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					    J. K M S    O.
     2008 National School To Watch
                                   elly                  iddle
                                                     2008 Arkansas Diamond School

                                               J.O. Kelly Welcomes New
                                             6th Graders and Their Parents!

“Dream with me if you will….Can you see a school that children want to go
to, where teachers work closely together to provide the best education
possible for ALL kids, where students succeed academically, where adults
and children work closely together, where people smile, where the feeling is
warm and the environment is safe, where decisions made about children
are shared decisions, where responsibility is shared, where creativity is
high, where gender and race are just part of your uniqueness and not a
barrier to your learning, where there is an extended family of teacher,
family, community, agency, where classrooms are exciting places to be,
where teachers are turned on to teaching, where students are the number
one concern…..?”                          -Robert Stein

Kelly Middle School is a very special place, and I look forward to your family joining us! My
hope is that you will find our middle school a safe and inviting place, much like the one
described above.

In early August, you will be receiving a letter from us with team information, important dates,
and a school supply list. We will be hosting an open house/ informational meeting before school
starts for 6th grade parents and students to meet their teachers. Until that time, I hope that the
attached information will help you become familiar with our school!

 Have a wonderful summer and don’t forget to read every day! The new school year will be
here before we know it!

Sara Ford,

          Every Day, Every Knight, College Bound!
                   Kelly Middle School: Class 101
School Phone Number: 479-750-8730                Fax Number: 479-750-8733
School District Information Number:              479-750-8800
School Web Address:         http://kelly.springdaleschools.org                   8:00-3:09
Principal –                Sara Ford             sford@sdale.org
Assistant Principal –      Michelle Clinger-Parker mclinger@sdale.org
                           Eric Hipp             ehipp@sdale.org
School Counselors-         Julie Patrick         jpatrick@sdale.org
                           Steven Tarver         starver@sdale.org
OGC Counselor-             Laura Camargo
Registrar-           Sandy Salsbury                          Secretary-Suzanne Graham
Secretary             Francillia Brito (se habla espanol)
School Website: http://springdale.kelly.schoolfusion.us
                                School Expectations

                              Take Care of Yourself!
                            Take Care of Each Other!
                             Take Care of This Place!
Students at Kelly Middle School will be assigned to a homebase classroom. This is very
similar to elementary homeroom, as each morning, students will start the day with their
homebase teacher and classmates.
Very similar to a sports huddle, your child will meet daily with a small group of students and
their teacher/coach. The Huddle teacher will keep in close communication with you and
your child. During Huddle time, students will work on strategies for problem solving, work
habits, character building, nutrition and study skills.

                   “The Team is the heart of middle school.”
            Kelly Middle School is organized in a way to create a “school within a school”
            environment. Even though we have a large school population, each student will
            be assigned to a “team” and will go to class with the same 80-125 students
            throughout the year. These teams are developed to create a “family”
            atmosphere or “small learning community” within a large school.

Teacher Teams share the same students and meet daily to plan together for instruction and
to monitor students’ academic, social and emotional growth. They will also work closely with
parents, specialists and others in the community to serve students on their team.

This organizational structure is based on the nationally acclaimed middle school model, and
works very well for our students. Our goal is to effectively bridge the educational experience
between elementary and secondary schools.

With the exception of the Hidden Lake Subdivision, there
are no walkers at J.O. Kelly because of the busy highway
and the obvious safety risks that accompany it. Please help us reinforce this with your child.
Under NO circumstances are students ever to walk across the highway.

Please follow the pick up and drop off procedures before and after school. Because of
safety concerns, students are not allowed to be dropped off or picked up in the parking lot.
The safety of our students is the MOST IMPORTANT THING at Kelly Middle School! Please help
us with this!

Car Rider Pick-Up--Single lane pick up/drop off – First car pulls all the forward. As you pick
up/drop off your child, pull around the line, other cars advance.

Because of obvious safety reasons, all students who ride the
bus are expected to behave in an appropriate manner. If there
are discipline problems, students will have their bus privilege
revoked. Because most buses are at capacity, students are not allowed to ride the bus
home with another student.

      WHAT TIME?
      Students need to be at school by 7:45, with the tardy bell ringing at 8:00. Students are
      expected to be in class, seated and ready to start the day by
      8:00 a.m. The first bell rings to dismiss car riders and first buses at 3:09.

Lunch at the middle school is a little different than it is at the elementary.
Students deposit money into their accounts in the morning before school
starts and withdraw on their accounts in the lunch line. Students have the
option of regular line, salad/food bar, sandwich line, or ala carte. This year
breakfast is $1.20, salad/food bar/regular line price is $2.00, and sandwich line is $2.30.
Reduced price for lunch is $.40 and for breakfast is $.25. We will advise you of any changes
that may occur!

Parents!!!!! Beware of the ala carte line !              Students who pick up a sandwich, fries,
cheese sticks, chicken wings, nachos, a dessert, a fruit roll-up, ice cream bar and drink will
look at a large fee for lunch. (Don’t laugh!!! Every year there is at least ONE little guy who
comes through with all of these items balanced on one tray! I call it the 6th grade Power
Lunch!) You may write a note to the cafeteria if you don’t want the ala carte line available
to your child, or you may set a daily money limit (this is greatly encouraged) on the amount
your child can spend per day.

At middle school, only one lunch can be charged. If a student still does not have
money after they charge one lunch , a peanut butter and cracker pack is available to them
until the charge is paid. We encourage parents to pay on a weekly or monthly basis.
Students need to keep up with the amount of money in their account. (Payment may be
made online by clicking on Lunch Menus, and selecting “Parent Online Meal Payments”.)

Please keep in mind when shopping for school clothes!
The climate of the school is reflected by the dress and manners of the
students. Since our desire is to have a positive, healthy and safe
atmosphere within our school, students are expected to dress in a neat,
clean and proud manner that would reflect these traits. As middle school
is the time of changing bodies, we will possibly be more strict with modesty
issues than elementary school. Please help support our efforts to maintain
our dress code in a manner so that EVERYONE can and will keep their mind
on academics! With that said, shorts are to be at least a fingertip length
when the arms are held to the side and shirts must cover the midriff even
when arms are raised above the head. No spandex is to be worn as outer
wear, no tank style tops, no overly large sagging/bagging pants, and no
bandanas . Anything that is deemed a disruption of the learning atmosphere is prohibited.

          Other Items of Interest At Kelly Middle School:
      One of first four middle schools in the state to be named National School To Watch
      One of first four middle schools in the state to be named 2008 Arkansas Diamond
      2009-2010 Arkansas Middle Level English Teacher of the Year- Andrea McKenna
      August 2008- Awarded a $500,000 21st Century Community Learning Grant- KMS will
       receive over $500,000 over the course of five years for after school and summer
      2008-2009 Middle Level Physical Education Teacher of the Year- Sue Nicodemus
      CARE Foundation grants:
          o Toyota Family Literacy Program to begin Fall 2010.
          o Middle Grade Literacy Grant- Training for teachers and money for classroom
          o P.E. For Life Grant- 40 mountain bikes, climbing wall, exercise room
      University of Arkansas Partnerships:
          o Training site for Master’s in the Art of Teaching (MAT) Program
          o University of Arkansas National Science Foundation Grant- GK12 for
             Science/Math- Post graduate students in math and sciences work with KMS
             teachers on UofA campus for 3 weeks during the summer. They are then
             assigned to KMS classes 10 hours per week throughout the school year.
          o University of Arkansas Partnership- Math Grant for Teacher Training
          o University of Arkansas Partnership-Education Renewal Zone- Teacher In-Service
      National Board Certified Teachers:
             Denise Parkhurst and Michelle Clinger-Parker and six others will be pursuing this
             achievement next year.
      Arkansas Middle School Principal of the Year 2006: Sara Ford
      National Distinguished Principal 2006- Sara Ford
      Ozark Literacy Council Partnership:
             English for Spanish Speaker Parent Classes at Kelly Middle School
      Arkansas Middle School Physical Education Teacher of the Year 2001:
             Dr. Penny Pabst
   Arkansas Team that Makes a Difference- 2003                               Lockers:
           Exemplary Middle School Team- Dream Team                      Each student will
   2002 Shannon Wright Award Winner-                                    receive a locker,
           Exemplary Middle School for Arkansas
                                                                         but don’t worry!
   Teacher Argonaut for JASON Project- 2000
   Member Arkansas Association of Middle Level Educators
                                                                              We’ll be
   Member of National Council Teachers of Mathematics                  practicing opening
   Member of Smart Step Literacy Lab Training Groups-                    lockers the first
           28 KMS teachers have been trained in Smart Step Literacy Lab     few days of
   English Second Language Academy- 36 Graduates from KMS                   school! 
   National Milken Educator 1997- Sara Ford
                                                 RED HOT READERS:
                                                 All students are encouraged
                                                 to be “Red Hot Readers” at
                                                 Kelly Middle School. Please
                                                 read with or to your child
                                                 frequently, and encourage
                                                 them to spend time reading
                                                 for pleasure every day.
       School safety is our number one priority. We work on it every day and
       have numerous items in place to make sure that Kelly Middle School is a
       safe place to be. One way you can help is to sign up for Watch Dog Dads
       in the office! Also, please call if there is ever anything that doesn’t sound
       “just right” to you, or if your child is being the victim of a bully! We always
       want to hear from parents who have information that might help your child
       or one of our other students!

                   Parent Opportunities for Service @ KMS
          Team Homeroom              Reflections (Art)
           Parent/Helper              Choir Booster
          Watch Dog Dad              Yearbook
          Fall and Spring            Teacher
           Festivals                   Appreciation
          Deck the Halls             Landscape/Grounds
          Fall /Spring               Office Help
           Fund Raisers               Book Fairs/Library
          Red Ribbon                 Technology
          Courtesy Committee         Mentor A Student
          Angel Tree                 Reading with a
          Grandparent Day             Student
          Donuts for Dad             P.E. Aide
          Muffins for Mom            Parent Teacher
          Book Doctors                Conference
                                                                    PTA is a very important part
                                                                     of our school! Please join
    We look forward to working with                                   them in working to make
         your family next year!                                      this the very best possible
                                                                        place for your child!
    Please let us know if we can be
          of assistance to you!

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