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									Regular Fire Board Meeting January 13, 2010
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                  Hot Sulphur Springs-Parshall Fire Protection District
                                Regular Board Meeting
                              7:00 PM January 13, 2010

Present: Jeff Green; Kerry Davidson; Joe Mulder; Jeff Morisset; Kevin Mitchell; Fire
Chief; Brad White; and Asst. Fire Chief Joe Vrbas

Steve and Marla Gall were in the audience

Jeff Green called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm.

Approval of Minutes-
A motion was made to approve the minutes by Jeff Morisset. Kerry Davidson seconded.
Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report-
Checks were reviewed and signed. There was a discussion concerning 2 Cds that are in
Liberty Bank and Bank of the West. It was discussed that it might be an option to move
the cds to the same bank. It will be looked into as the cds mature. A motion to approve
the Treasurer’s Report was made by Joe Mulder. Jeff Morisset seconded. Motion carried.

Fire Chief Report-

There was one call this month. The Department aided the Granby Fire Department in
containing and extinguishing the fire at the Frontier Motel. Approximately the middle of
January we received a newly built 1972 Forest Service truck. This truck replaced the
older truck the Forest Service lets us use. Chief White demonstrated our new department
web site.
The Department has purchased a new ID maker.
The Department discussed responding to EMS calls. The volunteers expressed some
interest. They feel like they could possibly make a difference as far as being the first on
scene and administering life saving actions if needed. The other thing discussed was the
public perception. Often times the public expects the fire department to respond to any
type of emergency-and doesn’t understand it when they aren’t there. The officers met
with Ray Jennings, the head of EMS. He is supportive of our responding to those calls.
The Department would act as an assist to the EMS. EMS would provide the training. It
would probably entail a CPR class (which many of the volunteers already have) and a
HPPA training. There may be some other things covered. There would be an optional
first responder qualification that would be a 40 hour class. No one would exceed their
training during an emergency-they would only administer aid in what they have been
Regular Fire Board Meeting January 13, 2010
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trained. There are still many questions to be answered and things to be discussed. This is
definitely still in the discussion stage.

Old Business-

New Business-Approval of resolutions--

A motion was made by Jeff Green and seconded by Jeff Morisset for A RESOLUTION

A motion was made by Jeff Green and seconded by Jeff Morisset for A RESOLUTION
Motion carries.

Motion to Adjourn was made by Jeff Morisset. Seconded by Joe Mulder. Motion
carried. Adjourned at 8:15 pm

Record of Proceeding

Jeff Green, Chairman

Attested by:

Kerry Davidson, Secretary

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