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									                                                                                    February 2011

                                                Good News!
       In honor of the Rev. Cecilia Brooks and her fifteen years of faithful ministry with the Wesley
Foundation of Langston University, the Wesley students and the Foundation’s Board of Directors are
pleased to present “Come Thou Fount of Many Blessings,” a Progressive Revival, February 20-27. The
revival will be held each night in a different church which has historically supported the Wesley
Foundation. The revival will also feature a different preacher each night and special music presented
by various church choirs and groups. The event will include a festive ball, Saturday, Feb. 26 at Okla.
City University. The concluding event will be a worship service at Langston’s Wesley Foundation.
       Everyone is cordially invited any or all of these events. Please note the date at our church and
plan to attend. It will be a wonderful to encourage and support the Wesley Foundation students and
their mission and ministry. The schedule for the week is the following:

Feb. 20: at Chapel Hill UMC, Oklahoma City
       Featuring Bishop Robert E. Hayes, Rev. Cecilia Brooks, and Quayle UMC Choir

Feb. 21: at Cushing UMC
       Featuring Rev. Dan Pulver and the Mt. Bethel Baptist Choir

Feb. 22: at Ponca City St. Paul’s UMC
       Featuring Rev. Calvin Miller and the Stillwater Mt. Zion Baptist Choir

Feb. 23: at Quayle UMC, Oklahoma City
       Featuring Rev. Frankye Johnson and the Guthrie First UMC Choir

Feb. 24: at Guthrie First UMC
       Featuring Rev. Ed Cook and the Crescent Mt. Vernon UMC Choir

Feb. 25: at Stillwater Mt. Zion Baptist Church
       Featuring Rev. Roger Pitt and the Langston New Hope Baptist Choir

Feb. 26: at Oklahoma City University
       “Back Together Again Celebration Ball,” featuring Langston University President
       Dr. Joanne Haysbert as Mistress of Ceremonies. Tickets ate $25 for adults and
       $15 for youth and students. Contact Lois Lyons at 405-466-9242 for tickets.

Feb. 27: at Langston University Wesley Foundation\
       Worship and Dedication of the Wesley Foundation’s Baptistry in Memory of
       Travis Chubbuck. Featuring Rev. Robert Rose, Dr. Guy Ames and the Langston
       University Choir

From the Pastor

       2010 marked the beginning of a new decade and for Guthrie First United
Methodist Church, 2010 marked many new beginnings. This newsletter gives me the
opportunity to share with you some of the wonderful ways I believe the gospel was
witnessed to in and through the ministries of all of you. In 2010 our church
accomplished some ministry goals that had never been reached before and shared
the good news of Christ in ways and places only dreamed about.

        In 2010 you raised nearly $8,000 to send out a Volunteers-in-Mission team to
the Rio Bravo area in Mexico. The team was composed of 11 members from our
church who combined with a team of 10 from First UMC in Alva to build two small
houses (casitas) for two Mexican families who needed and appreciated the new
shelter very much. More important than the manual labor, however, were the
relationships established with those families and the VIM staff in Mexico and our Oklahoma VIM staff, all in
Christ’s name.

       2010 also saw a new mission project initiated with the “prayer blanket” ministry, through which
people who are suffering and grieving are blessed with a symbol of love and prayer. FUMC members also
continue to volunteer in the Lunch on Noble program, Aging Services’ “Mobile Meals” program, Logan
Medical Center Hospital Auxiliary, Scouting Ministries, Logan Community Services, United Way, and in many
other caring and helping organizations.

        New Sunday School classes were organized for toddlers and young adults (see related article on
“Mosaic” class) as well as a women’s bible study group and two men’s fellowship groups. The cooperative
Vacation Bible School continued in 2010 and four churches participated this year with the addition of Noble
Avenue Baptist Church. Plans are already under way for the 2011 VBS.
Youth Ministry continues to offer strong outreach to youth in our community through bible study, mission,
and fellowship and worship. Some of the youth activities in 2010 have included youth contemporary worship,
lock-ins designed to involve youth in mission and fellowship, youth rallies, emphasis on summer camps, and
cooperative events and activities with other churches in the Guthrie area.

        In September we kicked off our capital campaign directed by Jennifer Tyler and Tyler Associates. Our
purpose was to raise pledges and gifts toward a first phase in the church’s restoration project. The process
involved recruiting and training a large group of volunteers to carry out the many tasks and events necessary
for the success of the campaign. The leadership team consisted of 30-35 people and the campaign resulted in
receiving 68 pledges from our membership totaling $368,700. 00. I believe that this represents a strong
statement of hope and a firm commitment toward the ministry that God will lead us into. To date the
campaign has netted $91,432.00 in cash received.

       With all of that, by the end of the year, our church had paid out 60% of it’s apportionment
(connectional ministry) goal with a payout of $20,000. While we have not yet reached our goal of 100% this
marks a significant increase over last year.

       I am so delighted to be the pastor of a church that works to serve Christ in such dynamic ways. Your
commitment to Christ and your witness and service in this church is truly inspiring, but is also a reminder
that we can do better in order to walk with Christ in every way. I look forward to sharing ministry and the
way of discipleship in 2011 with you all!

Grace and peace,

Ministerial Alliance News                                                 Building Committee

Guthrie Ministerial Alliance Pulpit Exchange, February 27                    Building Committee Report – January 2010

         The Guthrie Ministerial Alliance annual pulpit exchange          The Building Committee is now meeting
will be Sunday, February 27. This year First UMC’s guest preacher
                                                                          monthly on the second Sunday at 2:30 to
will be Father John Borrego, Trinity Episcopal Church. John is a
wonderful communicator and preacher and we are honored to                 continue their work on the capital project.
welcome him to our church. We will have one worship service at            To date the church has received 68 pledges
10:50am that day. Our pastor will be preaching at Noble Avenue
                                                                          totaling $368,700 and an additional $6,300
Baptist Church. Please mark this date and plan to attend worship
this day and support the cooperative ministry of the Ministerial          in contributions for a total of $375,000. This
Alliance.                                                                 is the amount the committee will work with
                                                                          to begin phase one of the capital project.
 4th Sunday Fellowship - MOVIE NIGHT!
                                                                                 Architect Rob Elliott, of Elliott
One of the goals of our welcoming ministry this year is to expand                Architects is continuing his work with
the church’s fellowship opportunities. In keeping with that goal                 the committee to develop the
we are pleased to present “Fourth Sunday Fellowship.” Every
month, you are invited to share an evening of fun and fellowship                 specifications for the prioritized
at the church. Sunday, February 27, 6:00pm will mark the initial                 projects which includes: air/heat,
Fourth Sunday Fellowship night. The movie “Amazing Grace,” the                   electrical work, walls and ceilings
story of William Wilberforce who stood against tyranny in 18th
century England, dedicating his life to the abolition of slavery. it is          plaster repair and paint, restoration
an inspiring film and we hope you can join your friends and                      of the dome/skylight, refinish of all
church family for this event. Bring your family and some snacks                  wood and floors, updated lighting
to share. Drinks will be provided. We will look for you on
Fellowship night!                                                                and the audio-visual technology. Rob
                                                                                 will outline the detailed
                                                                                 specifications, locate professionals
                                                                                 qualified to place bids on the
                                                                                 projects, and work to secure bids.
                                                                                 From this work, the committee will
                                                                                 have exact figures for the projects
                                                                                 and will prepare the information to
                                                                                 present to the congregation for

                                                                          In addition, the committee is meeting with
                                                                          possible lending agencies to prepare for
                                                                          financing of the project.

                                                                          The building committee will be reporting
                                                                          monthly to the congregation in the form of
                                                                          articles in the newsletter and through email
                                                                          and bulletin inserts. If any members have
                                                                          questions please contact the church office
                                                                          or building committee co-chairs Frank Davis
                                                                          and Jimalea Patterson.
                                                                                                            We have
                                                                                                        room for you!
                      FUMC GUTHRIE                                                                    Interested in becoming
                                                                                                            a member?
                                                                                                          You may become a
       224 E. Noble Avenue                                                                           member of our community
       PO Box 249                                                                                       through baptism and
       Guthrie, OK 73044                                                                             profession of faith, transfer
       Phone: 405-282-4297                                                                               of membership from
                                                                                                      another United Methodist
       Fax: 405-282-0707
                                                                                                        church, or transfer of
       Office E-mail: guthriefumc@sbcglobal.net
                                                                                                     membership from another
       Pastor’s E-mail: mikenorthside@sbcglobal.net                                                    Christian denomination.
                                                                                                      Please contact the pastor
                                                                                                       or talk to a FUMC friend
                                                                                                     who can share your desire
                                                                                                                with us.

                                                                               NEWSLETTER INFORMATION
                                                                               Deadline, 20th of each month
                                                                       Articles and photos may be brought to the office,
                                                                                    phoned in to 282-4297,
                                                                           or emailed to guthriefumc@sbcglobal.net


                      WELCOMING TEAM ASSIGNMENTS
                                                  February & March, 2011
PARKING LOT GREETER                          Welcomes members and visitors. Walks visitor to front door of church
FRONT DOOR GREETER                           Welcomes members and visitors. Introduces self to visitor. Introduces
                                             visitor to Inside Greeter - uses names.
INSIDE GREETER (East / West)                 Welcomes visitor and introduces self. Walks visitor to Welcome
                                             Ambassador and introduces them using names.
WELCOME AMBASSADOR                           Welcomes visitor, asks permission to take down visitor’s contact
                                             information. Makes small conversation while asking questions and
                                             writing down the visitor’s info. When finished, introduces visitor to usher
                                             or upstairs/downstairs guide by name.
           Feb 6... Team A                            Feb 27... Team C                      Mar 20... Team G
         Feb 13... Team B                              Mar 6... Team E                     Mar 27 ... Team H
         Feb 20... Team C                             Mar 13... Team F

          Welcoming Team members are asked to be in their places by 10:30 a.m.

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