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					                         7 A. M.                                                                                      WENRAir Juniors.
    WCFLIforning Shunt°.                                                                                              %TMPiano instruction.
    WILDFrank le err in.
    WAA8t3realifttst xpress.                                          Today's Features                                              8143 P. M.
                                                                                                                      IV.O.NLittle Orphan Annie, sketch,
    ICY W-14 tieten1 Clock.                                                                                           W.MAQSoka tart Hawkins.
    WLSPaul finder.                                        8:15W-G-NThanksgiving serv-                                WIlllktThe Champions.
    WidAQWlfe Saver: Morning worship.                                                                                 WHIGClem and Ira.
                   7:30 A. M.                                ice; addresses by Dr. Walter                                                  ft P. Af.
    VCFLClieerio.                                               Morgan, Rev.                                          W.O-NPainter House ensemble.
    WLSSteamboat BIII; Jolly 13111 and Jane,                    Father Ar- pmstmemmt.                                 IIY\Vllan Ituesn's orchestra.
   WMAQrenper Pot.                                              thur O'Brien,                                         NVCI'LJoe Ehlrlek's orchestra.
                                                                                                                      171111MSehlagenhouer's Party.
    IVBLIMCliristinn Science progranl.                          and Rabbi is'r                                        1VMAQffeywood limn, John Erskine.
                      8 A. M.
                                                                Gerson B.                                             WENIt--Janu Proman.
   WGESPolatunt music.
                                                                Lay I. Music                                                             01117 1'. M.
                                                                                                                      1V47-NThe Secret Three. sketch.
   W111111Time Saver.                                           by quartet                                            WMAQltaymond ICitight sketch
   WLSGenti and Olen: ilappyville Special.                      from First                                            WENRIVard Wiison, Mille and Eugene
              8:15 A. 31.                                       Congregation-                 sr

                                                                                                                      WBBMNorm Schorr
    W-G-N-321tanksgivIng service.                               al church.            I                               ITCPLVibratiarp anti organ.
                  8:30 A. M.                               9:45 a. m.WLS i, A                                         NV,1.1llSporis reel.
   VIMAQVic and Slide: Pie Plant rote.
   11`1..NMtutict stock receipts; Geno AufrY.
                                                              football game.
                                                                                                                      IVGESCeell and Sally.
                                                                                                                                     11:30 P AI.
   WBB18" Modern Living."                                                                                             1V.G.NTotn, Melt, and Harry, songs.
   W100Musteal Varieties.                                     Brown vs.                                               EYWBaY Perkins.
                      0 A. M.                                   Colgate from                                          Vi' IMISports review,
                                                                Providence,                                           WENILLouisa Bernhardt.
   WCFLGerman entertainment.                                                                                                        Ovill P. M.
   KVWMuslcal Melange.                                          11. 1.                                                W.O.NGeorgie Price and Benny Kretmer's
   wnintMetody Parade.                                     11         a. m.                                         orchestra.
   WMAQJohn Reed.                                                                                                     IVENRThe Goilibergs.
              0:15 A. M.                                                              siorgwaststirsonavontra         IVAIAQJohnity Hart.
                          '11' Ent.                             fessional foot-                                       WititAlHroonIng Holonels.
   NVMAQYoung Artiste trio.                                     ball game.                                            Ii-VIVAlark Fisher's orchestra.
                                                                                                                      MHOMobile Moaners.
   ii:VIVJ. B. iti" Mac                                     Cardinals vs.  ;JACK BENNY.   .

                                                                                                                      WUPLIlku Diehl players.
                   11:80 A. M.                              Bears.                                                                         7 P. M.
   W-U-NLeottard Salvo's 3fult Box.                       1 p. m.W-G-11.7-College football                            W-G-NAbe Lyman's band.
   WCFLIlIghlIghla of Mnslc.                                  game. Cornell vs. Pennsylvania                                     Pint Jason.
   W1110-1.880 flarry's club.                                                                                         \VBBAIFratilc Westphal's orchestra.
   WitIt31Four Clubman.                                       from Philadelphia. [Also KYWL                               AQ-11 tidy       Vallee's     orchestra   with
   WGRS--Meinoire of 1020.                                                                                          Queen() Mario.
   WI.SMac and Bob.                                       2:15        p. m.WMAQGrand opera                            IVLSIteglmentailsts.
   IrMAQOur Daily Food.                                       from       the Metropolitan Opera                                          ltlit P. M.
               9011 A. M.'                                    house, featuring Lily Pons and-                         ',S'-O.212Ted Weems orehr.stra with Jack
                                                              Giovanni Martinelli In "La k me."                     Benny.
   W-G.N. Gond           Morning "     musical   pro.                                                                 NV1.0lien Bernie's orchestra.
 gram.                                                    6:45 p. m.W-G-NGeorgie Price,                                   1VSont: Sleuth.
   YWCnnsolaires.                                             songs and comedy; Benny l'crea-                                        7:30 P. Al.
  WM AQIlrctzi tul De ROM.                                                                                                \VDr. llundeson.
  WI! IIMIlave You Heard                                      ger's orchestra.                                        Wl.SRin Tin Tin Thriller.
  WI.S and WEN It Football, COlgatO               Vs.     7     p. m.WMAQRudy Vallee's                                WJJDClub Mayfair.
 I.3rvwn.                                                     orchestra. Queen° Mario, grand
                     10 A. M.                                                                                                            7:411 P. M.
                                                              Opera star; Sylvia Field and                            W.O.N--Joacit lienny's orchestra with Kva
  W.41-N Russel% Namit, songs.                                                                                      Evans.
  W111(!Popula r Echoes.                                      Raymond llaeltett - of " ,Satur-                        MSHoward Thurston, magician.
  V.1,11)M mica Is                                            day's Children,"'s Julius Tanner,                       RYWChandu, the Magician. -
  WM AQ" irons Glenn."                                        John Groff and London Singers.                          WIMIMFun Feet.
  W11131Itkth Rogers.
                   MTh A. M.                              7:15        p. m,W-O-NJack Benny,                                           8 P. M.
                                                                                                                      W.G.NIloswell Sisters.
  1Y-O-N-1telody Favorites. urcun.
                                                              comedian, with - Ted Weems' or-                         Vallith--Themes in Tempo.
                                                              chestra. Andrea Marsh, Mary

  WMAQDere's to Charm.                                                                                                NV.h11)Bucltio Busters
   KMThanksgiving program.                                    Livingstone, and Sid Silvers.                           WITIOY. M. 0. A, chorus.
  W1113:11-310011iV21.                                    9    p. m.W BNBJack Pearl,                                  WLSDeath Valley Dayw
  WCFLDr. Herman liumiesen.                                                                                           WMAQGapt. Henry's Show Boat.
                   10:211 A. 11,
                                                              comedian, as Baron Munchatt                                                811a P. M.
   S'Al-NIloard Of Trude reports: weather
                                                              son. Abe Lymait's band.                                 W-04iTho Pour Mills Brothers.
                                                                                                                      WCFLMight Coml.
forreast.                                                                                                             WHIGNino Bonaldl.
                 10:30 A. M.                                                                                          WBBMTaxpaYers' league.
  W-0.NDleesi of the News.                                    CHICANO WAVE LENGTHS.                                                8;30 P. M.
  WA APJim Ilanniton.                                           Meters. Kling.           te rm. Kilo]                 W.G.NThe Story of (hoar Khayyam.
  WENRJavItio                                                     .419.1 720 WAAL.' .             02                  MilHif Jack Russell's orchestra.
  WMAQlial Stokes' orchestra.                           W1110 ... .535.4 500 WCF       30141      97                  RYWVincent Lopez' orchestra.
                10:15 A. M.                             WPCC      .535.4 500 KY W ....2011.0 102                      MINHDancing Strings
  W-(1.NMnsie Weavers' quarter hour.                    W14 AQ ...447.15 070 WM 01 277.0 108                                       8:-Its P. M.
  VEN11It1tythm Ramblers.                               W10151 ....359.4 770 WC ES _220.4 1311                        WORMThe nand of Distinction.
  V, I!        (Iranim and Tint Moynihan.               WENB 344.0 870 WJJD ...205.3 113                                                   0 l'. M.
  WJJDMary Alden.                                       WLS       314.0 870                                           W-G-NTime signal; Around the World,
                     11 A. M.                                                                                       shriek.
  W.D.SMorning Musical.                                                                                               laWMark Fisher's orchestra.
                                                                             ^ :20 P. 51.                             WENDThu Dance Hour. Baron Mun
                                                                      Frank 'Westphal's orchestra.                  clieusen.
  'NULRed hut.                                            WCF  Radio Dan Illta                                        WBOMAndro Rostcluncts,
  WJJDFrank le Marvin: David Adler.                      WA A PMabel Van work) news.                                  WIRAQTho ConntrY Doctor.
  KMTinto                 Melodians.                     W1110-1'arenta' 51minsine: Markets,                                             OtIti P. U.
  W IiiIM Football. Cardinals ve. Bears.                                                                              W.G.N." Big         Leaguers      and   Busher.,"
  W 1.:NitMen o' Sting: Lady UnSn,                       WENIIFootbal I, Missouri vs. Nebraoka.
  WMAQJulmay Mervin.                                                                                                sbrich,
                                                         WA A V Nook worm.                                           WMAQWilfred Glenn.
           11:30 A. M.                                   W 1151 U. S. Army band.                                                   that, P. M.
  WI BOPeter Pun.                                        WLS-11nok Shop.                                             W.G-NToniurrow's Tribune.
  WM131Continued story reacting.                         WJJDWurnan's club.                                          WMAQAl and Pete.
  WE:NH-11nm Jock.                                                  3 :15 P. M.                                      RYWInspector Stevens and Son.
  WJJDPatil Rader.                                       WM AQPnui Will teniank: orchestra.                          WCFLFritz Miller's orchestra.
  N VA AFIteveries.                                      WILSODiatta Donner.                                                       0;40 P. M.
  W AQOn Wings 01 Stmg.                                                                                              1V.O.NI5eadillies of Other Days.
                  /1 MB A. M.                                                3:30 P, .111.                           W.G.NLawrence salerno and Allan Grant.
  VON' Painted Dreams."                                   VA Al"Melody time: Sporty reviews.                         W111.114-11yrt and Marge
                                                         IC Y1YTwo Doctors. Aces of the Air.                         RYWMack Swain's orchestra.
                  11:80 A. M.                            WJJD--Indi an Princess:. Tune Parade.
  1V-11.NAl node Weavers.                                W111351Droolts and Koos.                                               10 P. M.
                   NOUN.                                                                                             W.G.NTime sign4li Hal               Kempy's or
  IVLSFun Factory; Dinner Dell.
                                                                             3t4* P. M.                         rhestra.
                                                         W.G.N--Joseph !Wiwi% baritone.                              Ih'ENRand WMAQAnios and Andy.
  WMAQVarleties.                                                       4 - P. M.
              12:10 P. M.                                                                                            WCPLSchool Trucked talk.
                                                         W111114Den Allay.                                                              MI5 P. M.
  11MN-1.yrie Trio.                                      11,111A QCaroli us ThankogiVIng.                                           Tim s Dream Ship."
                  12:30 P. M.                                               4m111    1'. M.                          ItYWNews and Don Pedro's orchestra.
  W.11.AiIlcauty !Minot of the Air.                      W41. Leonard Salvo, organ.                                  VMAQDan and Sylvia.
  WJJDIonriner Dusk.                                                   federation.                                   WOOHockey broadcast.
  WAIAQGeorgo St:herb:Ws orchestra.                      IV1110Sis Oleamon.                                                    10:28 P. M.
  W1130-1tendins Boom.                                   WAA10" The No Man"                                                     -
                                                                                                                    11/41-NWentlier foreenst.
             12:15 P. M.                                                   4:89 P. 51.             .                             10;30 P. M.
         The Whistler sod Ills 00u."                     11.41.51Jane Ca Neuter's recital.                          W-G-NWayne Klmen orchestra.
  KY WFootball. Cornell en. Penonylvuula,               1( I" 11..-4 1 arold Dean.                                  WENRBen Dernie's orehestra.
  1YMAQ-1'a trIcla Gordon.                              NV.1.11)Moosettenrt children.                               WMAQArt HIIRRerff OrCheNtra.
                 1 P. M.
                                                        WMAQOld Penni%                                                           10;50 P. Bt.
  WM-AtFootball, Cornell vs, Pennsylvania.              WC101,Anterierm Pen Wornon's league.
                                                                                                                    W.G.NIternle Cummins orchestra.
  WA A FIloosler Philosopher.                                               4:15 P. M.                                           11:10 P. M.
  WE DWal ka then; Orace Wilson; Eddy                   W4144Dlek Ilnyos, oongs.                                    W..0-NWayne Ring's orchestra.
Itnnscn.                                                WM A Q-51 uoical Momenta.
 1VLSSlim and APO.                                      IVIIIIMEopino and Salerno.                                               11:30 P. M.
            1115 P. M.                                  WINODusk Drowns.                                            W-G-NOlyde McCoy'S orchestra.
 W100Pop Concert.                                       WCYLEddy Hansen.                      -                      RYWMark Fisher's orchestra.
                  1801', M.                                       ,           5 r. AI.                               WENRHollywood on the Air.
 WillIMIlowling Congress.                               W.G.NTite Devil Dird, ketch.                                              11:45 P. M.
 IVJJDYesterday's Favorites.                            WTIBMCap).. Jack.                                            IV-GNIllalsonetto Busse.
              1:45 P. AI.                               KY IVMtirk Plotter's orchestra.                                             MIDNIGHT.
 WI.SWalla Time.                                        WENETins                                                    .1V-0-N--11a1 Kemp's orehe.stra.
 WMAQSyncopatore.,                                      W51AQMischa Dorr's enianible,                                 WBBMJack Russell's orchestra.
                   2 P. M.                                           5:15 P. 51                                     RYWDan Russo's orchestra.
 WLSBetty and nab.                                      W.0.NJane Carpenter, organ.                                 WRNIIEarl Ones' orchestra.
 W1130-11adio Gossip club.                                 AQTho Spellbinder.                                       WMAQDel Coons' orchestra.
 IVAAFThankewlving concert.                             WniihiTarsan of the Apes.                                              12:15 A. M.
                                                        KY WPenrod and Sam.                                          W.G-N--Clydo McCoy's orchestra.
                  200 P. 31.                                       530 P. M.                                                    12:30 A. M.
  ','.fl.NPalener House ensemble.                       11'44NThe         8111011X 14141Y.                           W-D-NHal Kemp's orchestra.
             2:15 P. M.                                 'Veil --Keller Hammond,                                     KYWVincont Loper' orchestra.
 WMVariety.                                               Y W U nein 13ob.                                                              12:130 A. M.
 WAIAQGrand opera, "Dakme."                             tt'IIHMSkippy.                                               W-G-NClYde MrCoY's orchestra.
 WED/AJulia Hayes.                                      WSIAQDavo Rose.
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