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Little Athletics Centre - Broken


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What’s on this Week                     this term? I thought our school’s
                                        Athletics carnival was amazing –
Monday                                  the weather was fantastic and the
   Staff Meeting School Planning &     kids    were   obvious    in    their
    Aboriginal Education                endeavours over the two days. Our
Friday                                  performance at the Choral Festival
                                        showed a great deal of improvement
   Bronze Level Picnic in the Park
                                        from the start of the year. All the
   Gold Level BBQ lunch and Disco      excursions that were held this term
   Term 3 concludes                    went off without a hitch due to the
                                        time and energy spent by staff in
Dates to Remember                       their organisation and the students
                                        meeting    our   expectations.    Our
1. Mon 10th October -        Term 4     students’ involvement in the Broken
   resumes    for    teachers    and    Hill Public Speaking Competition
   Students                             was commendable and I’m certain
2. Tues 11th October – P&c Meeting @    they   learnt   a   lot   from    the
   2pm to discuss all things Fete!      experience. Our first ever Fathers’
                                        Day stall was a success! The Focus
Principal’s Report                      On Reading professional learning
Our    acknowledgement                  project being undertaken by our
of students who have                    primary teachers has been very
achieved Bronze and                     worthwhile both in the benefit our
Gold this term will                     teachers   are   getting   from   the
occur on Friday. The                    training but also their commitment
students     who     have               to it. Eleven of our thirteen
received their Bronze                   classes achieved Class Of The Week
level this term will                    honours this term! This list is by
be invited to have a                    no   means   finished   but   it   is
Picnic In The Park on                   gratifying to see progress and
Friday    as     has    occurred each   people working so hard together for
previous term. The students who         the benefit of our kids. Let’s keep
have achieved Gold this term will       on keeping on and stay focussed on
be provided with a BBQ lunch and a      why we’re really here – our kids!
can of drink before they head off
to the hall for a lunch time Disco.     Hopefully everyone has survived the
The students who achieved Silver        show with all its ‘hot and tasty
this term have been able to use         dagwood dogs’ and fairy floss and
their vouchers that accompanied         are ready to make this final week
their award.                            of Term 3 the best week so far. I
                                        wish everyone a safe and enjoyable
As we near the end of the term it       holiday spending time with those
is always timely to reflect and         who love you most. See you next
consider how we’ve gone in our          term!
quest to be the best school we can
possibly be. What have we done well
                        Learning for all at North
Classes of the Week – KM, 3/4 S,
5/6 R, He and Ro                                     Getting to Know US

The following students will be
presented with their SilverLevel
                                                     Name – Rachel Harvey
certificates.     An    outstanding
achievement! Thank you for being
                                                     Birthplace – Murrumburrah, NSW
such positive people at our school.

Hailey Warren, Jack Eckert, Clayton
                                                     Family – Jason
Staker, Tyler Hicks, Jack Picton
and Kade McIntosh                                    Harvey (Husband),
                                                     Samuel Harvey (son
                                                     – 1 year old) & a
Also, and with great pleasure it
                                                     baby on the way
will be time for the following
                                                     (due mid-November)
students   to  be   recognised  for
achieving GOLD Level at this week’s
                                                     2 younger sisters –
assembly. Congratulations on such a
                                                     Nicole & Yvette
significant achievement. We are
                                                     My parents (Mechele & Raymond) are
extremely lucky to have you at our
                                                     divorced. Mum married Curt in 2000.
                                                     Curt has 2 sons (Ben & Nic)
Shalee Sammut and Paige Bush
                                                     My journey to Broken Hill North
                                                     Public School –
 Families are more than welcome to
                                                     1985-1991       Murrumburrah Public
come along and be part of their
child’s recognition at this week’s
                                                     1992-1994       Murrumburrah High
                                                     1994-1997       Weekends & school
What is L3?                                          holiday job in an asparagus packing
Language, learning and Literacy (L3) is one          1995-1997       Marian College
component of the Best Start initiative that aims     Goulburn
to ensure all students are on track in their         1997-2002 University holiday job
literacy and numeracy learning by Year 3. L3 is      an orchard packing cherries & other
                                                     stone fruit.
a research based, cost effective Kindergarten        1998-2001       Charles Sturt
classroom intervention, targeting text reading       University, Bathurst
and writing. It provides rich literacy experiences   2002 –          Present    Broken
through systematic and explicit teaching. It         Hill North Public School
complements the daily literacy program.
                                                     Favourite things!
Students participate in reading and writing
                                                     Horses – Pony club, one day
lessons in small groups, designed to meet their      eventing, dressage
specific learning needs. They also engage in in      Swimming – teaching swimming skills
short periods of independent, individual or          as well as swimming for pleasure
group tasks to practice and consolidate their        Sport – a lot of sport is watched
current literacy learning. This occurs in the        in my house!
                                                     Reading, visiting bookstores &
classroom within the daily literacy session. The
program’s goal is to reduce the need for more        Listening to music & browsing in
intensive and resource demanding programs in         music stores (both for CDs &
the future. Our recent evaluations of                musical instruments)
comparing reading benchmark data for
Kindergarten are revealing some very pleasing        My AFL/NRL team - AFL – West Coast
                                                     Eagles, NRL – Canberra Raiders
results which we are sure are a result of this
                                Learning for all at North
Favourite colour - Green              3-4 S     Chris King, Mateze
                                           Rogers, Donald Ray
Signature dish – “Chicken             4/5F     Mary-May Barraclough,
Povegana” – a creamy pasta dish my         Junjardy Laughton, Brendan
mum used to cook for us on a single        McAvaney
parent’s wage (quick to make &        5/6R     Micheal Dalton, Jack
feeds the whole family for a small         Hartwig, Tyler Hicks
price).                               6J         Emily Heiss- Harvey,
                                           Brittany Blows, Scott Dally
The three people I would most like    GP          Daphne Pedersen, Evan
to meet –                                  Blundell, Justin Croke
Elton John, Banjo Paterson, Victor    HE         Joeben White
Chang                                 RO         Dallas Staker, Hannah
                                      Mrs McEvoy    Ben Hooker, Hannah
                                           Bloomfeild, Mathew Lee
                                      Mrs Harvey   Joshua Talpin, Kevin
Superstar                                  Dawson, Georgia O’Neill
The superstar this week               Miss Miller Devin Vine, Joshua
is Hannah Lee in 2 W. A                    Talpin
wonderful   Northie who
always tries her best. She
always includes others in the the     Book Club
playground.                           Book Club orders are    due   to   Mrs
                                      Robertson      by
                                      Friday        23rd

          The legend this week is             Earn and Learn and Coles
          Shalee Sammut A polite              Vouchers
          and friendly student who             Keep those dockets coming
always has a smile on her face. She            in, so far we have 10472
consistently    displays   the    5   points - money that will be spent
expectations and is a great role      on resources that will benefit your
model to others.                      children.

                                      What is L3?

Library Awards                          Language, learning and Literacy
Caught Being Good-     Federick         (L3) is one component of the Best
Squire, Indiana Cini                    Start initiative that aims to
                                                   ensure   all   students
                                                   are on track in their
                                                   literacy and numeracy
                                                   learning by Year 3. L3
Class Merit Awards                                 is a research based,
KE   Akeasha Dalton, Liam             cost     effective      Kindergarten
     Glencourse, Ruby Freeman         classroom intervention, targeting
KM   Ashton McKenzie, Sam Micallef    text   reading   and   writing.   It
1G   Brady Adams. Vanessa Brooks      provides rich literacy experiences
1/2H Blaise Bearman, Nellie Jones     through systematic and explicit
2W   Taleisha Brennan, Lydis          teaching. It complements the daily
     Philp-Baulch, Riley Miller       literacy      program.      Students
3 c        Shakira Hammond, Kylah     participate in reading and writing
     white, Dylan Croke               lessons in small groups, designed
                                      to meet their specific learning
                                      needs. They also engage in in short
                        Learning for all at North
periods of independent, individual
or group tasks to practice and          Grades 3-     Coconut,       Chocolate
consolidate their current literacy      4             Melts,   Caster   Sugar,
learning.   This   occurs   in  the                   Dried Fruit, Eggs
classroom within the daily literacy
session. The program’s goal is to       Grades 5-     Flour,   Icing    Sugar,
reduce the need for more intensive      6             Choc    Buds,    Almond,
and resource demanding programs in                    Macadamias, Cake Mix
the future. Our recent evaluations
of comparing reading benchmark data     These are just a few suggestions if
for Kindergarten are revealing some     you can think of anything else that
very pleasing results which we are      could   be   used  to   make   some
sure are a result of this program.      delicious treats we would happily
                                        accept it.

P&C                                     Canteen News and Roster
                                               Would you like to treat your
             School Fete                       Birthday Girl or Boy with
             Calling   all   parents           mini muffins for their
             and helpers….it’s that            birthday to share with their
             time of year when we              class. Contact the canteen
             need to start working      to order.
             on our fabulous Fete.
                                        *** Weekly Special***
If    there    are    any   budding     No Special this week as holidays
Masterchefs out there, or talented      start at the end of the week.
artists or crafts people we would       Please check that the food you
love for you to donate some of your     wish to order is available.
masterpieces to the fete.               Roster
Don’t feel left out if you are not       Tues 20/09    Wed 21/09    Thurs
a great cook                             H Mitchell    H Mitchell   22/09
or don’t have a crafty bone in your      T Pols        T Dupond     H Mitchell
body, we need people to run or           J Knight      V Staker     V Staker
serve on the various stalls. Dad’s                                  S Leonard
don’t be shy we need a few blokes       Fri 23/09      Mon 10/10
who are handy with a pair of tongs      N Hammond      H Mitchell
to work on the bbq.                     H Mitchell     D Eckert
                                        C staker
If you feel that you   have something
to offer no matter      how small it    Community News
seems please give us   a call or drop
in and leave your      name with the
front office.

Ingredients Needed                           Little Athletics Centre
Donations           of
ingredients are needed                      Hill Little Athletics season
for the sweet and cake                     commences the first week back
stalls.    It would be                                Term 4.
greatly appreciated if
families could send in
                                           Thursday 13th October, 5.30pm
ingredients as listed
                                               Start – Picton Oval;
for each grade.
                                           Any enquiries- Shelley McRae
                                                   0427 885 358
Grades K-   Condensed Milk,    Cocoa,
2           Marshmallows,      Golden

                         Learning for all at North
Brett Cumming

                Learning for all at North
Learning for all at North

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