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Analyzing Stories Worksheet


									Worksheet: Analyzing Stories

The table below provides a template for analysing the stories that people tell.
Not all of the elements are present in every story.
Identify a story of your own – from your social life or from your organizational
life and analyse it using the template.
What have you learned about the experience represented in the story?
What effect does this learning have?

Self                           What was your role in this situation?
                               What were your thoughts during the incident?
                               What were you trying to do?
                               How well were you listened to?
Protagonist[s]                 Who else was involved?
                               What was their perspective?
                               What were they trying to do?
                               How powerful were they in the situation?
                               What were the pros and cons of their approach?
Key incident                   What happened?
                               What decision needed to be taken?
                               What were the different perspectives on this?
                               What key factors were operating?
                               What was hidden beneath the surface here?
                               What other factors were important?
                               Where were the conflicts?
                               Where were the compatibilities?
Issues and concepts            What were the key issues?
involved                       What principles needed to guide the actions?
                               What other principles were involved?
                               How compatible were these?
Action/decision                What was decided?
                               Who was involved and listened to?
                               What was the decision taken?
Personal response              How did you feel about the way the incident was
                               dealt with?
                               What was satisfactory about it?
                               What was unsatisfactory about it?
                               What would you change and why?
Outcomes and                   What has been the result of the decision?
consequences                   How helpful has it been?
                               What consequences occurred?
                               How helpful are these?
Reflection                     What did you learn from the incident?
                               What did you learn about yourself?
                               How did it challenge you?
                               How did you change/ reinforce your beliefs?
                               Are you right?
In-depth feedback is not possible for this task. Remember that not all of the
elements may be in your story – use the model to develop your understanding
of what happened so that you can learn from it as a critical reflective

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