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					Index   ID           Title
    1   ED23C-03     A Guide to how Google Earth can be Used Within the Earth Science Community
    2   IN43C-0913   Dynamic Access to Cryospheric Data at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)
    3   H21D-1415    Enhancing Access to and Use of NASA Satellite Data through OGC Web Services for the Hydrologic Com
    4   IN43C-0916   Standards Challenges in the Climate Sciences
    5   IN11A-1140   NASA Earth Observations (NEO): Moving Data Access Forward for Outreach and Education
    6   IN54A-01     Impediments to Data Discovery in a Distributed Environment: A Workshop Report
    7   IN43C-0914   Developing Components of a Distributed Earth System Observatory using Open Source Technology
    8   IN43C-0919   Interactive Multimedia Prototype for Creating Case Studies in the Earth Sciences
    9   IN22A-04     The OGC Sensor Web Enablement framework
   10   IN44A-04     The Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica and the New Antarctic Web Portal Interactive Viewer
   11   IN42A-03     Collaborative Science Using Web Services and the SciFlo Grid Dataflow Engine
   12   IN51B-0812   The Live Access Server – Scientific Product Generation Through Workflow Orchestration
   13   IN42A-04     System Science in Siberia
   14   IN42A-08     GALEON Phase 2: Testing Gateways Between Formal Standard Interfaces and Existing Community Stan
   15   IN13A-1164   Serving Collections of Forecast Model Runs with the THREDDS Data Server
   16   IN43C-0918   Leveraging Open Standard Interfaces in Accessing and Processing NASA Data Model Outputs
   17   IN33A-1326   Integrating Live Access Server into Google Earth
   18   H21F-1431    A Community Data Model for Hydrologic Observations
   19   IN13D-1181   OPeNDAP Server4: Buidling a High-Performance Server for the DAP by Leveraging Existing Software
   20   IN11A-1141   Making Your Tools Useful to a Broader Audience
   21   IN21A-1205   Extending Ozone Data Processing to the Community
             WMS       WCS Other                  Operation         Data Content         Tools            Abstract URL
                                                                                                 Target User
             WMS                                  Data access       Base Maps                   
                                                                                                 public/ education
             WMS                                  Data access       Cryospheric                  science
             WMS       WCS                        Data access       Hydrologic                   science
             WMS       WCS                        Data access       Climate                     
             WMS                                  Data access       Earth Science               
                                                                                                 public/ education
             WMS       WCS                        Discovery         Earth Science                science
             WMS                                  Data access       Earth Science        Yes    
                                                                                                 public/ education
             WMS                                  Discovery         Meteorology          Yes    
                                                                                                 public/ education
             WMS       WCS SOS                    Data access       Earth Science               
             WMS                                  Data access       Landsat, Antartica   Yes     science
             WMS              SciFlo              Orchestration     Earth Science        Yes     science
             WMS       WCS SciFlo,BPEL            Orchestration     Earth Science        Yes     science
             WMS       WCS CSW, WPS               Data access       Siberia                      science
                       WCS                        Implementations
ces and Existing Community Standard Client/server Data access       Earth Science                science
                       WCS THREDDS                Data access       Forecast model               science
SA Data Model Outputs WCS WPS, OWS-4              Data access       Earth Science        Yes     science
                              LiveAccessServer Orchestration        Earth Science        Yes     science
                              WebServices         Data access       Hydrologic           Yes    
 Leveraging Existing Software OPeNDAP             Data access       Earth Science                science
                              VLAB, Portlet       Data access       Earth Science        Yes    
                                                                                                 public/ education
                              ComPS               Orchestration     Ozone                        science
Author         Affiliation        Author e-mail              Development Status
Bowden         Google      LOW         8
Maurer                             Colorado
               Snow Ice Center, Umaurerj@nsidc.orgLOW            8
Nadeau         NASA                                  MED
               British Atm. Data Centr.
               Science Systems App. Inc              HIGH        5
Cornillon      U Rhode Island
Braswell       UNH                                   HIGH
Weber          Unidata  
Cox            CSIRO, Aus
Bindschadler   NASA                                  MED
Wilson         JPL                                   HIGH
Hankin         NOAA                                  HIGH
Schmullius                                           MED
               U Jena, Germany          3
Domenico       Unidata             5
Caron          Unidata   HIGH            8
Falke          Washington U HIGH          5
LI             NOAA                                  M
                         ED          6
Tarboton       Utah State U HIGH          4
Potter         OPeNDAP                  5
Lyness         U Minnesota        5
Tilmes         NASA                3

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