Lab 02 Rapa Nui Mystery by panniuniu


									Lab 02 Rapa Nui Mystery
Rapa Nui Mystery handout (complete in class)
  1. What is the nearest island to the northwest of Rapa Nui, 1400 miles away?

  2. Clue: Why weren’t the same kind of bones found in each of the layers?

  3. What do the different layers of bones indicate?

  4. Clue: Dolphins are plentiful around the island and they may have been a source
     of food for the islanders.*What could have caused the people to stop harvesting

  5. Clue: Why did the people change from using obsidian material for tools, to using
     it for weapons? What does this tell us?

  6. a. Clues What were the results of the pollen analysis? What does this
  information suggest happened to the forest in this part of the island? Why?
      b. Why were forests growing prior to A.D.750, but nearly gone after A.D.1400 in
  Rano Kau? What might have happened?

  7. Clues How would you describe the physical appearance of the moai kavakava?
     Do you think this provides any clue to what was happening to the people of Rapa
     Nui? Why?

  8. What do you think happened to the toppled over moai and to the white coral eyes
     of the moai? Why did it happen? What do you think was so significant about the

  9.   What does the legend about the old woman tell you about the people during this

  10. How could the people have moved the huge stone statues from the stone quarry
     to the coast? Could the transportation of the moai have anything to do with the
     depletion of their forest? How?

  11. Clues Why were the islanders who greeted Dutch Admiral Jacob
      Roggeveen in 1722 having to bail out their canoes?

  12. What do most of the ships' logs tell us about finding foods or other resources on
      Rapa Nui?
  13. What does Cook’s description of the islanders tell you was happening to the

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