Amanda Evans Resume by ajizai


									                                      Amanda Evans

                    I feel that I am a very responsible and dependable person with a great
                    personality and attitude. I am a people person and work well with
                    others. I am also willing to work overtime in order to better the
                    company and myself!

                    WORK HISTORY

Nov. 2007-Present   Pre-K Teacher, Ivy Hall Day School
                    I am the lead teacher for the Young 4’s classroom. My duties include
                    preparing weekly lesson plans, instructing and supervising children
                    each day following the lesson plans, creating newsletters,
                    communicating effectively with parents each day and maintain a neat
                    and clean environment according to State regulations.

Mar 2007-Nov 2007 Afterschool Teacher, Due West Academy
                  My job was to supervise and instruct children aged 6-10 after they got
                  out of their elementary schools. I was required to have them do an art
                  project each day.

Jan 2007-Mar 2007 Daily Grind. Barista
                  I took orders and handled money at the front counter. I was also
                  responsible for preparing lattes and other coffee based drinks.

Nov 2005-May 2006 Olde Towne Tavern, Hostess
                  As a hostess, I was required to greet and seat guests in the desired
                  location. I was also responsible for cleaning off the tables and
                  restocking the glass containers.

2003-2007             Diploma, McEachern High School
                     3 years of Undergrad, Kennesaw State University

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