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									                                       How do I study for a chapter test?

Chapter tests are considered to be summative assessments, and so are worth 60% of your final grade. Begin
to study as soon as the test is announced, and follow these tips:

1. DO NOT simply read over your notes/textbook! It will not be enough.

2. Learn the vocabulary.

               Make and use flashcards or print the flashcards already made at Don’t forget to
                make cards for any words that were added in class.
               Use the flashcards to play a game of concentration; carry them around with you in the week
                before the test to continually review; sort out the cards you know really well and focus on what
                you don’t know; work with a partner and quiz each other.
               Check my website for a vocabulary review paper.

3. Correct errors on past quizzes and any other papers.

               Often, material that was on a quiz will be on the chapter test also. Turn your errors into
                flashcards and study them. For example, make a flashcard that says on one side, “Layers of the
                earth” and on the other, draw a labeled diagram of the layers of the earth.

4. Rewrite your notes.

               Quiz yourself by redrawing diagrams, listing information, writing definitions, etc.

5. Use the textbook resources

               Every section has a Main Idea. Turn it into a question. Can you answer it correctly?
               At the end of every chapter, there is a practice test that you can take.
               At the end of every section, there are review questions. Most of these are covered in class, and
                many will be on your test.

6. Review using the online resources found on glencoe. com.

               Go to Study Central. There are activities for every section of the chapter.

7. Look on Mrs. Harris’s website for Guided Reading papers and other papers.

               If it is a paper that you haven’t done before, see how many answers you know and look up the
               If it is a paper that you have already done, do it again from memory.

8. Look for other people to partner with.

               Tell your family about the test, how you are preparing, and what help they can provide.
               Make a study group with classmates.
               Look for teacher help from Mrs. Harris or at the Learning Center during your study hall and/or
                ACE period.
               Ask your family is you can stay after school and study at the Learning Center or Library. Both
                are open until 4pm.

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