CSI NIHILENT e-Governance Awards 2010-11 Winners – All

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					                                CSI NIHILENT e-Governance Awards 2010-11
                                          Winners – All Categories
                                                 State Category
                                                Award of Excellence
                                               State of Chattisgarh
                                                District Category
                                                Award of Excellence
                                           Nanded District, Maharashtra
                                               Awards of Appreciation
             Pali District, Rajasthan                                 Ramabai Nagar District, Uttar Pradesh
                                             Department Category
                                                Award of Excellence
                                e-Governance at Chief Minister’s Office, Gujarat
                                               Award of Appreciation
                                        Forest Department, Andhra Pradesh

                                             Projects Category G2C
                                                Award of Excellence
                        e-Pass System, Department of Tribal Welfare, Andhra Pradesh
                                               Awards of Appreciation
       Property Tax Management System,                                           Project SAND
   Kanpur Municipal Corporation, Uttar Pradesh                              Thrissur District, Kerala
                                             Projects Category G2G
                                                Award of Excellence
       Plan Schemes Monitoring System (MPSMIS), Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Maharashtra
                                               Award of Appreciation
                            Integrated Odisha Treasury Management System, Odisha
                                             Projects Category G2B
                                                Award of Excellence
                           e-Governance of Mineral Administration (Geology & Mining)
                                  Department of Industries & Mining, Gujarat
                                   Special Award NE States (New Award)
                                               Award of Appreciation
                                           e-Panjeeyan System, Assam
                                              National Initiatives
                                           Special Recognition Award
       Census 2011, GoI,                     National Portal, GoI,                       Vaahan Project
          New Delhi                               New Delhi                   Dept of Transport and Highways, GoI,
                                                                                           New Delhi
                                        Sustainability Award (New Award)
                                               Awards of Appreciation
           e-Dhara,                       Bhoomi Project-Revenue                       BangaloreOne (B1),
Revenue Department, Government                 Department,                          Government of Karnataka
          of Gujarat                      Government of Karnataka
    GSN Prabhu                                 Surendra Kapoor                              Nityesh Bhatt
    Co Convener                                   Convener                                  Co Convener

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