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									Menu on english – Dennis Garn 2kok1121

Grilled Dover sole in cilantro, served with chive cream and leek chips, served with a glace of balsamic
vinegar and honey flavored with herbs and nutmeg.

Asparagus symphony, three versions of green asparagus served on platter with baked with herbs, fried
crispy long asparagus slices, butter and steamed au gratin with parmasan.

Deer braised with thyme, artichokes, parsley served with puree of braised vegetables end up in a dish of
leeks, glazed and toured carrots, right sprinkled with crunchy baked thin sliced radish sliced lengthwise and
served with an authentic sauce flavored with roast jelly and truffle.

White chocolate mousse with whipped cream and crisp baked apple slices sprinkled with toasted coconut
and cinnamon, served with pear poached in cranberry compote.

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