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Linda McCalister-Appalachian State University
 Arshad Bashir-Appalachian State University
Meredith Casper-Appalachian State University
     Teresa Hughes-Ashe Middle School
                                 NCATE Presentation, Fall 2010

South Carolina

North Carolina
The Universals of Culture
  Think Contemporary

                  NCATE Presentation, Fall 2010
The 21st Century Skills

                 NCATE Presentation, Fall 2010
    Global Awareness
• Using 21st century skills to understand and
  address global issues
• Learning from and working collaboratively with
  individuals representing diverse cultures,
  religions and lifestyles in a spirit of mutual
  respect and open dialogue in personal, work
  and community contexts
• Understanding other nations and cultures,
  including the use of non-English languages
                                 NCATE Presentation, Fall 2010
Fostering Global Awareness

                   NCATE Presentation, Fall 2010
Idea of Educational and Cultural
 Fulbright’s vision of promoting mutual understanding through
  academic and cultural exchange.

 Fulbright Biology Teachers exchange programs (2007 and

 Fulbright Scholarship for Doctoral studies.

 Graduate assistant ship at Office of International Education
  (Global Outreach) and Public School partnership.

 Annual Symposium on “Sowing Seeds of Prosperity and Peace”

 Connection was made between Ash County School (NC, USA)
  and HITEC (Pakistan)

                                            NCATE Presentation, Fall 2010
Pakistani Project-Partners

 Ashe County Middle School-Social
  Studies/Language Arts
 Alleghany County High School-English
 HITEC - Pakistan
 Appalachian State University

                           NCATE Presentation, Fall 2010
  Objectives of the Program
 To develop “global citizenship” & 21st Century
  Skills trough cross-culture communication skills
 To help students and teachers to understanding
  the norms, beliefs, values, and actions of
  diverse people, especially in a contemporary
 To realize the distinction of “us” and “them”
 To explore and understand geography of the
  world in terms of global issues.
 To empower students to understand global
  impact of individual action
 To improve technology and communication
                                 NCATE Presentation, Fall 2010
Objectives of the Program
To foster collaboration through
 mutual understanding.
To improve local to global
 school system interaction
To promote exchange of ideas
 through professional
To promote peace by better
 understanding of each other.
                     NCATE Presentation, Fall 2010

        NCATE Presentation, Fall 2010
            Ashe Middle School

     ACMS is located in Ashe, a mountain county with a
                   population of 25,000MS.

                 School enrollment is 533.

       56% of students receive free or reduced lunch.

 Two computer labs are available, as well as one mobile lab.

    Homogeneous population, with few opportunities to
              experience cultural diversity.

                                      NCATE Presentation, Fall 2010
       Alleghany High School

 AHS is located in Sparta, NC, a mountain county with a
                   population of 10,900.

    White: 88%; Black: 1%; Hispanic or Latino: 10%;

               School enrollment is 490.

                           .

  Homogeneous population, with few opportunities to
            experience cultural diversity.

                                   NCATE Presentation, Fall 2010
Project Procedures and Timeline-
    Activity                         Date
-Skype HITECH Director               Sept 1
-Teacher Emails Exchanges            Sept 16
-Meet with Project Teachers          Sept 16
-Administer Pre-test                 Oct 1st week
-Email Contact                       Oct 2nd week
-Build Elgg Interactive Platform     Oct 2nd week
-Teachers Skype Meeting              Oct 3rd week
-Collaborative Units Determined      Oct 4th week
   via Skype/email
-Elgg Training                       Nov 1st week
-Classroom Connections (Skype)       Nov 2nd week
-Classroom Connections               AS DESIGNED
-Meet with project Teachers          December
**Culture activities throughout the year
**Schedule visits from Arshad Bashir and wife/others
                 Project Timeline & Procedures
•establishing connections and securing buy-in from educators
     •online & in-person meetings

                       Madam Shaista Shahid             NCATE Presentation, Fall 2010
                              HITEC, Pakistan
                        Interactive Platform
•establishing connections and securing buy-in from educators
     •invite educators to explore the site

                                                           NCATE Presentation, Fall 2010
                       Interactive Platform
•educators collaborate
     •discussing curriculum themes
          •semester-long projects
          •monthly enrichment assignments
•construct interactive platform for multi-media classroom exchange
     •uploads of media (music, images, & video)
     •classroom discussions and dialogue facilitated and monitored (with support
     from ASU coordinators, Arshad & Meredith) by individual classroom teachers
     •real-time exchange via web-conferencing software

                                                        NCATE Presentation, Fall 2010
            Cultural Learning through
                  Digital Media
 Introductory Lesson – Personal Photo Essay:
     Your bed/bedroom
     Your breakfast – What time is it?
     A picture of you
     How you got to school – What time is it?
     Your school
     Your personal space at school(i.e. locker, desk, backpack, etc.)
     Your favorite class, teacher, or activity
     Your lunch – What time is it?
     Your afterschool activity – What time is it?
     Your dinner – What time is it?
     Your family or people you live with
                                                NCATE Presentation, Fall 2010
Classroom Visits

           University Students and

               NCATE Presentation, Fall 2010
Curriculum Ideas-Meredith/Teresa
             Collaborative, interdisciplinary activities
             exploring relevant curricular objectives:
                 Science: Field experiments
                     water quality, Indus and New Rivers
                     climate and weather
                     Pakistani flood and implications
                 Language Arts: Digital Storytelling,
                 autobiographies, written portion of
                 science experiments as a means of
                 practicing technical writing,
                 simultaneous novel studies, poetry
                 studies, photo essays.
                 Social Studies:
                     Geography’s effect on culture

                              NCATE Presentation, Fall 2010

               NCATE Presentation, Fall 2010
• Office of International Education & Developing
    •Visiting Educators & Possible Partnerships:
         •2009-2010: South Africa, Poland, & United

                              •Reich College of Education
                                   •Library Science Partnership
                                   •Instructional Technology Partnership
                                   •Office of Field Placement
                                        •Costa Rica, Mexico, Ireland, & Germany
                                                   NCATE Presentation, Fall 2010

NCATE Presentation, Fall 2010

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