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					Mid-Year Exam Study Guide—PART 2                 Name:

24. For the years of 2000 through 2003,          Date:                          Period :
    Louisiana had 220,000 births, 140,000
    deaths, and net migration of -55,000. From
                                                 26. This map of Italy is a—
    this information we can tell that the
    population of Louisiana _____ during this     A map that does not show physical
    period.                                       features, but does show cities, states, or
 Find the net growth of the population.           countries, is a political map.

                                                 27. According to the map, the capital of Italy
                                                  What symbol represents the capital.

                                                 28. A group of people want to live on the coast
                                                     of the Adriatic Sea. They also want to live
25. Which of the following can be concluded
                                                     in a city as far to the south as possible.
    from the above chart?
                                                     Which of the following cities would be the
 Many countries will import products that
                                                     ideal location for these migrating people?
 they are capable of producing themselves.
                                                   Know directions. Locate the Adriatic Sea.

Use the map below to answer questions 26-28.

                                                 29. Northern Brazil has an average yearly
                                                     rainfall of 82 inches, and an average annual
                                                     temperature of 80 degrees. It is covered
                                                     with dense vegetation including tall trees
                                                     that compete for sunlight. Which of the
                                                     following terms would best describe this
                                                     region’s ecosystem?
                                                   An area that has a humid, tropical climate
                                                   with dense vegetation is considered to be
30. Which of the following was NOT a reason        35. Europeans gained knowledge from Arab
    that early agricultural societies developed        countries during the course of a series of
    near major rivers?                                 wars called the—
 Rivers provided a means of irrigation,              The Crusades were fought between
 watering of animals, and, during flood              Catholics (from Europe) and Muslims
 seasons, fertilized the surrounding soil.           (from Arab countries).

31. Which of the following describes why it        Use the map below to answer questions 36 &
    was important for early river civilizations    37.
    to develop calendars?
 Early societies developed their calendars
 around the flooding season so they would
 know when to plant their crops.

32. Which of the following statements best
    describes the significance of the Magna
 The Magna Carta limited the power of the
 monarch (King).
                                                   36. This map shows Niger’s mineral and raw
                                                       material production. Uranium is mined in
                                                       the area described as—

33. A system under which kings grant land to        Use the key.
    people of high status (nobility) in exchange
    for their service as military leaders, and
    common people work for the nobility is
                                                   37. According to the map of Niger’s economic
 Under feudalism, a King would grant
                                                       activities, what would one likely find in the
 land to a noble in exchange for military
                                                       area adjacent to Lake Chad?
                                                    Use the key.

34. A guild system is—
 A group of tradesman or craftsman that
 establish standards (rules) and guidelines
 for their trade.
38. Which of the following technological             42. Which religions became the official religion
    advances was NOT employed by the                     of Rome in AD 392 after its followers had
    Ancient Romans?                                      suffered several centuries of persecution
  The Romans had aqueducts, domed roofs,                 under Rome?
  and arched bridges.                                  Christianity became the official religion of
                                                       Rome in 392.

39. Which of the following statements is most
    useful in explaining why it is so difficult to   43. What kind of map might one view to
    reduce pollution?                                    determine what natural resources a certain
  A growing human population requires                    country contains?
  more food, energy, and goods, and thus               Use an economic map to determine
  creates more waste products.                         resources the country uses to make

40. Japan’s land area is only about 4% of that of
    the US (i.e. Japan is slightly smaller than
    California.) However, Japan’s population is
    about 43% of America’s. Which of the
    following can likely be concluded?
  High population densities require careful
  building design, especially in earthquake
  prone areas such as Japan.

41. Which of the following religions is
    associated with the T’ang Dynasty era of
                                                     44. What is the name of the geographic feature
                                                         to which the arrow is directed in the map
 The Tang Dynasty embraced Taoism.
                                                      Know the five Great Lakes

                                                      Superior, Michigan, Huron, Ontario, and