Critical Thinking Rubric

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					                                                      Critical Thinking Rubric
                                                      McDowell High School

                                                       Exceeds (4)                Meets (3)               Approaching (2)            Below (1)
   Standard                 Benchmark
                                                       Expectations              Expectations              Expectations             Expectations

                                                                                                     With prompting,
                                                  Recognizes ideas in the Recognizes ideas in the                               Does not sufficiently
                      Recognizes ideas in the                                                     recognizes ideas in the
                                                      classroom and           classroom and                                     recognize ideas in the
    Makes           classroom and respectfully                                                        classroom and
                                                    respectfully relates    respectfully relates                                 classroom or relate
  connections       relates them to real-world                                                      respectfully relates
                                                    them to real-world      them to real-world                                    them to real-world
                             situations.                                                            them to real-world
                                                        situations.             situations.                                           situations.

                       Integrates ideas that are  Integrates ideas that are Integrates ideas that are                           Ideas are fragmentary
                                                                                                        Arranges ideas into a
 Integrates Ideas   relevant, exceptionally clear relevant, exceptionally      relevant, clear and                               and without a clear
                                                                                                           simple pattern.
                            and cohesive.           clear and cohesive.             cohesive.                                           order.

                                                                                                                                 Copies concepts or
                                                Interprets and discusses                                 Reports concepts in
  Interprets and      Interprets and discusses                            Presents and discusses                                   omits relevant
                                                concepts accurately and                                 familiar contexts with
    discusses       concepts accurately and in-                            concepts in familiar                                information with little
                                                 in-depth at least 3x per                               minor inaccuracies 2x
    Concepts        depth at least 3x per week.                           contexts 3x per week.                                discussion less than 2x
                                                         week.                                                per week.
                                                                                                                                     per week.

                                                 Justifies key concepts,
                       Justifies key concepts,
Justifies Concepts                              explains reasoning with
                      explains reasoning with                                                    An attempt to justify
and Reasoning to                                  clarity and accuracy, Justifies some concepts                                  Does not justify or
                        clarity and accuracy,                                                   concepts but reasoning
      Support                                     develops conclusion    and explains reasons.                                   explain reasoning.
                    develops conclusion that is                                                     is insufficient.
   Conclusions                                    that is thorough and
                   thorough and well supported.
                                                     well supported.

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