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					                                       Aspire Middle School

                              1st Semester Drama Class Productions

First semester drama students will be auditioning in class for two upcoming productions, An Evening
of Mystery and Mannequins, and A Charlie Brown Christmas.

An Evening of Mystery and Mannequins will include three short plays, one performed by each drama
class. As a class assignment, all drama students are expected to participate. Evening performances
will be November 16 and 17 (Wednesday and Thursday), 7:00 p.m., at the Aspire “theater.”

A Charlie Brown Christmas includes a cast of thirteen, the famous Peanuts characters. This short
play will be presented at Aspire Day at Barnes and Noble Bookstore on Saturday, December 10. The
specific time is yet to be determined.

Students interested in playing featured roles will be rehearsing after school. Before being cast,
students must return the Agreement/Permission form with a parent/guardian signature indicating each
student has the necessary adult support. Students know which roles are featured – this has been
covered in class.

More for those interested in featured roles – Parents are to pick up cast members at the end of each
after-school rehearsal. It is expected that cast members in featured roles will attend every
scheduled rehearsal. Except for illness or emergency, an absence is excused only if a request,
written by a parent/guardian, is submitted before casting decisions are made. Any absence from
rehearsal may result in being replaced and/or losing featured lines or other assignments. (In case of
illness, a parent must call the school, report the absence, and request that the message be forwarded
to Mrs. Dabney. Please remember, phones are turned off at 4:00 p.m.) As of two absences, for any
reason, cast members may be dismissed. A complete rehearsal/performance calendar is included
in this packet. Please read it carefully before auditioning for featured roles. Note: Rehearsals
from October 4 through November 15 are for Mystery and Mannequins, rehearsals Nov.29-Dec. 8 are
for Charlie Brown (CB).

Script purchase – Featured characters will need to purchase scripts. The cost will be approximately

Costumes – Each cast member will be responsible for the creation of his or her costume. (We
welcome parent help and imagination, of course.) Cast members will receive written ideas/instructions
for costumes.

Parent Meeting – Parent help is needed for our production. We need help with costumes, and
possibly with painting of scenery. We might also need greeters in the lobby on the nights of
performances, etc. Please attend the meeting Tuesday, October 18, 7 p.m., at Aspire.

Check the Aspire website for news – As soon as possible, information regarding these performances
will also be available on the school website, under Ms. Traber’s Teacher Page.

If you are interested in playing a featured role, please complete and return the form on the back.
                         An Evening of Mystery and Mannequins
                              A Charlie Brown Christmas

We have carefully read the information about rehearsing for and performing featured character
roles in An Evening of Mystery and Mannequins and A Charlie Brown Christmas. It is
understood that all rehearsals and performances are mandatory, and that any request to be
excused from part or all of a rehearsal must be in writing below. In case of emergency, the
school will be called with the request to forward the message to Mrs. Dabney. It is also
understood that if cast as a featured character, a script will need to be purchased ($6.00).

Date - ______________Student’s name (please print) - _________________________

Student’s Advisor - _____________________________

Parent’s name ( please print) - __________________________

Parent’s email address - _______________________________

Parent’s signature - __________________________________

Please list the dates of any conflicts with the scheduled after-school rehearsals
(orthodontist appointments, a planned family trip, etc. – please reschedule anything
possible). Be sure to read the rehearsal calendar carefully and note all required

                   Date of Conflict                   Explanation


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