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					 Club Name                           Club Description                              Advisor                       President
Academic      The Academic Decathlon club will compete at eh Contra              Ms.           President: Amy Vashinav
Decathlon     Costa County Academic Decathlon on January 30th and                Knezevich
club          February 6th 2010. If the team wins there, we will go further                    Membership Numbers:
              on and compete at state level. This club will be going
              through 10 rigorous events including multiple choice tests
              on: math, economics, social science, science, arts, music, and
              language & literature, 2 speeches-- prepared and
              impromptu, a essay, an interview, and a Super Quiz Bowl (a
              team event). The Aca Deca club will also be giving volunteer
              opportunities for the people who will not be participating at
              the decathlon.
Afghan Club   The Afghan Club has been at American High for quiet some           Mr. Creger    President: Sadaf Negshbandi
              time now. It serves to connect Afghan students at American
              with their native community. Our main goal at the Afghan                         Membership Numbers:
              Club is to make sure that every member has a sense of
              familiarity with their heritage by offering several
              opportunities of to help out our Afghan community here and
              back in Afghanistan. We offer community service
              opportunities to help out new Afghan refugees to America
              by supporting their integration into American society. One
              of the non-profit organizations that we help throughout the
              year is Children of War. By holding multiple fundraisers all
              through the year, we collect money to help buy school
              supplies, build schools and to provide basic essentials
              necessary for survival to underprivileged children in
              Afghanistan. A final goal that we strive to achieve is to
              promote the awareness of issues surrounding Afghanistan
              and help all the students at American more aware of what is
              happening in Afghanistan.
American      AGL (American High Gaming League) tries to get gamers              Mr. Edwards   President: Tim Freitag
League        from the same console to play together
Gaming        in order to produce new and stronger friendships. We have                        Membership Numbers: 60
              our own website ( where our
              members may discuss anything involving video games, may
              it be consoles, online, or just persuasive
              discussions in order to show and build their knowledge.
              Also, American High Gaming League will feature
              gaming tournaments with several genres (fighting, card
              games, platformers, racings, FPS and RTS).
              Our first tournament of the year was Super Smash Brother
              Brawl for Wii, which was featured from
              Wednesday, October 20th – Monday, October 25th. We also
              try to keep gamers informed about any
              news, events or releases that directly involve their interests.
              We take extreme pride in what we do and
              we hope to fulfill everyone’s expectations.
Art Club      As the Art Club of American High School, our purpose is to         Ms. K         President: Joshua Robertson
              gather both artists and art-appreciators to enjoy all aspects of
              artwork. We focus on the visual arts, which include:                             Membership Numbers: 30
              drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, video, and
              anything else that you create with your two hands and can
              stare at. Any and all media is welcome! We strive to
              welcome all, appreciating the various styles of art.
              Additionally, we hope to provide a carefree and friendly
              environment in which we can all learn from each other and
              experience the many ways of creating artwork. We have
              many fun things planned for this school year; we aim to
              unite all artists to experience an unforgettably entertaining
              school year with the Art Club!
Asian Pacific   Simply stated, the Asian & Pacific Islander (API) Club strives       Ms. Westover   President: Nic Seto
Islander        to give everyone a taste of...well, Asian and Pacific Islander
                culture.                                                                            Membership Numbers: 45
                It’s pretty safe to say that many are drawn to join API
                because of the prospect of participating in the annual San
                Francisco Chinese New Year parade. And why not? The
                thrill of being in the streets of the largest Chinatown outside
                of Asia during one of the biggest Asian holidays of the year
                is exhilarating, even infectious. “Although the weather each
                year wasn't the best, overall the parade was fun,”
                commented vice president Teresa Chan. “It was like a ‘hang
                out time’ from school work. And it was great meeting other
                people.” A memorable night of great fun, it is a tradition API
                hopes to carry out once again this year.
                Of course, in spirit of community service, API also provides
                members with various volunteer opportunities throughout
                the year, in that it is not only a culture club, but a service one
                as well.
                While some are led astray because of the name, being Asian
                is not a requirement to join. In fact, API welcomes members
                of all ethnicities. Anyone who is not Asian has an
                opportunity to experience Asian culture. And for those who
                are, as Chan puts it, “I love API [because] it allows me to
                embrace my Asian culture more.”
Aviation Club                                                                        Mr. Millard    President: Ashwin Ganti

                                                                                                    Membership Numbers: 14
Be a Mentor     Be A Mentor is a club that aims its goals to help children in        Mr. Iglesias   President: Theresa Gupta
                their pursuit to become active members in the community; It
                is essentially a mentoring programs. Being a Mentor means                           Membership Numbers: 20
                to be a teacher, a counselor, a guide, or a tutor and the club
                focuses on all these aspects. A person in Be a Mentor may
                tutor or give a person some advice, they might introduce an
                eighth grader to high school life or help a person out with
                sports. The possibilities are endless. Also, Be a Mentor
                focuses on interacting older students with children/teenagers
                in order to help our community as well as receiving hours
                from it. In doing so, both groups take something from these
Black Student   The Black Student Union exists to reach across the socio-            Ms. Hooks      President: Monique Robinson
Union           economic divide among African American students and
                create academic and social support for underclassmen. We                            Membership Numbers:
                also focus on educating students about Black history and
                pointing out the accomplishments of those who came before
                us. We strive to demonstrate the potential of African
                American students and break down the stereotypes and
                misconceptions concerning Black students. We plan field
                trips to various places including local colleges, historic
                museums, and other educational locations in order to learn
                about various aspects of Black culture while still keeping it
                interesting. For members, we foster leadership skills and
                cultivate leaders from the active members. We also provide
                resources and tools for academics including mentoring and
                tutoring and we focus on creating a positive club
                environment. Our Black Student Union cooperates and
                networks with other Black Student Union's from around the
                school district in various events that focus on reaching out to
                the community. As for upperclassmen, we hold college
                nights that assist students prepare for their transition from
                high school to college.
Burma           Club Burma is a club, where members can learn about the              Mr. Iglesias    President: Kaythi Win
                ongoing troubles of Burma, while earning service hours and
                helping to raise money for charity. The club will participate                        Membership Numbers:
                in different festivals, where everyone can help, earn hours
                and enjoy the festivities. Active members will get a taste of
                the Burmese culture, and help push for a great cause. One of
                the main charities we wish to aid is the Child Aid
                Foundation (Myanmar) where the money we donate goes to
                provide shelter, food and education for orphans in Burma.
                We want members to learn about the culture, help our cause,
                and still enjoy everything that goes on during the year.
CSF:            California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is a statewide               Mrs. Howell     President: Aditi Aggrwal
California      organization that is meant to honor outstanding California
Scholarship     high school students. CSF emphasizes high standards of                               Membership Numbers: 124
Federation      scholarship and community service for the students. CSF is
                the oldest scholarship institution in the state of California. Its
                members have been involved in tutoring, promoting a clean
                campus, going on college fieldtrips, and guiding new
Chess Club      The American High School Chess Club is dedicated to                  Mr. BC          President: Ojas Chinchwadkar
                helping improve members' chess skills through friendly
                games and competitions during each of its meetings.                                  Membership Numbers: 42
                Members of any skill level will find something for them--be
                it simply learning how to play chess or refining complex
                strategies through experience. United by a common interest
                in chess, the Chess Club brings players new and old together
                at American High for experience, sociality, and enjoyment.
Crafts Baking   Crafts Baking Club is a stress- relieving fun club that              Mrs. Olson,     President: Annie Chiou
Club            promotes healthy and beneficial tactics to make friends,             Mrs. Angileri
                build a community through the school, connect                                        Membership Numbers: 68
                with your inner       creativity,   and     help    the     local
                community throughout your high school career. You do not
                have to be talented or crafty or know anything about baking.
                We are not expecting any Sandra Lee or Martha Stewart in
                the club, as long as you are interested and a current student
                of AHS, you may join! Some ideas of events may include:
                Iron Chef American, T-shirt Decorating Day, Bake Sales,
                Apron Making, Crocheting, Knitting, Friendship Bracelet
                Making, Holiday White Velvet Cupcakes Baking Day,
                etc. We also have at least one community service
                opportunity per semester, so students can relax, have fun,
                and fulfill their student service hours at the same time!
Creative                                                                             Mrs. Smith
Writing Club

Debate Club                                                                                          President: Christine Lin

Drama Club      Drama Club is about bringing students with an interest in            Mr. River       President: Devon Simpson
                the theatre arts together in one place. We help out with
                school productions, as well as go see other productions. We                          Membership Numbers: 90
                basically keep up with theatre in the Bay Area and serve as
                an outlet for students who wish to get involved in theatre
Expressions     Expressions Club is a club in which members can express              Mrs. Suratos    President: Laura Zamora
Club            themselves in any way they please. Our club is not limited to
                how one can perform or express them self, but many of our                            Membership Numbers:
                members choose to show off their talents in poetry, music,
                singing, dancing, and creative writing. In addition,
                Expressions Club holds many free open mics that everyone
                in the community can come and enjoy.
Fashion Club   The AHS Fashion Club is an up and coming club that made             Mr. Marsh        President: Nadine Macaraeg
               its debut about 5 years ago. The club broadens horizons in
               the field of fashion/design as well as opens the minds of                            Membership Numbers: 20
               students who not only have a passion for style but would
               like to pursue a career in style as well. The club embraces
               styles of all kinds and allows its members to share their
               thoughts, opinions, creativity and ideas. Dedication and
               creativity are key elements for members of this club.
               Through the years, we have held a Prom Fashion Show as
               well as hosted a Winter Clothing drive. We have also
               contributed to the costuming of American High's theater
               productions. We appreciate what fashion has to offer and
               reveal it through the members of the club.
 Filipino        FHC promotes the diversity and culture present in the              Mrs. Suratos     President: Nadine Macaraeg
 Heritage Club   Filipino heritage at American High School. By doing so, we
                 can broaden the culture’s spectrum throughout all of AHS                            Membership Numbers: 40
                 by introducing its music and dance. With FHC, we hope to
                 bring together those who are interested in Filipino heritage.

 Five Rivers      Educating students about Punjabis and their culture.              Mr. Pabley       President: Aneel Maan

                                                                                                     Membership Numbers: 15

 French Club      French Club aims to incorporate several customs central to        Madam            President: Disha Maity
                  French culture-- from the beautiful language to the               Cooper
                  mouthwatering cuisines. Meetings consist of planning for                           Membership Numbers: 96
                  ongoing activities as well as providing members with
                  random fun facts about the country. Although open to
                  everyone, the French Club includes many French learners
                  who receive extra credit in their French class for being an
                  active member of the club. They work to keep in touch with
                  the language and its traditions through club activities. The
                  French club also focuses on community service-- one main
                  tradition is the annual Toys For Tots during the holiday
                  season, in which members travel to elementary schools to
                  give toys to underprivileged children. All in all, the club is
                  dedicated to giving American students an opportunity to
                  experience a culture unlike their own.
 Get Outdoors     GO: Get Outdoors is an organization dedicated to                  Mr. Ontiveros    President: Anish Nag
                  bringing communities and its people engaged in
                  outdoor activities. We strive to encourage enjoyable                               Membership Numbers: 179
                  exercise for the prevention of metabolic diseases,
                  promote environmental stewardship, and build
                  leadership within communities. The GO club enables
                  outdoor exploration by educating about the
                  environment as well as providing "easy access" and
                  opportunities for people to spend time in the outdoor
 Future           The purpose of FBLA is to provide additional opportunities        Mr. Brady        President: Nikita Haridas
 Business         for students in business, education, and/or business related
 Leaders of       fields to develop career supportive competencies and to                            Membership Numbers:
 America          promote civic and personal responsibilities and social skills.
 Guitar Club      Guitar Club celebrates the art of the playing the guitar, and     Mr. Toft         President: Norman Vega
                  aims to unite all guitar lovers and all that want to learn the
                  guitar. Guitar Club holds sessions of playing guitar and                           Membership Numbers: 75
                    lessons for all newcomers.

Habitat for         We are a nonprofit, ecumenical club founded on the                  Mrs.            President: Erin Kunz/Varsha Prasad
Humanity            conviction that every man, woman and child should have a            Knezevich
                    decent, safe and affordable place to live. We build with                            Membership Numbers:
                    people in need regardless of race or religion. We welcome
                    volunteers and supporters from all backgrounds. Nearly 2
                    billion people around the world live in slum housing and
                    over 100 million are homeless. Habitat for Humanity is
                    needed to help eliminate poverty by providing simple,
                    decent shelter to those in need.


Health and          The purpose of the American High School Health and                  Mr. Hagens      President: Arti Mulchandani
Medicine            Medicine Club is to provide students who are interested in
                    health and medicine more knowledge about human biology                              Membership Numbers: 95
                    and information about a variety of health-related careers and
                    to encourage students to use this knowledge to take action
                    and better society and its constituents. Our primary vehicles
                    for this learning will be documentary films and other health-
                    related films, health-related books and articles, PowerPoint
                    lectures, guest speakers in the health career, and discussions
                    of medical ethics, humanities, and current health-related
                    issues in today’s medical field and ways to improve the
                    health-related field.
Indian Student      The Indian Student Association’s goal is to spread the Indian       Mrs. Angileri   Presidents: Ayesha Patel
Association         culture among students of all ethnicities. We pride ourselves
                    in knowing about Indian customs and ethics and want to                              Membership Numbers: 104
                    share our knowledge. One of ISA’s goals is to assist the
                    Shankara Eye Foundation cause. This foundation raises
                    money for the blind and underprivileged children in India.
                    Our club is also known for celebrating Indian holidays such
                    as Diwali and teaching several different types of Indian
                    dance for International Week.
Interact Club       Interact, which stands for International Action, is a club          Mr. Boccinni    President: Rebecca Tsui
                    dedicated to service above self. Interact, which is the high
                    school chapter of the well-known organization Rotary                                Membership Numbers:
                    International, is part of Interact District 5170. AHS Interact is
                    also a part of Area 4, which also includes: Fremont Christian,
                    James Logan, Newark Memorial, and Washington.
                    As of the '08-'09 school year, Interact Club is one of the
                    largest and most active clubs on campus. As a member, you
                    will have many opportunities to complete the 40 required
                    Service Learning Hours in the shortest time possible.
                    However, many people still remain a member because it
                    allows you to interact with great, friendly people, as well as
                    have the time of your life.
JAM: Japanese       JAM (Japanese Anime + Manga) club is a hobby club that              Mr.             President: Karen Chung
Anime and           indulges in the                                                     Hashimoto
Manga Club          Japanese Culture. We discuss Anime and Manga and do fun                             Membership Numbers:
                    activities (game shows,
                    board games etc.) during lunch meetings. Though we do not
                    have activities outside of the
                    school, we do mention events where students enjoy outside
                    of school on their own time
JCA: Japanese   Our goal is to share Japanese culture everywhere, from the                      President: Michael Wong
Club of         miniature origami models present during Rush Week to full-
American        blown events such as Fanime, an annual event for anime and                      Membership Numbers:
                manga lovers all around. Holding true to our Japanese
                theme, we attend such events as the Cherry blossom
                Festival, as well as hold trips to Japan Town in San
                Francisco. For volunteer hours, we may serve tea at a senior
                center! Throughout the year, there will be art and trivia
                competitions, where contestants have the chance to win free
                T-Shirts or Pocky. JCA exists to allow people to share their
                passion and creativity, as well as to allow new friendships to
                begin as people meet others who share their interests. It is a
                fun and non-exclusive club, open to absolutely anyone who
                is willing to share.

JSA: Junior     The Junior Statesmen of America club is a poltically active      Mr. Rojas      President: Ayesha Patel
Statesmen of    club on campus. Branching off of the Junior State of America,
American        the largest student-run organization in America, JSA puts on                    Membership Numbers: 57
                many activities throughout the year (such as debates,
                thought talks, movie nights, convention trips, etc.) that help
                further members’ knowledge in the political field.

Key Club        Key Club has existed since 1925 and is known to be the           Ms. Tavsanli   President: Helen Sim
                oldest and largest service program for high school students.
                A local Kilwanis Club, composed of the leading business and                     Membership Numbers: 258
                professional of the community and school, jointly sponsors
                it. What makes Key Club so successful is the fact that is a
                student-led organization that teaches leadership through
                serving others.
                Today, Key Club International exists in 24 nations, has 5,000
                Key clubs on high school campuses, and also has 243, 422
                members. Our motto is CARE and our main focus this year
                is Pediatric Trauma Prevention.
Math Club       The goal of Math Club is to help American High School            Mr. Ekeuro     President: Sally Lin
                students enhance their math experience and give them
                opportunities to represent American High School in outside                      Membership Numbers: 40
                competitions. The club also aims to improve standardized
                tests such as SAT scores, and will work with the Math
                Department to help all students become more familiar with
                solving difficult problems. It teaches techniques for learning
                different types of math problems and tricks to memorize
                formulas. Moreover, Math Club provides service learning
                opportunities and hosts events such as Pi Day. At the
                meetings, it shows ways to involve math in our
                everyday lives, but in a fun and creative way. The Math
                Club strives to create a comfortable atmosphere for all, both
                in giving help to those who need it as well as in challenging
                those who want it.
M.E.Ch.A.       M.E.Ch.A. stands for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de           Mrs. Campos    President: Elizabeth Cienega
Club            Aztlan (Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan). It is a club
                for members to promote and understand Latino heritage,                          Membership Numbers:
                and an organization that helps the community. We celebrate
                Dia de Los Muertos, Cinco de Mayo, and Cesar Chavez Day.
                We try and present many opportunities to help our members
                get to college, such as scholarships and financial aid. Also,
                some of the most prime opportunities are actually visiting
                universities where our members can experience college life
                campuses and receive guidance from the M.E.Ch.A. clubs at
                those universities.
Model UN        The purpose of Model United Nations shall be to involve          Mrs. Ron      President: Atreyi Saha
(Model United   interested students in debate about
Nations)        current issues that affect the international community, and                    Membership Numbers: 54
                educate them about the organization
                of the United Nations.
Muslim                                                                           Mr. Creger    President: Zohal Shokoor
Alliance                                                                                       Membership Numbers: 52
National        The National Honor Society is dedicated to helping out           Mr. Johnson   President: Teresa Chan
Honors          members become active within our school and the
Society         community. We focus on giving scholarships to our                              Membership Numbers: 87
                dedicated members, volunteering, promoting leadership,
                and developing character.
Raising         Raising Awareness for Diseases and Disorders (R.A.D.D.), a       Mrs. Bega     President: Anuli Kshetramade
Awareness for   big name for a big effort, focuses mainly only volunteering at
Diseases and    a local Alzheimer's home and to raise awareness of the                         Membership Numbers:
Disorders       struggles that those Alzheimer's go through. Writing letters
(RADD)          to congress, fundraisers, and a website will aid our cause.
                Our main focus is to spruce up the lives of those who need
                our help. Another thing we will be doing is exercising. Yes,
                not only will we be improving our health and reducing our
                risk for heart disease, but also use an organization that has
                different corporations donate money to a specific cause for
                each time an individual exercises. In addition, the caring
                girls of our club will be participating in online surveys that
                help contribute to the furthering breast cancer research. But
                since we are new club, we need all the members we can get.
                Join R.A.D..D. and you'll have a rad time!!!
Robotics Club   You’re walking down the science area and you spot a bunch        Mr. Benn      President: Andrew Downing
                of kids playing with Lego blocks…it’s the Robotics club! But
                rather than simply playing around with toys, these kids are                    Membership Numbers: 34
                learning how to program in C and building robots to enter
                into competitions. No
                experience is necessary to join, but potential is brought in
                with each new member. And hey, if your masterpiece
                happens to win a trophy, even better.
Science Club    R-E-C-Y-C-L-E. Have you ever wondered who collects the           Mrs. Sykes    President: Nicole Man
                paper and bottles from the classrooms and rotunda? It's the
                Science Club! Science Club strongly emphasizes                                 Membership Numbers: 150
                environmental awareness. One way we promote being eco-
                friendly is by recycling. Recycle Team members help
                American High School become greener while having fun
                volunteering with their friends and newcomers. Other
                activities done in this club include selling soaps at the PTSA
                Holiday Boutique, making recyclable paper on the annual
                Earth Day event at Lake Elizabeth, and educating others at
                the Eco fair in Irvington. This year Science Club is reviving
                the Chemistry Demo Team by reaching out to elementary
                schools. By making the school eco-friendly, Science Club
                hopes to take that first step in making the world greener and
                inspiring others to do the same.
Si Se Puede     Si Se Puede is a club aimed at encouraging kids to take          Mrs. Campos   President: Jessica Jubilado
                opportunities and move ahead in life.
                                                                                               Membership Numbers:
Spanish Club             The Spanish Club is dedicated to promoting              Ms.            President: Rupa Subramaniam
               students’ interest in the Spanish nation. It serves to bridge     LaLumandiere
               the American and Spanish cultures with the introduction of                       Membership Numbers: 40
               language, customs, and traditions. Members of the club
               participate in cultural activities and community service
               events that contribute to this exposure.
               Some activities undertaken by club members include
               teaching elementary school students Spanish, volunteering
               at the Senior Center and Crippsmas Place, and donating
               hygiene supplies to the Tri-City Homeless Shelter. The club
               also holds numerous fundraisers to keep these activities
               Spanish Club takes pride in spreading students’ awareness
               of the culture. “Having a cultural club really enhances
               students’ outlook of the people around them, and I am very
               proud to be a part of the Spanish Club,” says co-President
               Rupa Subramaniam. The diverse body and enthusiastic
               attitudes of members have allowed the club to be a great
Table Tennis   The purpose of the TTC is to practice and play the sport of                      President: Janak Jobanputra
Club           Table Tennis, otherwise known as Ping Pong,
               Possibly compete in leagues/tournaments, and educate the                         Membership Numbers: 16
               students about the sport of Table Tennis.
Tri-M          Tri-M, once named the “Modern Music Masters” is the               Mr. Wong       President: Candice Lee
               international honor society for music students in junior and
               senior high schools. It is a program of MENC. The National                       Membership Numbers:
               Association for Music Education, and association of over
               85000 music education professionals nationwide who realize
               the importance of motivating students and recognizing
               music achievements.
Young Adults   (Inactive)                                                        Mr. Foley      President: Alejandro Lopez
Advocacy                                                                                        Membership Numbers:
YAM (Youth     (Inactive)                                                        Mr. Losson     President: Jordan Daniels
Movement)                                                                                       Membership Numbers:

Youth Alive    Here at Youth Alive, we aim to make everybody feel                Mrs. Liu       President: Allen Tam
               welcome. This includes all students on campus, no matter
               what race, religion, gender, orientation, or culture, we accept                  Membership Numbers: 30
               all students interested in the Christian faith. Our goal is to
               make a positive impact and evoke a spiritual sense in the
               lives of students on campus. Our club offers discussions
               about the Bible and the Christian faith every other week
               along with live worship and a whole lot of fun. Throughout
               the year, we offer morning prayer meetings, Bible studies,
               and several praise nights consisting of a night of fun and
               loud music. Overall, Youth Alive strives to produce a
               harmonious environment under God not only within
               American High, but also in the community.

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