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					Annual Report

  Chair’s foreword                               1
  Introduction                                   2
  Progress and achievements                      4
  Case studies                                  12
  Governance and accounts                       27
  Priorities for 2009/2010                      28

The majority of the photographs contained in this publication have been taken at sporting and physical activity events within Cumbria
       Chair’s foreword
                                     The Partnership has now been          I would draw your attention
                                     given a clear focus for its work      to the many case studies
                                     over the next period, linked to       contained in this report, which
                                     Sport England’s new strategy as       highlight the effective partnership
                                     well as the emerging delivery         working that is already taking
                                     framework from the Department         place within the county. I hope
                                     of Health, both of which place        you enjoy reading these as much
                                     the Cumbria Sport Partnership         as I did. If you have examples of
                                     at the heart of developing the        good practice case studies that
                                     sporting infrastructure and the       are happening in your part of
                                     physical activity agenda across       Cumbria then I would be only
                                     the sub region.                       too pleased to hear about them.

                                     What is clear is that the             The structure of the Partnership
                                     dedicated core team of Officers       Executive Board has recently
                                     who service the Partnership           undergone a major change, and
                                     cannot fulfil all of these outcomes   we are now welcoming a number
  Cathy Wynne                        on their own; indeed the
                                     strength of the Cumbria Sport
                                                                           of new representatives onto the
                                                                           Board; I am looking forward to
                                     Partnership over many years has       working with each of them over
As I start my first year as Chair    been the very effective working       the coming months and years.
of the Cumbria Sport Executive       relationships that have been          I would also like to take this
Board, it gives me great pleasure    created and maintained between        opportunity to thank all previous
to provide this foreword for the     the many organisations involved       Board members for their hard
Annual Report for 2008-09.           in the sport and physical activity    work, passion and commitment
                                     agendas. I feel sure that these       to the Partnership over previous
This has certainly been a year       relationships will only become        years.
of successes all round for the       more effective as we strive to
Partnership, both in terms           continually improve the levels        Finally, I would like to thank all
of some of the excellent             of service we provide to the          of our Partners, who have been
developments that have been          people of Cumbria.                    so dedicated, enthusiastic and
made across the traditional                                                supportive over the last year; and
sporting platforms of clubs,                                               to Eddie and all the staff in the
coaching and volunteering; but       ...the strength                       core team for their continued
there have also been great strides   of the Cumbria                        hard work and commitment.
made in the development of
partnerships and interventions
                                     Sport Partnership
around the health and physical       over many years
activity agendas. All of this work   has been the very
and more will be an on-going
priority for the Partnership as
                                     effective working                     Cathy Wynne
we move forward into the next        relationships that                    Chair of Cumbria Sport
exciting phase of delivery.          have been created...                  Executive Board

                                       Sport England’s vision for         These were to:
                                       a World Class Community            • Increase participation in
                                       Sports System across all             sport and physical activity
                                       sub-regions by 2012.                 in Cumbria by 1% each year
                                                                          • Attract additional total
                                       Therefore, during the latter         investment of £5 million
                                       part of this review period it        into Cumbria during the
                                       was timely that the Cumbria          three year period
                                       Sport Partnership together
                                       with the Core Team of              Results from the Active People
                                       Officers were honoured by          1 Survey provided Cumbria
                                       Cumbria County Council, the        with its first baseline for adult
                                       Partnership’s host authority,      participation rates, which
                                       at their ‘Excellence Awards        showed that a total of 20.9%
                                       2008’ Presentation Evening         of the adult population were
                                       held in January. The Partnership   taking part in 3 x 30 minutes
       Eddie Edge                      was awarded 3rd place in the
                                       ‘Together We Can’ partnership
                                                                          of moderate intensity sport
                                                                          and physical activity per week.
                                       working category and also 1st      This figure continues to rise,
    I am delighted to present          place in the ‘Team of the Year’    and interim results recently
    to you the annual report           category. I would personally       released from Sport England
    for the year 2008–2009.            like to say a huge thank you to    show that this figure had risen
                                       everyone associated with the       to 22.7%, an increase of 1.8%
    During the past year significant   Partnership, in contributing       so far. Further results from the
    changes have been made             to the progress that has           current Active People 3 survey
    with regard to the way Sport       undoubtedly been made              will be used to measure the
    England will be operating          across the County during           final position against this target,
    during the next 4 year period;     the last 12 month period.          and these will be released later
    centralising the investment                                           in the year.
    and grants system, streamlining    2009 sees the Partnership
    the Officer structure in the       celebrating 10 years of working    With regard to attracting
    region, as well as changes         together and we are planning       investment into the County
    to the remit of the regional       to celebrate this milestone        during the period, the
    office will affect the             with an event sometime over        Partnership has been involved
    engagement that Sport              the summer period.                 in developing many exciting
    England has with all                                                  county wide and localised
    organisations in the future.       It is worth noting that when       projects. This has led to
    At the same time however,          we published our first ever        increased investment of over
    the Department for Culture,        Strategy for Sport and             £8.8 million coming into the
    Media and Sport (DCMS)             Physical Activity for Cumbria,     County.
    and Sport England have             which was launched with our
    reaffirmed their commitment        partners in 2006, covering the     The strong network of
    to the role that County            three year period to March         county sports partnerships
    Sports Partnerships play in        2009, we set ourselves some        across the country continue
    coordinating the delivery of       challenging targets.               to work tirelessly on behalf

of both sport and physical         that the Core Team, supported     The Core Team of Officers
activity; this has led to the      by the Executive Board, will      continue to provide excellent
Central Government Cross           be focusing on over the next      support to the Partnership, and
Departmental Group for             12 months. I hope you enjoy       I must give full praise to them
Physical Activity commissioning    reading these.                    for their commitment, passion,
county sports partnerships to                                        drive and continued enthusiasm
undertake specific functions to    We now have in place a new        to develop sport and physical
support the development of         Executive Board which has         activity across the county.
physical activity in each of the   the responsibility of leading
sub-regions of the country. We     and providing a clear focus for   On a personal note, I am really
in Cumbria look forward to         the work of the Partnership.      looking forward to the next
becoming increasingly involved     Membership of the Board           12 months working with you
in this exciting piece of work     is made up from influential       all and I do hope you enjoy
during 2009 and beyond.            representatives from a wide       reading the annual report for
                                   range of sectors which all have   2008 – 2009.
The case studies contained         an interest in developing sport
within this report will ‘bring     and physical activity across
to life’ some of the real          Cumbria. I look forward to
developments that have taken       working with the new Board to
place across Cumbria over the      help raise the profile of sport   Eddie Edge
past year and there is also an     and physical activity across      Partnership Director
indication of the priority areas   Cumbria in the run up to 2012.

         Progress and achievements
    Developing national             • Sport Unlimited in            • Working towards the
    standards and initiatives         Cumbria showcased in a          Preliminary Level of the
    • Submission of Advanced          key note presentation at        Equality Standard for Sport.
      Level NSPCC Child               Sport England’s ‘Building     • Cumbria Sport Partnership
      Protection in Sport Unit        Partnerships that deliver’      part of the Cumbria-
      Standards for Safeguarding      National Conference in          wide Culture and Sport
      and Protecting Children         London in March 2009.           Improvement Network
      and Young People in Sport     • Cumbria Sport Partnership       alongside the 6 local
      – decision pending.             contracted in 2009 by the       authorities and Cumbria
    • Year 1 of the Sport Unlimited   Department of Health to         County Council.
      programme rolled out across     support the implementation    • The County Sport
      the county, working with 18     of the National Physical        Partnership plays a key role in
      co-ordinating bodies. 199       Activity Plan ‘Be Active,       the development of sporting
      blocks of activity sessions     Be Healthy’.                    facilities at new Academies
      have been delivered with      • Publication of the Cumbria      across the county as well as
      4054 young people attending.    PE and Sport Strategic          being integral in the planning
      77% of attendees were           Framework 2009-2011,            of sports facilities on school
      present for more than 60%       which aligns the various        sites as part of the Building
      of sessions.                    workstrands of the national     Schools for the Future (BSF)
    • Sport Unlimited Year 2          PE and Sport Strategy for       programme.
      Cumbria Delivery Plan           Young People (PESSYP).        • Cumbria Sport Partnership
      presentation at Sport           This publication has been       Core Team named ‘Team of
      Unlimited National Review       recognised nationally as an     the Year’ at Cumbria County
      Panel in London in February     exemplar framework and          Council’s Excellence Awards
      2009.                           has been adapted by many        2008.
                                      county sports partnerships
                                      across the country.

Developing the delivery             • Four ‘5 Hour Offer’ themed        • 85 clubs have obtained
system for community                  groups have been established        Clubmark accreditation with
sport                                 engaging a diverse range of         an additional 78 actively
• Cumbria National Governing          traditional and non-traditional     working towards. These
  Body of Sport (NGB)                 partners in sport to develop        figures do not include football
  Forum continues to develop          action plans to support key         clubs who have Charter
  and is now a regular date           objectives of the PE and            Standard status.
  in the diary. The average           Sport Strategy for Young          • Cumbria Sport Partnership
  attendance at the Forum is          People (PESSYP).                    is in the process of
  16 attendees including local,     • The Cumbria Disability              establishing a countywide
  regional and national officers.     Sports Association continues        Club Database.
• 22 sport and physical               to develop and co-ordinate          Approximately 1000
  activity related projects           the planning of sports              clubs have been given the
  have been created by a              provision for disabled people       opportunity to be part of
  range of local partners             in Cumbria.                         the project and the initial
  under the development of 6        • Established the West                response from the clubs has
  Sport and Physical Activity         Cumbria Disability Sport and        been extremely encouraging.
  Alliance (SPAA) Delivery            Leisure Forum which includes      • 46 courses and workshops
  Plans. The projects have            representation from a wide          have been established within
  been collectively awarded           range of interest groups.           the new Sports Workforce
  £1,070,279 of Sports Lottery      • Co-ordinated six Children’s         Education Programme
  funding to realise projects         Able and Disabled Sport             (SWEP) to develop clubs
  totalling £3,698,295.               (CADS) Locality Meetings            and those working in clubs
                                      to initiate the development         in Cumbria. These will be
                                      of Inclusive Holiday Sports         rolled out during 2009.
                                      Provision in Cumbria.             • A further 3 Multi-Sports
                                                                          Clubs for young people
                                    Developing sports clubs               with disabilities have been
                                    • Cumbria Sport Partnership           established in the county,
                                      successfully gained a               bring the total number of
                                      licence to award Clubmark           Clubs to eight.
                                      Accreditation to clubs who        • The Cumbria Sport
                                      are affiliated to a National        Partnership have supported
                                      Governing Body who do not           the development of five
                                      have a licence themselves.          Disability Sport Specific
                                    • An additional 12 people have        Community Sports Clubs
                                      undertaken the Clubmark             in the county.
                                      Officers Training bringing
                                      the total number of qualified
                                      officer’s to 28 across the

    Progress and achievements

    Developing coaching              • 15 courses and workshops          • 1,620 hours volunteered by
    • Ten full time and eight part     established with the new            young people as part of the
      time coaches employed            Sports Workforce Education          Step into Sport Programme,
      through the Community            Programme (SWEP) to                 equating to a contribution of
      Sports Coaches Scheme.           specifically develop coaches.       £21,060 based on an hourly
    • 21,086 coaching hours            These will be rolled out            rate of £13.00.
      delivered during 2008-09.        during 2009.                      • Cumbria Sport Partnership
    • 62,090 young people have       • The ‘Get Qualified’                 provides representation
      received coaching across         programme supported over            on the North West
      Cumbria during 2008-09.          150 coaches in Cumbria              2012 Legacy Group for
    • 28,662 of the young people       gaining Level 1, 2 and 3 NGB        Volunteering and Skills.
      receiving coaching were          coaching qualifications.          • 1,200 pre-loaded USB
      female.                                                              pen drives distributed to
    • 1,686 of the young people      Developing volunteering               Community Sports Clubs
      receiving coaching had a       • 24 courses and workshops            across the county to support
      disability.                      established with the new            their volunteers.
    • School Sport Coaches             Sports Workforce Education        • Strong membership secured
      Programme developed within       Programme (SWEP)                    for the 5 Hour Offer
      each of the six School Sport     to specifically develop             Leadership and Volunteering
      Partnerships, developing a       volunteers at all levels within     Themed Group, which is
      team of specialist coaches       Cumbria based sports clubs.         chaired by a Cumbria Sport
      providing enhanced               These will be rolled out            Partnership Officer.
      coaching opportunities for       during 2009.                      • Sport as a sector and the
      higher performing children     • Five club and volunteer             Cumbria Sport Partnership
      and young people. This           evenings held across Cumbria        as a network of key
      programme is supported           engaging a variety of clubs         deliverers is now firmly
      by the Cumbria Sport             and providing a strong field        embedded within the third
      Partnership, which               of high quality placements for      sector in Cumbria.
      co-ordinates the CPD             ‘Step into Sport’ volunteers.
      programme for the coaches.     • In Cumbria, the Step into
    • The Barrow-in-Furness area       Sport placement success rate
      of Cumbria selected to be        was 100% against a Sport
      part of the initial phase of     England Key Performance
      the Recruit into Coaching        Indicator rate of 70%.
      programme, to be rolled out    • A total of 187 young people
      in 2009.                         are enrolled on the Step into
                                       Sport Online Passport.

Developing major events          • A seminar hosted by          Raising the profile of sport
• The first Cumbria Sport          Cumbria Sport Partnership    and physical activity
  Partnership Conference was       in March was attended        • Cumbria Sport Partnership
  held in May 2008, attracting     by 54 Local School Sport       support and engagement at a
  over 100 delegates from a        Co-ordinators, Partnership     variety of national governing
  range of organisations.          Development Managers and       body of sport and locality
• A successful Cumbria Youth       Competition Managers.          events, showcasing funding
  Games was held in Carlisle     • The Cumbria Sport              opportunities, programmes
  with over 450 young people       Partnership contributed        and projects for local
  attending.                       towards the development        partners.
• 1,350 pupils from 58 schools     and delivery of the North    • Cumbria Sport Partnership
  took part in 3 ACE Dance         West Women’s Sport             A-Z of Services publication
  Festivals watched by over        and Fitness Foundation         produced to showcase the
  2,500 people.                    Conference which took          work of the Core Team but
• The Cumbria Sports Awards        place in March 2009.           also the many other work
  were held in November                                           areas of the partnership.
  2008, with over 270 invited                                   • Co-ordinated the Cumbria
  guests, sporting stars and                                      Inclusive Sport, Fitness and
  dignitaries attending.                                          Physical Activity Awareness
                                                                  Day in September 2008.
                                                                • Promoted disability sport
                                                                  projects, programmes
                                                                  and events via a quarterly
                                                                  4Us Newsletter which is
                                                                  distributed to children and
                                                                  young people with disabilities
                                                                  or special educational needs
                                                                  throughout Cumbria.
                                                                • 101,310 page views of
                                                                  increase of almost 32,000
                                                                  on the previous year.
                                                                • 27,382 visits to
                                                                  increase of over 14,500
                                                                  on the previous year.
                                                                • Active Cumbria monthly
                                                                  supplements continue to be
                                                                  produced with all county
                                                                  newspapers gaining coverage
                                                                  in to 80% of all Cumbrian
                                                                • 4 Cumbria Sport e-zines
                                                                  produced with an increased
                                                                  circulation to over 1300

    Progress and achievements

    Developing performance             Developing education,            • The Get Qualified
    management for sport               training and leadership            Programme, to support
    • Results from the Active          for sport                          subsidised training for
      People 2 Survey show that        • A countywide Sports              coaching, operated by the
      in Cumbria:                        Workforce Education              University of Cumbria has
      o 22.7% of the 16+                 Programme has been               supported 157 coaches with
         population participate          established and will be          their NGB Level 1, 2 and
         in three x 30 minutes           delivered in 2009 with a         3 coaching qualifications,
         of moderate intensity           wide variety of courses to       delivering over 3,400
         exercise each week, which       attend across the county         voluntary hours of coaching
         is a rise of 1.8% when          throughout the year. 3,500       and attracting over 2,000
         compared to the results         copies of the brochure have      new participants to sport.
         from the first Active           been distributed throughout    • In October 2008 funding
         People Survey (AP1).            the county and an up-to-         was secured to develop a
      o 5.6% of the 16+                  date version of the brochure     3 year ‘Supporting Sport’
         population volunteer in         is available to view and         programme to assist
         sport for 1 hour per week       download on the Cumbria          Cumbria based sports’
         (down 0.1% from AP1).           Sport website.                   organisations identify
      o 22.8% of the 16+               • Research in partnership with     and meet their training,
         population are members          West Lakes Renaissance and       governance and skills needs,
         of a sports club (down          Cumbria County Council           enhance professionalism
         0.3% from AP1).                 has been undertaken to           through increasing Clubmark
      o 15.4% of the 16+                 assess the skills needs          Accreditation and to broker
         population have received        and gaps of sports               300 training opportunities
         tuition from a coach or         employees and develop a          by September 2011. Cumbria
         instructor in the last 12       model for a ‘Pathways to         Sport Partnership developed
         months (up 0.1% from            Employment’ programme            a strong partnership with
         AP1).                           targeting worklessness.          Cumbria Youth Alliance, who
      o 15.1% of the 16+                 The programme will be            lead on this programme.
         population have taken part      developed further through        To date, 65 clubs have been
         in organised competitive        the Sports Economy               supported in identifying
         sport in the last 12 months     Programme with Cumbria           needs, with
         (down 0.5% from AP1).           County Council.
      o 70.0% of the 16+
         population are satisfied
         with their local sports
         provision (down 1.6%
         from AP1).

  86 learning opportunities        Supporting school sport          • Played a key role in the
  being supported. In              • 90% of pupils in Cumbria         delivery of 16 Sport Events
  partnership with Lancashire        receive two hours of high        for children and young
  Sport, a template to assess        quality Physical Education       people with Disabilities and
  Organisation and Training          in and out of school per         Special Educational Needs
  Needs has been developed           week, which is 5% above          in Cumbria.
  on a North West regional           the 2008 national target.      • Supported School Sport
  basis to assist clubs in         • Publication of the Cumbria       Partnership’s with the
  identifying needs.                 PE and Sport Strategic           development of the
• In February 2009, funding          Framework 2009-2011,             Playground to Podium
  was secured to develop             which aligns the various         Programme.
  an 18 month programme              work strands of the national   • Supported two schools to
  to enhance links between           PE and Sport Strategy for        establish after school boccia
  Higher Education students at       Young People (PESSYP).           and wheelchair football
  the University of Cumbria,         This publication has been        clubs for young people with
  with community sports              recognised nationally as an      disabilities in the Carlisle area.
  clubs. This aims to increase       exemplar framework and has
  local volunteering and also        been adopted by many other
  ensure full time University of     County Sport Partnerships
  Cumbria students have the          across the network.
  appropriate skills to enhance
  their future employability
  within the Sport Sector.
• 27 Continuous Professional
  Development courses for
  PE teachers held with 314
• The County Sport
  Partnership co-ordinated five
  Disability Sports Courses
  which were attended by a
  total of 83 delegates.

     Progress and achievements

     Building the capacity                  o Tender for European Social      • Strategic links have been
     of the sports sector                     Funding to enhance and            enhanced with the National
     • A Cumbria Sport Workforce              extend the ‘Get Qualified’        Skills Academy (NSA) for the
       Business Operational Plan              programme to cover the            north west with Cumbria
       2008-2012 with associated              North West region and             Sport Partnership having
       action plan and key                    support approximately             representation on both the
       performance indicators                 a further 800 coaches in          Regional Operation Group
       (KPIs) has been developed.             National Governing Body           (ROG) for Sport and Active
     • The creation of four new               Level 2 and 3 qualifications      Leisure and also the ROG for
       sport workforce related                across the north west             the North West Outdoor
       jobs, employed through both            region, with approximately        Sport sector. The University
       Cumbria Youth Alliance and             160 additional qualifications     of Cumbria is also recognised
       the University of Cumbria.             in Cumbria.                       as the Centre of Excellence
     • Strategic links have been            o Recruit an 18 month               for the Outdoor Sector.
       developed between Cumbria              0.5fte post commencing          • A regional workforce
       Sport Partnership and the              February 2009 to support          development group has
       University of Cumbria to:              higher education students         been established across
       o Recruit a Sport Workforce            access vocational training        the north west to ensure
          Development Manager for             and community sport               good practice is replicated
          a four year period from             volunteering opportunities        and that there is a more
          June 2008 to lead on the            across the campuses of            cohesive and co-ordinated
          development of projects             Carlisle, Penrith, Ambleside      regional approach with
          to address skills gaps and          and Lancaster.                    development, for example:
          skills shortages in the sport   • Strategic links have been           seeking to expand the ‘Get
          workforce.                        developed between Cumbria           Qualified’ programme across
       o Assist in the development          Sport Partnership and               the north west and the roll
          of the North West                 Cumbria Youth Alliance,             out of a regional template to
          Regional Hub of the               being a third sector                assess needs within sports
          National Skills Academy           organisation, to:                   clubs; development of joint
          (Sport and Active Leisure),       o Recruit a Supporting Sport        programmes with Lancashire
          with the university                 Officer for a three year          Sport e.g. ‘Get Qualified’ and
          positioning itself as the           period from October               ‘Supporting Clubs through
          Centre of Excellence for            2008, hosted by Cumbria           Developing People’.
          the outdoor sport sector.           Youth Alliance to support       • 12 full time and 9 part
       o Deliver the ‘Get Qualified’          the organisational and            time positions in sport and
          programme across                    training needs sports clubs       physical activity have been
          Cumbria and Lancashire to           across Cumbria.                   created as a result of the
          support coach education           o Assist in supporting the          development of a wide range
          and training, including             development of a sport            of projects by Sport and
          support for 590 National            club infrastructure.              Physical Activity Alliances
          Governing Body Level 1, 2                                             (SPAAs) across the county.
          and 3 qualifications.

Securing investment               • A further bid in excess         • £169,200 from Sport
in sport                            of £350,000 has been              England to deliver the
• Additional resources              submitted to the Learning         Sport Unlimited Year 1
  secured for development           and Skills Council for            (April 2008-March 2009)
  of programmes (over the           European Social Funding to        Delivery Plan.
  period 2008 – 2012) to            support L2 and L3 National      • £129,000 per annum to
  increase capacity within the      Governing Body qualifications     support the delivery of
  sporting infrastructure and/      across North West England,        the School Sport Coaches
  or to support qualifications      led by the University of          programme in the six School
  in the sport workforce            Cumbria on behalf of a            Sport Partnerships.
  amount to £465,263, these         regional consortia.             • £8,500 of business
  are as follows:                 • £174,508 from Sport England       sponsorship towards the
  o Skills gaps research            and a further £167,000            operating costs of the
     funding from West Lakes        from local funding partners       Cumbria Youth Games.
     Renaissance £32,000, and       to continue the work of 18      • £6,400 of business
     Sport England £7,500.          Community Sports Coaches          sponsorship towards the
  o Cumbria Sport Workforce         during the year, with a total     delivery of the Cumbria
     Development programme          project cost of £1,777,953        Sports Awards Presentation
     has attracted £140,000         over 2 phases and 4 years.        Evening.
     from Sport England           • £1,070,279 of Sports Lottery    • £12,500 of business
     and £92,000 from the           funding awarded to realise 22     sponsorship towards the
     University of Cumbria.         Sport and Physical Activity       operating costs of the ‘Active
  o Sport Volunteer project         Alliance (SPAA) projects          Cumbria’ media campaign.
     facilitated through the        totalling £3,698,295.
     University of Cumbria
     has been successful in
     obtaining £21,353 from
     Sport England, together
     with a further £47,213
     from various other funding
  o Supporting Sport project
     led by Cumbria Youth
     Alliance £97,197 Sport
     England, £28,000 from
     various other funding

     5 Hour Offer                                                                                    Case Study

 Project leaders                       Supporting the national ‘5 Hour         summer of 2008. The Agreement
 Countywide Project led by             Offer’ target of 1.25 million           includes NI 57 as one of the 35
 Cumbria Sport Partnership             children and young people               designated priority indicators,
 in conjunction with a wide            taking up the offer, Cumbria is         representing the only area in the
 range of delivery partners.           seeking to achieve a take up of         NW to do so.
                                       65% of all children and young
 Project overview                      people aged 5-19 years over a           Within the Cumbria Framework,
 In the run up to the London 2012      three year period. This increased       four strategic themes have
 Olympic and Paralympic Games,         participation represents a year         been developed to support the
 the Government has a vision           on year growth total of 16,225          successful delivery of the ‘5 Hour
 to make sport a part of every         across the county by 2011.              Offer’ across the county. These
 child’s day and to build a greater                                            themes being:
 sporting, and fitter nation.          Who was involved?
                                       To contribute and achieve               • High Quality PE
 In July 2007 the Government           the outcomes of the 5 Hour              • High Quality Community Sport
 announced an additional £100m         Offer, it is essential that the         • High Quality Leadership &
 campaign to give every child the      ten workstrands of PESSYP                 Volunteering
 opportunity to participate in         are planned in an inclusive and         • High Quality Pathways
 five hours of sport every week.       co-ordinated manner. New
 This announcement presented a         partnerships will need to be built,     What next?
 huge opportunity to build upon        existing ones strengthened and          These themes form the focus of
 the current trend of increasing       experts empowered.                      the County Strategic Framework
 participation in school sport                                                 and a group comprising of local
 around the delivery of two hours      There are key roles and                 network and sector ‘champions’
 High Quality Physical Education,      responsibilities for the                have been formed for each
 and the drive towards developing      infrastructure of schools, specialist   theme. The themed groups were
 a World Leading Community             sport colleges, school sport            all established in 2008 working to
 Sport System.                         partnerships, national governing        specific terms of reference and
                                       bodies of sport, county sports          are presently preparing action
 Aims and objectives                   partnership, local authority            plans detailing a set of priority
 The Government’s overarching          sports development and other            objectives which will support
 aim is to ensure that all 5-16 year   community providers to ensure           the achievement of the Cumbria
 olds have access to two hours         that all 5-19 year olds have the        Framework outcomes.
 high quality PE in curriculum time    opportunity to access a quality
 and three hours of sport beyond       diverse sporting offer.
 the curriculum and that 16-19
 year olds have three hours of         What was achieved?                        Contact
 sport outside of the curriculum.      In 2008, a PE and Sport Strategic         Bruce Lawson
 Collectively this is referred to as   Framework for Cumbria was                 Development Manager
 the ‘5 Hour Offer’.                   developed by partners to meet             (Sporting Infrastructure)
                                       the challenge of the PESSYP and           01228 221254 or email
 This commitment is expressed          represents the local delivery   
 through the new National PE and       mechanism to achieve the
 Sport Strategy for Young People       objectives of National Indicator
 (PESSYP) launched in January          57 - ‘Children and Young People’s
 2008, which builds upon the           Participation in High Quality PE
 success of the PE, School Sport       and Sport’. A second Cumbria
 and Club Links (PESSCL) Strategy      Agreement, the Local Area
 for 5-16 year olds, which went        Agreement for the county,
 live in April 2003.                   received ministerial sign-off in the

  Barrow Club and Volunteer Evening                                                            Case Study

Project leaders                    The volunteers were trained           What was achieved?
Cumbria Sport Partnership,         in the Step into Sport online         Cumbria Sport left the School
Furness School Sport Partnership   passport, as well as what an ideal    Sport partnership with a number
and Barrow Sport Development       sport volunteer looks like. They      of trained, engaged clubs and
Team.                              were also given information about     were able to find placements
                                   further support available to them     for all the volunteers looking
Project overview                   once they were placed with a          to get involved in Community
An evening designed to bring       club. The clubs were also trained     Volunteering. Barrow Borough
community sports clubs and         in the online passport, as well       Council Sport Development
organisations and potential new    as what a high quality volunteer      Team were key to this
volunteers from the Step into      placement looks like, and given       programme in identifying which
Sport programme together           details of continuing support         clubs to invite. This was the first
and offer them training and        available to them. Both groups        event held using this model and
advice, let them know about        identified a number of possible       it was heartening to see it so
potential opportunities such as    roles for sports volunteers           successful, as over 50 people
Sports Workforce Education         including photography, website        came to the event.
Programme (SWEP) courses,          design, and grounds maintenance.
Get Qualified and ultimately       A buffet was provided to keep         What next?
match them to improve the          the evening informal, which was       The success of the evening in
sporting infrastructure within     followed by an opportunity for        Barrow established that the
the area.                          the two groups to mingle and          model of bringing the clubs
                                   ‘broker’ placements. The evening      and volunteers together in an
Aims and objectives                was rounded off with the Flame        informal setting undoubtedly
The aim of the project was         Game – an olympic themed quiz         worked. It has been repeated
to give something back to the      where clubs teamed up with their      around the county for other
community clubs and offer high     new volunteers to compete.            school sport partnerships with
quality volunteer placements                                             support from the relevant local
to potential new volunteers.       Who was involved?                     authority sport development
Students from the Step into        Cumbria Sport Partnership             teams. The successful formula
Sport programme, the Barrow        organised the event together          has been repeated, in Carlisle
FE Colleges who have shown         with Barrow Borough Council           the evening will be a much wider
an interest in community           Sport Development Team and            event involving the University of
sports volunteering were           Furness School Sport Partnership.     Cumbria and inviting members
invited to the event.              Local sports clubs and Barrow         of the general public along to get
                                   FE colleges were also involved.       involved in sport volunteering.
                                                                         This will inform how we run
                                                                         these events again starting in
                                                                         the Autumn 2009.

                                                                        Becky Underwood
                                                                        Development Officer
                                                                        (Volunteering & Skills)
                                                                        01228 221248 or email

     Furness College Sports Hub                                                                 Case Study

 Project leader                      Who was involved?                    What next?
 Furness College Sports Hub          A Steering Group from members        The steering group have agreed
                                     of Barrow SPAA, a number of          to fully subsidise training for two
 Project overview                    clubs, coaches and volunteers        new kitesurfing instructors in
 The Furness College Sports          from the Barrow area.                Barrow. Once qualified, the two
 Hub’s main focus is around coach                                         instructors will provide 15 free
 education. The project identifies   What was achieved?                   coaching hours in schools and
 which courses and workshops are     Since the project started in         holiday programmes.
 needed locally in the borough of    June 2008, 9 workshops have          Level 1 coaching qualifications
 Barrow-in-Furness to meet the       taken place. These range from        in badminton, trampolining,
 needs of those people involved      SportscoachUK workshops,             women’s artistic gymnastics and
 in sport in the area.               RunningSports workshops, First       swimming are all planned for
                                     Aid Courses, and an Orienteering     2009 as well as club development
 Aims and objectives                 Level 1 Course. From these nine      workshops such as Safeguarding
 • increase participation in sport   workshops there has been 11          & Protecting Children, The Role
   and physical activity             different clubs and five different   of the Volunteer Co-ordinator
 • widen access to include the       sports organisations sending 87      amongst others.
   whole community                   attendees. There are currently
 • improve performance levels        12 people are completing a Level
   by increasing access to coach     2 Gym Instructors course at a
   education courses and club        reduced price. The attendees
                                                                            Stuart Meredith
   accreditation                     on this particular course include
                                                                            Sports Hub Administrator
 • enhance people’s health and       two people that are currently
                                                                            01229 844766 or email
   well being by promoting a         unemployed, five students, two
   healthy lifestyle                 of which are looking for
 • improve education and skills      a change in career and three
 • contribute towards economic       who are currently employed
   regeneration by providing         as gym instructors.
   training and employment

   Cumbria Boccia Development                                                                        Case Study

Project leaders                         and to provide players with              people with disabilities and
Countywide Project led by               the opportunity to progress              special educational needs with
Cumbria Sport Partnership               through a player pathway                 a the opportunity to compete
in conjunction with a wide              to a level of their choice;              with other school in Cumbria.
range of delivery partners.           • To raise awareness of boccia as      •   This enabled strong links to be
                                        a recognised paralympic sport.           developed, not only between
Project overview                                                                 PDMs but also with SSCOs,
As part of the Playground to          Who was involved?                          School Sport Staff and Learning
Podium National Framework,            CP Sport, the National                     Support Staff within special
boccia has been identified as a       Governing Body for boccia has              and mainstream schools. In the
priority sport for development        provided support and advice                first year three events took
in Cumbria. Boccia is a sport         throughout the duration of the             place which attracted around
similar to bowls for people with      project however the success of             six schools including pupils
a disability. The sport was almost    the project has be a direct result         with disabilities and special
non-existent as recently as four      of strong and effective alliances          educational needs.
years ago however pro-active          with other organisations involved      •   As the project developed,
organisations across Cumbria          in the implementation. Those               consultation took place
have joined together to develop       involved has included a number             between with players,
the sport both in schools and in      of schools, colleges, leisure trusts       team managers and various
the community and have grown          and local authorities, county and          members of staff within
the workforce and competition         school sports partnerships (SSPs),         SSPs which highlighted issues
structure to cater for a huge         clubs, young people and parents.           regards the project which
interest in this inclusive sport.                                                included transport barriers,
Although the sport is specifically    What was achieved?                         lack of school staff with skills
designed for young people with        • The initial identification of            to teach boccia, and the skills
high physical support needs it can      unmet demand for boccia                  of volunteers and teachers to
be played and enjoyed by young          came from teachers contacting            officiate at the festivals and
people and adults of all abilities.     Cumbria Sport Partnership in             fixtures. The pupils who had
                                        2005 requesting support in               attended the initial festival also
Aims and objectives                     developing a frequent boccia             raised the proposal to develop
• Increase the number of                festival as they highlighted             a more competitive, structured
  children and young people with        that many young people                   league which would provide
  high support needs taking part        with disabilities and special            them with more regular
  in two hours of high quality PE;      educational needs within                 competitive opportunities.
• Increase number of young              both mainstream and special          •   In response to the consultation
  people with disabilities              school did not have access to            The Cumbria Disability
  accessing competitive boccia          regular sports opportunities.            Sports Association, which is
  opportunities;                        Teachers highlighted that some           a countywide multi-agency
• Increase number of people             children and young people with           forum, were successful in being
  qualified in coaching, teaching       disabilities and special needs           awarded an Awards for All
  and officiating boccia;               had particularly high support            Grant from Sport England. The
• Establish high quality                needs and that they were                 funding helped cover costs to
  community boccia                      difficult to engage in traditional       set up a Cumbria Interschool
  opportunities for young people        team sports such as football,            League including equipment
  and adults with disabilities;         rugby etc.                               and venue hire cost, trophies,
• Provide talent identification       • The Development Officer from             certificates, coach education,
  days linked to the Playground         Cumbria Sport Partnership                teacher training courses and
  to Podium framework;                  supported school sports                  young officials’ courses.
• To develop a pathway for              partnerships to develop an           •   As a result of the funding five
  players from school to                number of adhoc boccia                   boccia courses have been
  community based activity              festivals that provided young            delivered training over 50
                                                                                                  Case Study

   adults and 20 young people.        • These events are supported         • In response to the increase
 • Some young boccia players            by volunteers from local             in participation levels and
   who attended the Boccia              schools and communities              developing workforce the
   Young Officials Award were           and have attracted a total           project has recently seen
   invited to attend the CP             of 13 mainstream schools, 3          the development of two
   Sport North West Regional            Special Schools and 3 Colleges       community boccia clubs which
   Competition as Officials.            representing approximately 160       are based and led by local
   Six pupils with disabilities         young people with disabilities       leisure facilities. These clubs are
   from Stainburn School and            and special educational needs        in early development stages
   Beaconhill Community School          who have taken part in the           however key proactive people
   were invited to attend the           league this year so far with         are working hard to develop
   boccia regionals held in January     still four events to take place      these clubs for both young
   2009 in Liverpool. All had           before the end of this academic      people and adults in Cumbria.
   been selected as ‘Superstars’        year. Both School Sport Staff
   from the Boccia Young Officials      and Learning Support Staff         What next?
   course they attended in the          have played a key role as          • Player Pathway Development
   year, having shown great             they not only support teams        • Talent ID
   enthusiasm, eagerness to             at events but have become          • Club Development
   learn and passion. The pupils        qualified in coaching and
   were an excellent addition           teaching boccia and have
   to the officiating team at the       begun to introduce boccia             Contact
   competition and from their           into schools at lunch time and        Nicola Cartwright
   feedback on return had a             afterschool clubs.                    Development Officer
   fantastic day.                     • In addition to the school league      (Disability Sport and Equity)
 • Since receiving this funding in      some SSPs in Cumbria have             Cumbria Sport Partnership
   2007 the Cumbria Interschool         been delivering Identifying           15 Southport Drive
   League has now developed             Ability Days as part of               Barrow-in-Furness
   into 3 separate leagues (West        the Playground to Podium              Cumbria LA14 3LT
   Cumbria, North Cumbria and           programme which aims to               07725 149550 or email
   South Cumbria) which involves        identify young disabled people
   nine boccia competitions for         across SSPs who demonstrate
   young people per academic            a high level of ability.

   County Club Database                                                                       Case Study

Project leaders
Countywide Project led by
Cumbria Sport Partnership
in conjunction with a wide
range of delivery partners.

Project overview
There has never been a
comprehensive countywide
club database in Cumbria. A
number of partner organisations
have attempted to obtain and
maintain information on clubs in
their areas but it is an extremely
time consuming task as club
contacts change on a relatively      updates from the Cumbria            What was achieved?
high frequency.                      Sport Partnership.                  An encouraging number of clubs
                                                                         have returned the survey and are
Cumbria Sport in partnership         A second postal mail-out            keen to be part of the database,
with all six local authorities       followed along with an email        and are waiting to receive further
in Cumbria have gathered             regarding the club database         on-going updates and information
together as much information         and responses continue to           from the partnership.
on Cumbrian clubs as possible        come back into the office.
and then enlisted the help of a                                          What next?
number of national governing         Aims and objectives                 The completed database will
bodies of sport to cross reference   • To have one comprehensive         be uploaded to the Cumbria
the information.                       and up-to-date countywide         Sport Partnership website at
                                       club database which can be and
A postal mail-out to all clubs on      used by appropriate local         clubs that wish to have their
the initial database has taken         partners and avoid duplication    club promoted on the website
place asking them to complete          of resources which will also      will be part of the Active
a short club survey, and an            keep clubs fully aware of         Cumbria search a club facility at
encouraging response rate of           relevant developments.   Clubs
around 33% has occurred. All         • Allow the County Sport            will also be given the opportunity
information received back from         Partnership to build improved     to receive the regular Cumbria
clubs has been inputted onto a         relationships with clubs across   Sport Partnership e-zine.
spreadsheet, and all clubs who         the county.                       Information will regularly be
have completed and returned                                              updated by the Partnership Core
the survey have received a           Who was involved?                   Team or through local partners
preloaded 512MB USB pen drive        • Cumbria Sport Partnership         e.g. Local authorities which will
which has numerous pieces              Core Team                         save considerable time and
of information and resources         • All six local authorities in      resources in the long run.
which are beneficial to clubs, as      Cumbria
well as a copy of the recently       • A number of national governing
published Sports Workforce             bodies of sport
                                                                           Aileen Cubbon
Education Programme brochure.        • Over 1,200 sports clubs
                                                                           Development Officer
All responding clubs now have          across Cumbria
                                                                           (Sporting Infrastructure)
the opportunity to promote
                                                                           01228 221262 or email
their club on the Cumbria Sport
website as well as receive regular

     Cumbria Sport Partnership Gain Clubmark Licence                                            Case Study

 Project leader                        Aims and objectives                 28 officers have successfully
 Cumbria Sport Partnership             To increase the number of           undertaken the Clubmark
                                       Clubmark accredited clubs across    Officers Training, enabling them
 Project overview                      the county in a wide variety of     to assist Cumbrian clubs through
 The Cumbria Sport Partnership         sports, thereby increasing the      the Clubmark Accreditation
 has successfully obtained a licence   professionalism and standards       process, and also to assess
 to award Clubmark accreditation       of sports clubs across Cumbria.     applications from clubs wishing
 to clubs who are affiliated to                                            to become accredited.
 national governing bodies of sport    Who was involved?
 who do not have an accreditation      Cumbria Sport partnership           What next?
 licence themselves. A great           Core Team                           Continue to assist and support
 deal of work was undertaken           The six local authority sports      a wide range of Cumbrian clubs
 in drawing up procedures for          development teams in Cumbria        from a variety of sports to
 awarding clubs the accreditation,     KKP Consultants                     become Clubmark accredited as
 this was agreed by local partners     Cartmel Valley Baseball Club        well as continuing to undertake
 and then signed off by KKP, the                                           the annual review process for
 consultancy appointed by Sport        What was achieved?                  clubs who have been awarded
 England to lead on the National       The Cumbria Sport Partnership       Clubmark accreditation through
 Clubmark Programme. Once all          were successful in gaining the      Cumbria Sport Partnership.
 partners were happy with the          Clubmark licence, becoming only
 procedures a pilot club were          the 7th county sport partnership    Continue to offer training
 taken through the process and         in the country to be successful     opportunities for people
 awarded Clubmark accreditation.       in obtaining one. Also, Cartmel     interested in becoming Clubmark
 This enabled Cumbria Sport            Valley Baseball Club became the     Training Officers.
 Partnership to successfully obtain    first Baseball Club in England to
 the licence. Cartmel Valley           become Clubmark accredited.
 Baseball Club were chosen as the                                             Contact
 pilot club and worked extremely       Since the launch of the                Aileen Cubbon
 hard to get everything in place       programme in Cumbria, 85               Development Officer
 and were given approval by the        Clubs have obtained Clubmark           (Sporting Infrastructure)
 Cumbria Clubmark Review Panel         accreditation with an additional       01228 221262 or email
 in early June 2008 and became         78 actively working towards. 
 the first Baseball Club in England    These figures do not include
 to become Clubmark accredited.        football clubs who have Charter
                                       Standard status.

     Sports Workforce Development                                                                 Case Study

Project leader                          Aims and objectives                   • In total some 65 sports
Cumbria Youth                           • Up skill volunteers and workers       organisation have taken part
Alliance                                  in local sports clubs with an         in the project.
                                          emphasis on the deprived            • 86 volunteers and staff have
Project overview                          neighbourhoods.                       undertaken externally accredited
Working with Cumbria Sport              • Increase the number of young          training programmes of which
Partnership gaps in the workforce         people taking part in sport           41 were related to sport (NGB)
skills base in relation to working        (under 16s).                          and the other 45 were related
with children and young people in a     • Increase the number of young          to working with Children and
sport environment were identified,        people volunteering in sport          Young People in externally
especially in the more deprived           (under 16s).                          certificated courses.
communities across Cumbria. The         • Promote the pursuit of Clubmark     • Over £7,500 has been distributed
project brought together two              accreditation and offer support       to groups to enable them to
partners from very different starting     to groups undertaking Clubmark.       undertake training qualifications
points and with very different          • Help groups to carry out              and assist with the pursuit of
skills to work together to address        Training Needs Analysis and           Clubmark Accreditation.
community need. This was a timely         Organisational Needs Analysis.      • It is too early to confirm the
partnership enabling us to work         • Promote and ensure equality           increase in activity in each of the
as partners to address the 5 hour         of access for all young people.       clubs but during the second half
offer made to children and young                                                of year one this will be measured
people across Cumbria.                  Who was involved?                       and reported.
                                        With the skills and knowledge of      • We have been targeting clubs
The project has been able to offer      Cumbria Sport Partnership and the       supporting marginalised and
a range of one to one support           contacts and knowledge of working       disabled young people with
to help sports organisations to         with children and young people          a view to promoting equality
carry out organisational needs          held by Cumbria Youth Alliance          and diversity and also
analysis, training needs analysis and   we worked jointly to put in place       volunteering opportunities.
encourage volunteers and staff to       a plan to up skill the workforce
pursue Clubmark Accreditation.          whilst simultaneously improving       What next?
Within the first six months of the      access to sport for children and      • Continue to target clubs and
project bursaries have been paid        young people across Cumbria.            offer training needs analysis and
out to assist groups to increase        The project has a steering group        organisational needs analysis and
their capacity and skills and open      made up of Cumbria Sport                encourage more clubs to be
up sporting opportunities at a          Partnership, Cumbria Youth Alliance     accessible ensuring more young
community level                         and Cumbria University Sport            people in Cumbria can access
                                        Workforce Development team.             sporting activities.
Working with Cumbria Learning                                                 • Working with youth volunteering
Links we were also able to secure       Funding support from Cumbria            organisations and programmes
£7500 which could be given out as       Learning Links via the Learning &       to promote volunteering
bursaries to the sports clubs to up     Skills Council and also Capacity        opportunities for young people
skill volunteers and staff. This was    Builders money brought in through       in local sporting clubs.
Learning and Skills Funding money       a joint bid with Voluntary Action
and additional match was brought        Cumbria and Awaz ensures we
in from Capacity Builders through       have 100% funding to take the              Contact
an Improving Reach programme            project forward.                           Adam Dickinson
working in partnership with                                                        Cumbria Youth Alliance
Voluntary Action Cumbria                What was achieved?                         01900 822110 or email
and Awaz.                               Within the first six months of the
                                        project we have supported:

       Kirkby Stephen Gymnastics Club                                                           Case Study

     Project leader                     Aims and objectives                Who was involved?
     Eden Valley School Sport           • Due to a massive demand          The Eden Valley School and Sport
     Partnership                          for gymnastics, following the    Partnership led the project with
                                          highly successful Key Steps      support from Kirkby Stephen
     Project Overview                     Gymnastics programme,            Grammar School Sports College,
     Development of a new                 provide an outlet for those      members of the local community
     Gymnastics Club based at             young people keen to continue    and young leaders.
     the Sports College providing         to take part in gymnastics.
     gymnastics for 6 to 11 year olds   • Engage adult interest through    What was achieved?
     from six surrounding primary         initially helping at the club,   • The club is oversubscribed, a
     schools. Funding was used from       provide training opportunities     huge success.
     the Sport Unlimited Programme        to enable them to set up clubs   • There is now a stand alone
     to provide ten weeks of              to further support the demand      after school gymnastics club at
     gymnastics taster sessions, with     for gymnastics.                    Kirkby Stephen, now offering
     a view to setting up a permanent   • Involve young leaders and          three sessions per week.
     after school club.                   utilise them at the club by      • Ten adults have attended
                                          acting as support staff. Offer     formal Gymnastics training to
                                          young leaders the opportunity      enable them to set up after
                                          to gain experience and             school clubs on their respective
                                          qualifications in gymnastics.      school sites.
                                        • Sustain a club in Kirkby
                                          Stephen.                         What next?
                                                                           • Try to mirror the success at
                                                                             Appleby Grammar School,
                                                                             working with colleagues at the
                                                                             school and their respective
                                                                             cluster primary schools.
                                                                           • Support the after school club
                                                                             at Kirkby Stephen to ensure

                                                                    Becky Richardson
                                                                    Partnership Development Manager,
                                                                    Eden Valley School and Sport Partnership
                                                                    017683 74076 or email

   Get Qualified @ Duddon Canoe Club                                                              Case Study

Project leader
University of Cumbria and
Duddon Canoe Club

Project overview
In collaboration with the County
Sport Partnerships of Cumbria
and Lancashire the University of
Cumbria was awarded £250,000
by Sport England in 2008. The
project is aimed at those aged
16 or over who are working or
volunteering in sport in Cumbria
or Lancashire. Get Qualified
funding can be applied for to
assist towards the costs of sport
specific training. As of January
2009 Get Qualified can accept
more than one application per
person as well as applications for
refereeing and more outdoor
related courses.

Aims and objectives
To support the growth of training
and skills in the sports sector,     What was achieved?                     What next?
including outdoor sports, in         Five volunteers from Duddon            Get Qualified is also contributing
Cumbria and Lancashire.              Canoe Club have now achieved           towards swimming, orienteering,
                                     their British Canoe Union              golf, rugby league and rugby
Who was involved?                    Level 1 Coaching Award and a           union courses, amongst others,
Many clubs and organizations         further two who are currently          for people in Cumbria and
have benefited from the scheme,      undertaking it. John Sherwen           Lancashire. The Get Qualified
including Duddon Canoe Club,         from the club is really pleased        project aims to assist in the
who are an active canoe club         with the funding, “Because of this     development of a quality sport
based in the Barrow area with        funding for our newly qualified        workforce across Cumbria
over 100 members. The club is        coaches we have been able to           and ultimately help to increase
open to all types of canoeists       add weekly coaching sessions at        participation in sport and physical
of all abilities and members         our base on Barrow Docks, this         activity in local communities.
take part in lake and flat water     has resulted in new members of
paddling, white water kayaking       all ages and boosted interest in all
and canoeing, sea kayaking, canoe    club activities. The new coaches
touring and camping. Please visit    are keen to progress to Level 2           Contact for           status and extend the range of            Please visit
more details.                        canoeing activities and disciplines       getqualified for the eligibility
                                     they can offer to members.”               criteria and application form.
                                                                               If you have further questions
                                                                               please contact Rachel Walker
                                                                               or 01768 893526.

       Rural Coach & Volunteer Development Project                                                Case Study

     Project leaders                      Who was involved?                 What next?
     Kirkbie Kendal School,               Cumbria Rugby Development         The individuals are being
     Kendal & John Ruskin School,         Officer, Community Rugby          encouraged to work with clubs
     Coniston Linked to Ambleside         Coach, School Sports              and become part of the RFU
     RUFC, Windermere RUFC,               Co-ordinators, volunteers         vRugby programme which is
     Kendal RUFC, Kirkby Lonsdale         from local rugby clubs            encouraging young people to
     RUFC and Millom RUFC.                                                  enter into volunteering in a
                                          What was achieved?                supportive club environment.
     Project overview                     25 Individuals qualified in the   Keen volunteers will be assisting
     This project was aimed at            RFU Community Leaders             with further programmes over
     developing volunteers in the         Award and consequently six        the summer, again building their
     South Lakeland area of Cumbria       of which undertook the RFU        CVs.
     to assist with the work of the       Level 1 Coaching Award.
     Community Rugby Coach as
     well as gaining qualifications       Individuals were involved in         Contact
     which can be added to the CVs        the Local Rugby Development          Liam Nicholls
     of individuals participating in      programme doing one or more          Cumbria Rugby Development
     the scheme. Due to the ageing        of the following roles:              Officer
     population of volunteers within                                           07711 901374 or email
     rugby clubs the need to enthuse      •   School Coaching        
     young volunteers is extremely        •   Competition Organisation
     pertinent and this project           •   Competition Refereeing           Garry Holmes
     was designed to address this         •   Press Releases & Publicity       Community Rugby Coach
     requirement.                         •   Communication Skills in a        (South Lakes)
                                              Variety of Mediums               07772 112820 or email
     Aims and objectives                                             
     To qualify young volunteers
     in the South Lakeland area
     and offer opportunities in
     coaching, refereeing, tournament
     organisation & promotion of the
     sport. Individuals could choose
     their particular niche out of the
     options available thus not forcing
     individuals into one specialism
     or alternatively offering the
     opportunity to participate
     in a variety of areas to gain
     further experience.

     Sport Unlimited                                                                                 Case Study

Project leader                          • Focus on ages 11-19 years                sessions organised as part
Countywide project led by               • The workstrand will be                   of the Programme (KPI 2).
Cumbria Sport Partnership (CSP)           measured against five key              • 18 different co-ordinating
in conjunction with a wide range          performance indicators:                  organisations were used to
of delivery partners                      o KPI 1 ‘Participants’ – The             deliver blocks of sessions to
                                            number of young people                 the young people of Cumbria.
Project overview                            registering and taking part in
The Sport Unlimited (SU)                    at least one session in a term-      What next?
workstrand is an integral part              time series lasting a minimum        SU in Cumbria enters it’s second
of the Government’s PE and                  of eight weekly sessions of          year in April 2009. A year 2
Sport Strategy for Young People             sports activity.                     delivery plan has been approved
(PESSYP). This is often referred          o KPI 2 ‘Throughput’ –                 by Sport England, which will build
to as the 5 Hour Young People’s             Attendance, the cumulative           upon the foundations of year 1
Sports Offer (5 Hour Offer).                total number of participants         delivery.
The workstrand provides a range             taking part at the series of
of attractive and sustainable               sessions.                            The targets within the year 2
opportunities in sporting activities      o KPI 3 ‘Retain’ – The number          delivery plan are:
for young people from the ‘semi             of participants who attend           • 7,395 ‘retained’ participants,
sporty’ segment to take part in out         at least 60% of the weekly             which is a 66% increase on Sport
of school hours sport in term time.         sessions in a term-time series,        England target of 4,446
                                            i.e. Five weeks for an eight         • 4,000 Girls (54%)
Aims and objectives                         week series, six weeks for a         • 3,395 Boys (46%)
The overall aim of the SU                   nine or ten week series.             • 708 participants in Yr12-13 (10%)
workstrand is to increase                 o KPI 4 ‘Sustain and grow’ –           • 5,471 participants are Secondary
opportunities for young people              The number of young people             School aged (74%)
aged 5 to 19 to participate regularly       who continue to take part            • Largest segment is Yr10 at 1,184
in sport.                                   regularly in sport.                    participants (16%)
                                          o KPI 5 ‘Excel’ – The number           • 80 activities across 28 different
By targeting the ‘semi sporty’ types        of young people identified             sports
we are trying to bring about a              as talented and set on               • Delivery plan cost £222,807
behavioural change for young people         performance pathways                 • Partnership funding £81,495
by encouraging them to participate          thereafter.                          • ‘In Kind’ £71,363
regularly in ‘out of school’ and                                                 • ‘Cash’ £10,032
community sport activities.             Who was involved?                        • SU Grant funding £141,311
                                        SU is delivered through a Cumbria
SU provides:                            Sport Partnership led delivery
• Opportunities for the ‘semi           plan, with the involvement and             Contact
  sporty’ population – estimated        ownership of local delivery                Bruce Lawson
  to be 50% of young people             organisations including SSPs, LAs          Development Manager
  – currently doing 2-3 hours           and other partners                         (Sporting Infrastructure)
  of sport per week.                                                               01228 221254 or email
• Term time programmes,                 What was achieved?               
  delivered out of school hours         In year 1 of the programme in
  and in club and community             Cumbria:
  settings.                             • 4,054 participants were engaged
• Focus on high quality, attractive        in activities (KPI 1), and of these
  provision.                               52% were female.
• National target by 2011 is for        • 3,146 participants attended at
  900,000 more young people                least 60% of the sessions (KPI 3),
  aged 5-19 years take up an               and of these 50% were female.
  additional two hours.                 • 28,012 visits were made to
     Cumbria Sports Workforce Education Programme                                               Case Study

 Project leaders                      Who was involved?                  networks in the county. A fully
 Countywide Project led by            Cumbria Sport Partnership          up-to-date electronic version
 Cumbria Sport Partnership            Core Team                          of the brochure is available to be
 in conjunction with a wide           The six local authority sports     viewed as well as downloaded on
 range of delivery partners.          development teams in Cumbria       the Cumbria Sport Partnership
                                      Course providers                   website, The
 Project overview                     University of Cumbria              courses are also being actively
 For the first time, the Cumbria      Furness College                    promoted through a number of
 Sport Partnership has co-            A number of national governing     other media.
 ordinated a comprehensive            bodies of sport
 programme of training courses                                           What next?
 for those involved in sport across   What was achieved?                 Completion of the distribution
 the county, including courses for    A fully inclusive programme has    of the brochures and promotion
 coaches, officials and volunteers.   been established ensuring a wide   of the opportunities across all
                                      variety of courses are on offer    networks, leading to high uptake
 Aims and objectives                  across the whole county, across    for all courses leading to a better
 To up-skill the sporting workforce   the whole calendar year. The       skilled sporting workforce.
 across the county leading to         production of 3,500 hard copies
 higher quality provision and an      of a promotional brochure, which
 increase in sports participation     have begun to be distributed         Contact
 rates.                               throughout a number of               Aileen Cubbon
                                                                           Development Officer
                                                                           (Sporting Infrastructure)
                                                                           01228 221262 or

   Volunteer Infrastructure USB Pen Drives                                                      Case Study

Project leaders
Cumbria Sport Partnership
andCumbria Third Sector
Infrastructure Network

Project overview
The Cumbria Third Sector
Infrastructure Network supports
all sections of the voluntary and
community sector including sport.
Through a process of mapping
infrastructure support available
to voluntary organizations such
as community sports clubs, they
were able to offer advice, good
practice and funding to the
Cumbria Sport Partnership.

This allowed a wide range of
information about the sporting
infrastructure to be gathered
together for promotion to
all community sports clubs          Aims and objectives                   • The Cumbria Sport
registered on Cumbria Sport         • To inform all voluntary               Partnership now has up to
Partnership’s club database.          community clubs across                date information on many
This work was completed in            Cumbria about the support             sports clubs across the county,
partnership with the Local            infrastructure available to them.     which was not previously
Authority Sport Development         • To gather information on a            the case. It is hoped that the
Units, the School Sport               wide range of sports clubs in         partnership will now be able
Partnerships and the National         Cumbria.                              to build relationships with
Governing Bodies of Sport.                                                  these clubs that, in many cases,
                                    Who was involved?                       did not previously exist.
The most accessible way             Cumbria Sport Partnership
of then sharing this information    including local authorities, school   What next?
with community sports clubs         sport partnerships, and national      Cumbria Sport continues to send
was via a pre-loaded USB            governing bodies of sport             the pendrives out to clubs new to
pendrive which alongside the        Cumbria Third Sector                  Cumbria Sport. The partnership
information gathered from           Infrastructure Network.               also continues to engage with the
partners was also supported                                               Cumbria Third Sector Network,
with links to over 100 relevant     What was achieved?                    identifying opportunities for
websites. 1,200 pre-loaded          • A vast number of sports clubs       further development.
USB pendrives were procured           across the county now have a
and used as an incentive to           much greater understanding
clubs for them to return a            of the support networks that
                                                                             Becky Underwood
completed pro-forma on                are available to them, such as
                                                                             Development Officer
behalf of their club for the          contacts, funding information,
                                                                             (Volunteering & Skills)
partnership’s club database.          access to training courses etc.
                                                                             01228 221248 or email

     RFU v Rugby Programme (Cumbria)                                                             Case Study

 Project leaders                       Who was involved?                   Clubs should now start benefiting
 Cumbria RFU,                          Cumbria Rugby Development           from the services of these young
 Clubs – Wigton, Upper Eden,           Officer, Community Rugby            people by offering opportunities
 Kirkby Lonsdale, Egremont,            Coaches, North Volunteer            to them which are not going to
 Furness, Carlisle & Penrith           Officer, Identified Rugby Clubs,    overload or be too demanding
                                       CB Activator, New Volunteers,       on their time.
 Project overview                      Schools local to respective club.
 This project was aimed at                                                 What next?
 developing volunteers across          What was achieved?                  The individuals are being
 Cumbria in a variety of ways          43 new volunteers regularly         encouraged to work with clubs
 by trying to address the ageing       involved at clubs in Cumbria in     in any capacity that they can,
 volunteer population in rugby         the 16-22 age bracket. Some         giving as much or as little time
 clubs across the county. The          of these will be integrated into    that they can afford. The RFU are
 project was rolled out across         the club environment over the       now moving into phase 2 of the
 the country with considerable         summer period. After the initial    project which is looking to repeat
 funding from ‘V’ supporting the       work delivered by the Rugby         the process but hopefully identify
 programme. There were four            Football Union (RFU) for the        new clubs to participate and a
 main areas to the project so that     volunteers it is up to the clubs    further 35 new volunteers to
 individuals were not limited to a     where individuals were based to     engage in the programme.
 certain skill set.                    welcome and offer roles within
                                       the everyday running of the club.
 Aims and objectives                                                          Contact
 The aims and objectives were          Cumbria was the most successful        Liam Nicholls
 to recruit the following:             project in England delivering all      Cumbria Rugby
 • One CB activator                    stated outcomes. This was due          Development Officer
 • Seven club activators (from         in no small way to the Shelley         07711 901374 or email
   identified participating clubs)     Atkinson (CB Activator) who  
 • Five volunteers per                 worked tirelessly to ensure the
   participating club                  project was a success.                 Garry Holmes
                                                                              Community Rugby Coach
 Project options were:                                                        (South Lakes)
 • vRugby Fun – Organising                                                    07772 112820 or email
   tournaments / taster days                                        
   for young people.
 • vRugby Life – Promoting the
   unique ethos of rugby union
    i.e. Assembly talks.
 • vRugby Cash – Raising money
   and sponsorship for much
   needed causes within clubs.
 • vRugby Force – Painting
   changing facilities or decorating
   areas which require attention.

   Carlisle Walking Your Way to Health Programme                                                 Case Study

Project leaders                       Aims and objectives                   What next?
Carlisle City Council                 To aid in the achievement of the      • The programme is looking
                                      North West target by increasing         to create a new updated pack
Project overview                      participation in Carlisle by 4% and     of ten walking handouts that
To increase participation in          get more people physically active.      can be distributed to the group
Physical Activity in line with the                                            or others within the district.
aims of the Carlisle Sport &          Who was involved?                       It is hoped that these can be
Physical Activity Alliance (SPAA)     Carlisle City Council                   used to encourage people to
to develop the Carlisle Walking       East Cumbria Countryside Project        access walks in their own time.
your way to health scheme and         Cumbria Physical Activity Forum       • Further explore the link
encourage more people to get                                                  with referring individuals
active and walking.                   What was achieved?                      into walking as a way to
The scheme offers a variety           • The programme now has 90              improve health.
of walks within the Carlisle            people enrolled on the scheme       • Create more opportunities
district. The location of the walks     with most walks receiving a           to walk.
continually changes to allow            regular attendance of between
individuals in different areas to       30–40. The largest attendance
access the walks and to learn           was 56.
more about the area they live         • The scheme has also trained
in. It also allows people to meet       a number of volunteers to link
others and socialise – a key            into leading walks within the
element to improving health.            scheme and also in the wider
                                        community.                             Contact
                                                                               Emma Dixon,
                                                                               Carlisle City Council
                                                                               01228 817370 or email

        Governance and accounts

 The Cumbria Sport Partnership        terms of the current agreement,      successful through sport and
 core team are employed by            which is due to expire at the        physical activity’, with a clear
 Cumbria County Council and are       end of the current financial year,   vision, linked to the Partnership’s
 based within the Partnerships        the financial stakeholders are       Strategic Framework 2006-09
 & Prevention Section of the          identified as being the six local    whereby ‘everyone in Cumbria
 Children’s Services Directorate.     authorities in Cumbria together      enjoys sport and physical activity
                                      with Cumbria County Council          as an integral part of everyday life.’
 The core team members are            and Sport England.
 bound by Cumbria County                                                   During 2009-10 financial year
 Council policies and procedures      Other organisations are co-opted     the membership of the
 which relate to human resources,     on to the partnership board,         partnership board will be
 financial compliance, and health     and these currently include          reviewed and it is anticipated
 and safety amongst others.           representatives from a leisure       that new board members
                                      trust, a national governing body     will reflect a greater strategic
 The Cumbria Sport Partnership        of sport and the Cumbria             approach to the development
 Board operates under the             Primary Care Trust.                  of sport and physical activity
 terms of a Memorandum of                                                  across the county. At the same
 Understanding and Co-operation,      The purpose of the board,            time, a new Memorandum of
 which is a voluntary agreement,      as set out in the Memorandum         Understanding will be drawn
 signed by all partners who have a    of Understanding and Co-             up covering the next phase
 financial input into the operation   operation is ‘to make Cumbria        of the partnership’s development
 of the Partnership. Under the        more active, healthy and             up to 2013.

                  Summary financial statements for the partnership’s
                 core operating costs for the year ended 31 March 2009

                  Sport England                                                       £227,000
                  Cumbria County Council                                              £147,000
                  Local authorities                                                   £ 24,000
                  Department of Health                                                £ 20,000
                  Business sponsorship                                                £ 13,500
                  Operational income                                                  £ 61,694
                  Re-profiled funding from 2007-08                                    £272,300

                  Total                                                               £765,494

                  Employees                                                           £345,563
                  Operational costs                                                   £135,554
                  Services                                                            £ 58,007

                  Total                                                               £539,124

                  Balance of Income over expenditure                                  £226,370

                      All balances have been re-profiled into the 2009-10 financial year
28               and beyond to help support the on-going commitments of the partnership.
       Priorities for 2009–2010
• Delivery of the Sport England     • Continue to support the            • Provide support to a range
  core specification for county       achievement of the Cumbria           of organisations involved in
  sports partnerships supporting      Local Area Agreement stretch         developing new facilities for
  national governing body whole       target (NI 8) for adult (16+)        sport and physical activity
  sport plan outcomes including       participation in sport and           including Academy sites and
  coaching, clubs, volunteer,         physical activity, as well as        the Building Schools for the
  facility, and investment            supporting the six school sport      Future programme, as well as
  developments.                       partnerships in Cumbria in           those involved in developing
                                      their aim to achieve national        the Sports Village concept
• Delivery of the national            targets set for young people’s       across the county, ensuring
  coaching specification for          access to two hours high             that each is linked to facility
  county sports partnerships          quality physical education and       developments identified by
  as an additional function           sport in curriculum time             national governing bodies
  to the Sport England core           (NI 57).                             of sport.
  specification, including the
  appointment of a dedicated        • Support Cumbria Sport              • Support the work of the
  Coaching Development Officer.       partnership’s new Executive          Cumbria 2012 Steering Group
                                      Board and review the position        representing the theme of
• Delivery of the Department          with regard to producing a           Sport and Physical Activity.
  of Health physical activity         revised Strategy covering the
  specification for county sports     period April 2009 to March         • Undertake a review of the
  partnerships.                       2013.                                levels of services provided by
                                                                           the Cumbria Sport Partnership
• Continue to engage with NHS       • Review the Cumbria Youth             through the completion of the
  Cumbria and other partners          Games event in light of the          national Culture and Sport
  through the health and physical     introduction of National School      Improvement Toolkit, and
  activity networks across the        Sport Week and the County            produce an Improvement
  county, who have a role for         Competition Manager network,         Plan to address any areas
  contributing to the health and      ensuring that national governing     of improvement.
  well being of the population,       bodies of sport are involved in
  ensuring that the development       the planning and delivery of a
  of sport and physical activity      new county wide games event
  is coordinated and accessible       inspired by London 2012.
  to all.

Cumbria Sport Partnership
     5 Portland Square
Carlisle, Cumbria, CA1 1PU

    Tel: 01228 226885

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