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					Clothing and necklace matching skills

Gold jewelry with red, white, black and any kind of color blend. With the
red series combined to form a warm atmosphere, is a young, optimistic about
the woman’s choice, especially in a variety of festive occasions have
been respected. And black series combination of the formation of
mysterious, noble style, as chillingly, arrogant, likes women, usually
appear at the dinner, it is memorable. Combined to form pure and white
series of aesthetic, which emphasized simplicity of the work of women most
likely selected. But it skillfully to create your fashion jewelry into
the atmosphere in a unique way to reflect the personality and charisma,
could listen to such a small suggestions:
1, earrings stitched into the brim, and have become in this city where
the only one hat clip and guide popular.
2, the existing ring with Leather Strap string around its neck, to become
the best jewelry with a soft sweater.
3, on the street scarf fits, you can find a ring decorated with a shape,
with scarves to pass through the formation of a new scarf.
4, in the days do not wear suits; please put your folder on your disk brooch
from hair, a hard to find a hairpin was born.
5, wearing a long necklace like coral necklace, bracelet, no longer fresh
when, let them try to necklace or bracelet sewn on your belt, or your
wearing a bracelet and necklace set at random, then or in any fashion you
there is a gap cut at reduction, the formation of a more innovative
Gold jewelry can mix different colors of clothing, but a different face,
different body; different job candidates wear gold jewelry on the big
scholarship. The following suggestions for reference:
1, a round face of women, suitable for wearing hanging style earrings like
crystal earring and necklaces hanging; Women should wear a long face of
the ear-type earrings and a packet of designing the necklace, instead of
hanging together.
Two tall, slender women can wear long necklaces; short stature of women,
we recommend wearing a necklace.
3, fingers long and thin women can wear exaggerated form of the ring;
finger slightly rounded women, preferably wearing a thin ring, or with
a flower pattern flower ring, etc., so you can look exquisite.
4, suitable for professional women to wear but gentle texture of gold
jewelry, usually determined to shape type, pattern and so on, while the
young and women do not wear professional clothing for a variety of
geometric graphics, cartoon graphics is the better choice.

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Modern women are increasingly independent, fashion jewelry styles have begun to take the
uninhibited line. Therefore, most in civilian clothes also reflect a person’s style and temperament
lovers taste, if the necklace with well, would be even more elegance.
For the casual mix of skills and the necklace, the following example:
(1) wear a high collar or no collar openings of clothing, necklaces should be worn on the outside
of clothing in order to play a decorative role. If worn on the inside, it means that there is no wear;
so long coral necklace is your best choice.
(2) those crocheted clothing, or a mesh-style clothing, combined with a gold necklace or a
sparkling crystal necklace, will reflect the refined, elegant beauty.
(3) wearing open-collar dress shirt or larger, you can wear a longer necklace or pendant necklace.
On the contrary, if it is opening a small collar, you should wear shorter necklace;
(4) young woman dressed in a loose casual, wear a personalized cap, and then wear the exquisite
beaded pearl necklace, appears to quiet demeanor, there is a charming elegance beauty;
(5) The elegant style and soft and thin fabric of summer casual wear characteristics, can not be a
heavy necklace to match, so as not to undermine the Brisk and drift effects.
(6) Lively girl wearing a plain in civilian clothes, bedecked in jewelry and of course, not wearing a
necklace. To reflect the vibrant youth and beauty to the necklace with natural features as well,
such as wearing a series of ropes, a small decorative ornaments necklace is very pretty.
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Jewelry making clothing with the vigor and vitality. Small fashion jewelry constant in human
activities from different angles, distribute or metal or the crystal or Pearl jewelry or colorful light,
people dress as a whole has been coated with a layer of Emmanuel, it all themselves. An earring,
a fresh chain, a brooch, a small diamond pieces made of fine inlaid rings, or the least impression
on people to pay attention to it was quite sexy ankle on a K gold chains, so that glow out of a
woman, especially self-evident. Produce a good accessories as much as possible the miraculous
good results.
Good budget to choose accessories
costume jewelry linked with jewelry and clothing, but many women, merely look at, or gorgeous,
or national or ladies clothing on an abacus, making a beautiful investment, while ignoring the
important accessories. Despite the characteristics of jewelry may be more than expensive clothes,
but jewelry can be used with a number of garments, and will not be out of date due to long-term
wear. The same clothes, as long as the change into the different accessories, it will show the
different clothes charm, does not need a new head to toe, all to achieve the purpose of showing
a different style. Accessories sometimes other way around, and sometimes is a kind of
eye-dotting, as long as the right choices, a good accessory is a better investment than the clothes.
When wearing jewelry in which their different roles, there are also many with needed attention.
Unified Size: according to body-type points, tall man wearing large jewelry, while others wear the
more petite delicate and elegant jewelry. Can significantly slim because the big sense of
contrasting able to expand the small sense. For example, the thin girl should wear a bracelet or a
small fine bracelet, if wearing a great bracelet, but even more of the bony wrist.
Unified style: style of clothing and jewelry must be consistent. Fabric luxury, classic and gorgeous
when worn classic handmade jewelry, clothes in general type, you can be relatively simple and
Unified Color: cool color clothing to cool the main color with jewelry, such as platinum or silver
and so on, warm clothing Department of bright golden or more K-gold or pearl decorate.
Selected topics: If you wear a variety of jewelry, they should keep the jewelry such as earrings,
necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc. in style or thematic consistency.
Selected key: If the whole body up and down kind of jewelry to wear more than three, should be
taken to select the focus, such as earrings large complex designs, necklaces should clean the
contrary, complex necklace, earrings must simplicity.
Good primary and secondary set of clothing and jewelry: such as clothing itself is decorated with
many gold and silver, like gold buckle, do not wear jewelry may be worn in order to avoid
overwhelming and confuse.

The matching of jewelry and clothes should be perfect and harmonious to
show off your whole beauty. A suitable choice of jewelry is a great skill
which can finish the last brush for your clothes and your whole model.
There are some tips for matching jewelry with clothes. At first jewelry
should be in conformity with color of clothes. Secondly, the jewelry
should be in concert with the style of your clothes. There are some
matching tips which can brighten your eyes.

No 1 formal dress in black matched with necklace

The color of formal dress should be stable, if taking part in formal
parties; you can wear jewelry in European style. Especially the style of
earrings should be handsome. The jewelry inlayed with diamonds would be
a good choice, which can show your taste and status. Top rank of apparel
would be profiled by furnishings with good quality, which would be truer
in fashion parties. The necklace such as pearl necklace can expose a little
charm of oriental females. Thus a proper matching of formal dress and
necklace can make you the focus in parties.

No. 2 batwing coat matched with big round pendants

The big round pendants can play out various styles which can be matched
with many kinds of clothes, since the big round pendants can give others
shocks in visual. Matched with a piece of batwing coat in white color and
a pair of wide and loose pants, the model can show off the image of a neutral
enchanting woman. And this matching is especially suitable for office
ladies on weekends.

Tip 3 leather coat or jean coat matched with big rings

A big ring is the choice for many girls with individuality. Even this style
of big ring would cover most of the finger; many girls are still enchanted
in this style since it is sufficiently aliened, special and wild. Another
reason is that exaggerated jewelry is especially hot in this year. Matched
with leather coat or jean coat, the whole style can expose your rigid

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