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					                                  Disciplinary Minutes
                                                                                                                        PLEASE READ
                                                                                    Paul Water our Treasurer is now in received the NRA Grand Draw tickets they
   As at 4 January 2006.                                                            will be available at the January General Meeting.

   Cautions this season       1015 (Last season same date 1002)                     Please be aware we have to account for any unsold tickets not returned to the
   Players with five cautions    3 (Last season same date 2)                        Treasurer.
   Disciplinary reports        164 (Last season same date 172)
   Bringing the game into disrepute 20 (Last season same date14                     When you have sold you tickets don’t hang on to them return them straight
                                                                                    away to the Treasurer P. Waters, address on front of the newsletter.
                                                                                    All cheques payable to “Monmouthshire Referees Association”

                                                                                    Please do not sent cash in post.
                              Greyhound Pub
                                   High St. Newport
                                                                                                                        Referees Supplies
                                    John Pisani
                        Invites all Referees to meet there                          If you require any details of supplied and/or prices please see the Treasurer at
                        Colleagues on Saturday Afternoon                            the General Meeting or phone him at home.
                                 after their match
                                                                                                                       Monthly Draw
                             Adverts we need a few more
                                                                                    We still need a few more monthly draw prizes for the general meetings.
The adverts in the newsletter (now only Five) cost only £25.00 each or              So if you would like to make a donation please see me at the next general
£75.00 for a full page.                                                             meeting.

In season 2001/2 we had 15 adverts in our newsletter. Please try and arrange        Come on now’s the time to give us you unwanted Christmas Presents.
a sponsor for one advert.
If we all did this it would raise £925.00
                                                                                                                       Guest Speakers
I’ve arranged mine for this season along with Bob Gage, Paul Gobbett,
John Pisani and M. Iqbal so we have raised £125.00 towards the £925.00?             If you know anyone you think would be a good guest speaker please let me
                                                                                    know and I will pass details to next council meeting.

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