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					Parent Evaluations

We appreciate your comments and feedback about staff and
programs. If you have any comments, suggestions or concerns, please
contact the Youth Director. Evaluations will be periodically sent
throughout the school year. These evaluations will help us improve
different aspects of our YMCA Afterschool Program, such as staff,
organization, communication, etc.. Please take a few moments to
complete these evaluations when they are distributed so we may use
your feedback to make our YMCA Afterschool Program even better.                        Everything you need to know
Financial Obligations                                                                       about Club Y, High Y and
 All Afterschool fees are due the Friday prior to the week attending.
afterschool fees may be paid at the Front Desk or Back Desk during
operating hours. Any payments not received by 5:00pm on Sunday will
be charged a $15 late payment fee. The YMCA will refuse service to
any child whose payment is outstanding.
     Automatic payments by Bank or Credit Card drafts are now
    available! To set up your account, contact the Front Desk or
                     Denise Lewis at 803-773-1404.

The Sumter Family YMCA does not print weekly receipts for
distribution. If you need a receipt for afterschool payments, please
indicate so at the time of payment.

Outstanding Balances
Afterschool registration will not be accepted for accounts that have an
outstanding balance.

Weekly Fees
For any questions about payment or payment schedules, please
contact Kristin Hart, Youth Director at 803-773-1404.

                            $45.00 a week
                          Potential Members
                            $65.00 a week
                $5.00 discount for sibling child discount.
                      Registration Fee: $25/child            12              Sumter Family YMCA
                                                                          Mission: To put Christian principles into practice through
                                                                          programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.
Handbook Contents:
                                                        Whenever possible, medications are to be administered at home either
                                                        before or after the Afterschool Program. If medication is absolutely
                                                        required during afterschool time, it will be administered under the
Letter from the Youth Director                     3    following conditions:

                                                        1. The medication must be given directly to YMCA Youth Director by
Welcome                                            4       the parent, and must be in the original, labeled package.
                                                        2. The medication must be accompanied with our Authorization of the
Kids Day Out (KDO)/Full Day Holiday Dates          5       Administration of Medication form giving specific instructions
                                                           regarding how and when the medication should be administered.
                                                        3. All medications must be administered by YMCA Youth Director or
Daily Schedule                                     6       Assistant Director. At no time is a child to possess any medication
                                                           (including over the counter) in his/her personal belongings.
Homework                                           6
                                                        *All inhalers must be kept in the afterschool medication box. The
Sign Out Procedures                                7    medication box is easily accessible, and inhalers can be obtained in a
                                                        moment’s notice. However, if a parent requests in writing that the
                                                        inhaler is to be kept with the child, we will honor the request, provided
Absentee Procedures                                8    the child can demonstrate responsibility for the use and possession of
                                                        the inhaler. Any misuse or misplacement of the inhaler during the
Inclement Weather Policy                           9    afterschool session will be cause for the inhaler to be kept in the
                                                        medication box.
YMCA Afterschool Agreement/Discipline Policy       10   Illness
                                                        We are unable to care for sick children. If a child shows any sign of
Medications                                        11   illness or fever ( 100ºF or higher), the parents or guardian will be
                                                        notified to pick up the child.
Parent Responsibility                              12
                                                        Financial Assistance
Fees                                               13   Financial assistance is available for all YMCA programs and
                                                        memberships. Scholarships are provided by the YMCA through the
                                                        “Open Doors” Program, funded by the Annual Campaign. To request
                                                        financial assistance, please stop by the Membership
                                                        Services Desk for an application.

                                                        This annual campaign runs throughout the spring, but the Sumter
                                                        Family YMCA continues to accept donations throughout the year. If
                                                        you would like to make a contribution or if you would like more
                                                        information, please contact Kimberly Cousineau at 803-773-1404.

                                               2                                                                     11
Discipline Policy
1. If a child is unable to comply with the behavior expectations,            Dear Parent,
   Afterschool staff will make every effort to correct the behavior by
   communicating verbally with the child.                                    Welcome to the Sumter Family YMCA Afterschool Program.
2. If after the verbal communication the child is still unable to comply     Thank you for choosing us to provide after school care for your
   with the behavior expectations, Afterschool staff may utilize “time-      child. We look forward to providing your child with a unique,
   out” for a period of time. Afterwards, the staff will discuss with him/   memorable experience, filled with fun, excitement and learning all
   her the reasons for the “time-out.”                                       in a Christian environment. With health care and child obesity
3. If a child’s behavior continues to be disruptive and/or unsafe,           being a huge concern in today’s society, the “Y” is also dedicated
   behavior will be documented in the following format:                      to providing afterschool programming that will encourage healthy
                                                                             life style habits.
Step #1 – Verbal Communication by staff to child and timeout
Step #2 – Documentation of Behavior – copy given to parent/guardian          Please know that all YMCA staff members are here to serve you.
Step #3 – Second documentation – copy given to parent/guardian               Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.
          during discussion concerning behavior.                             Thank you again for allowing the Sumter Family YMCA
Step #4 – Third documentation – 1 day suspension from program and            Afterschool Program to serve you and your family.
          meeting with parent/guardian to discuss behavior and
Step #5 – Fourth documentation – 3 day suspension from program               In the “Y” Spirit,
          and meeting with parent/guardian to discuss continued
          behavior.                                                          Kristin Hart
Step #6 – Fifth documentation – 5 day suspension from program and            Youth Director
          meeting with parent/guardian to discuss future participation
          in program.

 *Future participation in program will be evaluated in each individual
                                                                                         IMPORTANT INFORMATION:
case. After careful evaluation, the decision that is best for both the
child and the program will be made by the Youth Director and
Assistant Director.                                                          Phone:               803-773-1404
Please Note: There are no refunds/credits for time missed due to             Fax:                 803-775-4075
behavior. Behaviors which may result in immediate dismissal
from program include but are not limited to:                                 Address:             510 Willow Drive
1. Damage or theft of property                                               Facebook:            Sumter Ymca
2. Assault (hitting, biting, kicking, or throwing objects at children or
3. Possesion of weapons
4. Possession of tobacco products, alcohol, narcotics or illegal
   substances                                                                Email:     
5. Gang-related activity or bullying
6. Sexual misconduct                                           10                                                                      3

   *Depending on the severity of the offense, any and all steps in the
          Discipline Policy may be eliminated or combined.
Welcome to Sumter Family YMCA Afterschool Program                          Inclement Weather Policy
  The YMCA is the nation’s leader in afterschool programs, offering        If your child’s school closes due to inclement weather, the Sumter
               youth programs for over 100 years.                          Family YMCA Afterschool Program will NOT be offered on that day
                                                                           and there will NOT be full day programming provided.
Our Mission
                                                                           If schools let out early, the Sumter Family YMCA Afterschool
The YMCA is a Christian based organization that strives “To put
                                                                           Program will NOT be offered on that day. Parents will be
Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy
spirit, mind, and body for all”. Our focus in the Afterschool Program is   responsible for picking up their child(ren) from school.
to encourage children to accept and demonstrate the YMCA’s five
character traits:                                                          If schools schedule a make up day on a Saturday, the Sumter Family
                                                                           YMCA Afterschool Program will NOT be offered on that day.
Caring                                                                     Parents will be responsible for picking up their child(ren) from school.

     Honesty                                                               In the event of outdoor hazards such as storms, various actions and
         Respect                                                           procedures will be taken. Emergency drills for tornados or
                                                                           dangerous electrical/thunderstorms are practiced on a regular basis.
              Responsibility                                               We also practice fire drills each month.
Our Purpose                                                                What Not To Bring To Afterschool
Each day we strive to provide a quality, Christian- oriented experience    Toys, radios, electronic games, cell phones, I-Pods, MP3 Players,
that is safe, convenient, and creative. Our program presents age           CD Players, video games, playing cards (Pokemon, Yu-Gi-O,
appropriate opportunities and activities that enhance each child’s         Sports), jewelry, laser lights, magazines, fingernail polish, firearms,
spiritual, physical, social, intellectual, and emotional growth.           fireworks, knives, matches, lighters, tobacco products, expensive
                                                                           items, and money. Any of these items that are brought to
Our Goals                                                                  Afterschool will be taken and returned to the parents at the end
To provide a positive growth experience, recognizing each individual       of the day. The YMCA can assume NO responsibility for items
child’s needs and abilities.                                               that may be lost, stolen, or damaged if brought to the YMCA.

   1. To provide activities and experiences that develop and
      support Christian values, self-esteem, and fun.                      Lost And Found
   2. To provide a safe environment for individual and group growth.       We make every effort possible to return lost items. Please label your
   3. To create an environment where all children can learn from one       child(ren)’s belongings, including backpacks, lunchboxes, swimming
      another.                                                             items, etc.. Parents are welcome to check our lost and found at any
                                                                           time. We encourage you to check for lost and found items as soon
                                                                           as you realize something is missing. Due to an overwhelming
Hours of Operation                                                         amount of lost and found items, we do donate the items to a local
The Sumter Family YMCA Afterschool Program operates from school            charity every month. The YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen
dismissal until 6:00pm on school days. The Sumter YMCA Afterschool         items.
Program operates in conjunction with District 17 Schools. We do pick
up on early dismissal days for District 17 only.
                                                              4                                                                         9
Releasing Participants                                                         Kid’s Day Out and Full Day Holiday Programs
Individuals picking up a child are responsible for providing the correct       We are pleased to offer Kid’s Day Out events on teacher
codeword to sign out the child. To ensure the safety of each child, the        workdays, consistent with the Sumter School District 17 schedule.
Sumter Family YMCA reserves the right not to release a child to                These days ARE at an additional cost for afterschool participants.
“Unauthorized” individuals. Only persons who know the child’s                  Lunch is not provided by the YMCA.
codeword or who appear on the registration form as authorized are
allowed to sign a child out from the Afterschool Program. If there are         We will also offer Full Day Holiday events on most holidays
special circumstances involving custody issues, parents must provide           consistent with the Sumter School District 17 schedule. These days
legal documentation of these arrangements to the Youth Director.               ARE at an additional cost for afterschool participants and months with
These documents are kept in your child’s file.                                 these dates have been prorated accordingly. Lunch is not provided by
                                                                               the YMCA.
Intoxication                                                                   There may be field trips offered, at an additional $7/child/field trip,
Your child’s safety is our priority. At times we are called to make            during the Kid’s Day Out and Full Day Holiday events.
judgments concerning their safety. If a YMCA staff member believes
that a parent is in intoxicated when they arrive to pick up their child, the   Registration deadlines for each Kid’s Day Out, Full Day Holidays and
child will not be released until alternate plans are arranged. If another      field trips are specified at time of registration. Registrations not
family member cannot be reached, a cab will be called at the parent’s          received by the specified deadline date are subject to a $10 late
expense. If the parent becomes unruly or uncooperative, the staff will         registration fee/child/event AND/OR field trip.
have no choice but to contact the local police.

                                                                                                      2010/2011 Afterschool
Absentee Procedure                                                              *These events will be held provided that at least 20 children are
If for any reason your child will be absent from the Afterschool Program,                                 registered.
please call the Sumter Family YMCA at 803-773-1404. Please leave a
message containing the date, your child’s name, grade and the school           Kid’s Day Out & Full Day Holiday Dates           Afterschool Closed
he/she attends. This minimizes delays at school and increases the              (Additional Charge)
safety of your child. A FEE OF $10.00 PER CHILD, PER DAY IS                    October 22, 2010                                  September 6, 2010
CHARGED FOR FAILING TO NOTIFY THE AFTERSCHOOL                                  November 2, 2010                                  November 25 - 26, 2010
PROGRAM OF YOUR CHILD’S ABSENCE. For drivers to know who                       November 11, 2010                                 December 24, 2010
will be present at each school, the Sumter Family YMCA must be called          November 24, 2010                                 December 31, 2010
no later than 1:00pm the day of the absence.                                   December 20 - 23, 2010
                                                                               December 27-30, 2010
                                                                               January 3, 2010
Daily Pickup                                                                   January 14, 2010
Each child is picked up at his/her school by our YMCA bus and YMCA             January 17 - 18, 2010
staff. Attendance is taken at the school prior to leaving. If your child is    February 21, 2010
not at the designated area at time of departure, and we have not been
notified of an absence, YMCA staff will check with school personnel to
see if your child was in attendance that school day.                             The Sumter Family YMCA Afterschool Program will run from
                                                                                              August 18, 2010 - May 27, 2011.
                                                                8                                                                              5
Daily Schedule                                                                Early Pick Up:
Each afternoon schedule provides children with Supervised Free Play,          In order for your child to get the full benefits of our program, we
Snack, Homework Time, Activities, and Group Time. Groups are                  strongly encourage you not to pick your child up before 4:00pm.
separated based on grade for the 2010-2011 school year.                       If you need to pick up your child before 4:00pm, please park your
                                                                              vehicle in the parking lot and enter the YMCA through the back
2:30-3:30      Children arrive at the YMCA, have a snack and engage           entrance. Please come to the back desk and a staff person will be
               in Supervised Free Play.                                       available to help you sign out your child. Since children are in
3:30-3:45      Devotion                                                       several different areas of the building, we appreciate your patience
3:45-5:00      Group Time, Games, Activities, Homework                        while we locate your child’s group.
5:00-6:00      Rides Out, Large Group Games, Continued Homework

Homework                                                                      Late Pick Up:
We will dedicate time each day to homework. Typically, the group will         The YMCA Afterschool Program ends at 6:00pm. We will give
split and the homework group will have a quiet space to work while the        parents a 5 minute grace period but all children picked up after
remainder of the group engages in other activities within the facility.       6:05pm will incur the late pick-up fee of $1.00 per minute per child.
We cannot guarantee that your child will complete all of his/her              Afterschool staff will not leave a child unattended. If a child is not
homework or the accuracy of it. Staff members are available to answer         picked up by 6:45pm and we receive no communication from a
questions and to ensure that the homework environment is quiet,               parent or guardian, the local authorities will be called.
allowing each child to focus on schoolwork. Homework logs are                   Consistently late pick up may be grounds for dismissal from
completed by counselors each day and parents are asked to sign them                                         the program.
                                                                              Each parent must provide a codeword to be used to sign out a child.
Swimming                                                                      Your codeword should be something easy for you to remember, but
All children will be able to swim each Friday from 3:00 - 4:30. Please        something that other individuals would not easily know. YMCA
pack a bathing suit and towel for swim Fridays.                               afterschool staff will only release a child to authorized individuals
                                                                              who know the codeword.
Electives are available to allow children the opportunity to participate in
other areas of interest during afterschool hours. Possible
electives include activities such as Health Education, Fit Kids and Swim
Team (at an additional charge). These electives will be
highlighted at the YMCA or through e-mails/fliers that we send home.

Snacks are provided each day by the YMCA. Snacks will consist of a
variety of items including: crackers, chips, fruit and dairy products
provided by our afterschool grant. If your child does not enjoy the
provided snacks, you are welcome to bring a labeled snack to the
Sumter Family YMCA for them.                                    6                                                                            7

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