everything.
Discern The Truth:
Obviously, since none of us were alive 500-6000 years ago, none of us
were eye-witnesses to these events. So how do we come to a decision in
the matter? How can we confidently state that Creationism and the
Bible are 100% true. Here’s how:
1.) Check the facts—When Pre-Historic living animals existed, THEY
WERE FULLY DEVELOPED ANIMALS. The fossil record shows no
half-developed trilobites or half-formed T-rexes. Every fossilized
animal ever found was a fully functional animal, which shows and
proves that all of these Pre-Historic animals appeared FULLY
FORMED. They did not evolve over millions of years.
2.) It is impossible for complex amino acids or DNA chains to form by
chance, and it is impossible for individual kinds of animals to slowly
evolve things like stomachs, eyes, nervous systems, etc., of millions of
3.) Evolution with God is a TOTAL IMPOSSIBILITY—therefore it
makes more sense to believe the Bible, and admit that God the
Creator exists.
Now for a little bit, let us consider what really would have happened if
evolution was true. Evolutionists look at the world around us and see
thousands upon thousands of different types of fully-developed fish
and birds and land animals, and they take it for granted that it all
functions, and all these animals exist.
But what would life on this planet be like if life really evolved on the
earth? The odds clearly show that this spectacular event could barely
even happen one time! Therefore, if life really evolved from nothing,
then all we should have living on this planet would be only one viable
kind of life form and its food supply. That’s all! But in reality even
that one evolved life form would never make it at all without God’s
Adam and Noah, etc.:
Let me clarify something about this "10% brain" thing. I’m not
locking in that number as a literal, fixed number. I’m using it as an
example of the fact that our mental capabilities are nowhere near
perfect, so let me define "perfect" here for you. The Bible says:
"There were Giants in the earth in those days." Adam lived 930 years
and may have been around 15 feet tall. Then mankind deteriorated—
Noah at 12 feet and now we’re down to half of that. If you doubt this
is possible, how is it there are pigmies and dwarfs?
The fossil record shows that everything grew larger before the flood.
All the plants were bigger, all the animals, and this would also apply
to mankind. Along with his greater size, Adam’s brain was also
"perfect" when God made him. That means that Adam and Eve had
perfect photographic memories, and their mental capacity was
capable of storing and accessing the information they would’ve
gathered throughout all eternity. That’s why I say even Einstein was
down to only 10%. Maybe the rest of us are down to something more
like 2 or 3%.
If Adam and many of the people who lived before the flood were
Giants, why haven’t we found lots of their fossils? There’s a simple
answer to that. God destroyed the world by the flood because of the
evil being done by fallen corrupt mankind. God’s wrath literally
pulverized man to dust.
God wasn’t angry with the animals, God was fed up with fallen man,
so any areas that had major cities received God’s "special attention."
God made sure that these cities were totally destroyed. Few remains
will ever be found, as these places are probably located under the coal
beds that were once pre-flood forests.
So what about these fossils of "prehistoric cavemen," "Neanderthals,"
"Java man," and "Lucy," the bones of the supposed "mother of our
race" found in Ethiopia in 1974?
Cavemen are not links between apes and mankind, they are
DEGENERATED HUMAN BEINGS. They are the de-evolved
imperfect human beings that were genetically damaged by the curse
of sin and the pervasive effects of cellular entropy.
Modern-day Giants:
Robert Wadlow was born in 1918 weighing 8 ½ pounds at birth. His
abnormal growth began at the age of 2 following a double hernia
operation. At the age of 5 he was 5’4". When he was 10, he was 6’5",
and at the age of 15 he was 7’8". Robert Wadlow reached his top
height when he was 22, which was 8’111/10".
He passed away on July 15, 1940 as a result of a septic blister on his
right ankle, caused by a poorly fitting brace. Wadlow’s greatest
recorded weight was 491 pounds on his 21st birthday. His shoes were
3711 (18 ½") from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger. His arm
span was 9’ 5 ¾". He was buried in Oakwood cemetery in Alton,
Illinois, in a 10’ 9" coffin.
   The Bible states that Goliath was 6 cubits, or 9 feet tall.
Robert’s main problem was that he was always tired, and very
lethargic. His metabolism just didn’t function properly because of his
The Water Canopy:
In the days before the flood, the earth had a thicker "protective"
atmosphere around it. This "water canopy" put more pressure down
upon the atmosphere of our earth and the pervasive benefits of this
was that the life functions of both man and the animals were affected.
The extra pressure on the atmosphere caused the blood cells in all the
"Giant" animals and all the "Giant" people to function much more
efficiently! Thus "Giantism" could flourish.
Have you heard of "Hyperbaric Chambers?" These are machines
made to increase the air pressure, and if a person is placed inside one
of these machines, an interesting thing happens. The cells of that
person’s body begin to do an excellent job of transferring oxygen and
removing the waste products from the body, which means that on the
cellular level the body functions healthier and better.
If our planet still had that water canopy, then Robert Wadlow never
would’ve had all those tiring problems.
The metabolisms of all those huge dinosaurs and the giant people
worked wonderfully well because of the greater pressure of our
atmosphere, and the better nutrient quality in the food they ate. But
after the flood, that canopy was gone. At that time nearly all man kind
and the animals decreased in size and stature, down to a smaller size
that their weakened metabolisms could handle.
Odd Animals:
There are certain animals on this planet that are living proof of God’s
The Bombardier Beetle: This beetle has an amazing defense system. If
attacked, he shoots extremely hot irritating gases out of twin
combustion tubes in his tail. Chemicals are squeezed from storage
glands, mixed in a holding chamber, then ignited by an enzyme. The
resulting gases are 212 degrees F.
There is no way this type of beetle evolved because if it did, generation
after generation of this beetle would have blown themselves up.
The Woodpecker: This bird is a miniature Jackhammer. How does he
survive ramming his head against trees a thousand times a minute?
God gave his brain special cushioning.
The Giraffe: People take the giraffe’s long neck for granted, and
know nothing of the science of how it works when this animal has to
lower itself down to drink or swallow.
The Archer Fish: This fish shoots water up at bugs and leaves, and
it’s amazing how its eyes can see through the refraction of light under
water to hit that bug.
Carbon Dating:
Carbon dating is a highly flawed and imperfect science! The Carbon-
14 method was developed in the early 1950’s and is used to attempt to
date the age of plants and animals.
Living things ingest carbon, both ordinary carbon (C12) and
radioactive carbon (C14). The "half-life" of C14 is 5,700 years, and
scientists assume they can accurately measure the remains of this C14
and determine the age of dinosaurs, etc. But there is a problem.
First, this entire system assumes that the amounts of C12 and C14
have always been constant, but they haven’t.
Secondly, living snails have been tested to be 2,300 years old. Wood
taken from living trees came out 10,000 years old. And the shell of a
living turtle also tested to be thousands of years older than it actually
The Evolutionist's View:
They say the earth is billions of years old (Who cares if the sun would
have been so big that it would have vaporized all life off the planet.)
For the Evolutionists, time is the magic factor that turns frogs into
princes. Just take one frog and add 3 ½ billion years, and presto! a
The Creationists View:
The Bible says that creation week was approximately 6,000 years ago.
This number was reached by adding up the ages of the people in the
Old Testament, paying special attention to how old they were when
they "begat" their various sons.
There are 2 different views of the 6,000 years time period. 1) God
created the earth and all the universe 6,000 years ago with a built-in
age factor. 2) God created the whole universe billions of years ago in
the beginning, and then 6,000 years ago God came and made our
world capable of supporting life during the 7 literal days of creation
week. God is in either of these views, and each of us can pick which we
prefer. But God isn’t in the "frog-prince" scenario!
The Wrong One:
This gap theory originated in the early 1800s when evolution-believing
Christians wanted to reinterpret the 7 days of creation as 7 long
periods of millions of years. They inserted a giant gap of time between
genesis 1:1 and 1:2, thereby making room for the millions of years
needed to supposedly let life "evolve" from chemicals in slime pools
into dinosaurs, etc.
An OK Gap Scenario:
God created all the universe billions of years ago, the earth without a
finished form. When God spoke, the earth stood fast (Polonium Halos
froze in place which I will explain to you shortly). Time passed. God
had thousands of galaxies to occupy His attention.
Our solar system had no sun. The foundations (Hebrews 1:10) of our
world and our other planets floated in space, cold, frozen, lifeless.
Then it came time to "defrost" our planet and put life on it 6,000
years ago. The Spirit of God moved over the frozen waters and
warmed them (Deuteronomy 4:24), and the earth rotated. The water
vapor atmosphere formed, liquid water formed small seas and was
pulled into underground aquifers. The dry land appeared. God (not
dependent upon pre-existing matter) created plants and trees. One the
4th day God ignited our sun, and the moon reflected its light. Then
God created the sea life, the birds, the land animals (and some
dinosaurs), Adam and Eve on the 6th day, and God blessed the 7th day.
Not all creationists believe the same way in regard to dinosaurs.
Perhaps some dinosaurs did go onto the Ark (There have been reports
of small brontosaurs living in Africa); and other creationists believe
that the dinosaurs were "amalgamations" wherein the antediluvians
messed with the genetics of God’s original animals, which was why
God destroyed them all in the flood.
It would be nice if all creationists could agree on one and only one
scenario, but it probably won’t happen. So maybe all we can do is
focus on the high points, like how evolution defies all logic and how
there’s tons and tons of evidence that supports the creation story that
is told in the Bible’s book of Genesis.
Devon told me that Bob Gentry gave one of your presentations not
long, presenting his evidence of the Polonium Halos, so I will just
touch briefly about his finding.
I met Mr. Gentry in person back in 1989, and we discussed the
possibility of me helping him illustrate his material, but that project
never saw completion.
I don’t know if you knew this but Scientist Bob Gentry is the world’s
leading authority on radiohalos, and he is a very kind, quiet-spoken
Christian gentleman.
His Evidence For Creation:
Polonium 218 is a daughter element of the natural decay of uranium,
and Polonium Halos have been found in mica and fluorite. But these
halos should not exist because of their extremely short half-lives.
If the Evolutionists were right, and the earth’s rock formations
gradually cooled over millions of years, the Polonium radiohalos
would have vanished and decayed into other elements long ago. These
radiohalos are solid scientific proof of the instantaneous creation
spoken of in the Bible. "By the word of the Lord were the heavens
made. For He spake, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood
fast." (Psalm 33:6-9).
Bob Gentry’s work is pertinent and viable, no matter which
interpretation of the Genesis creation story you may currently
believe—"Gap" or "No Gap." God still spoke the entire universe into
existence, and those Halos prove it.
Yes, Dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible. "Behold now behemoth
which I made with thee." (Job 40:15-24) God was describing the
dinosaur known as a Sauropod, and we have found their giant bones.
Giantism flourished in the pre-flood world. The largest Sauropod ever
found was 150 feet long, and would have weighed 100 tons. This
creature was "chief of the ways of God," the biggest and strongest
creature that ever walked the earth.
"He moveth his tail like a cedar.: (Job 40:17) Some Bible
commentaries think the "Behemoth" was an elephant or a
Hippopotamus, but neither of those animals have "cedar-like" tails.
But Sauropods do!
The second dinosaur mentioned in the Bible was Leviathan. Job 41:1-
34 describes the meanest, strongest, fiercest animal that God ever
created. Some Bible commentaries believe that the "Leviathan" was a
giant pre-flood crocodile. Maybe it was, but if we look at all the fossil-
creatures that have ever been dug up, the "king" of the Dinosaurs was
The Bible says that "Leviathan" had terrible teeth, scales, and it
breathed smoke and fire. How could this happen? Remember the
Bombardier Beetle I mentioned a little while ago? and how it can
shoot out fiery gases? Maybe the T-Rex could do the same.
Tyrannosaurus has been nicknamed the "Air-Headed Dinosaur"
because of all the hollow chambers in his skull, which could have held
the explosive chemicals. History is full of stories about fire-breathing
dragons. The stories might be true.
   God knew how things would be down here near the end of
"There shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own
lusts. (II Peter 3:3-9) The following verses tell us that these people are
willingly ignorant of these 3 things. 1) "By the word of God the heavens
and the earth were made." They ignore Creationism, and prefer
Evolution. 2) "The world was overflowed with water," the flood.
Evolutionists refuse to accept the Genesis flood story. 3) "The heavens
and the earth [are] reserved unto fire against the day of judgment... of
ungodly men." Scoffers also reject the 2nd coming and God’s
The final verses in Peter say that God is longsuffering (patient) with
us, and that He wishes that none should perish. God desires that ALL
should come to repentance and be saved.
Count the Chromosomes:
Did you know that Evolution textbooks refuse to teach the number of
chromosomes as proof for evolution? Evolution insistently teaches
that simple life evolves into more complex life. Let’s count the
chromosomes in different living things. Going from the greatest to the
least, at the top of the list is the fern plant with 480, next the White
Ash at 138, followed by the carp at 100, goldfish at 94, sweet potato at
90, turkey at 82, chicken, dog and duck at 78, horse at 64, cow at 60,
amoebas at 50, chimp at 48, tobacco at 48, HUMAN at 46, bat 44,
wheat 42, soybean 40, cat 38, starfish 36, apple 34, alligator 32, onion
32, opossum 22, redwood tree 22, kidney bean 22, carrot 20, lettuce
18, honeybee 16, garden pea 14, house fly 12, tomato 12, fruit fly 8,
penicillin 2.
If Evolution was right, the fern with 480 chromosomes would be the
ultimate goal of evolution. How can a fern with 434 more
chromosomes than a human being with 46 be a higher evolved life
form? An Ameba has more chromosomes (50) than man (46). If
evolution was right, kidney beans, redwood trees and opossums all
with 22 chromosomes evolved from carrots. You can see how
chromosomes totally disprove evolution.
Dr. Kent Hovind says that he has only found one college-level
evolution textbook that even commented on this very embarrassing
fact: "The number of chromosomes do not seem to follow the
evolutionary pattern. Therefore we feel the information is irrelevant."
Christians Who Believe In Evolution:
Did you know that there actually exist lots of Christians who actually
believe the fantasies put forth by today’s Paleontologists that man
evolved from apes and the single celled organisms in primordial
swamps? To me this doesn’t make sense.
The Problem:
Here is the problem with this belief: If we evolved from apes, then the
Bible is a lie. If the Bible is a lie, then God is a liar, God’s angels are
liars, the Bible prophets are liars, and that would make Jesus a liar
Jesus lived in the Jewish culture, and every Jewish synagogue in the
world taught the law, the first five books of the Tanakh. Nobody, but
nobody argued with the story of Genesis and the written account of
the 7 literal days of creation. Every Jew knows that God created
Adam and Eve on the 6th day, and that meant Jesus knew it too.
If that straight forward story was a lie, then God would be a liar for
permitting it to be included in Scripture and passed on down the
centuries to billions of believers.
So, if you are going to believe in Jesus, then that means you must also
accept the fact that God’s word tells us that he created Adam and Eve
in one day.
It was surprising to many Christian’s when the Pope recently came
out with the statement that "mankind evolved from apes." Today’s
secular evolutionary scientists have succeeded in hoodwinking many
Christians saying they have "overpowering evidence" for Evolution.
This is error.
Creation week was 7 literal days, wherein God blessed and sanctified
the 7th day. Adam and Eve were perfect human beings from the very
day God breathed the breath of life into them. Monkeys and apes are
merely one of the man forms of animal life. PERIOD!
The Scopes Trial:
The scopes trial was held in Dayton, Tennessee in 1925. Scopes was
found guilty of teaching evolution in a public school. He violated a
Tennessee State law which mandated that teachers in public schools
could only teach the Biblical account of the creation of man. Scopes
was fined $100.00, but the conviction was later overturned because of
a small legal error. The Tennessee law remained in effect until 1967,
when the state legislature abolished it.
William Jennings Bryan, famous poet, was a fundamentalist Christian
who had run three times for the Presidency, and he offered to help the
prosecution. But when he accepted a challenge from Darrow, who was
a very sharp lawyer, Bryan was humiliated and outsmarted by
Darrow in his cross-examination. Thus creationism and the Bible
were made to look foolish.
Why did this happen? Because Bryan did not yet have enough
scientific knowledge to prove his case. But now we do. If this case
could be tried now in a truly open public forum, and all the ex-
evolution scientists came forward, we would see that science is
verifying that creationism is 100% true.
Time For Some Fun:
In 1991, before the Jurassic Park movies came out, I drew up my
version of the T-Rex sequence from the first Jurassic Park book. I
wondered what it might have looked like if these vicious dinosaurs
tried to attack Noah’s ark. I pictured a chaotic scene where a herd of
T-Rexes were running toward the ark with fallen evil angels above
them stampeding them toward the ark hoping to destroy it. The next
picture showed how the angel of the Lord stopped and repelled both
the evil angels and the dinosaurs. God made sure that the ark was
protected and T-Rex was not permitted to harm the ark. I imagined
what it would have been like to see this scene on an Imax screen in
sense-surround THX Dolby stereo sound. WOW!!
The Flood Was Real:
The flood waters drowned and killed the dinosaur. This event is not a
fable and not a myth. It is a verifiable scientific fact. Genesis 6:-9 says
that all the people and all the animals that did not go onto Noah’s ark
died, and the flood waters covered the whole world.
The fossil remains of numerous dinosaurs have been found with their
heads and necks arched upwards. It was as if in their death throes
they were straining to keep their heads above water.
Scientists today believe that a giant asteroid hit the earth 65 million
years ago and caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Asteroids of
various sizes have hit the earth, but it was the flood that killed the
In concluding my talk this evening I would like to share with you
information taken from a book "The Discovery of Genesis," by C.H.
Kang and Ethel Nelson, published in 1979, p 12.
The story of the Genesis flood has been told in the myths and legends
of over 250 different cultures. Sure, specific details in these stories
differ, but this is exactly what we should expect to see. All these stories
validate the Bible story. The written Chinese language originated
around 2,200 BC. That date closely coincides with the dispersion of
the people from the Tower of Babel. Take for example the Chinese
character for "boat." The three symbols that comprise that word are
"vessel," "eight," (the number of people on Noah’s ark), and
"mouth" which can also mean "person."
This shows that 2,200 years before Christianity, and before the Jewish
people became established in Israel, the Chinese people knew about
Noah and the ark. And why did they know about it? Because it was a
real event. Only an earth-shaking real event can work its way into 250
cultures. That’s the truth of the matter.
Totally Conflicting Scenarios:
Creationism says that God created mankind and the animals, and that
they were all perfect. Mankind fell from perfection into degradation
and death, from perfection into nothingness.
Evolutionism says that life somehow began by itself and raised itself
from nothingness to higher and higher reach for perfection.
There are only two choices, Creationism or Evolution—two totally
opposite and conflicting belief systems. Evolutionists have suggested
that perhaps life originated elsewhere in the universe, and then it was
brought here to our world. But the flaw with this idea is that life
would still have to evolve and develop from nothing somewhere else.
So this idea also falls apart. FACE IT, THERE IS NO WAY LIFE
I hope you found the information I have shared with you informative
and worthwhile. I have my cartoon booklets for sale in the foyer if you
would like one. On the last page of that book I have listed all the
creation science organizations.
Share it with your friends and neighbors. Millions of people have seen
the Jurassic Park films, and millions of people visit and tour our
natural history museums. These museums have wonderful nature
displays, but these museums are also funded and operated by people
who have as their agenda the establishment of the faulty theory of
evolution. A theory that falls apart under close inspection. God bless
you all in your search for truth.
Thank you Jim for your presentation tonight. It has certainly confirmed
what we have been hearing over the past weeks, and gives us yet more of
the proof we have been looking for. Now friends, for sure next week will
be our last meeting at which time we will consider what I believe is the
ultimate proof of God and His Word, the fulfilling of Biblical prophecy.
Once again thank you for coming tonight. I look forward to seeing you all
next week which will be the final meeting of our seminar-symposium.
A Creationist’s View of Dinosaurs and the Theory of Evolution, by Jim Pinkoski, can
be purchased from: Amazing Facts, Inc, POB 1058, Roseville, CA 95678

                            LECTURE 11
                           August 23, 1997
                   The Witness of Prophecy

"Dear friends, welcome one last time. As you know, we have come to the
last meeting of this series. I for one am sorry to see it come to a close.
Over the last several weeks we have covered much ground, and heard
some amazing and wonderful things about God and the Bible. We have
presented to you what we believe is overwhelming proof that the Word of
God and His existence is a reality.
What you do with this information is of course your choice. For my
students, you will have three weeks to complete your monographs and
have them in to me so I can study them over and assign a grade. I think
you will agree with me that this has been a most fruitful summer session.
I want to thank all of you who are not my students, who have come
faithfully and supported this seminar. Without your presence and financial
support it would have been impossible to bring in our guest speakers each
week. Perhaps, if you want, sometime in the future we can do this again.
Tonight in closing this symposium series I thought it would be appropriate
to present to you what has, for thousands of years, been the ultimate
physical test of the Word of God. Bible prophecy or the prediction of
coming events in history has ever been the acid test, the visible and most
obvious proof of the Scripture’s divine origin. Prophecy is an open witness
to the world of the authenticity of God’s Word.
But there are two problems that need to be understood. One is that because
biblical prophecy is largely symbolic, there are almost as many
interpretations as there are churches or preachers. Most of these preachers
hold up a hellish torch of false prophetic light which is leading millions to
delusion and eternal death.
The other problem is that today the enemy is working feverishly to
counterfeit God’s work. Ever since the beginning Satan has been hard at
work to deceive and confuse mankind. Through human agents and
demonic angels, garbed in heavenly light, he is making false predictions
about the future sucking millions into his web of fear and delusion.
Individuals like Nostradamus, Edgar Casey, and Jeanne Dixon are
examples. The human counterparts of the apparitions of Mary, and the
ETs who are making appearances around the world in heretofore
unprecedented numbers. Many believe, and rightly so, that this is an omen
that something big is about to happen.
Man has ever been curious, starting with Eve, to know what the future
holds. While only God truly knows the future, Satan through divination,
incantations, soothsayers, fortune tellers and false prophets and spiritual
manifestations, has for thousands of years satisfied man’s curiosity to
know the future by predicting events that may or may not come true.
Because some of the things he foretells do come true keeps people ever
entranced to know more. And he is able to cause some things to happen as
predicted because he is able to manipulate circumstances and events,
especially when a person comes on his ground and under his influence.
Thus Satan leads people on from one deception to another, leading them
as he wills. Millions are unknowingly enslaved, like puppets being led to
destruction and eternal death. So closely can he counterfeit the true that
sometimes one cannot always tell the source of a predicted event until the
event comes.
One favorite device used by the enemy to cause people to doubt all
prophecy and the Bible, is through a dream, vision, or message to say that
an event is going to take place at a definite time in a definite place. This is
often done in a dream to the unsuspecting person who may be a Christian.
God has not worked in this way. When this type of incident happens, you
can be sure it is not of heavenly origin. This is nothing more than a device
of the enemy to get people to lose confidence in true biblically predicted
end-time events. To my knowledge I cannot personally recall a single
instance when God gave a specific date or time for a prophecy to come to
pass. God always frames time in general terms such as "soon," "eminent,"
"almost here," "shortly," etc.
Biblical prophecy and its fulfillment has always been of interest to me. In
fact that is why I chose this as my field of study and expertise. With this
introduction, tonight I will share with you some of the things I have
discovered over the past 50 years.
We will start at the beginning with the first prophetic utterance in the
Bible given to Adam and Eve by God. We will then look briefly at a few
other Old Testament prophecies and show how they were fulfilled. We
will look at the first prophecy about coming of nations up to Christ’s
setting up His kingdom. Then we will look at the longest time prophecy in
the Bible which covers 2300 years, clear up to the end of time, which time
is now. We are living in the time when there are very few major
prophecies left to be fulfilled. We will then look at prophecies about
Jesus’ coming, life and death. Finally we will look at a new phenomenon,
secret Bible codes.
Prophecy is like a sign post along the road of time, telling us what is yet to
come and sometimes approximately how long to the event. The final
destination along this road is the end of this world’s current history, which
will end when Jesus returns to take those who love Him home to be with
Him in heaven.
The prophetic signs tell us that we are within prophetic seconds of seeing
this happen. It appears that the coming of our Lord is going to be around
the time of earth’s six thousandth birthday, which will be the year two
thousand or thereabouts. As the weekly cycle is seven days, which is
earth’s legacy from its creation week, and as God gave man the seventh
day as a day of rest, just so there seems to be a similar relationship as the
earth finishes its six thousandth birthday and enters its seven thousandth
year which will be one thousand years of rest both for the people of God
and for Satan and his evil hosts. Revelation 20 describes the saints of God
as spending that time in heaven with Him, while Satan remains on this
earth chained by circumstances to a dead planet that shows the results of
his reign of terror.
I believe that soon the few Bible prophecies left to be fulfilled will happen
in quick succession. Many of you here will behold these events as they
unfold. In fact some of the events foretold by the prophets Daniel and John
the Revelator are unfolding daily. But only those who seek God with all
their hearts, have the spiritual discernment to recognize these signs for
what they are and what they mean. Only those who love God and keep His
commandments will survive what is soon to come. Everyone else (the
wicked) by their choice will be doomed to destruction, if not by the wrath
of God poured out in the seven last plagues, they will be by the brightness
of Christ’s coming.
Dear friends and neighbors, I confess that I have had a hidden agenda in
arranging for this symposium. My only purpose was to alert you to what is
soon to come so that you can, if you so choose prepare to meet God and be
on His side when the last great test will come for every man, woman and
child. Each of you will have to decide whose side you will be on, either
Christ’s or Satan’s. There will be no fence straddling. It will be one side or
the other. The last great test for all of us living today will be based on
keeping the commandments of God. This test is just upon us. It will come
as an overwhelming surprise. If you are interested in knowing more about
this test, I would be more than happy to share this information with you
after the meeting.
Now that you know where this discussion is going let us get started.
The Genesis Prophecy:
The first prophecy in Scripture is found in the book of Genesis. Adam and
Eve have just be beguiled by Satan in the form of a serpent, and sinned by
partaking of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God
was asking them what they had done. Then he introduced them to His plan
to save them and the contention that would take place between them and
Satan. Speaking to Satan the serpent, He said: "I will put enmity between
thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy
head and thou shalt bruise his heel." (Gen. 3:15)
In this prophecy God foretold the conflict that would take place between
Satan and those that loved God from that time forward. In Bible prophecy,
a woman stands for God’s church on earth. He was saying to Satan,
"There will be conflict from this time forward between you and my
people, and between those born with your spirit (his seed), and those born
of God who have (her seed). God’s seed would wound or bruise Satan’s
seed in the head (a potentially mortal wound), and his seed would wound
God’s seed in the heel (a non mortal wound). The reference to "his heel"
refers to Jesus when He would come to earth to redeem mankind.
This the first prophecy in the Bible then, is about God’s plan of salvation
and the great controversy between Him and Satan, all couched in symbolic
language. Thus it was that God set the standard about prophecy and how
He would use symbolism in predicting events to take place.
Shortly after this dialog between God, Satan and Adam and Eve took
place, they were driven out of the Garden of Eden and God introduced
them to the sacrificial system. They were given a glimpse of how His son
Jesus would someday be sacrificed and shed His blood to atone for the
sins of all mankind.
Enoch the pre-flood prophet:
The prophetic gift was then given to selected individuals as God no
longer, because of sin, communicated with Adam and Eve face to face.
The only pre-flood person we know of that has this gift was Enoch. He
was shown the whole history of the world clear up to the Second Coming
of Christ. Only a smattering of his prophecies remain. Christ and the
apostles knew them well and quoted from Enoch often. Unfortunately,
today there are false writings supposedly coming from Enoch and other
Old Testament prophets that are inspired by Satan and written to deceive.
Post-flood Prophecy:
The next major prophecy found in Scripture was given to Abraham when
God told him that his seed would be as the sands of the sea. This prophecy
was not fulfilled until many hundreds of years passed. One after the other
God foretold what would take place, such as Esau serving Issac his
younger brother, Joseph’s brothers bowing down to him.
Tyre: There are literally hundreds of prophecies in the Bible. Most
prominent are those that have to do with the rise and fall of nations. God
foretold when the city of Sodom would be destroyed by fire, when Tyre a
great ancient coastal metropolis would be no more. He told how it would
be scraped clean as rock, a place where fisherman would spread their nets
to dry them. This is exactly what happened. It was fulfilled when
Alexander the Great scraped all the rocks of the buildings into the sea to
make a causeway to reach an offshore island.
Ancient Babyon: is another example. God said that it would never be
built again, and that it would only be inhabited by wild animals. For
thousands of years Arabs have refused to pitch their tents anywhere near
the ruins of Babylon or stay overnight. We could go on and on with
prophecies like these, but time does not permit us to look at them all.
What I really want to focus your attention on tonight are some major
prophecies given thousands of years ago about coming world kingdoms
that rose and fell, and some that are yet to come. These, probably more
than any other evidence, declare the authenticity of God’s Word.
The Image of Daniel:
The book of Daniel, the second chapter, tells the story of King
Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon and Daniel. In the story, the king had a
dream which greatly troubled him. He was greatly disturbed because he
could not remember what the dream was, but felt it had great importance.
As soon as he awoke, he called for his wise men to come and tell him
what the dream was and interpret its meaning for him. This was a highly
irregular request. One which no king had ever asked his wise men to do.
They tried to reason with him, but agitated him more instead. He told them
that if they could not tell him what his dream was, they would all be put to
death. In consternation they left knowing that sure death awaited them, for
there was no way they could tell the king what he dreamed.
Now Daniel, because of his great wisdom given to him by God, had been
appointed as one of the king’s wise men, but he had not been summoned
with the others when the king called for them. When he heard about his
fate, he immediately went to the king and told him that the God he served
would tell him what his dream was and give him an interpretation. He
asked the king to give him a little time to pray which was granted.
He retired to pray and God revealed it to him in a night vision. I will now
read for you about this from the Bible, Daniel 2 verse 26 and on. We enter
the story as Daniel is given an audience with the king. The king is
"The king answered and said to Daniel, whose name was Belteshazzar,
Art thou able to make known unto me the dream which I have seen, and
the interpretation thereof? Daniel answered in the presence of the king,
and said, The secret which the king hath demanded cannot the wise men,
the astrologers, and the magicians, the soothsayers show unto the king.
"But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets, and maketh known to
the king Nebuchadnezzar what shall be in the latter days. The dream, and
the visions of thy head upon thy bed, are these.
As for thee, O king, thy thoughts came into thy mind upon thy bed, what
should come to pass hereafter: and he that revealeth secrets maketh
known to thee what shall come to pass.
But as for me, this secret is not revealed to me for any wisdom that I have
more than any living, but for their sakes that shall make known the
interpretation to the king, and that thou mightest know the thoughts of thy
Thou, O king, sawest, and behold a great image. This great image, whose
brightness was excellent, stood before thee; and the form thereof was
terrible. This image’s head was of fine gold, his breast and his arms of
silver, his belly and his thighs of brass, his legs of iron, his feet part of
iron and part of clay.
Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the
image upon his feet that were of iron and clay, and brake them to pieces.
Then was the iron, the clay, the brass, the silver, and the gold, broken to
pieces together, and became like the chaff of the summer threshing floors;
and the wind carried them away, that no place was found for them: and
the stone that smote the image became a great mountain, and filled the
whole earth.
"This is the dream; and we will tell the interpretation thereof before the
king. Thou, O king, art a king of kings: for the God of heaven hath given
thee a kingdom, power, and strength, and glory. And wheresoever the
children of men dwell, the beasts of the field and the fowls of heaven hath
given thee a kingdom, power, and strength, and glory.
"And where-so-ever the children of men dwell, the beasts of the field and
the fowls of the heaven hath he given into thine hand, and hath made thee
ruler over them all. Thou art this head of gold.
And after thee shall arise another kingdom inferior to thee, and another
third kingdom of brass, which shall bear rule over all the earth.
"And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron: forasmuch as iron
breaketh in pieces and subdueth all things: and as iron that breaketh all
these, shall it break in pieces and bruise.
"And wheras thou sawest the feet and toes, part of potters’ clay, and part
of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; but there shall be in it of the
strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with miry
"And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the
kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken. And whereas thou
sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the
seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not
mixed with clay.
"And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom
which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other
people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it
shall stand forever.
"Forasmuch as thou sawest that the stone was cut out of the mountain
without hands, and that it break in pieces the iron, the brass, the clay, the
silver, and the gold; the great God hath made known to the king what
shall come to pass hereafter: and the dream is certain, and the
interpretation thereof sure."
The Bible then tells how Nebuchadnezzar was so taken by Daniel’s
testimony, that he "fell upon his face, and worshiped Daniel, and
commanded that they should offer an oblation and sweet odors unto him."
Daniel of course gave God all the credit. He was made a great man next to
the king.
Thus it was that God began to reveal to Daniel many things that were to
come from his time to the end of the world. The head of gold represented
Babylon, the wealthiest nation the world had ever seen. Babylon fell and
was followed by the breast and arms of silver. This was the kingdom of
Greece, a great cultural nation, but it was never as great as Babylon just as
silver is inferior to gold. Greece was followed by Medo-Persia represented
by the belly and thighs of brass. It was inferior to Greece as brass is
inferior to silver. The legs of iron represented ancient Rome known as the
iron kingdom. The feet partly of iron and clay has a duel application.
Anciently it represented the 10 kingdoms Rome was divided into when the
10 tribes of Europe overran Rome who ruled the then known world. Today
some believe that the ten toes represent the European Republic. This fits
with what is about to come.
You will notice that the Bible says that these ten kingdoms did not get
along, just as clay does not mix with iron. To bring them together, they
were described as trying to intermarry ("mingle themselves with the seed
of men"), but they would be unable to accomplish this just as iron and
clay do not mix.
It is a historical fact that all the crown heads of Europe are interrelated
through marriage in order to bring it into unity, but unity has never taken
place. The French revolution, World War I and II attest to that fact.
Previous to this the fierce 10 nomadic tribes of Europe, of which the
countries of Europe are today comprised, never did get along.
Today, we see them trying to form a United States of Europe. We know
this will never come to pass for the prophecy given to Nebuchadnezzar
600 years before Christ will stand fast. And we know the outcome. Today
as Europe tries to become one, we know the sure word of prophecy says
that "In the days of these shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom which
shall never be destroyed." This world is living in the times of the ten toes.
Jesus is about to come back. John in Revelation tells us that when Jesus
comes, the saints will be taken to heaven for one thousand years and then
Christ will return to this earth and destroy the world by fire, after
resurrecting all the wicked of all ages. This is the real hell fire. After the
earth is purified by fire and all evidence of this sin cursed world and
sinners, including Satan and all his evil angels destroyed, God will
recreate this earth all brand new. It will be the home of all the saints
forever and ever. They will be immortal and never die. There will never be
any sickness, sadness or dying. This is the kingdom represented by the
stone cut out without hands in the king’s dream. The last thing that Daniel
said to the king about this dream was: "the dream is certain, and the
interpretation thereof sure."
This incident launched Daniel into his role as God’s prophet. The rest of
the book of Daniel is an account of the visions given to him. Each ties in
with the image, enlarging upon what each of these nations would do and
what would happen. All ending with the end of the world, the coming of
the King of kings, and the setting up of His kingdom. These kingdoms
were represented as beasts, such as a lion, bear, a leopard, and finally a
dreadful and terrible beast with three horns. A leopard, a ram and he goat,
and other animals. All these were symbolic of various nations, and told
what they would do. But this is beyond the scope of this lecture both in
content and time. If you are interested in considering the prophesies of
Daniel and Revelation at a later time, let me know and I will see what we
can arrange.
The Longest Time Prophecy:
There is one other prophecy in the Bible that I want to tell you about that
is in the book of Daniel, for it has great meaning for us today. It is found
in Daniel 8 verse 14, and spans the time from 457 BC to the end of the
world. It is called the 2300 day prophecy, a day in prophecy meaning a
year. This prophecy is coupled with another in chapter 9 verse 24 and
known as the 70 week prophecy which is 470 years. Let us briefly
consider these texts and then consider what they mean.
"And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days: then
shall the sanctuary be cleansed." (Daniel 8:14)
"Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to
finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make
reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and
to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the Most Holy.
"Know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the
commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the
Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street
shall be built again and the wall, even in troublous times.
"And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for
himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city
and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the
end of the war desolations are determined.
"And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week; and in the
midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease,
and for the over spreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even
until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the
desolate." (Daniel 9:24-27)
These texts describe a time period in which events would take place
related to the coming of Christ to earth the first time. Certain times can be
historically established. For example, we know when this 2300 year
prophecy began. Daniel 9: 25 says: "from the going forth of the
commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem..." This command was
given in 457 BC when king Artaxerxes told Nehemiah to rebuild the wall
of Jerusalem which was in ruin because the Jews had all been taken
captive and the city was in ruin.
Using this date as the starting point, Daniel 9:25 says that "from the going
forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the
Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks:
the street shall be built again, and the wall in troublous times."
In prophecy, time is reckoned as a day for a year. (Numbers 14:34, Ezekiel
4:6). The 2300-day prophecy of Daniel 8:14 points out twenty three
centuries of history from Artaxerxes’ commandment down to A.D. 1844.
This is how it is reckoned: It took seven weeks to rebuild or restore
Jerusalem, which in prophetic time is 49 years. This is a historical fact as
the work was completed in 408 BC (457-408).
Verse 25 then mentions that from 408 BC to Messiah (Jesus) it would be
62 weeks (threescore and two). This in prophetic time was 434 years. This
date was 27 AD when Jesus was anointed by the Holy Spirit.
Verse 26 says that after the 62 weeks "shall Messiah be cut off, but not for
himself." Verse 27 tells us that Jesus would "confirm the covenant with
many for one week; and in the midst of the week he shall cause the
sacrifice and the oblation to cease..." What Daniel was shown here was
that Jesus would come and die to confirm His covenant with all those who
would accept the gift of His life. The plan of salvation for the Jews would
continue for a 7 year period (one week), but that in the midst of that week
He would cause the offerings and sacrifices in the temple to cease. He, the
Lamb of God, would replace the animal sacrifices that were offered to
atone for man’s sins. This system which was initiated by God right after
Adam and Eve sinned had been replaced by Jesus, the Lamb of God. Type
had met antitype.
This one week time period represented 7 years starting at Jesus’ anointing
in 27AD. This would take the time to 34 AD at which time probation for
the Jews as a nation closed as they forever rejected Jesus as their Savior.
Just as the prophecy said, Jesus died in the midst of that 7 year period after
3 ½ years of public ministry.
When Jesus died, the Bible tells us that the huge curtain in the temple was
torn from top to bottom. The sacrifices and offerings were at an end.
When the Jews rejected Jesus, their relationship as God’s chosen people
came to an end, and their doom as a nation was assured. Never more
would Israel again be God’s chosen race. Individually however, any Jew
can come to God and be saved, but as a nation never again. This should
tell all who think that God is going to restore them and set up His kingdom
in Jerusalem something. Those today who think this, are just like the
apostles who mistakenly thought that God was going to set up His
kingdom here on earth. He did, but not as they thought. It was His
kingdom set up in the heart that Jesus referred to in Luke 17. Every time
the Greek word "kingdom" is used in the New Testament, it means a heart
relationship, not a worldly empire.
Knowing these historical times we can now determine when the end of
this 2300 year prophecy took place. This happened in the year 1844 AD.
What happened at this time? We now must go back to Daniel 8:14 to see
what it says. We find that at this time the sanctuary was to be cleansed.
What does that mean?
When the children of Israel left Egypt and were led into the wilderness,
God gave Moses plans for the building of a tabernacle for them to worship
Him. He at that time gave Moses the Ten Commandments in stone as well
as the ordinances and codes for him to govern the 2 plus million people.
This tabernacle had three areas, the outer court, the tabernacle itself which
contained two compartments, the holy and most holy place.
Their whole system of worship centered around the offering of sacrifices
for sins committed, the same system instituted by God and given to Adam
and Eve after they had sinned. As I mentioned before, this all pointed to
Jesus the Lamb of God who was to come and shed His blood to save
mankind from the penalty of death that hung over everyone’s head
because of sin. In other words, the earthly tabernacle services were a type
which pointed forward to what would take place in heaven after Jesus was
When Jesus came back to life and went back to heaven, Scripture says he
became our High Priest. He replaced the earthly services and continued
them in heaven. The rending of the veil or curtain between the two
apartments when Jesus died, showed the Jews and the world, that the
earthly service had been replaced by Jesus, and that it would be continued
by Him.
When Jesus returned to heaven He was ordained by the Father and began
His priestly work of offering up the sins of the world before the Father,
and claiming His shed blood to cover for those sins. Whenever a person
prayed asking for forgiveness, that pray ascended to heaven and was
received by Jesus who then would claim His blood to cover for that
person’s sin.
As in the earthly services these sins were collected over time and sprinkled
on the veil which separated the holy from the most holy place. This was
done before the altar of incense where the smoke rising from that altar
represented the prayers of the person asking forgiveness. Obviously over a
year’s time, the veil became contaminated with the dried blood, which
necessitated cleaning it. This cleansing of the sanctuary was done once a
year, the time called the day of atonement. This occurs in our time around
At that time the priest would prepare himself through a rigorous regime of
cleansing and confessing any sins he might have committed, for to go into
the most holy place before the Ark of the Covenant with any unconfessed
sins would mean instant death. If any in the camp had any unconfessed
sins, that would have meant instant death for the high priest as well. It was
a most solemn occasion for the whole camp, involving total soul
The high priest had around the bottom of the special garment that he wore,
bells which were there to tell the people if the priest was still alive. A cord
was attached to his leg so that if he was struck dead because of any
unconfessed sins, they could pull him out.
This once a year cleansing of the sanctuary when the priest went into the
most holy place was symbolic of what Jesus would someday do in heaven.
So now you begin to get the connection with the 2300 day prophecy in
Daniel 8:14, which states "Unto two thousand and three hundred days;
then shall the sanctuary be cleansed."
We established that this time was 1844. This means that Jesus completed
the first phase of his priestly ministry in the holy place, and went into the
most holy to begin the atonement for the sins of those who claim to
believe in Him and accept His blood to cover for their sins. What does this
mean to us? It means that Jesus has been interceding for us before the
Father to forgive us for all our sins as we ask forgiveness for them. This
was in effect the day of judgment when the person came before the
judgment bar of God.
In 1844 through inspired testimony the Lord said that at that time the
judgment of all the dead from the time of Adam and Eve to the present
time had begun for all those who professed to love God. When all the dead
were judged, Jesus began with all who are living today. We have reason to
believe that this has also been completed. If you want to know more, see
me after the meeting and I will explain.
Jesus and Prophecy:
Thus you can see how the longest time prophecy in the Bible, given to
Daniel around 600 BC, has been fulfilled. It confirms the many other
prophecies pointing to the end of the world. But more important, is how
this very prophecy centered around Jesus Christ our Lord. His coming to
the world to save mankind is so integrally interwoven into this earth’s
history that there is no way a person can truthfully deny His existence. The
atheist and agnostic, the evolutionist, scientist, skeptic, the computer
programmer, the business man, housewife, the corporation, all by using
the Gregorian calendar to count years, automatically give obeisance to
Jesus, assents to His death on the cross as being the most important event
in the history of the world. Before Christ (BC) and After Christ (AD)
admits that even time revolves around our Creator and His act to save
mankind from eternal death.
This is not all. God’s (Jesus’) creation of this world is the only reason the
seven-day weekly cycle exists. God created the world in seven days,
resting on the seventh day Sabbath. There is no other to account for a
seven day cycle, not astronomically, astrologically, physically, or
My friends, one other fact you may have overlooked about Jesus. Many of
the Old Testament prophecies had to do with Jesus coming, the reason and
the way he would die. He was the focal point of all prophecy. The
prophets Zechariah, Isaiah, and David, who wrote most of the book of
Psalms, contain prophecies announcing the coming of Jesus and details
about His crucifixion. The New Testament gospel writers, Matthew, Mark
Luke and John all quote from these books when describing events
connected with Calvary. Not only did Daniel in vision foretell in time
when Jesus would come, but, Isaiah foretold about events connected with
Jesus’ coming, trial and death in detail, hundreds of years before they
Zechariah 11:12,13 described Judas and the 30 pieces of silver given to
him to betray Jesus. "...So they weighed for my price thirty pieces of silver.
And the Lord said unto me, Cast it unto the potter: a goodly price that I
was prized at of them. And I took the thirty pieces of silver, and cast them
to the potter in the house of the Lord." Psalms chapter 69 is a prophecy
about Jesus and the shame he would endure. Verse 19 says, "Thou hast
known my reproach, and my shame, and my dishonor: mine adversaries
are all before thee." Verse 21, Jesus Himself, through David spoke about
being given gall and vinegar as if it were happening then, hundreds of
years before it actually happened. "They gave me also gall for my meat:
and in my thirst, they gave me vinegar to drink."
Like chapter 69 of Psalms, chapter 22 is also all about Jesus’ trials and
suffering at Calvary. The first verse repeats the very words used by Jesus
while on the cross. "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?"
The rest of the chapter describes Jesus’ agony of heart in the first person,
that is as if He were speaking, and how his enemies assailed Him. "They
gaped upon me with their mouths, as a ravening and a roaring lion. I am
poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint, my heart is like
wax, it is melted in the midst of my bowels. My strength is dried up like a
potsherd; and my tongue cleaveth to my jaws: and thou hast brought me
into the dust of death. For dogs have compassed me: the assembly of the
wicked have enclosed me: THEY PIERCED MY HANDS AND MY FEET. I
may tell all my bones: they look and stare upon me. THEY PART MY
(Verses 13-18)
Finally, the prophet Isaiah in chapter 53 describes Jesus’ coming, his life,
his beauty, how he would be "despised and rejected of men; a man of
sorrows, and acquainted with grief." He describes how "we hid as it were
our faces from him; how he was despised, and we esteemed him not.
Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did
esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.
"But He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our
iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his
stripes we are healed.
"All we like sheep have gone astray, we have turned every one to his own
way; and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all,
"He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: HE
"He was taken from prison and from judgment: and who shall declare his
generation? for he was cut off out of the land of the living: FOR THE
"And he made his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death:
because he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth."
(Verses 3-9)
Soon my friends, very soon, we are going to see this Jesus, our Savior
coming back to this earth, not as our Savior, but as the King of kings to
receive us unto Himself. Many of us will live during the time Jesus spoke
of, which he described as the most terrible time of trouble this world has
ever seen since there was a nation. Look around you at what is happening
in the world, at nature, at nations, spiritually, in all the signs and lying
wonders happening all around us. It is no wonder that the judgments of
God are already falling. Our only safety is to be a child of the King. Only
in this way can we be protected and safe under the shadow of the
Almighty (Psalm 91).
Now you can see why I have over the years been so intrigued by Bible
prophecy and why I believe it is the ultimate proof about God and His
Word. Of necessity, I have only touched on the barest minimum of these.
There are literally hundreds of prophesies all declaring God’s Word as the
truth. There is still many of them like those found in the book of
Revelation that are yet to be understood. Only as the events unfold will we
understand perfectly what was meant. Prophecy is only fully understood
when it takes place. It is impossible for man to understand God and His
Word without the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Now, before I close this lecture, there is yet one other late development
that I mentioned at the beginning of this discussion that needs to be
addressed. This has to do with a very recent finding about bible codes.
Although the findings and research overwhelmingly prove them to be
authentic, in the back of my mind I have some reservations. I see the
possibility of the enemy manipulating these findings to introduce a hidden
I see the possibility of this computer study being orchestrated to get people
to believe some things that are not true. In this way Satan could deceive
millions of honest people seeking for truth and light. I admit that I may be
wrong and hope that I am. But, if I am right in this, it will in time be
proven, for something that does not agree with the Word will surface,
leading people on a line of reason that not will deceive them. Time will
tell. Anyway this is what has been found:
In March 1996, "Flashpoint," a newsletter ministry by Texe Marrs, carried
the following article about the Bible which is similar to Panin’s findings
about numerical word patterns, except that the findings deal more with
mathematical patterns of words rather than the number equivalent of their
letters. The article quotes "Statistical Science," the official journal of the
institute of Mathematical Statistics which published the research study
proving the Holy Bible to be of divine authorship. Bible Review
magazine, in quoting from the journal, explains that the results of the
study apply only to the Hebrew manuscript from which only the King
James version of the Bible was written.
Some very interesting prophecies have been discovered about the Bible
through the use of the computer. These discoveries are much like the
findings of Panin and the number 7 which I shared with you a few weeks
ago. Just as with Panin, it seems impossible to explain these findings in
any other way but that the Word of God is of divine origin, that is, unless
the enemy is up to something, for he is very capable of manipulating
This discovery seems to put a whole new twist on biblical prophecy. No
doubt, some of you already know what I am talking about. It has to do
with a hidden Bible code which has been widely publicized on TV and
talk shows, and is described in several books. But there is reason to be
suspect, as I will point out after I share some quotations. I will first quote
Texe Marrs, who writes extensively and publishes "Flashpoint," a
periodical update of current spiritual events. Then I will share with you
what I found in Michael Drosnin’s new book "The Bible Code," which
first brought this phenomenon to the attention of the public. However,
other authors have also written about the Bible codes. Another well
publicized book which I have also read, is "The Signature of God," by
Grant R. Jeffrey. Promotion for his book says: "Discover research that will
help you prove the Bible is the inspired Word of God! Jeffrey explains
mysterious Hebrew codes in the Old Testament that refer to Hitler, Rabin,
and Jesus; gives historical proof for the Exodus and Tower of Babel, as
well as Christ’s death and resurrection; shows the precision of fulfilled
prophecy, and uncovers scientific statements from the Bible." The
Christian world is most impressed with these findings. Christian writer
and author Texe Marrs is convinced that this is of heavenly origin. Here is
what he has to say:
"Astounded scientists have no explanation for the new, mind-
boggling, scientific discovery of three highly respected professors
from the Jerusalem College of Technology and the Hebrew University
in Israel. The authoritative research of these scholars, published in
two prestigious scientific journals, proves conclusively that the Holy
Bible (King James Version) could only have been written by God
"The three scholars, all mathematicians, used an advanced computer
to painstakingly and scientifically analyze the Bible’s book of Genesis.
The results left them stunned and in shock. They discovered hidden
words encoded in the original Hebrew text that could not have been
accidental, nor placed there by human hand.
"Even more amazing was the discovery that some of the words found
included numerous names and personal data of people living today in
the 20th century. What’s more, the decoded text predicted actual
events which have happened in the lives of the named men. This, in
spite of the fact that Genesis was written thousands of years ago!
"The researchers realized that their findings, if scientifically verified
and replicated by others, would change the religious landscape of the
world forever. For decades now, scientific critics have claimed that
the Bible is the work of men, not God. Sadly, even most of today’s so-
called ‘Bible Scholars’ and ‘Seminary experts’ discount the contention
that the Bible was literally written by God.
"Apostate Bible scholars have long scorned and laughed at Christians
who teach that the Bible is wholly inspired and without error. They
especially despise and love to vilify Christian fundamentalists who
teach that every word of the Bible is perfect—even every letter!
"Criticized, too, are traditional, Orthodox Jews, who insist that the
Torah, (the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Hebrew Bible—e.g.
the Old Testament) were dictated by God directly to Moses in a
precise, mathematical and divinely designed manner. Christian
literalists extend this belief to cover the entire Bible—Old and New
Testament—pointing out that God promised to preserve all of His
Word forever.
"The ‘higher criticism’ Bible scholars say this is nonsense. They
maintain that the Bible is ‘man-made’ and is flawed, being a grand
duke’s mixture of fables, legends, and pseudo-history concocted by
fertile human imaginations. They insist that it definitely should not be
taken literally. That is why they publish and recommend the newer
Bible versions, which butcher the Word of God, omitting or mangling
so many passages that the original wording is horribly marred.
Bible Critics Proven Dead Wrong:
Now, with this recent scientific discovery, the Bible critics are proven
dead wrong. Even "Bible Review," the influential, scholarly magazine
well known for its liberal views of biblical history and archaeological
findings, is impressed. Editor Hershel Shanks writes that, according
to this new research, it is documented that imbedded in the book of
Genesis are "hundreds of...names of Jewish leaders and events that
postdate the composition of the biblical text." (Bible Review, October
1995, p.4)
"’The odds of this happening by chance,’ Shanks says, ‘are
mathematically one in 50,000,000,000, 000,000.’ In other words:
impossible. "In an Associated Press article (The News Tribune,
Tacoma, WA, October 28, 1995), journalists David Briggs, confirms
this stupendous mathematical certainty. ‘The odds of the words
occurring by chance,’ he reports, ‘are less than one in 50 quadrillion.’
"’So far,’ Briggs writes, ‘the research has been published in two
scientific journals, and no natural explanation has been found. ‘It is,’
he adds, ‘a mystifying mathematical and biblical puzzle. World’s Top
Mathematicians are Stumped’
"One of the scientific journals publishing the research study by the
three Hebrew University professors is" Statistical Science," the
obscure but highly prestigious and respected journal of the Institute
of Mathematical Statistics (IMS). IMS is a professional association of
the world’s most distinguished statisticians and mathematicians. The
journal’s executive editor, Dr. Robert Kass, had never before
published a religious study in Statistical Science. But he and his fellow
editors were stumped. They could not find a single flaw in the
research. The bewildered but fascinated Kass then sent the study out
to other, independent researchers, professionally known as ‘referees.’
They, too, were taken aback. ‘How can this be?’ they asked.
Finally, as a challenge to the journal’s scholarly readers, worldwide,
Dr Kass decided to publish the resarch findings. Thus, in the August
1994 edition (Vol. 9, No. 3) of Statistical
Science, was published the study titled ‘Equidistant Letter Sequences
in the Book of Genesis.’"
"In the preface of the journal, Dr. Kass writes: ‘Professors Doron
Witztum, Eliyahu Rips and Yoav Rosenberg searched the Book of
Genesis looking for pairs of words spelled by picking out every dth
letter, where ‘d’ is some integer. The pairs of words were names of
personalities and dates of their birth or death taken from the
Encyclopaedia of Great Men in Israel. When the authors used a
randomization test to see how rarely the patterns they found might
arise by chance alone they obtained a very highly significant result,
with p==0,000016. Our referees were baffled: their prior beliefs made
them think the Book of Genesis could not possibly contain meaningful
references to modern-day individuals, yet when the authors carried
out additional analyses and checks, the effect persisted. The paper is
thus offered to Statistical Science readers as a challenging puzzle.’
Bible Author Not Human!
"Dr. Jeffery Satinover, who reviewed the Hebrew University study
and reported on it in Bible Review, admits that, he, too, is perplexed,
yet intrigued, by the stunning conclusions traced by the study. ‘The
implications,’ Satinover remarks, ‘are for individuals to decide.’ But,
he adds, ‘If the research holds up and no flaw is found in the
methodology, then I think the implication is clear that the authorship
of Genesis is not human.’
King James Bible vs. The False, New Versions:
"Significantly, the new findings of divine authorship strike a mortal
blow at the false versions of the Bible. They apply only to the Hebrew
Masoretic Text, which is the text used by the King James Bible
"As Dr. Satinover notes, the Hebrew University researchers ‘worked
from the Hebrew text... They focused on the book of Genesis as
transmitted in the Jewish Orthodox tradition (the textus receptus, or
Masoretic text).’"
This sounds very impressive doesn’t it? Supposedly irrefutable proof that
the Bible is the Word of God. Comparing these recent findings with
Panin’s study using the same Masoretic text, you can see direct parallels
between the two. We know that Panin’s discovery is of divine origin, but
what about this recent discovery? There are telltale signs that something is
not quite right. Although no fault can be found with the research, the
messages coming from this computer raises questions which need to be
seriously considered. The following are some of the things I, and others
have found from Drosnin’s book that makes this study suspect.
Drosnin begins his book by describing how these codes were first found,
his involvement in proving them to be true, and his contact with the people
like Rabin whose assassination was found in Scripture. My first question
is about Drosnin himself. He is an avowed skeptical secular reporter. Yet
after all of the evidence, he indicates he is still a religious skeptic. I
contend that if after all his involvement and becoming part of the story, he
has not been brought to the point of believing, then the Holy Spirit who
gives all wisdom has not been involved in teaching him all truth regarding
the nature of God.
Pehaps the strongest evidence in Drosnin’s book against these findings
being authentic comes from the statement that it was not God that revealed
the code, but "some other good being." There is no other source of good in
the universe except God, who alone is the revealer of true secret spiritual
The next question I have, is that Drosnin mixes evolution into his text,
talking about man’s 170,000 year existence. He shows evidence that the
Bible Code links the extinction of the dinosaur with a massive asteroid
which hit the earth wiping them out.
Frequently Drosnin refers to the years 2006, 2010, and 2020 as the time of
the end. He states that ‘delay’ is written into all the original prophecies of
the ‘End of Days.’ " This is exactly the opposite of what the Bible says.
God says that at the end of time, "the days would be shortened," else there
would no flesh remain alive. As near as we can tell, for God never gives a
specific date or year, 1997 began the seven thousandth millennial year,
which, according to Scripture, marks the end of time. Using the code to
convince people that there is more time (10 or 20 more years), and that
God is going to extend time, has ever been a favorite ploy of the enemy to
get people to put off their soul’s preparation until after probationary time
is closed and it is forever too late.
I believe that this may be just the beginning of many lies presented as truth
from the Bible code studies. Satan certainly has the power to manipulate
computers to prove anything he wants them to prove. In this end of time,
he will leave no stone unturned. He will use every device he has at his
disposal, for he knows his neck is in the noose of God’s judgment. He
knows the end of his reign as king of this world is just about over.
This latest device has all the earmarks of being a counterfeit of the true
study done by Panin in the 1800’s. The fact that it is getting such
worldwide media attention makes it suspect. Wide publicity is how the
enemy has always worked. The Marian apparition, the UFO phenomenon
are cases in point. This latest trick of his is attracting the attention of the
world, especially millions of Christians and Jews—Satan’s primary target.
As always, a counterfeit mixes error with truth. This particular one, in the
eyes of the world, contains overwhelming astounding evidence from the
infallible computer which the whole world worships as the ultimate truth
machine. What people do not realize is that this supposedly infallible
electronic god is under the control of the arch-deceiver who is
manipulating its results in order to deceive and destroy all who believe and
follow him and his devices. You can be sure that in the future he will use
this device to announce false dates, events, possibly his coming as the
Messiah. (see the book "Comings").
You can see why I felt I should share with you my impressions and ideas
about the Bible codes that has been brought to the attention of the whole
world. I would encourage you to not just take my word, but to search this
out for yourselves. If you will search with a prayer for the Holy Spirit’s
guidance and with an open heart, you will not be deceived by the enemy.
The Lord will not let you be deceived. How many more delusions and
devices Satan will bring to the fore, only time will tell. But you need not
be deceived.
In Conclusion:
So, my friends and students we have come to the end of what I believe
was a very stimulating and thought provoking symposium series. In
conclusion I would like to ask the question of those who still may be
unconvinced about God and His book the Holy Bible. How do you answer
the evidence presented by the God of heaven against evolution and men’s
claims that He does not exist? Where is your evidence? We will answer
for you. You CANNOT present a single shred of evidence that can stand
against the truth.
God has effectively unmasked the enemy so that all may know the truth.
"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." God is
escalating His evidence, vindicating His word with proof that cannot be
denied. No doubt there will still be more evidence to come. God has
provided for all who want to know the truth the opportunity to find it. In
this time of the end of this world, God is bringing forth His evidence
against the carefully contrived machinations of the enemy, so that no
detractor of truth will have anything left to say in defense of their beliefs.
Each of you who have attended this series is as an individual accountable
for the light that has been given to you. Each of us is standing before the
judgment bar of God. Each of us is going to be asked to make a decision
as to whom he will serve. At stake is your eternal life or death, depending
upon what choice you make.
God has never and will not now force anyone to serve Him. He woes and
calls each of us now into a relationship with Him that will last for eternity,
or bliss and joy, without pain or sorrow of any kind, and no more death
and heartache. Will you my friends accept of this wondrous gift made
possible by our Savior, the gift of His life to save you? Eternal life is
waiting your decision. Do not put Him off any longer. Let His Holy Spirit
come into your heart. Ask and seek Him with all your heart and you will
find Him. You are either His or you are not. The decision is yours alone.
I admit that the primary purpose of this seminar was to bring you to a
point of decision for God by unfolding the evidence of His fantastic,
unfathomable love. Will you not accept Him today? That is the question! I
thank you for your support during this series and wish you all God’s
speed. lf you have any questions, I will remain here after the meeting to
try and answer them. Perhaps, if you are interested we might in the future
have another series. Until then, I bid you all goodnight, and thank you for

                     LECTURE TWELVE
                            August 12, 1998
                    The Witness of God's Providence
                              DEVON GREY
There is one more witness that in my opinion is the greatest witness to
God’s power. This lies in the realm of the supernatural. We refer here to
answers to prayer and the movement of God’s hand to intervene in the
lives of people, to come to their aid when it is needed. This is where the
spiritual world tangibly meets the physical and sensory world.
Rather than just one speaker, tonight I have invited several speakers to tell
their story. The presentation tonight, I think all will agree will be the most
emotionally gripping and attention getting of all in this series. Tonight we
are going to hear about the unfathomable love and providence of God, in
action, in the lives of people. How through His supernatural interposition,
heavenly beings have come to the aid and rescue of people in life
threatening situations. Other accounts you will hear, though not life
threatening, are equally impressive in that they show how personal and
caring God is. A God who is intimately intertwined in our lives and who
loves and cares for us in a very personal way. He is "An ever present help
in trouble," even in the mundane everyday events that happen to us. Of
course His purpose in all He does for us is the same—to win our hearts
through His loving caring acts, to try and win our love and devotion to
Him, and ultimately to save us and snatch us from the grasp of the enemy.
For thousands of years God’s angel messengers in the form of human
beings have rescued and saved humans in times of crisis. This is a witness
that no argument by critics can nullify. The physical evidence and
testimony of the individuals may be argued but cannot be refuted. It has
been stated that "there are no atheists in foxholes."
When one has been rescued by a supernatural being, no one on earth can
convince that person that there is no God. Is not the miraculous
intervention by spiritual forces to rescue and save a person—either
spiritually or physically—the ultimate eyewitness proof and witness of
God’s existence, and unfathomable power and love?
Even more compelling than a physical rescue is His power and ability to
intervene, to snatch a soul from the stranglehold of the enemy, to save one
from eternal death. Who can argue with the person who was at one time
imprisoned by the enemy Satan, but miraculously rescued by the mighty
power of the Lord Jesus Christ and His applied blood?
Is not this the greatest evidence of God’s power? In fact is this not the
ultimate demonstration to the universe of God’s infinite, caring power?
A Hidden Danger:
Unfortunately, when we enter the realm of the supernatural, we enter an
area, which is fraught with danger. One cannot be too careful about
believing all that is purported to be from God. For when it comes to
supernatural happenings, the powers of darkness are masterfully adept at
conjuring up events and apparitions, and spirits that are not of heavenly
origin, all for the purpose of entrapping the innocent and unwary. In fact,
supernatural happenings are the cornerstone of Satan’s modus operandi,
for nothing captures the imagination and is more convincing than
unexplained supernatural events. They get attention like nothing else can.
Many do not recognize that the enemy not only has the power to create
accidents, sickness, and catastrophe, but he has the ability to rescue, heal
and quell them when it suits his purpose. At this time in history, He will
leave no stone unturned in order to win another subject for his kingdom.
One is on extremely dangerous ground to "carte blanche" accept every
supernatural happening in their life as being from God. The ultimate test
of one’s experience is found as always, to where the happening leads the
person. That is to say, has it led them to a true spiritual relationship with
God? Or has it enveloped them in a cloud of superstitions and beliefs that
goes counter to the Bible?
Tonight you are going to hear personal accounts of events in people’s lives
that cannot be explained by the natural laws of nature. These personal
testimonies defy answers from science or technology. They are beyond the
reach of the laws of natural cause and effect.
What you will hear tonight will be both gripping, and inspiring as you
listen to how God worked in the lives of our guests.
As our speakers come up and take their places around the table, this is
how we are going to proceed: This meeting tonight will be in the form of a
round table discussion. I will ask each one to share their experience or
experiences with us. Although each person’s experience is unique, each
event profoundly changed the course of their life for good.
After all have told their story, I will then share with you a few of the more
interesting experiences that have come to my attention. Some of what you
hear tonight defies any logical explanation but at the same time leaves
God’s critics without argument against this powerful witness. Each
experience is impossible for any to refute or gainsay. There is no way
science can disprove these kinds of experiences. It bears repeating:
"For those who want to believe, no proof is necessary. For those who do
not, no proof is possible." What you will hear tonight will bolster your
faith and trust in God as nothing else can.
Now that our guests are seated, let me introduce them to you. I thank you
all for coming to share your experiences with us, for taking the time to
come, some of you from great distances. We welcome you and appreciate
your willingness to share what God has done in your life.
Starting from my left is a familiar face. Roger Morneau, who spoke to us
on the first night. Tonight he will share with us some incredible answers to
prayer as found in his book by the same title.
Seated next to him is Chantel Lakey, a lady with an experience so
frightening and incredible that you will find it hard to believe. Her story
was told nationwide in a well-known Christian digest, "Guideposts,"
which some of you may subscribe to. She was also seen on TV. She will
be the first to share her experience. We are glad she could come to be with
us tonight.
Sitting next to Chantel is Bill Lindeman. His account is also most
astounding, and shows God’s power over the elements, and his ability to
save under the most dire circumstances imaginable. Welcome Bill!
Next to Bill is an old time school friend of mine, Dale McMurray. He and
I graduated together in the same class. We both studied for the ministry
and spent many good times together. His story defies the odds and is so
incredible so as to border on the impossible, yet it happened. Thank you
Dale for being with us tonight. With this introduction, let us begin..
One of the most dramatic stories of rescue by angels I have ever heard is
the experience of Chantel who found herself in totally unbelievable
She admits that she did not believe in the existence of angels until they
showed up in her hour of very great need. She told me that at the time she
was an agnostic.
Chantel’s story was aired nationwide on TV. On this program she was
interviewed along with the police officer that rescued her.
This rescue took place in Curry County on the coast of Oregon at Lookout
Rock. She was hiking with her fiancee Dale when the tragedy took place.
Chantel, we welcome you here tonight. Please share with us your
incredible experience. The time is yours.
Thank you Devon for inviting me. It is a pleasure to be here and share
with you about God’s mighty power, which saved me from certain death.
Dale and I were in love, and we had visited his cousin in Oregon and were
going back home to San Diego.
As we were driving down the coast, Dale said to me ‘let’s stop at this
lookout sight and hike to a viewpoint at the top of a giant rock where you
have a 360 degree panoramic view of the ocean and shoreline, and the
forest behind us."
He said that no one had ever been able to make it to the top with him, and
challenged me to try, and of course I accepted his challenge. We hiked up
a trail that led to the top, and the view was beautiful. We were heading
back down the trail when Dale said to me, "Let’s go down this other way,
I have never been down this way before. If you want to come with me..."
of course I accepted this other challenge.
As we started walking down the trail, I realized that it was very deceptive
because it looked like it was going to be fine and no problem. Hiking
down the trail, suddenly we were on a cliff with no place to put our hands
or feet, and we were kind of like glued, not knowing what to do.
It was very, very terrifying. We tried to go back up, but couldn’t do it
because it was shale rock and the rock was slipping under our feet. The
rocks just fell, and we could not get any footing. There was only one way
to go and that was down.
Dale said, "I’m sorry, we’ll have to go down." When we looked down it
was terrifying because it was at least 450 feet down to the rocks and ocean
below. We could not even see where to put our hands and feet.
Dale said, "I am going to go first, and I want you to do whatever I do, just
follow my path." So he inched his way down about 3 or 4 feet, then told
me it was my turn. I started to do what he did copying each motion he
But every time I moved, rocks would fall, hitting him on the shoulder and
head. He asked my how my fear factor was, and I assured him I was fine,
when in fact I was terrified. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Yet I
knew we had to go down and felt I had to let him know I was okay, for it
was hard enough for him without being concerned about me.
Dale, although athletic, was not an experienced mountain climber. He
extended his hand out to me, and told me to put my foot into it. His eyes
locked with mine and suddenly he lost his grip and fell backwards. When
he started falling, I couldn’t believe it, and I screamed "Oh my God! My
God help me! Help me!" I saw his head hit a ledge and then he kept falling
and falling until I could no longer see him.
I was so terrified and afraid I didn’t know what to do. I was trembling and
thought "Oh my God, if Dale who is far more athletic than I am could not
make it down, how can I?" I started screaming "Help! Help!" for someone
to hear me, but no one knew we were there, and I thought, I can scream
my head off and no one will come and help me. I thought that maybe
through some miracle Dale might still be alive and I could help him.
It was at that point I screamed for God. I had this overwhelming feeling or
urge to scream for God. I screamed "God, God, please help me, please
help me, I don’t know what to do, I can’t move." I was locked in terror on
the cliff actually frozen, I couldn’t move.
Suddenly a mist came all around me which was strange, because along
with the mist came a beautiful chorus which sounded like hundreds and
hundreds of voices. I tried to squint my eyes to see through it, but couldn’t
really see anything. The music got louder and louder. At that point I was
urged to make my first move. Even though I didn’t know what to do, I
knew I had to move. A serenity and peace came over me enough to take
the first step.
As I made the first move, I remember the rocks starting to fall, but I
somehow managed to take the next step, and the next. During this time I
was asking myself "Why are these angels here? Are they going to assist
me in my life or my death."
Each move I made I became more and more terrified. For the next 300
feet, I don’t remember much of what happened. But when I was about 100
feet from the bottom I started falling and couldn’t control the fall. I
screamed out, "Oh no God, not now! I’ve got to find Dale and help him."
I knew I was going to die or be injured. Suddenly a powerful force like a
hand swooped me up and threw me against the rock, and I was held tight
against it.
Strangely, when I stopped falling, the rocks did also. At that point the
singing got louder, and I felt complete peace and serenity and then I knew
I would make it the rest of the way.
When I got to the bottom I started running in the direction of his body but
couldn’t find him at first. Finally I found him sprawled out on a small
rock. He was obviously dead, his body all broken up. There was no hope
for him.
As I went over to him, all around him the singing got much louder. It was
as if they were lifting him and tenderly holding him. I at once knew that I
could now go find help.
When the officer arrived, he could not believe what I told him, yet he
could not deny it. The rescue crew who had come with him were terrified
to have to go down and retrieve Dale’s body, for that rock juts up out of
the water for 500 feet. It is utterly impossible for anyone to climb down
without help.
As a result of this experience, my life has totally changed. I now believe in
God, where before I didn’t. My goals and perspectives have changed. You
cannot go through an experience like this and not be affected. I praise God
and thank him for saving my life.
I am now putting my life back together, for I feel deeply the loss of Dale. I
will never get over losing him. But I know that God allowed it for some
reason and I do not question Him. I just accept it by faith and trust Him,
for I have every reason, after this experience to trust my life to Him
completely. Thank you Devon for inviting me here tonight to share this
most memorable event."
Thank you Chantel for this inspiring and heart rending story. Our next
speaker will be Bill. We appreciate your accepting our call to come to
Fairmont and testify to the power of God in your life. Please tell us what
happened to you.
Thank you Devon for inviting me. What happened to me is so fantastic
that still at times I have a hard time believing it ever happened.
Lake Mendosa, near to where I live is like a glittering jewel on the banks
of Madison, Wisconsin. But when winter comes, the lake surface is
transformed into a treacherous terrain of snow and ice. One bleak day in
February of 1975, I set out on a rugged hike across the frozen lake. This is
what happened.
I started walking over the lake surface, which was rather rough and
uneven. The wind was blowing and, drifting snow continued to fall more
and more heavily.
Finally at one point the shoreline became obscured and I could not tell
exactly which direction I was going. I could walk fine, I was mobile, I was
not particularly cold, and I was dressed warmly, so I wasn’t concerned.
I was looking at the drifting pattern of the snow on the surface to find
three drifts with patterns I could align up and keep in focus. I would reach
the first one and the one right beyond the last one so I was always moving
towards one of those drifts in the same direction.
As I walked along further and further, the snowfall became greater and
greater. The wind picked up, blowing and swirling so that finally I
couldn’t see beyond what was right in front of me.
It was then that I knew I was in trouble. I got to the point that I could not
tell the difference between the falling snow and the ground. That was a
very weird feeling, for when I stepped I couldn’t tell if I was stepping on
packed snow. I was totally disoriented so that I couldn’t even tell whether
I was vertical. I could not take more than a couple of steps. I began this
pattern of standing, stepping, and falling to one side then the other.
I completely lost my sense of direction. If something didn’t happen to
change this situation, if the storm didn’t clear, I knew I was good as dead.
I decided to crawl on the ice until I died. I recognized how frail and
marginal life is. At that point I totally gave up. I cried out to God, "Hey
God, if you’re out there and have any intention of me surviving this, then
you’re going to have do something because I’m dead."
It was at that point that I heard a very deep horn like a foghorn. I had no
idea where it came from. I said to God, ‘If that was a sign, you’re going to
have to make it loud and clear, because otherwise I am not going to get it.
I need to know where it came from." Again I heard this sound. I locked on
to it, and remember moving off into the direction it came from.
As I began crawling across the ice, I heard a sound coming from the back
of my head, which startled me. It was like someone had sneaked up behind
me and then whispered, "Watch out for the breakwater." I realized the
moving breakwater could have possibly kept the ice from freezing up, and
that if I fell into it I would probably drown.
I let myself be guided by the mysterious voice, skirting the breakwater, I
struggled up the bank where I collapsed.
Suddenly I was aware that there was a person who reached out and put his
arms around me, gripping me under the arms which felt like a bear hug, in
effect saying to me, "get in, get out of the cold you dummy!" I felt myself
being pulled into the building.
Inside the building it was cozy and warm, a fire was burning in the
fireplace. The man wrapped me in blankets, and gave me a cup of warm
broth. I remembered little for the rest of that night, only that the man
revived me and somehow, I found my way home.
As the next day dawned bright and clear, I returned to the little cabin to
thank my rescuer. But when I got there, the station was closed off, and
there was a sign on the door that said, "Closed for the Season." THERE
MONTHS! I realized then that something very unusual and unexplainable
and miraculous had happened to me.
I believe an angel saved me. If I hadn’t believed that guardian angels were
real, I wouldn’t have asked for help. If I hadn’t asked for help, even if it
came, I am not sure I would have recognized it.
You have to conclude that there is a greater power in the universe than the
one ticking inside your bodies, and that everyone is part of that greater
Not everyone gets to a point in his or her life where they realize that if
they try to control their own lives, their life is going to end immediately.
I had to completely give up control of my life, because I knew at that
point, if I was the one in control I would have died, it was that cut and
People, if YOU DO NOT know God or do not have a relationship with
Him, it is time for you to find Him. If YOU DO know Him, never let go of
Him. As a result of this experience I found Him. My life has changed
dramatically. I could never let go of Him after what He did for me. But
what is more, He did something for me that was a far greater miracle—He
sent His Son to die for my sins so that if I remain faithful, I can someday
have eternal life.
I encourage any of you in this audience, who do not know Him intimately,
to seek Him with all your heart. He is coming soon to rescue all who love
Him from this world, just as I was rescued from that blizzard that dark
cold night.
Thank you for letting me share with you what has been, without question,
the most meaningful experience in my life.
Thank you Bill for your story and for coming. How thrilling it is to hear
how God miraculously and marvelously saved you.
Our next speaker to share His experience is a personal friend of mine,
Dale McMurray. We both graduated from theological college together in
1953. It has been many years since we have seen each other. I located him
through another mutual friend. Dale, it is indeed a pleasure to see you
again and have you spend the weekend with my wife and me. Thank you
for accepting my invitation, and for the chance to renew our old
acquaintance. The time is yours.
Thank you Devon my friend. What I have to tell will not take very long
but what happened was indeed a miracle that changed my life for the
good. One cannot go through an experience like I had and not be affected.
It was for many years the highlight of my life. Here is what happened:
It was on a dark stormy night in the 1950’s, about two o’clock in the
morning. My wife and I were crossing the desert driving from Minnesota
to California. The rain was coming down in sheets, and it was very
desolate, for we were in the middle of the desert.
We were headed for a small town several miles up ahead. We had not seen
anyone else for hours, no cars behind us and none in front. But finally in
the distance we saw the lights of an oncoming car.
We came to a long low lying bridge just two cars wide, like many that
spanned washes and water drainage channels in the desert in those days.
Coming from the opposite direction the oncoming car had reached the
other end of the bridge at about the same time we reached the bridge.
Because of the rain we had a hard time seeing. As the other car
approached, we slowed down, but to our horror we saw that the car was
halfway in our lane and there was no where for us to go. I hit the brakes
and stopped completely. A head on collision was inevitable. I knew we
were going to die.
Just before impact, my wife screamed out, "God help us!" We
instinctively closed our eyes waiting for the inevitable crash. BUT
THERE WAS NO CRASH! I opened my eyes and the car was gone.
Quickly looking in the rear view mirror I could see the taillights of the car,
still in our lane, going off into the darkness.
My wife and I were incredulous, THE TWO CARS HAD PASSED
hardly believe what had just happened to us. It seemed like some sort of
dream, but it was for real. You can be sure that our praises and gratitude
ascended to the Lord for hours, yes days after that miracle. We thanked
Him over and over for His saving power and protection. Thank you Devon
for inviting me, and for contacting me after all these years.
Thanks again Dale for coming. My wife and I are most pleased to spend
this weekend together with you and your sweet wife.
The last of our featured speakers tonight, but certainly not the least is a
familiar face to us. We told you when Roger Morneau opened up this
series of meetings as our first speaker, that he would be back.
I think it fitting for Roger, who began this series with us, to be back for its
conclusion. I think you will find what he has to say tonight just as
interesting as his first talk about his experience in the church of Satan.
What he has to share with us tonight is about incredible answers to prayer
he has had, which is the title of one of his books. What has happened to
him is a powerful witness to the mighty power of God, which effectively
refutes the claim that there is no God.
Since the time Roger was delivered from the church of Satan, and gave his
heart to the Lord, God has worked in his life in incredible ways. Roger we
are most anxious to hear what you have to say.
Note: (On September 21, 1998, Roger died of a massive brain
hemorrhage. His work on earth is complete. He now sleeps in the grave,
awaiting Jesus’ return in the clouds when he will be called back to life by
our blessed Lord.)
Thank you again friend Devon for inviting me back. It is always a pleasure
to share the way God has worked in my life.
The first miracle I am going to share with you tonight happened in New
York in the winter of 1955, January to be exact. For a number of days I
had been studying the biblical concept of faith. While Scripture speaks of
vast numbers of people having had their lives ruled by distrust of God and
unbelief, it also reveals how certain persons acquired a living faith by
developing an unfaltering trust in our heavenly Father, and in the power of
His Holy Spirit.
In those days I was a salesman, and that evening I had a 9:00 PM
appointment with a building contractor living on a rural road about four
miles west of Castile, New York. Our home was in Curriers, about seven
miles north of Arcade.
To avoid a route that would have forced me to go east in a roundabout
way, I had gotten instructions to go cross-country on some country roads
that would supposedly save me a lot of travel time. Unfortunately, it
didn’t. I got lost three times because of the constant crossroads, and I
made wrong turns. It meant stopping and asking directions at farms, and I
arrived almost an hour late.
On my way there, I realized that my gas gauge had dropped rather low, but
reasoned that the best thing to do was to fill the tank in Castile afterward.
We got involved talking business, and time flew by. When I had finished
writing up an order and was ready to leave, my watch indicated almost
midnight. By then the thought of getting gasoline had left me.
The contractor, desiring to save me going into Castile in order to take
Route 39, a state road that would carry me west into Arcade and home,
suggested that I drive three miles west from his residence, then take a left
that would get me directly unto Route 39. I was reluctant to go that way,
but he said I couldn’t make a wrong turn, because of a huge landmark at
that intersection.
As I stepped out on the porch, the cold chilled me instantly. He looked at
his thermometer, which read five degrees below zero. "I hope you have a
good battery," he said. "Yes, sir. One of the best for winter driving."
Waving good-bye, I left. Because of the bitter cold, it took longer than
usual to get heat into the car, and it absorbed all my attention. I had
traveled about five miles when all of a sudden the engine began to lose
power. A glance at the gas gauge told me the tank was empty. Terror
struck my mind as I realized that the last farm I had passed was more than
a mile away, and no more were in sight.
Like a flash I saw myself in a hospital bed with my toes cut off. You see,
when I was 17 years of age, I froze all my toes one morning in northern
Quebec when the temperature had gone down to 42 below. I spent five
months in the hospital. The flesh turned black and actually fell off my
toes. Afterward I had a number of operations, skin grafts, etc. And the day
of my discharge the surgeon who had worked on my feet sat me down and
stated that I should no longer live in that part of the world.
He believed that my feet would quickly freeze if exposed to the cold, and
that the only thing that could be done then would be to amputate. Now in a
burst of fear I cried out, "Dear Jesus, please help."
Many times before when certain destruction stared me in the face, I had
made that call for help, and Jesus had never failed me. Immediately a great
calm came over me. But the car was still slowing down. "Forgive me for
being so panicky, seeing that you have never failed me." I thought. "Lord,
I know that the Spirit of God that transported Philip 20 miles so long ago
can get me and this car over those hills into Curriers if He so chooses.
Dear Jesus, may the Spirit of God (through angels) that control, the atoms
please fuel this car so it will take me home without stopping. Thank You
Lord, for your help."
It was almost as if something hit the back of my automobile, and it shot
forward; then the motor started to accelerate and hummed like never
before. The speedometer climbed and when it reached the speed limit I
had to release my foot from the pedal as the vehicle kept dashing ahead.
Eagle Hill—which I had never climbed without the transmission shifting
down—I now sped up in high gear. Jubilantly I praised the Lord for His
miracle-working power. I began quoting verses of Scripture, such as
Psalm 107:1,2, and 8.
"O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good; for his mercy endureth for
ever. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom he hath redeemed from
the hand of the enemy." ‘Oh that men would praise the Lord for his
goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men...."
After I pulled into the driveway, up a small grade, and past the side
entrance of our house, the car stopped. It did not reach the garage. Turning
the ignition off, I ran into the house surprised to see the lights on in the
About 11:45 p.m. Hilda, my wife, had awakened, and realizing that I was
not home yet, got on her knees and prayed for God’s loving care over me.
As I entered, she knew that something great and wonderful had happened.
"You look excited. What’s the good news?" I recounted how the Spirit of
God had brought me home 27 miles without any gas in the tank. We had a
praise session to the Lord that probably lasted an hour, then went to bed
but could not sleep most of the night as we kept talking about my
In the morning I tried to start the car, but it wouldn’t start. We had to fetch
gasoline from the neighbor’s farm to get it going. (Incredible Answers To
Prayer, Roger Morneau PP 30-33)
Next I want to share with you some of the experiences I have had since I
discovered that the Lord wanted to use me to pray for other people, to
push back the forces of darkness that affect the whole world.
I don’t know if you realize it, but we have at our disposal the most
powerful weapon in all God’s universe. It is the most powerful tool at
man’s disposal to help others. This is intercessory prayer. This tool is
given to us only as we earnestly request it, not for any benefit we receive,
but only to help others. When we pray this kind of prayer, angels work
together with us to bring substance to these prayers.
Intercessory prayer is interceding on behalf of someone that needs divine
help. It is the Holy Spirit who places the burden on the heart to pray on
behalf of someone. The following incidents in my life dramatically
illustrate this point, though seldom are the results so obvious. But they
illustrate something else. God is working in the everyday affairs of our
lives. He is interested in each of us personally and in every aspect of our
lives. He cares about what happens to us.
An Interrupted Feud:
One Friday afternoon in April as I drove home from work, I passed a F.W.
Woolworth store and decided to stop and pick up a couple of items that I
needed. Returning to my car, I thought I might as well take a few minutes
to process the day’s paperwork (at the time I worked as a telephone
salesman for a telephone company, helping companies make up ads for the
yellow pages). The thermometer had reached into the high 70s. Getting
into the car. I quickly opened the windows to let the heat out.
A few minutes later a green Mercury pulled into a parking place two
spaces away. Glancing out of the corner of one eye, I saw a middle-aged
couple with the woman at the steering wheel.
"Mary, you will have to turn the key so that I can roll up this power
window," the man said. "Jim, you’re stupid. I’ve told you a hundred times
to roll the windows up while the engine is still running. Won’t you ever
The man opened his mouth, and a flurry of profanities poured out, a
mixture of the sacred and profane such as could not fail to get the message
across to his wife that her words had touched a sensitive spot. Getting
angrier by the moment, he accused her of having wrecked what had been a
perfect day by refusing to keep her big mouth shut.
What a wicked man I thought to myself. Then I immediately prayed,
"Jesus please forgive them. By the mighty power of Thy Holy Spirit,
please rebuke the demonic forces oppressing their minds, and bless their
lives with the sweet peace of Thy love."
Instantly the verbal storm stopped. For about 20 seconds neither said a
word, then the man broke the silence. "Mary, I am sorry I got so angry.
Really, I feel bad now that I spoke to you in the way I did. I don’t know
why I get so angry at times. I can actually feel anger swell up in me
toward people I dearly love. Please forgive me, and I promise to put forth
real effort not to repeat these outbursts."
Then it was beautiful to hear her admit that she was at least partly at fault
for not being careful with her words, and at times actually took pleasure in
verbally jabbing him. Promising to be more considerate in the future, she
gave him a peck of a kiss, put the window up, and they both got out of the
car to go shopping.
Stepping to the parking meter, the husband studied his coins to feed the
meter, and having no dime or nickels, turned to his wife. "Sugar pie,
would you be kind enough to look in your purse for a dime?" "How can I
refuse to help when you are treating me like a lady? Do you realize, Jim,
that you haven’t called me your sugar pie since the kids were little?"
After he put the coins in the meter, she grabbed him by the arm, and like
two newlyweds they proceeded to do some shopping. As I sat in my car I
was more than surprised over the drastic transformation that had taken
place in their lives, all because I was willing to pray in their behalf. Just
previous to this experience, I had been wondering and asking God if He
answers prayers for the ungodly. The Lord impressed upon my heart that
in praying for the ungodly and the wicked, it was necessary to ask Jesus to
deal with their burdens of sin, by asking for their sins to be forgiven,
which was a new idea to me. After this incident, I prayed that if it were
pleasing in His sight I would like to have another similar experience, one
that would again demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit to bless once
the burden of sin had been removed.
This next incident, which was a direct answer to my prayer, again shows
how God works through the Holy Spirit (angels), and man as a team to
help change the lives of the wicked.
The Disgusting Manager:
The manager of a large lumber and building supply operation told me that
it would be difficult to talk to the owner about his advertising because he
owned other businesses that took him out of town a lot. The directory
canvass supervisor had given me the account to handle, with the
understanding that if I could not see the owner on the premises during the
canvass time, I could close it over the phone at a later date. After all, the
man hadn’t changed his advertising program for years. Besides, he had
previously refused to make appointments, and seemed to run his
businesses according to the way he felt on a particular day.
Because I passed his place of business every day, I stopped every so often.
But it was not until Monday of my last week in the area that the manager
informed me that the owner desired additional advertising, and wanted to
change some of the copy in his existing ads. The boss was in, but in a bad
mood. "Too many things to attend to," the manager said.
I asked him to get me a definite appointment to see the owner, or he would
find himself having the same program in the coming telephone directory.
A message left at the telephone office that afternoon indicated that the
owner would see me Wednesday at 10:00 in the morning. Wednesday was
a beautiful day, and up to that time all had gone well. Entering the
establishment, I found it to be a beehive of activity. Spotting the manager
from a distance, I made my way to the counter, where he was serving a
customer. He told a clerk to finish serving his client, and we walked up to
the second floor and the owner’s office.
Along the way he mentioned that it was unfortunate that I had to see the
boss on this day. The man was in a really bad mood. To begin with, he had
arrived with a somber expression. "Must have gotten up on the wrong side
of the bed." A short while later he exploded when told that a shipment he
had been promised for that day had been delayed through unexpected
"So prepare yourself for anything." the manager warned. "If the boss
shouts at you, don’t pay attention to him. It's probably the price he has to
pay for being wealthy."
Arriving at the glassed-in office, the manager opened the door and
announced me. "Have him come in and sit down," the owner replied. "I
can't talk to him right now, as I have to make a phone call."
As I entered, he didn’t even look at me, but kept shuffling papers on his
desk. What a rude person he is, I thought for a moment. Then I realized
that the man was under terrible pressures. His expression reflected internal
turmoil. He was undoubtedly a chain smoker, as the office was full of
smoke and the ashtray with cigarette butts, and he had a cigarette between
his fingers.
After dialing a number on the phone, he began talking to one of his
managers in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible. Only a tyrant would
have used the abusive language that he blasted the man’s ears with. He
was unhappy about the figures shown on the quarterly report of one of his
businesses. Profanities flew right and left, and the more he talked, the
more brutal he seemed to get.
This fellow is disgusting—he makes me want to vomit, I thought to
myself. Then the memory of my prayer a few days before struck me. Here
indeed was another opportunity to pray for an ungodly person so that I
could see God remove the individual’s burden of sin and the Holy Spirit
(through angels) move with power to help that person "in the battle against
principalities and powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world, and
wicked spirits in high places." Unfortunately I had no desire to pray for
him, yet I knew that it was the right thing to do, and I made a special effort
to pray. "Dear Jesus, I need Your help. I just don’t feel like praying for
this wicked man. In fact, I would like to walk out of here. You have
instructed us to love the unlovable, and for that reason I pray for special
help now. Please help me to see this man not as he is now, but as he will
be by your grace on that great day when you will resurrect and translate
the people of Your righteousness.
Immediately a sense of pity for the man filled my heart, and I continued to
pray. "Wash away the condemnation that he has brought upon himself by
his wicked deeds. Break through, I pray, the gigantic wall of separation
that he has erected to hide himself from Thy face, thereby depriving
himself of the sweet peace of our heavenly Father’s love and grace.
"Lord, through the power of Thy Holy Spirit, please rebuke the demonic
forces that may have been oppressing this man’s mind, driving him to sow
misery in the lives of others. And having done this, please surround him
with a divine atmosphere of light and peace as Thy Spirit abides with him
this day, speaking to his heart of the ways of righteousness. Thank You,
Lord, for always hearing my petitions for help to the needy."
I determined there and then that this man was going to be in my daily
prayers. Immediately I felt the powerful presence of the Spirit of God. I
should mention here that my Christian experience has never been
dependent upon my feelings, but upon a "Thus saith the Lord." At times
when the going has been rough I have been tempted to believe that God
has left me to carry my burden alone, but in the end I come to see how
graciously the Spirit of God (through His angels) was watching over me.
It wasn’t more than five seconds before I witnessed a transformation in the
man as great as night and day. His conversation took on a new sense of
direction. Instead of talking almost continually and shouting profanities,
he softened the tone of his voice and began to speak with what appeared to
be intelligent reasoning. Long pauses gave the other person a chance to
explain the situation. The conversation closed on what appeared to be a
tensionless note, and he hung up the phone.
His stern expression that had at first appeared as unchangeable as some of
those seen on monuments in city parks now softened. A smile took form
as he turned toward me. "I am Dennis D." and he stood up behind his desk
to extend his hand toward me in a friendly way.
"Roger Morneau here." I said as I firmly shook his hand. "It’s nice
meeting you, Roger. It’s too bad that you happened to come on a day
when everything is running rough." Then he corrected himself. "I
shouldn’t be giving you the impression that the conversation you have just
witnessed is a rare occurrence. To be honest with you, I must admit that I
am— at times a madman, I am not crazy or deranged in any way, but there
is something strange here. I can’t understand why I get so steamed up at
times over things that no one has any power to change. Such incidents
seem to be more frequent and powerful as time passes. Too often I feel an
uncontrollable anger building up within, and I lash out at everybody."
I could tell that the man was deeply distressed by his situation. "If it
weren’t for the fact that I pay my managers twice as much as they are
worth, none of them would work for me."
Suddenly he realized that he was talking to a complete stranger. "What am
I doing, telling you the secrets of my life? Please excuse me for dumping
my problems on you. Let’s talk advertising."
"Mr. D, please relax, and trust me," I said, "The very first requirement of
my job is to keep in strict confidence whatever my advertisers tell me, and
I have successfully done that for years. Quite frequently people tell me
things they have told no one else, stating that they feel comfortable in my
presence and believe that it is better to open one’s heart to a stranger than
to someone who knows them well."
His reply surprised me some, as it was totally unexpected. "Roger, I agree
with what your customers say. I can feel a power accompanying you that I
don’t know exactly how to explain, except to say that it is out of this
world. I have never before experienced the peace and quiet that I do now."
"Thank you, sir, for telling me that. Mr. D. I feel that it is important for me
to add, that from the moment you began talking over the phone, I turned
my heart in prayer to the great Monarch of the galaxies, the Life-giver,
asking that He would bless your life with the presence of His Spirit, that
alone can bring peace and help to those in this world."
He studied me for a moment, then said, "I gave up on religion and God a
long time ago. But today you have given me something to think about; the
Monarch of the galaxies and His power to touch people’s lives in a
meaningful way. I like that thought. Don’t get me wrong, I am not
thinking of going to church or anything like that, but would you be kind
enough to keep me in your prayers? I sure would appreciate that."
After I assured him that I would be honored to add his name to my prayer
list, we then updated his advertising program. As I got up to leave, he said,
"Let me walk down with you, as I have to go downstairs anyway." On the
way down, I asked him how he had built such a fine business operation.
His face lit up, and he told stories all the way to the front door. Shaking
my hand as we parted, he asked if I would be kind enough to see him at
the beginning of the telephone directory canvass the following year.
I did not work the directory that year, but I found myself visiting the area
two years later as division sales manager, and went on that call with the
fellow who had the account. The man was delighted to see me again, and
was very courteous and while a new ad was being set up, he had me walk
with him to another office to meet his accountant.
After introducing us, he stated that I was the person who had given him a
new lease on life, and at the same time saved him a bundle of money, as
he no longer had any need "to see his shrink."
A great transformation had taken place in that individual’s life. He was
vibrant with the joy of living. On the wall in back of his desk hung a
lovely plaque with "Prayer changes things" inscribed on it.
Indeed it does—and in this particular instance, I am inclined to believe
that of all the blessings received, I was the greater beneficiary of the two
of us. That prayer experience had straightened out my warped reasoning
that for a number of years had kept me from asking for special help for the
ungodly. But from that time on, the Lord was able to use me to open the
way so that His Spirit could then move in a marvelous manner to benefit
the lives of many others.
This graphically showed just how closely the Lord with His angels desires
to work with man for the salvation of those in bondage to Satan, and the
powerful and dramatic effect it can have to change lives. Thus it can be
seen how both angels and man are servants and messengers, working
together to bring salvation to fallen man. With this story I will close my
presentation. I thank you all for hearing me out. May God bless you all as
you seek a deeper relationship with Him. Try what I have suggested and
see how the Lord will work in your life to help others."
Once again Roger, thank you for sharing with us just a few of your many
experiences. If you, the audience would like to purchase a copy of Roger’s
book, they will be available out in the foyer after the meeting, as well as
books from the other previous speakers we have heard from.
Personal Testimonies:
Now, as the final presentation for this evening, I would like to bring to you
some of the experiences I have come across, as well as a couple of my
own, after which I will make some closing remarks. Realize that what we
have heard tonight barely scratches the surface about the Providence of
God. Ever since Adam and Eve fell, God has been working in the lives of
individuals giving them tokens of His interest in their well being.
I believe that of all the evidences and witnesses we have listened to in this
series, that identify God as the Creator and Author of His Word, personal
experiences are the only ones that reach heart and soul, the only ones that
intimately demonstrates God’s love and care for mankind.
This next story illustrates this well. It is a story I read in a book by Joan
Wester Anderson, well known author of books about angels. It too is an
amazing story.
The Tow Truck From Nowhere:
It was just past midnight on December 24, 1983. The Midwest was
shivering through a record-breaking cold spell, complete with gale-force
winds and frozen water pipes. And although our suburban Chicago
household was filled with the snug sounds of a family at rest, I couldn’t be
a part of them, not until our twenty-one-year-old-son pulled into the
At the moment, Tim and his two roommates were driving home for
Christmas, their first trip back since they had moved east last May.
"Don’t worry, Mom," Tim has reassured me over the phone last night.
"We’re going to leave before dawn tomorrow and drive straight through,
We’ll be fine!"
Kids! They do insane things. Under normal circumstances, I figured, a
Connecticut-to-Illinois trek ought to take about eighteen hours. But the
weather had turned so dangerously cold that radio reports warned against
venturing outdoors, even for a few moments. And we had heard nothing
from the travelers.
Distressed, I pictured them on a desolate road. What if they ran into car
problems or lost their way? And if they had been delayed, why hadn’t Tim
Restlessly I paced and prayed in the familiar shorthand all mothers know:
God, send someone to help them. By now, as I later learned, the trio had
stopped briefly in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to deposit Don at his family home.
Common sense suggested that Tim and Jim stay the rest of the night and
resume their trek in the morning. But when does common sense prevail
with invincible young adults? There were only four driving hours left to
reach home. And although it was the coldest night in Midwest history and
the highways were snowy and deserted, the two had started out again.
They had been traveling for only a few miles on a rural access road to the
Indiana tollway, when they noticed that the car’s engine seemed sluggish,
lurching erratically and dying to ten or fifteen miles per hour. Tim glanced
uneasily at Jim. "Do not—" the radio announcer intoned, "—repeat—do
not venture outside tonight, friends. There’s a record wind-chill of eighty
below zero, which means that exposed skin will freeze in less than a
The car surged suddenly, then coughed and slowed again. "Tim," Jim
spoke into the darkness, ‘we’re not going to stall here, are we?" "We
can’t," Tim answered grimly as he pumped the accelerator. "We’ll die for
sure." But instead of picking up speed, the engine sputtered, chugged and
slowed again.
About a mile later, at the top of a small incline, the car crawled to a frozen
stop. Horrified, Tim and Jim looked at each other in the darkened interior.
They could see across the fields in every direction, but, incredibly, theirs
was the only vehicle in view.
For the first time, they faced the fact that they were in enormous danger.
There was no traffic, no refuge ahead, and not even a farmhouse light
blinking in the distance. It was as if they had landed on an alien, snow-
covered planet. And the appalling, unbelievable cold! Never in Tim’s life
had he experienced anything so intense.
They couldn’t run for help; he knew that now for sure. He and Jim were
young and strong, but even if shelter was only a short distance away, they
couldn’t survive. The temperature would kill them in a matter of minutes.
"Someone will come along soon." Tim said, "You heard the radio.
Everyone in the world is inside tonight—except us." "Then what are we
going to do?" "I don’t know." Tim tried starting the engine again, but the
ignition key clicked hopelessly in the silence. Bone-chilling cold had
penetrated the car’s interior, and his feet were already growing numb.
"Well, God," he prayed, echoing my own distant plea, "You’re the only
one who can help us now."
It seemed impossible to stay awake much longer... Then, as if they had
already slipped into a dream, they saw headlights flashing at the car’s left
rear. But that was impossible. For they had seen no twin pinpricks of light
in the distance, no hopeful approaches.
Where had the vehicle come from? Had they already died? But no. For,
miraculously, someone was knocking on the driver’s side window. "Need
to be pulled?" In disbelief they heard the muffled shout. But it was true.
Their rescuer was driving a tow truck. "Yes! Oh, yes, thanks!"
Quickly, the two conferred as the driver, saying nothing more, drove
around to the front of the car and attached chains. If there were no garages
open at this hour, they would ask him to take them back to Don’s house,
where they could spend the rest of the night.
Swathed almost completely in a furry parka, hood and a scarf up to his
eyes, the driver nodded at their request but said nothing more. He was
calm, they noted as he climbed into his truck, seemingly unconcerned
about the life threatening circumstances in which he had found them.
Strange that he’s not curious about us, Tim mused, and isn’t even
explaining where he came from or how he managed to approach without
our seeing him.... And had there been lettering on the side of the truck?
Tim hadn’t noticed any.
He’s going to give us a big bill, on a night like this. I’ll have to borrow
some money from Don or his dad.... But Tim was exhausted from the
ordeal, and gradually, as he leaned against the seat, his thoughts slipped
They passed two locked service stations, stopped to alert Don from a pay
phone, and were soon being towed back through the familiar Fort Wayne
neighborhood. Hushed, Christmas lights long since extinguished and
families asleep, Don’s street still seemed the most welcoming street they
had ever been on. The driver maneuvered carefully around the cul-de-sac
and pulled up in front of Don’s house. Numb with cold, Tim and Jim raced
to the side door where Don was waiting, then tumbled into the blessedly
warm kitchen, safe at last. Don slammed the door against the icy blast.
"Hey, what happened?" he began, but Tim interrupted. "The tow-truck
driver, Don—I have to pay him. I need to borrow--."
"Wait a minute." Don frowned, looking past his friends through the
window. "I don’t see any tow truck out there."
Tim and Jim turned around. There, parked alone at the curb, was Tim’s
car. There had been no sound in the crystal-clear night of its release from
the chains, no door slam, no chug of an engine pulling away. There had
been no bill for Tim to pay, no receipt to sign, no farewell or "Thank you"
or "Merry Christmas...."
Stunned, Tim raced back down the driveway to the curb, but there was no
taillights disappearing in the distance, no engine noise echoing through the
silent streets, nothing at all to mark the tow truck’s presence.
Then Tim saw the tire tracks traced in the windblown snowdrifts. But
there was only one set of marks ringing the cul-de-sac curve, and they
belonged to Tim’s car. (Where Angels Walk. pp. 133-135, Joan Wester
Vicki with her toddler son Joey was passing out ‘Jesus Is Coming" papers
along a residential street one day in Tijuana, Mexico. Suddenly she heard
a growl behind and turned to see a large dog running toward her with
fangs barred and blood in his eye. She saw that he was going to attack her
and her son. She grabbed Joey up and held him to her breast, turning away
from the dog so that her body was between the dog and Joey.
She turned her head to see what the dog was doing and saw him leap in the
air toward her. She prayed for protection. Suddenly it seemed as though
everything stopped happening. She saw the dog suspended in mid-air over
her right shoulder, just hanging there as if suspended by a wire. To her
amazement she saw the dog then backed down from where he had jumped
landing in a crouched position with a very surprised and puzzled look on
his face as if wondering what had happened. Suddenly the dog became
terrified and took off running with his tail between his legs. There is no
question in Vicki’s mind that an angel protected them from what could
have been a horrible accident.
Rescue On a Mountain Curve:
Dale and his girlfriend Artie were traveling east of San Diego on a date,
headed for the mountains. As they wound their way up a canyon and came
to a place where the road made a sharp curve to the left around a steep
stone faced hill, suddenly coming around the bend from the other
direction, was a car headed straight for them on their side of the road.
There was no where for them to go but right toward the right edge of the
road, which dropped off a sharp cliff. Dale pulled over on the shoulder as
far as he could to avoid the oncoming car driven by a man who was drunk,
but to no avail. In desperation he turned more to the right and felt the car
drop slightly as the right wheels went completely off the road into the air.
The other car careened behind them narrowly missing them and plunged
over the cliff. Instantly Dale pulled the car back onto the highway and
stopped. He knew something astounding had just happened and went back
to look for the other car and for tire tracks to confirm what he thought
happened. Sure enough, he could see where his car skidded off the road
and where the tire tracks left the road and then came back onto the road.
This experience went with him for the rest of his life as a witness to God’s
protecting care.
Warning of Danger:
Margaret walked the dog every morning. Her husband, Paul (not their real
names) did so at night. There was a small park across the busy street in
front of their house, and Paul usually took the dog there. He was a
reserved man who enjoyed solitude and rarely showed his emotions.
About nine one April evening, Paul and the dog started out on their
customary jaunt. "I’m never in the garage after dinner," Margaret relates.
"But that night, I happened to go there for something. The garage door
was open even though it was almost dark outside. I had a perfect view of
Paul going down our driveway to the sidewalk." Paul had to wait a few
moments until there was a break in the traffic. While he was standing
there, Margaret heard a voice calling. "Paul!" That was all. "It was a male
voice, the kindest-sounding voice I’d ever heard," she says.
There is shrubbery alongside our driveway, and I assumed our next-door
neighbor, hidden from my view by the garage wall and the foliage, was
calling Paul.
"But I know his voice, and this wonderful voice was not his. A second
later I remembered that the neighbor wasn’t home." Paul did not appear to
have heard the voice. Maybe it had been her imagination. Or the sound of
the wind? But there was no wind. Someone in a passing car? But the voice
had been coming from her direction, as if the caller was near. Puzzled,
Margaret wondered what, if anything, she should do.
Again, as her husband started to step down from the curb, the kind voice
called his name. "Paul!" Now Margaret saw Paul stop. Had he heard the
voice this time? Incredibly, a large tree in the park started to fall. Down it
came, almost in slow motion, until, with a loud crash, it came to rest
across the park path, its highest branches lying almost into the street. The
spot was where Paul always walked, where he would have been at that
moment had a voice not delayed him. Stunned, Margaret stared at the tree.
Paul, in his usual unemotional manner, crossed the street, went around the
tree, looked at it for a moment, and continued on his way. But by the time
he returned he had a chance to think. "Someone called my name," he said
to Margaret. "It happened twice. Did you hear the voice?" "Yes. I
wondered if you had." "But there wasn’t anyone around, unless you saw
someone." "No, I didn’t," Margaret told him. "And from the garage, I
would have had a good view."
They looked at each other. "Well, then," Paul said in his usual calm
fashion, "it had to have been my guardian angel." (Where angels walk, pp.
133-135, Joan Wester Anderson)
The last two experiences I will tell you tonight are my personal testimony
of how God has helped me in times of need. Although not life threatening
experiences, or nearly as dramatic as what you have heard, they have
many times over the years encouraged me when I was tempted to doubt
that God really cared about me.
When the Car Stopped:
It was July of 1942 that I, at the age of 18 years faced a crisis in my life
about whether to marry a girl whom I loved and had gone with for several
years. Her folks had been pressuring us to get married for some time, but I
did not feel like I was ready for such a responsibility, for my goal was to
go to college and become a minister.
Finally because of my love for her, and because of the pressure brought
upon us by her parents, I reluctantly consented and we became engaged.
Plans for the wedding were made, announcements were printed, and a
wedding shower given for the girl.
Now the pressure became intense, but I still did not feel right about the
situation. "Then too, my parents were not in favor of the marriage
primarily because of my age and because I was not emotionally mature.
They felt that it would be a big mistake.
I felt that I must call off the wedding, but could not do it. Each day that
passed increased my apprehensions but I could not call it off. As the
wedding shower was given, and the announcements were prepared for
mailing, the pressure became intense.
I needed help, divine help from above. I prayed earnestly and decided I
had to go see her and tell her how I felt, for she knew nothing about my
feelings. And above all I did not want to hurt her. I knew if I called off the
wedding now that it would break her heart. Then too, I still wasn’t sure of
my own mind as to whether I should break off with her or not. I dreaded
facing her, for fear of changing my mind when I saw her, for I really loved
I earnestly pleaded with the Lord to help me, to give me some sign so that
I would know one way or the other what His will was in this matter. I
asked the Lord that if I was not to marry her, that he would give me an
unmistakable sign that I could not just pass off as happenstance.
Having done this, I got into my little 1931 Buick and headed down the
twenty some miles to see her, not knowing what my decision would be. As
I was driving up a road that wound between some hills, all at once the
engine quit, just like someone had turned off the ignition switch. I coasted
off to the side of the road wondering what had happened.
Being of mechanical bent, I got out, lifted the hood and checked the
wiring to the coil, but all seemed fine. Next I took off the distributor cap
with the 8 wires going to the spark plugs, to look at the points which open
and close making the spark which fires the spark plugs. And to my
amazement, a part called the rotor, which distributes the spark to each of
the 8 spark plugs as it rotates on a shaft, was laying down along side the
points. Now the rotor fits snugly on a shaft that comes up from the engine
through the distributor. It has lobs or bumps on it, which open and close
the points in the distributor. The rotor fits down on the end of the shaft
about ½ to 1 inch. The only way that rotor could have come off is for it to
have broken, or for the distributor cap to have come off, neither of which
I stood there dumbfounded at how God had answered my prayer. There
was no way that I could write this off as having just happened by
coincidence. That was the first of two signs the Lord gave me indicating
that I was to break off the plans for the wedding.
"Amazed at what had just happened, I put the rotor back on the shaft,
snapped the cap back into place, and got back into the car. It started up
instantly and ran perfectly for the next several miles.
I had just turned a corner at an intersection after stopping for a stop sign,
when the car began to act up again, but this time differently. It acted like it
was out of gas, even though the tank registered ¾’s full. I pulled over to
the side, lifted the hood for the second time, wondering what had
happened now. I took the gas line loose thinking that maybe some dirt had
gotten into the line, but it was clean. While the gas line was disconnected,
I turned the engine over with the starter to see if the fuel pump was
working, and it pumped a healthy stream of gas. I replaced the line back
on the carburetor and started the car, which again ran perfectly.
It was with a heavy but relieved heart that I continued on to see my girl to
tell her what my decision had to be. But the closer I got to her home, the
worse it was for me. I could not face her. Finally, one block from where
she lived, I stopped at a phone booth and called her. She never knew that I
was so close. Eventually she married and had three girls. But I know that I
had made the right decision because the Lord through circumstances
lovingly guided me when I needed help.
The Lost Is Found:
It was the summer of 1946. I was a young man of 22 years. I had hired
myself out to farmers in the summer to work in the vast rice fields in
northern California. At the time of this incident, I was hired to mow a 700-
acre field of alfalfa. I began very early in the morning running the tractor
until late that night by tractor lights. About 11:00 that night I pulled the
tractor back into the barn, got into my car and drove to where I was
As I began to empty my pockets to take off my clothes and prepare for
bed, I realized to my consternation that my wallet was not in my pocket.
Of course this greatly concerned me as you know, for all my money and
valuable identification cards were in that wallet. I immediately went out to
my car to see if perchance it had slipped out of my pocket while I was
driving home. It was not there. I had trouble sleeping that night— worried
as to how or if I was going to find it.
I prayed about it, but admit that I did not have very much faith. Very early
the next morning, I got into my car and drove back to the farm, retracing
my steps to the tractor, but it was nowhere to be seen. The worse case
scenario had happened. My wallet was out in that 700 acre field
somewhere, and to make matters worse, it would probably be buried and
covered by the mowed alfalfa.
It is hard to imagine the helpless feeling I had as I headed out into the
field, which seemed to be endless. Where could my wallet be? Where
should I begin to look? Talk about a needle in a haystack, this was much
worse, for I had no idea when the wallet slipped out of my pocket.
With these thoughts racing through my mind, I wandered aimlessly out
into the field, looking and walking aimlessly back and forth toward the
center, but of course there was no wallet to be seen. But I continued for a
time, offering silent prayers as I walked. Finally the futility of looking any
further was obvious and I just gave up.
Standing in the vast expanse of the field, I bowed my head, asking for help
one last time. As I finished and opened my eyes, to my utter amazement
their, not three feet away was my wallet. I could not believe my eyes, for I
had just looked this area over before I prayed.
You can believe that that day I was one very happy person, thanking and
praising God for this wonderful answer to my heartfelt prayers. Many
times since that day, when I get discouraged, I look back on this
experience as living proof that God is always with us and never forsakes
us even when all seems lost.
The visible, tangible Miracles and divine interventions we have listened to
tonight, demonstrate God’s unfathomable love and desire to save not only
our physical lives, but more important our spiritual lives.
You may never have had an experience as dramatic as those you heard
tonight, but each one of us has been sustained by the omnipotent hand of
God from the very time we were conceived. We will never know, until we
reach the earth made new, and talk to our guardian angel, how many times
we were protected and at times delivered from certain death or injury.
Every breath we take is at His allowance. Every beat of our heart is
because of His love for us. All nature proclaims God’s love. The beautiful
flowers in the field, the bird’s song, all the myriad of animals, the colorful
butterfly, and creatures of the sea. The trees of the forest, the waving grain
and verdant fields of green all tell us God is love. His blessings each and
every moment of every day tell us He cares. The gorgeous sunset, the blue
sky and billowing white clouds, high majestic mountains, and even the
power of a storm and the roar of the ocean, assures us He is watching over
us, and bespeaks the incomparable love of our Heavenly Father, who gave
us all these things created by His only begotten Son.
By comparison, we know without question, that if God would allow the
enemy to have his way with us, we would all be living or dead corpses,
subjects of Satan’s kingdom until death overtook us. Is not this proof of
God’s power to keep and save us THE GREATEST WITNESS OF ALL
about His character, which is love?
Today, the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan is being played
out each and every day in each and every individual in the world.
Heavenly angels are working with great haste to bring God’s last warnings
and messages to mankind before the world, before man’s probation
forever closes.
They are working behind the scenes, as our secret agents, unseen by
human eyes, helping people in need, in times of crisis, giving strength to
those struggling in mortal combat against an enemy who seeks their
On the other side, now, more than ever before, Satan and his angels are
moving in force to deceive and delude the whole world with his
sophistries and false science and theories. Evolution and the origins of
man are just the culmination of his work of evil. The work of his angels in
spiritualistic displays, displaying their abilities through paranormal
manifestations are gearing up the world for Satan’s great and final master
delusion which is soon to burst upon the world—the personating of
Christ’s second coming.
Now that we have come to the end of this series of talks, and presented our
evidence supporting Creation. it is time to now reconsider what we have
First we recognize that God must deem it time for the world to know the
truth, bringing out into the light truths that have laid hidden almost from
time immemorial, that now it is time for the world to know. As the
usurped ruler and prince of this world Satan has had his way too long. He
has been allowed thousands of years to demonstrate what kind of a
government he has, which in the beginning he claimed was better than
God’s. He has propagated his lies as truth. His theory of evolution and
how things came into being is just the latest of his many delusions aimed
at deceiving mankind and causing them to lose eternal life.
Our first speaker, Roger Morneau told us how in the 1700’s Satan called
together his evil angels to a council meeting. How he discussed with them
his strategy to deceive the world in the coming New World order. How he
told them he would introduce a new theory called evolution, and how he
would provide a false science to back it up. He said that through this
means he would seek to discredit and destroy God and His Holy Word.
Now 300 years later, we can see how successful he has been as unholy
finite minds have bought his lies to the attention of the world.
We have seen on each Saturday night for the last eleven weeks how God
had made his move to bring out the truth and unmask the enemy. We have
let this truth bear witness that there is a God and that He is who He says
He is, and that the Bible is His Word.
We heard Jonathan Gray present the witness of anthropology and were
amazed at the evidence presented. We marveled at Robert Gentry’s
findings about the plutonium halos which prove that granite rock, the
backbone of the earth came into being instantly.
We then heard cosmic scientist Dr. Dan Smoot tell us about the evidence
from the cosmos that supports an instant creation of our universe, and that
an infinite, fiat, all powerful mind is the only plausible answer to explain
how it all came into being. He showed how the ‘big bang" may in fact be
the moment when God created the universe.
As George Vandeman presented his information, we saw how all nature
on planet earth witnesses and bespeak God’s existence. I then gave the
eighth lecture about the witness of mathematics, in which I shared with
you the work of Ivan Panin and his findings on the number seven and its
multiples as seen throughout the Bible.
We then heard from Jim Pinkoski, who walked us through how even
evolution supports the creation of our earth. This was followed by my
presentation about the witness of fulfillment of Bible Prophecy. And now
tonight we have heard about the personal testimony of people who have
felt God’s guiding hand.
If after hearing all this, there is anyone in our audience who still believes
in evolution and a slowly evolving universe, I fear for that person’s soul.
They are in grave danger of losing eternal life. To believe in a false theory
over the Word of God is to resist God’s truth, in effect calling Him a liar.
Whatever reason you have for not letting the Spirit of truth, which is
God’s Holy Spirit, impress your minds, I beg of you for your sake, wake
up to the truth. Grieve not God’s Spirit. Pray for the truth to be revealed to
you. You have not a moment to lose.
So, my friends and students we have come to the end of what I think you
will agree was a very stimulating and thought provoking symposium
series. In conclusion I would like to ask a question of those who still may
be unconvinced about God and His book the Holy Bible. How do you
answer the evidence presented by the God of heaven against evolution and
men’s claim that He does not exist? Where is your evidence? You
CANNOT present a single shred of proof that can stand against the truth.
God has effectively unmasked the enemy so that all may know the truth.
"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." God is
escalating His evidence, vindicating His word with proof that cannot be
denied. No doubt there is still more evidence to come. But if not, God has
already provided enough for anyone who wants to know the truth.
In this time of the end of this world, God has brought forth His evidence
against the carefully contrived machinations of the enemy, so that no
detractor of truth will have anything left to say in defense of their beliefs.
The witnesses we have heard from night to night prove that: THERE IS A
Each of you who have attended this series is individually accountable for
the light that has been brought to your attention. Each of us is standing
before the judgment bar of God. Each of us is being asked to decide whom
he will serve. At stake is your eternal life or death. This depends upon you
alone and what choice you make.
God has never, and will not now force anyone to serve Him. He is calling
and wooing each of us now to form a loving relationship with Him. A
relationship that will go on for eternity. Where there will be eternal bliss
and joy, without pain or sorrow of any kind and no more death and
Will you my friends this evening accept of this wondrous gift made
possible by our Savior, the gift of His life to save yours? Eternal life is
waiting your decision. Do not put Him off any longer. Let His Holy Spirit
come into your heart. Ask and seek Him with all your heart and you will
find Him. You will either be His or you will not. The decision is yours
By now you can see that my primary purpose in bringing this seminar to
you was to hopefully bring you to a point of decision for God by unfolding
the evidence of His fantastic, unfathomable love. Will you not accept Him
today? That is the question!
I thank you for your support during this series and wish you all God’s
speed. If you have any questions, I will remain here after the meeting to
try and answer them. Perhaps, if you are interested we might in the future
have another series.
In Closing--Most Important:
It is most imperative and necessary for our eternal future, for each of us to
know the truth about GOD IN A PERSONAL WAY. Through the various
witnesses He is bringing truth to us. I hope and pray that this series has
accomplished its purpose in your life and opened up your mind so that you
will no longer have to question about the true origin of this earth and the
fallacy of evolution. If these meetings have accomplished this, then they
have fulfilled their purpose.
It is our hope and prayer that each of you now has a clearer view of the
great controversy and the battle that is being waged for your soul. If any of
you in our audience have not made your peace with God, we hope that you
will do so. Jesus is coming very soon, will you be ready to meet Him?
May God bless you as you continue to seek for truth and light.

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